Constellation Cuffs


Scorpio Constellation Cuff by Jessica Cushman

They come, of course, in all the constellations. This woulud be interesting to wear and see who could actually pick it. So PERFECT for a Scorpio as it would not occur to most peeps.

20 thoughts on “Constellation Cuffs

  1. Pretty! And at least if you got lost in the nether regions could be returned to your home base.

    As a matter of fact, had the most wonderful dream/exp. one time of being in a cave where a woman told me that there were stars imbedded in the ceiling that corresponded with certain stars. That’s when I saw the dancing kachina…

  2. I TOTALLY want the Libra one for the next two years (as Saturn conjunct my ascendent (and Merc and Pluto)!
    Is that ok? Are we _supposed_ to wear our Sun sign?

  3. One of my final mounouvres for the Former Friend / Titsup Client was to launch a collection from Europe’s 2nd oldest porcelain house Royal Nymphenburg – the worls most X-y astrological dinner service called “My Private Sky”.

    The designers devised some wizz bang technique for translating the owners birth deets into a blue print & from their artisans (who trained for 4 years prior to being allowed in the factory) hand painted the owners birth chart onto a series of 7 plates). Over 500 stars, nebulas, planets and constellations are painted in platinum – the series limited to only 100 I guess justifying the 15,ooo Euro + price tag!!

  4. I LOVE IT!
    i want it – saggo version – and maybe yellow LOL
    i have like 50 braclets on all the time – as those of you saw at Mystics astro Caberat show in Melbourne lol ;)

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