Nicole Kidman’s Mars Transit


Either Nicole Kidman is getting some schmick astro-advice OR her actual publicist is an astrologer.

How do I know?

Okay, she’s on the cover of GQ in sexy-goo-goo get up (that one glove thing is a bit dodgy, non?) and crapping on about  “strange sexual fetish encounters”

It is a bit of a departure from her usual media and also interesting that she doing the I-can-have-a-baby-and-still-rock-the-cover-of-mens-mags-blah-blah-blah. So a strong, bold and daring media jag for Ms Kidman. Which TOTALLY fits the astro.

You know how Mars is in Leo till mid-2010?  Well, she has it going back and forth over her Jupiter, Midheaven and Venus in Leo combination. This is a totally brilliant time to stage a subtle comeback and brazenly revealing  her ‘darker’ self…

Voila her chart below…See that Leo stuff all at the top?  That’s Jupiter-Midheaven-Venus in Leo all being activated by Mars. Oh and her Scorpio Rising being sextiled by Pluto would be fun – maybe she could do something like The Gwyneth only it’s a newsletter about ‘darker’ topics?


45 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman’s Mars Transit

  1. That is great stuff & fits her image better than the usual get up she does!

    The glove is very dodgy, I mean is that even her arm or is it some strange attachment she uses when exploring these strange sexual fetish encounters??

    • Glove gives a good grope in the dark leaving no prints. Glove was used to probe ex hubby Tom’s nether regions. Eyes wide shut and all.

      I rather like Nicole. When been on American t.v., she comes across down to earth, a bit shy and sweet. But with Venus and Jup in Leo on the midheaven, did she have to HOG everything?

      She could at least share Keith.

  2. Hooooo, nouvelle vamp and a fire trine! Mars’ll be sparking all over her chart.

    She HAS done edgy stuff: Eyes Wide Shut, To Die For etc. And Keith is a Scorp.

    Did anyone see Fur? The one about Diane Arbus. I haven’t seen it. Was it that bad?

    • She’s always seemed very much the diva type to me, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing in Hollywood. Older women really get the short end of the stick there & based on my (very limited) experience with film people, it’s not exactly a mature or women-positive playground in general.

      I liked her in Birth (amazing movie – I also think she was her most beautiful in this one), Practical Magic & Moulin Rouge (remember how nasty the press was about her voice? Sigh.)
      So I say Diva On, honey – work that post-40 leo love goddess energy & do us proud. :)

  3. I can’t STAND this woman. I don’t know why. Just gives me the shytes. She just seems too contrived, too manipulative…

    And just to be ultra petty, I know ppl who have worked with her on “fil-lums” and none have been forthcoming with compliments. Film crew types tend not to speak ill of anyone as the industry is too small – and yet they seem to want to with Ms Kidman. Something about her dislike/ snootiness around other women and lack of genuine warmth that gives them the bad vibe.

    I dunno. Don’t know the woman so I shouldn’t bitch. Maybe it’s the Scorp rising that gives her that untrustworthy dodginess? (Sorry Scorps – I know not all of you are evil!)

  4. her progressed chart is pretty crazy considering the latest incarnation – mars conjunct ascendant and ascendant conjunct moon in the 2nd house. and the MC conjunct uranus & pluto.

    • Thanks Anon for reminding me about the Progressed chart as have Leo rising with Trans. Mars conjunct Asc. and Uranus.

      No wonder so giddy…. :)

    • the moon in the 2nd house in the natal chart does that in some way explain the time she had that thing where she told the world she just wanted to prove herself to her moths? (that was meant to be mother but I like moths it suits the new image bats, moths, gloves) or was that someone else? naomi, nicole they seem to merge…

  5. Mercury sq. Saturn…..From exp. can say she is probably not as confident as she appears but has had to cultivate it….

    Mercury as focal point of a t sq. with Mars and Saturn. Maybe some confusion as how to come across verbally as Merc. involved in the “driving with the brakes on” Mars opp. Saturn. That possibly the coldness?

    Mars in Libra might feel “fuq all these pleasantries!” While Saturn says “oh no dear, we must keep our temper or, she does not portray the social graces so much with Mars in Libra as she might have without Saturn.

    Just taking a stab in the dark (no pun intended as regards THE GLOVE)….But poor girl. She’s needed that damn Venus and Jup in Leo. no?

    Don’t know her over here as well as you guys there.

  6. Could someone be kind enough to explain progressed charts, if in the mood? I know v. little about them and their application….

  7. I am actually a BIG fan of Nicole – i think she’s amazing and all this american crap that this hardworking Aussie actor cant sell movies any more is just Bullshitaki!
    From Moulin rouge – one of my fav musicals (if i had to pick one)
    to the interpretor there all pretty good!
    good on her! if shes got it – i say flaunt it!
    loving those “dark all seeing” eyes! often a trait in scorps ive noticed!

    • I forgot about The Interpreter – that was a GREAT movie!
      Something that occurred to me is that I forget a lot of what Nicole Kidman has done because she changes so much from movie to movie – which is the mark of a great actress. Which led me to mull over why she isn’t taken as seriously as an actress as she is as a movie star… I think it’s because the Leo diva energy in her persona distracts from her talent, even while it keeps her career viable. Catch 22 of lion energy, I guess.

    • I had not heard she can’t sell movies anymore. Humph/wow…

      Loved her earlier “Dead Calm”. They had to beat the livin’ tar outta that guy to get him to die. Finally, a “pop goes the wiesel” mouth ‘sploding flare down the hatch!

      That’ll do ya..

  8. Not meaning to be a name dropping tool or anything but i had the good luck to actually meet , stare at all day, even talk to Nicole Kidman when i was working on the film “AUSTRALIA” . Never having thought that much of her before i met her in person i could see what all the fuss is about! This beauty has the most amazing presence , aura , whatever? about her . When she looks at you with those peircing blue eyes its all over! Very intriguing women with different sides to her, a childlike playful part , serious hollywood leading lady, dont fuq with me or i could make you dissapear , true blue Sydney girl next door, Queen of the universe . STRIKING looks. Wow this is really bringing back some great memories … i even went to her birthday party , seriously it was one of the best/surreal nights of my life. I LOVE NICOLE.

    • I loved Australia. Was long but never noticed. I didn’t want it to end! Some say corny in places but I didn’t care. I tear jerked anyhow. I never go to the movies cept with my gdaughter but did for that one. The day before Xmas last year even. Just had to see!

      Oh and Hugh Jackman….*sigh*. ‘Fraid I would have been staring at him at her b-day party.

      Movie stars often have that huge aura thing because so much energy is projected onto them. Also why some of the so called “healers” on tv often can do miracles because they are fueled by others. Not saying the only reason but does add.

  9. Damons, Peg, sorry, she just leaves me a little cold, and from friends with
    experiences of her in personal and work lives reports are a truly mixed bag..from adoration to outright hatred. I think the Tom Cruise thing really put me offside, and to be honest, following up with Keith Urban, just made her seem even more strange ? am I just being spiteful and irrational ? possibly, have no logical reason to feel one way or the other. Where is the love ?

    • Because she hooked up with Tom or that she did something to cause the divorce?

      I felt sorry for ‘ol Tom regards Katie. All he was was in love and he got reemed for jumpin’ on Oprah’s couch. Moon in Leo enthusiasm.

      Downward spiral from there and of course off the wall with the whole Brooke Shields criticism about meds and then the Scientology. Rag Mags over here constantly have covers with he and Katie on the skids.

      Oh gawd, what do I care. I need to go to work!! lol…

      • The couch-jumping didn’t bother me – people in love do strange things – but acting like he had ALL the answers about what it takes to heal ALL people, as though there is only one path to that, really annoyed me.
        People who are passionate about a belief system/healing technique/religion/diet/etc. should just show by example that it’s working for them – not stand in judgement about everyone elses life journeys & choices. (So say I.)

  10. I suppose I have mixed feelings about Nicole…..always thought her thing with Tom was so bizarre and in the end, I tended to believe it was all a sham.

    Think she is a mesmerizing and very talented actress though.

    And as a fellow Gem, I can tell you that the coldness we often get accused of is really just a self-protective device. There are so few people I feel I can trust, and so many mistakes I have made in the past letting people into my circle before I knew if they could be trusted only to have them wreak total havoc…well, it takes a toll. I can come off very reserved and definitely don’t let people in until I feel they’re worth it.

    Geminis are extremely sensitive people…I think you other signs tend to forget that as you accuse us of shallowness and other nastiness.

  11. I always thought she was a bit flaky and spacey, but that grand fire trine (Aries, Leo, Sagg) in her chart speaks volumes about the career trajectory she’s been on for most of her life. I’ve got the same and it tends to act as an amazing energy resource. But with her, she’s got a Scrop ascendant – making her seem a bit intense. Someone I know who met her in her Tom Cruise days, said: “She’s totally nuts, completely unbalanced.” I don’t agree per se, but I reckon she was a bit off centre at that time, but more settled now that she’s a mother.

  12. Only just noticed that she’s back to her original colour, the blonde gone.
    A pity she fluffed out her lips, that was a mistake, much too unnatural,
    but it looks like it’s being absorbed.

  13. I liked Nic when she had curly red hair and freckles. She was natural, now it’s all contrived, lips, facelift and bleaching of skin. Her acting in ‘Australia’ was not good! sorry. I don’t think Tom was good for her. he turned her into a ‘barbie’ doll. Give me Elle with her sagging knees any day!! She’s real and she gives herself to good causes.

  14. Keith was on some talk show and he has given all credit to Nic for getting him off drugs. That it was she who got him to do it. He is a Scorp too! So wow I am truly impressed, all power to her.

  15. That’s a load of crap that she got him off drugs. It’s his own willpower that’s keeping him off. She’s manipulative and domineering. But you can’t blame that on Scorpio or Geminii. Some people just have to make it all about them. This woman is a pro at that.

  16. I agree, Sally. Keith got Keith off drugs. But it’s that big-time Virgo stellium and his Cancer Asc and Moon that have him fawning over her in public and crediting her with his own successes. It’s obsequious, and I do wish he’d stop.

    She can support him in his recovery, but ultimately he’s responsible for his choices.

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