Pluto In Capricorn Pants


Everyone KNOWS that Pluto in Capricorn is savagely work-ethical…this is not a time to be phoning it in. And notice how some businesses have responded to the whole thing by becoming ostentatiously better at what they do, whilst others seem to have gotten worse. ie; to actively diss paying customers etc. It’s hard to believe, but Pluto is still lurking about at ONE degree of Capricorn…ie; the beginning.

So, we’re all very With It but this is ridiculous…I forget these pants name and they are only hypothetical but i am calling them Pluto in Capricorn pants. Their gimmick is that they include an Mp3 player and headphones BUT the music stops if you stop. Or even slow down. Self-powered to the max.

32 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn Pants

  1. i like the idea of working for ur reward…shame my speed is too sloth like to be able to use such an invention. Met a sagg who would short circuit these things…never known someone to be so active….

  2. I am in transition career wise, have been for a while, it’s been hard to make the switch, all kinds of things keep happening that have delayed it for the last two years. Anyway, in the last week, I have totally blown off the paying gig (one I want to leave) almost quit three times for no real reason except that I just don’t want to do it anymore – thankfully, was able to restrain myself. On the other hand, I have made AMAZING progress in the non-paying one!

  3. My question is, does the music slow down before switching off? I really can only run to 70s and 80s music – Nutbush City is my all time fave running song….. Not sure how I’d cope if the beat slowed down….
    But yes, I totally get these pants…..

    My Saggy side just got all flustered

  4. thanks for these timely reminders Mystic re
    “this is not a time to be phoning it in”!!

    due diligence at desk vs beach today will round off a big week….once where the biz / fun balance was adjusted to allow maximum results in both rhelms…….

    those pants are hilarious !!

  5. I’d like to see options on the pants that are powered per star sign attribute…like musical pants powered by the kinetic energy of a hair toss ala leo, or if maybe it could sense silent seething scorp style…hmm mood ring pants.

    I like lexicorn’s stinging comment….although don’t they already sell stuff like that down at the Cross?

  6. Ehrm…Leonine I think they featured the Electrodes to Genitals stuff at the last Folsom Street Fair in San Fran..

    Speaking of technology, I am considering getting the Wii but heard it had reduced some child to tears by telling her off regards her weight. Makes me wonder if it comes in a Wii Bitch Version.

    • I’m all about multiple setting today so maybe you could have pmt bitch, and door bitch, and hell no bitch, I’m too powerful for your nonsense bitch…

      • I am likin’ your Roar, Leonine.. I am loving the sound of the I’m-Too-Powerful-for-your-Nonsense Bitch!

        Incidentally, that was moi the other morning when Le Toilet “faux” rang me and I summarily hung up on him. Was fine till about lunchtime when the penny dropped and I realized twas one of his little games, suffice to say I had to play one of my own – all with white light of course :)

        • Had coffee with my Gem friend this morning, she who escaped her own scorp, mortality intact…and it was his birthday and she was adamant that she was not calling him…as she didn’t want to, but still kept feeling decades of habit tugging at her.

          Which she said she knew would sadden him, but it was time…I’ve noticed amongst friends and myself that relationships have many shapes and mutations, however these relationships that involve lo-scorps have amazing ability to leave tainted residue.

          White light all the way FA.

    • hahahaha i’ve had some funny norwegian metal experiences in various dens of iniquity – i find it physically exhausting that genre of sound like you’re being assaulted and the lyrics – hey seuss.

  7. I think my Piscean sister (pluto rising) may actually have these… she also wears a heart rate monitor 24/7 and has high-tech compression bike gear (I swear she is the most Virgoan Pisces I’ve ever met)

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