Feisty Moon


The Aries Moon moving to square Pluto AND Saturn can be a bit combative.  I am devoting the weekend’s Daily Scopes to how you can avoid kicking someones head in – unless you’re a professional U.F.C. person so it is all part of your  fancy strategy, of course.  But seriously, an Aries Moon stressed by Saturn and Pluto and with Uranus stationing Direct etc does not take shit from anybody.

39 thoughts on “Feisty Moon

  1. Is it normal that just as moon transits my natal moon (Aries) that I get a rush of energy? Wow. Like came from nowhere. I could ABSOLUTELY give the most powerful kick right now, even though it is almost bedtime (for me) and I’ve been up since early this morning?


    • 7 years? so if i manage to crank out some kids in the next few years, they’ll all have uranus in aries, so i will probably end up with a bunch of subversive little darlings, which is probably fitting punishment for how i behaved as a child…

      i say bring on uranus in aries. it sounds like i might get more real work done.

          • I had someone ask me the other day what was I thinking conceiving a child that would be born in December..not someone with an anti sagg stance, just the double booking aspect of birthdays close to christmas..and school break ups and work dos and everything else people try to cram into December….

            I just sort of looked at her and went, really thinking? The last thing on my mind at the time was a projected due date…mind you this was after about 18 months of trying to conceive and getting to the point where I’d just seen a specialist….when I found out I was pregnant I was just grateful.

  2. OMG, my moon is in Aries and I was watching Forrest Griffin cage fight punching away last night – which I have never done before – and I was surprised by how unperturbed I was by the violence. I think that these guys are often very polite and ask after the health of their opponent afterwards in a sweet fashion. I am more disturbed by cruelty on the screen, even if it is a movie, than by this stuff.

    Weird timing! Seven years of Aries in Uranus does sound tiresome – what’s it mean?

    • Like your new avatar FireTrine. Moon in Aries here too. The idea of Uranus zapping it for 7 years freaks me out a bit. Saturn & Pluto I get and can work with no problem, but that Uranus electricity wave stuff… yikes.

    • I prattled briefly about this under jetpack Virgo, but Uranus transits are fine as long as you’re not a control freak. Brilliant for adventure and creativity, but Uranus Dude seriously gives Saturn girl a run for her money, defying the best laid plans and to hell with cosiness and status quo. Expect the unexpected and be ready for change.

      • Uber, re comment on other thread, I don’t know if the navy get tired of pulling whackjobs out of the sea, but I get tired of paying them to. I think whackjobs should pay for their own rescues. Uranus Dude eh? Think I might envision him as a tradie… yes, a sparky, that’ll do me. I’m not into futuristic robot type things or sci fi, but a fit electrician could work for me. Uranus the Sparky might get under Saturn Girl’s skin but I secretly think she will prevail.

        Did you watch Bon Jovi – When we were beautiful – tonight Uber? Bloody hell, poodle rockers! Got to admire that confidence. The tiny cameo from Jon Bon Jovi’s Mum (sorry Mom) told I lot I thought. Cold, selfish and hard.

          • yes Nat, Uranus as a sparky is awesome. Cause he would totally wind SG up every now and again and she would crack. And Joe Uranus would be totally into her moments of ‘cracking’ and revell in making her lose control, and then just brush off her OCD like attempts to restructure the situation. Joe Uranus doing booty calls.
            Meanwhile Cucumber Man is fighting being chopped up and put into sandwiches and glasses of Pimms at the party, now thoroughly under the control of Neptune, Jupiter et al.
            Grandpa Chiron is hanging out in his favourite chair watching the mischief the kids are getting up to, smiling ‘it’ll all be alright in the end’ to all and sundry.

          • Joe Uranus sure messes with Saturn Girl, tries her patience etc, but it’s all temporary, she whips his ass in the long run by keeping her shit together.

        • The Bon Jovi thing is on iview. Maybe I’ll watch it for a laugh if I have time, nat. Hope you’re feeling better.

          Funny you should ask about Bon Jovi. I had a dream a few weeks back, where a nice snaggy muso sang “Living On a Prayer” to me. He had the most beautiful voice and he knew all the lyrics. Weird thing is, I don’t like Bon Jovi.

          A few months before, I dreamed David Bowie had a bad perm and I recommended Cher restyle his hair, which they were both enthusiastic about. Then I sang “If I Could Turn Back Time” to Cher. I’ve never wished I could turn back time. What is it with dreaming about eighties rockers? There’s a complicated Uranus opposition explanation, I think, which I will spare you.

      • Thanks Nat – feeling maternal lately re the avatar for various good reasons… which is why I said I had Moon in Aries!! I don’t, it is in Sagg and am Aries Asc, sorry to mislead, I am 34 weeks preggers and am afraid my ability to um.. think… talk… yeah it’s all out.

        Uber Virgo I feel like I will enjoy Uranian Arian energy if those are the key points. In fact I felt loads better the minute the moon moved out of Pisces and into Aries if that’s any indication. I LIKE change.

      • FYI, I’ve moon in pisces, in 8th, and had Joe mooning me on and off most of 2007. My moon squares my neptune in 5th and trines my uranus in 3rd. so he should have been setting off all sorts, but to be honest, I don’t even think I got any booty calls. Which seems like a bit of a waste of a eureka like planet in the 8th.
        He may have helped a bit in shaking me out of the rut that I collapsed into after Saturn Girl being all over my arse(cendant), saturn and mars, (and squaring my uranus) for most of 2005.
        Lots of things changed in my world from beginning 2005 to end of 2007 that’s for sure. But I do think Saturn Girl was the greater task mistress.
        Looking at an ephemeris is so much fun! Compared to all that stuff the immediate future seems much more transit free. Uranus in taurus however is looking interesting, a herd of personal planets for Joe to chase about whilst aspecting just about everything else. I think I might block those 7 years out for a midlife crisis.

  3. Oh lord this opposes my natal libran uranus (I think???)… could be fireworks. Maybe I’ll just get punchdrunk like that guy on the left and die in the ring …. oh well at least I will go out fighting!

    • you aint dyin’ in no ring prowln! I’m pretty sure of that. maybe you just feeling a sore today… ;) We need to find a way to harness this Uranus ‘leccy to our benefit. I feel a bit more like the guy behind the fence, anxiously biting his own hand… but maybe that is because he is looking up the leg of the kickboxer’s shorts?

        • thanks robots :) I went looking for a blue flower for Sagittarius as blue Agapanthus (November lillies) always remind me of my Gran (it would have been her birthday tmrw). Instead I found a photo I took of these Forget Me Nots. Thought it fitted with Gran and also my frustration at the anonymous-izer that keeps zapping me!

          Don’t know about a fiesty Moon here, I have been up since 4am throwing up due to a cracking migraine (the paralysing sort that goes from your head to the soles of your feet). And I had so much I wanted to do this weekend… Tamed it down now and trying to re-boot a different version of my weekend. Its my stoopid own fault as I worked late several nights this week trying to get things finished, not excercised or eaten properly and last night I ate 2 sugary biscuit things with chocolate on them… eeejit. Anyway, onwards & upwards, even at crawling pace! Hope your weekend is a good one.

          • oh NO, you poor thing. I’ve never had a migraine but i can only imagine how awful it would be. I was up until 5am working the other night and went to bed hungry and with aches and pains all over. A break from my routine and i fall apart. I wouldn’t last a single day on Survivor!… hehe.

            Hope you have nice weekend too and get some rest!

            ….. thought they were Forget Me Nots.

  4. Mystic: your wonderful daily scopes: i will be following these to the *letter* this weekend. I think that is possibly the best $66 I have spend this year. Don’t want any moments of weakness / patheticness / stalkery to sully my shiny, firm, going-well-for-the-1st-week resolve on a self-imposed communications ban with the fuqing toro. miaow.

  5. When i’m feeling kick ass, put on fast action DVD’s, like Kill Bill & Transporter, a proxy thing.
    Wonder what the Hardon Collider is doing right now, colliding?

  6. watched, at last The Westler with Mickey Rourke. Brilliant & punishing.
    He is still a very sleazily sexy, but looks like he could hammer anyone that
    gives you a problem. I like ;-)

  7. oh i see! that is why I want to smash everybody in the face haha.. but no really i do! but it isn’t my fault they are pissing me off..

  8. Well, the day lived up to your predictions, Mystic (you are a clever duck!). Crapola everywhere – loan for house declined, fight with Sagg hubby over past crapola that we are still dealing with and will probably not resolve for some time – ready for life on my own. In this year’s book you did warn me that between now and the end of the year my relationships would be the focus and whilst I thought our pair bond was strong after almost two decades, I fear I am ready for a massive change.

    Give me strength to survive the phoenixing until the end of the year !!!!

  9. Oh my what a feisty moon it is! I have seen people crying today, I am sorry I am not very good with tears & all that emotion stuff…

    I am off to kickboxing later.. active processing is more my style…..lol

    My moon squaring Mercury & in opposition with Merc

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