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They say the Moonwane in Virgo is THE best time of the year to start diets. As does the Moon whittle away, so dost thou. And measuring/weighing etc ought to be a pleasure, what with the Virgoan vibe. But with ANYTHING in Virgo, there is always the potential of guilting out, narking off at yourself and then endingย  up in a such a strange little frenzy that you power-walk up the road for chocolate cake ingredients. Or, if you’re really emo, just chocolate. Though it will naturally be organic.

Meanwhile, Saturn is still hard onto squaring Pluto; Aries, Capricorns, Cancerians and Librans go a bit berko. With or without chocolate, new stringent dieting plans to cast out the demons and Mars in Leo skulking quietly in the background, strategically thinking that the New Moon next week so TOTALLY is the right time to take action. If you were Mars right now, you would be sharpening your sword and ensuring you got enough sleep, not berating yourself for sloppiness and/or emo eating.

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53 thoughts on “Moonwane in Virgo

  1. well that’d explain the fruit salad i had for breakfast for the first time in my life. and the diet books i pulled off the shelf as soon as i got home from work to look up protein sources…

    • Can anyone help me please? Can someone email mystic on my behalf as i cant get one to her!!! bats or what – anyway i’d be really grateful if she’d send me a password so i can view my scopes :) Alison Egan – thanks everyone!

  2. “If you were Mars right now, you would be sharpening your sword”

    Oh, that sounds very Mars in Gemini/Air/Tarot Swords Mystic…

    Sword already came down though last Saturday. Doing fab since started my plan. Have lost four pounds already. Yes, four pounds in just four days although know it’s initial water weight but still, feel fab.

    Having TEA … Green, detox, whatev, now in the evening instead of beloved cab. But I don’t miss it. Energy levels off the chart when nothing to slow me down.

    “a bit berko”….funny..

    • Love number 65! Sweetpea, that is fab. 4lb just from knocking off your beloved red wine??? I found i slept much much better when I had a wine-free week once. I was surprised just how hard I found it to go without wine for a whole week. After a huge day at work it has become a brief but calming reward to sit and watch the birds, sky & garden with a glass of wine.

      Going OK so far here with the Saturn-Pluto shebang (touch wood). Processing internally and on the outside I’m just DOING WHAT HAS TO BE DONE (that’s my Saturn voice) one job after another…

        • Ha,ha, so your the famous nat from the trimming your hedges, buxom, married, hippy thingo of Damo’s dreams?


      • Actually Anon,

        No carbs as well. Sugar a no-no and that has never been my weakness anyway. I’d rather eat a bag of chips or a Mexican combo platter and, the draw back with my work even though physical, is that some nights I get home after seven p.m. and I’m genuinely starved after five hours non stop, but then I’m eating late and having wine. The pounds can easily creep on.

        So, since I changed all that, as well as the wine, things are moving but, I needn’t give up the wine completely overall. Dark red wine moves slower in the metabolism thingy as far as breaking down as a sugar so low carb eating plans usually say ok.

        Here’s to enjoying your wine doll. I will have a little reward in the not too far future… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can count on THAT!!

        • you inspired me the other day Sweetpea…baby steps for now but improving my diet. had a salad for lunch, no more junk in the freezer and stopped myself from buying the usual 3 packs of cookies…have even cut my caffeine intake to one cup per day…

          havent died yet…guess it wasnt all those preservatives keeping me alive

  3. OH I needed this..was going all the way THERE with the guilting what with the diet haphazardly teeter-tottering between ice cream on one end and nothing on the other. Was textbook flogging myself over it when I read it so now breathing a sigh of relief to harness Virgo Rising power and just be SENSIBLE, however dull or boring that word is.

    Interestingly enough, I have been forcing myself to run around the track even if I feel shot to pieces… I think ONLY sitting around in a pool of tears will hardly do to put myself back together again. Plus I admit, with Venus in Leo, I abhor the thought of being ugly or less than hot while in full regalia of my sorrow.

    Thanks for the oh so timely reminder!

  4. Plus you want to make the stupid Scorpio spew with thwarted desire when his sleazy inbred eyes are next fortunate enough to gaze upon thy beauty, no?
    Or is that immature?
    I think you should make this into a funny – yes – funny book. And you could weave in pertinent socio-cultural comments about how online culture faciliates certain behaviour…

    • brilliant ideas… about Angel’s funny book, about the Virgo moonwane diet (am swallowing fish oil and other anti inflammatories a la Perricone’s new book like crazy) and about sharpening the sword… xx

      • TA HON, I hope the Universe sees it fit to send me a healthy, throbbing sword to “sharpen” – seriously, I need one. That usually inspires me to go from Not to Hot in light speed! :)

      • ahhh…the Perricone book…the skin care bible. Actually I`ve been following his program for several months now ( thanks to the Saturn in Virgo tutorial) and my complexion is much improved.

    • Darling you are gold, because you had read my mind. Particularly about how the internet breeds predators of Scorpface’s ilk! I wasn’t actually thinking of writing about him per se ugh…but I see your point, the humor would certainly dispel the disgust.

      And NO, that is not immature. My Venus’ in Leo’s personal goal is to turn the state of grieving/crying into Foreplay, with instructions on how to use one’s tear ducts for devastating seduction, you know how to elegantly avoid snot or freezing into “cry face”… though I am challenged by non-sleepers and the ominously dark circles under my eyes.

      But still, imagine if the soft limpid wetness of my eyes could stop a man in his tracks and want him to kill something for me, would be worthy no?

      I could be slightly delusional…

  5. I love Perricone but tell me, what is different in this new book apart from his previous spiel? I mean, I am fascinated but hoping for a summary…Thank you for reminding me that i need to get some more fish oil

    • Mystic its all about network antioxidants – glutathione, resveratrol (found in red wine), acai, etc – all the new research into supplements. I was fascinated but then couldn’t get many of the supplements he recommends but am popping heaps of what I can get. Also really scares you off carbs for ever by calling the result of eating them AGES (advanced glycating end products) – which is basically just really fuq’d up cells.

      • since I dumped the carbs my skin has been looking utterly amazing … and I’m sure I’ve unaged. But that could be all the water and exercise and protein and blueberries and the weird brown protein wheatgrass shake …

  6. Diet is good plus I have had a horrible cold all week… Grr! The only thing that has stopped the snivel is the kickboxing sessions that I did Sat, Sun, Mon & Tues… I couldn’t do it today the body is hurrt.

    I can’t remember is it to starve a fever & feed a cold or is it the other way round? If it is feed a cold… Does that mean I can have ice cream for dessert? :)

    (Mars, Jupiter & Saturn in Virgo)

    • not sure about the feeding/starving thing Barista, but milk products are not good – if you are a bit coldy or phlegmy they make it worse and harder to breathe. Non-milk lemon sorbet might be better than ice-cream! I have a girlfriend in NZ who does kickboxing and loves it. Hope you feel better soon.

      • Thanks nat. :)

        You’re right, might be best to leave the ice cream alone for now. Kickboxing is great fun & burns heaps of energy which I have plenty of!
        I was even carrying the aqua around this afternoon… He secretly loves it, he would never admit to it but I see the little grin when I lift him up. See I have waay too much energy! Lol.

        • ha ha that is so funny – his little grin! I like the idea of kickboxing but I think the impact would give me a headache (my friend’s Poly Boy instructors sound like fun tho ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Where does all this energy come from – your fitness or just part of who you are?

          • He loves it! Hahaha.

            Always had loads of energy, I thought exercise would burn some of it off but it hasn’t really changed it other than I am much stronger for it & can pick up the aqua, literally. Lol

          • perhaps the house where your Mars resides might explain your energy. I have buckloads of energy too (Mars in the 8th) or maybe it’s my moon in Sagg and exercise makes it even worse!

    • starve a fever, feed a cold.

      I’m always ravenous when I have a cold coming on – makes up for those days when you can’t taste anything and therefore can’t be bothered to eat.

  7. I am happy with ‘voluptuous’, but am wary of becoming ‘matronly’. I have started doing yoga again for about 4 months, and started just walking 15-20 mins a day, having more no-booze days & laying off the extra spuds about a month ago. Hurrah, the puffy face is un-puffing, the baggy jeans are baggy again.

  8. well 5 days to my 6 month goal day and I ‘hope’ to get to see the actual figure and the fandango, but may not due to being female and all of that. I am within grams of the goal weight. However, in that 6 months I did lose next to 10 kgs, became a vegetarian, gave up smoking and drinking, so no complaints, especially as I didn’t gain during the quit campaign! good things in all stress mess!

      • thanks! most days I feel fabulous but this saturn/pluto square has the stress levels way out there and I would be lying if a chardonnay was not an attractive thought most days :S

  9. Well I hit this bandwagon about 3 weeks ago as you all know with my incessant moaning and complaining about it on the blog! I find it very difficult to live without carbs or sugar but have noticed the almost instant impact of abstinence in improved energy levels, face puffiness gone, that bloated feeling around the middle gone, great skin, great hair, random men staring in supermarkets, athletic dudes actually noticing I exist, rapid weight loss … but it is HARD. I am hypoglaecemic though so very much a case of addicted to that which is really really really bad for me … which in my case is carbs, cake and crappy men … tho’ I realise the latter is not actually a food group, but same results!

    • OK, all I saw was the word HARD glowering at me from your post prowln..but as it is the moonwane in Virgo and I have VOWED to grieve in absolute hotness, wot exactly is this diet?

      Please pray thee I can moan and bitch and whine with you… I think I got sold on the athletic dudes noticing you. I love abs. Seriously. I’d like to find my own..hahaha

      • Right!

        Water: 2 glasses of water before every meal including snacks plus extra after exercising

        Breakfast: Protein shake with 300ml water (do you guys actually do mls in the US or is it some weird gallons thing???), 1/3 cup blueberries, 1 scoop protein shake … you need to get a protein shake mix from a gym or you know … healthy peoples shop, 1 tbsp wheatgrass powder, 1 tbsp fibre powder thingy.

        Morning snack: piece of fruit but only low sugar varieties like apple, strawberry, orange, pear. No bananas.

        Lunch: 100gm lean protein cooked with no oil and as much vegetables as you like eaten any way you like but with no fats or oils added. Usually I do a big huge salad with tuna or ham or chicken chucked in and lots of herbs and spices or lemon juice for flavouring.

        Afternoon snack: 2 tbsp low fat cottage cheese with carrot sticks or celery or whatever veg you prefer

        Dinner: 100 – 150gm lean protein and as much veg as you like, same deal as lunch (no oil). I do a stirfry with chilli, lime, lemongrass, garlic, coriander and whatever meat or seafood plus a ginormous bowl of veg.

        No carbs – pototoes, pasta, rice, bread, cereals. No oil. Low fat milk in coffee or tea which you are supposed to limit to 2 per day but there’s NO WAY I can live on 2 coffee’s a day.

        Exercise: minimum 3 times per week, preferably 4-5 with a mix of weights and cardio. Plus I do ab and core work (weird pilates poses etc) daily.

        That’s it! The good thing is you just can’t possibly get hungry on this. There’s too many friggin vegetables. Good luck with our mutual hotness stakes skyrocketing through the roof.

        For mental health relief: moan about it on the blog! Me, leonine librarian and unpredictable pisces are your current comrades in carblessness. heh

        • Holy Inanna, no wonder you whinge…! Thanks Prowln, I have copied and printed.

          Who knew hell could be a vegetable, but it looks like it is very Plutonizing and guaranteed to deliver mysterious and well defined cheek bones, you know…as one sulks about svelte, moody and sorrowful. Over bread. Haha…

          To mutual hotness, and conquering the athletic types… rawr!

        • Oh and soz, but yes we have still obstinately ignored Metric..cause we special that way..

        • you and Sp are like the undoers of badness…

          you know how you have friends who goad you into having ‘just one’ slice of cheesecake and even though you know you shouldn’t you go along with their siren call…cheesecake…cheesecake…

          anyway, you two are the “DONT DO it!” crew…

          i’m friggin having fresh cut mango and banana for breakfast…

          its so much easier to start doing that when others are too.

          • *cough* … sorry mate … no bananas, at least in the weight loss stage, it’s a carb …. I almost FEEL like a Virgo saying that ๐Ÿ˜ณ

          • aquaphobe, let me tell you, my Virgo Rising is great at playing the “Undoer” of badness. Excellent at aversion therapy as in:

            Naughty little friend: Hi, I’m a slice of cheesecake and YOU want me. You know you do.

            Me: Hello, cheesecake, these are my inner thighs and right now, I’m not looking so hot because I consorted with your fatty ass too many times. So begone with ye, you evil creamy b*tch. I need to be able crack someone’s head open with these things so buzz off.

            haha…and yes, bananas or anything high sugar, peas, carrots, pineapple are all suspect. Sigh…

            Btw, Prowln I bought my wheat grass today, I hope the world is ready for me in Evil Mode once I give up all my Happy Food (i.e. anything that makes me smile, chocolate, ice cream…).

            I hope I don’t kill someone…for their liver hahaah

        • prowlers – sexercise does wonders for maintaining washboard stomach; extended dance sessions in high heels (boots are best cos you wont come-a-cropper)= FAB for buns of steel, firm quads & calves; + lifting the ice cold beer I paused for just then says ‘goodbye tuckshop arms’!! BTW am liking yr diet plan, may meld into present regime……………. which’d be playing all charactors from ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ sans the 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 ! ! !

        • Um soz Prowln….still doing whole grain carbs, they are a controlled substance now though. I’ve tried to do no carbs in the past and I scare me. I do admire your fortitude and results…bravo!

          I do have small amount of protein at each meal and consume a vast and enormous amount of veges…and two serves of fruit a day…mostly low gi fruit. Am more concious of dairy intake as in I’m actually having some beyond the latte. I have a smear of oil spray glisten the pan when cooking but other than that ….sans oil. Do use a lot of spices + herbs and lemon, lime, orange juice to enliven food.

          Exercise is pretty much the same though. Although I tend to swim rather than contort via pilates…but hey maybe next year for something fun.

          As an aside there is a point in summer where mangoes cost less per unit than a mars bar…which is when I do a strange little dance of joy in the fruit vege section.

  10. Hehe, that explains the herbal diet pills I just bought on a whim for the first time in my life.

    I was standing there at the check-out thinking, but had I planned to lose weight? It was as if I just decided right there and then upon seeing this promising elixir that I needed to lose weight and now was the time to start.

    I love the wisdom of the moon. And my Mars in Leo is in the 6th.

  11. “Saturn is still hard onto squaring Pluto; Aries, Capricorns, Cancerians and Librans go a bit berko” couldnt be more TRUE!
    god help me! seriously its like a mad house!

    • lol your house sounds a bit like ours! Cancer here, hubs is an Aries with a Libra rise, first son is a Cap with a Libra rise, second a Virgo with a cap rise and even the princess is not escaping it with her Aries rise lol

      we could renew the perm on a good day!

      • WOW urs is crazier then mine!
        the libra’s got an aqua rising
        one aries has a Cap rising
        the other a Pisces!

  12. firstly – those who recall my recent experiment – re Mystic advising fix FUGGED Feng Shui /ensure bed points auspicious direction & me ruining preferred interior design layout – but acted upon said advice??

    soz for yelling – skim readers ponder……& get on board ! !

    since that moment – work rolled in, guys guys guys guys (world record 4 courted within 1 hr last night = 2 got fired, 1 deferred (the marrying kind) & 1 rated detailed reference check today (quite like him) & basically life’s one big social engagement (refer Mystic’s Mars Confidential “Libra prepare to be Atilla the Socialite…..), fun fun fun like a ridiculous teenager who slots in biz obligations & expands world whilst sitting in a wet bikini pondering if venturing out AGAIN is on the menu….. dear me……. am living my next book!

    guy 1 – AKA Goldilocks, HOT Young Cap (surfer, skater, snowboarder, muso, law student) i.e HOT sidekick at gigs BUT the age gap be VAST – next ! ! ! (Aquagirl if yr out there – knocked Peter Garrett’s daughter off that lineup oops…….)

    guy 2 – The Rock ‘n Roll Chef – OK now in Puma territory – did 2 yrs with Ramsey, head chef @Conran’s Bluebird, Thom Yorke IS godfather to his kid (NO SHIT!!), went to school with Banksy (YES PUT IN ORDER) – but – fired last night. OFF THE HOOK wild yes, but – now OFF the menu. 100% Piscean……… tell me all Pommy Superstars arent tight munts ! !

    guy 3 – lives north state /sweeping ocean views / solid as a rock & WON SingleFin surf contest – reunion thingo at our beach last weekend…..Gem. But am too much of a wildcat for him me thinks – tho he’ll Crackbook Chat me in 2 minutes to see how my day ran.
    ACTUALLY AS I TYPED THAT………go the spot-on intuition…

    guy 4 – ANOTHER Aries Surfer (also Wranger) GUITARIST my age, a total bloke & 100% solid…. lives locally & mate of guy no 3……

    anyways this post WAS to be much different but gu1 & guy 3 are Crackbook chatting – & writing this whilst switching between Gen Y speak & Baby Boomer speak is sapping my skills………..

    xox ๐Ÿ˜‰ xox

    • Wowsers! Nice going! I reconfigured my bedroom last w/end with reference to feng shui (esp ‘balancing’ the bed with bedside somethings either side, underbed cleared of detritus to let the energy flow etc). Even went back through MM’s posts on feng shui to refresh the inspiration and mine the comments for flashes of genius.

      Silk pillowcase for the hair and face in place and bordello reds in the boudoir exchanged for soothing beiges (works!) and I’m all set.

      No Hottie McHots sniffing around yet, but tomorrow is another day . . .

      • virg-A-licious – try accelerating yr hotness w red sheet under mattress – reference :: Mystic’s ‘Good House Witchery’!!

        seriously my life went from going backwards financially & otherwise like water down a rapidly drowning sink (replete w associated nil self esteem etcs) to The Opposite…… not that life is about men but if you’d done the near decade w mon Aries Ex – I AM in Disneyland.

        BTW MM’s feng Shui mistress does fab (affordable) online teachings….
        mental note to self – apply teachings sooner than later!!!!!

        so virg-A-licious – if you havent already – do Mystic Consult (gold, addictive, accurate to the core, highly entertaining, EVER onpoint) & add compass based feng + housewitchery + whitewitchery & when in doubt – throw questions to the coven!! look foward to yr update…. xox

        • oh yes RLP, I am all about the consult when Dear M fires them up again. I wouldn’t say I’ve been begging (yet) but suffice to say I’m front and centre when the consults begin to flow again. Thanks for the tips!

          I have gained so much insight over the last 12+ months – they were always going to be transformative but MM’s blog and all the wonderful comments have made all the difference between feeling completely out of control (not nice for us virgos!) and taking everything in stride, noting the (ahem) ‘challenges’ the universe has thrown up with a raised eyebrow or an ‘ahah!’ It’s a powerful place this.

          • Oh for the love of learning virg-A-licioius ! ! !
            shared knowledge breeds paower – xox