Astro-Party-Beast: Your Xmas Intentions

make-love-not-war-models-women-steven-meisel-mainSteven Meisel

Okay so what are your Decadence Settings for this holiday season?

Are any of you planning to go totally ape at some party?  Hide out at a health farm for the duration and emerge looking sensational in January whilst all your friends cower on their couches reading self-help books or yet to emerge from their Carb Coma???

My feeling is that the Mutables (Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces) will be celebrating Saturn having gotten off their arse. And Pluto too. They will be in a mood to reprise the decadent self of their yesteryear, only with some of their hardwon sagacious wisdom blended in to the madness. They’re thinking strategic pulling, no nonsense and no Qi wasted on twerps or pointless liasions. See? Saturn worked. But make no mistake about it, they’re getting ready to act up.

Those signs currently under the pump of Saturn and Pluto: Aries, Libra, Cancerians and Capricorns will be looking at working way up to the last possible minute, maintaining their health regimens with absolute rigour & trying not to resent the enforced sloth and frivolity too much.

So we’re looking at the Fixed Signs – Aquarius is v.sensitive due to all the Neptunian/Chironic/Jovial action in their sign so they may be adopting a more spiritual-edge celebratory attitude this year. An official love-in. Taurus is – as always – fantastic at relaxing and banqueting, regardless of the occasion. If it’s trad  in their circles to get trashed and dance on the table wearing nothing but a bit of tinsel, then Taurus will do it, no worries.

Scorpio & Leo are both equally determined to do the season on old-school, Saturnalia style; huge floral arrangements, grandiose tie-breaking with all ex-lovers, mead or a version there-of and sex.

Someone should quickly open an Xmas/New Year Retreat for Capricorns who are not in the mood to do Christmas, their birthday, carbs or leisure.

45 thoughts on “Astro-Party-Beast: Your Xmas Intentions

  1. Pisces rising = tick to above !

    Libby balance biz deets / act on required health regime – tick.

    well deflect any resentment tho…… xox

  2. Omg! That is exactly the xmas I have planned to have this year, Saturn has been riding my ass since 07 & have had saturn return doing it’s thing this month… Oh I am getting soo ready… lol
    Gem sun/pisces rising

    • I’m with you BG.
      Heading to where the warm waters be and am planning to spend as much of the 2 weeks or so I have designated as christmas this year, making like a mermaid. and yes there will be mead.
      Usually i try to pretend christmas doesn’t exist.
      gem, pisces moon, leo asc

  3. mos def ready to act up but not having any luck finding worthy accomplices.

    might have to roll with my cap moon and libran midheaven (or was it a node?) instead and throw my energies into networking at xmas events, or else transformative body work in the gym.

    or trawl through all those magic books gathering dust on my shelves and find some way to conjure up the perfect partner in crime.

  4. YES!
    Aqua Ma (Moon Cancer/Aries Asc) has decided to do traditional, quiet welcoming Xmas – she’s even doing a turkey (WTF is with that???). Previous years we have themed – a Spanish xmas with a huge paella yada yada.
    Me (Sun scorp/cancer moon/aries asc) will be channelling the Asc, working up to Xmas eve, then thru the inter holiday period, and straight back after new year. No time off here! Plus I have come back from 3 weeks in Spain with an absolutely fiendish love of exercise…. so I’ll know down to the minute the gym opening times then!!!

  5. uh oh, I’m a bit worried now about what Saggo dude might have in mind this NYE. Normally I can keep up with him, but being up the duff this year and Aqua so as Mystic said, “v.sensitive due to all the Neptunian/Chironic/Jovial action in their sign so they may be adopting a more spiritual-edge celebratory attitude this year”, it might be a bit difficult.

  6. Yes, re traditions! There will be some with family & some with friends. Leo lover will visiting his rels so I have the run of the house for a few days – I plan to gorge on cherries & wallow in my Taurean filth :).

  7. Christmas has barely warranted my notice.I’m presently considering that Christmas occurs in the wake of my Sagg daughter’s 21st. As Sagg daughter has a cap moon I don’t think she’s too fussed about it either. I do currently have the menu sorted, and a basic running sheet. After I defrost my antique fridge I may start cooking this weekend. Still considering lighting options..large floral arrangements are on the list for my youngun too . Sorry baby Jesus.

  8. Zero degrees Kataka here, Virgo Rising, Aqua Moon.. so yes, trying NOT to resent the frivolity. Have nil plans for Xmas, and am rather dreading it as it is also coincides with first year of Mum’s passing. Also now going to be Super Solo after having ousted Le Toilet Scorp.

    Methinks I’m just going to work till the last minute, rent a bunch of movies, have a good long cry then sleep. Perhaps will wake up to the New Year fresh – though I REALLY REALLY would love a Xmas Shag. Endorphins are natural anti-depressants ya?

    • Hi Angel,

      Totally feel you, with the 1 degree in cancer and Virgo moon. Dad currently sick with cancer so my holiday plans are decided.

      Hopefully 2010 will herald a bit more lighness and love to you.


    • Yes endorphins are good for lots of things but beware the sex haze afterwards and Xmas makes us all go little crazy. I’m hopefully working in my fav place in the world ( i’d do it for nothing) and lying low till late Jan.

    • i wish you much peace and releasing of crap about Le Toilet (sorry darlink pun intended).

      I hope that in the first your of the loss of your mum you can also find ways to celebrate her life with you? Even tho this would be bittersweet for you I am sure…I would like to offer you some rose oil, a big bowl of mashed potatoes (or related comfort food) and a super soft, cuddly cashmere blanket while you do some serious TLC for yourself. And maybe a super cuddly super-stud to take your mind off things :)

    • Aaaww, thanks Guys! LOVE you all… sorry I had to whinge and have some self-pitying there but Xmas was something massively celebrated in my house of origin, and it really makes me think of my Mum, and all the little things she did to make it special for us. We used to even make the sorriest looking Xmas ornaments together and eat fruit cake she made as early as August. There were a lot of things that even if I wanted to, would be hard to do being alone in LA – most my fam are either in Asia or Europe. I was the lone ranger who went stateside.

      So I feel a bit like an empty plastic bag tossing in the wind given the series of events but fully recognize and accept the “rightness” that what is, is how it should be for now. And with lovely friends here I shouldn’t really complain.

      UP, I will thoroughly enjoy all that you offer ALONG with the cuddly stud, haha.. that sounds divine and so heart warming! Leogroover, not sure where your fave place is but here’s hoping you get there sooner rather than later! I think I will risk the sex haze (safely of course) I’m in no state for a proper relationship anyway – still leaching poison out of my system etc, so it will truly be strictly a mistletoe type thing.

      Olyalya healing vibes to your Dad, I do hope your time together is happy, loving and memorable. And to all here, whatever our Xmas plans are, that we never forget to be grateful for such wonderful company!

  9. Sorry angel that was meant as reply to FA and sorry to hear about your dad loving vibes coming your way and big hug from all MM devotees.

  10. my rollercoaster ride of late has meant that i want to lie low. (and as advised by relevant horror-scopes.)

    keeping it simple, and focused on Me. Up to Xmas I will be exercising like a demon, I mean 5 days of training a week, getting a lot of sleep and working steadily so that all my bosses LOVE ME. Or so that I can at least not be a concern to them. Also ironing out some psychoanalytical kinks in my mind and relating patterns. Well, i have a bunch of planets in my 8th house now so why not…

  11. Good Goddess you are so spooky accurate Mystic. Bring on the retreat! Just last week I-Capricorn ‘canceled’ Christmas. As in – not going back to the town-of-origin for the family thing. fuq that. i have work to do, and peace to find somewhere amongst it.

    Plus, I love my rare Oxford St Christmases – gay men who for the obvious reasons don’t do the family xmas gather and create their own version of cheer – and it is WILD. The only time of year I really enter that scene, and why the hell not. (there’s the mutable Virgo Rising for you, happily free of returning Saturns and ready to embrace the Mars mischief…)

  12. Yes to someone “opening an Xmas/New Year Retreat for Capricorns who are not in the mood to do Christmas”

    I’m not a Cap but have Cap rising. I LOATHE xmas!!!

    • For years we’ve had a low key christmas, early on when the girls were young we tried to balance out all the requests of a large multi-generationational family. We changed focus pretty quickly and concentrated on the girls…and we worked it back to a short time with each set of granparents. Now the girls and I catch up with my parents in the morning and have a pretty simple meal sometime in the afternoon and a swim…it’s at this time of the year that I most value keeping it simple.

      • Having a little girl who LIVES for holiday cheer, I’ve resurrected a little of the old Christmas spirit on her behalf. It’s nice to have Santa around and be his elf for a month. Nothing like children to sprinkle a little pixie dust into one’s life.

        But this Cap is having a H-A-R-D time this year. Have no interest in the family drama and this will be the second year I’ve opted out. Would love to board a plane and head elsewhere but the fares this time of year are insane.

        • When you have little kids it’s easier in some ways to embrace all the best Christmas has to offer.

          My Sagg daughter is working in the midst of some of the more commercial aspects of the season…they have a fancy schmancy wrapping service at her store…so we’ve all adapted to trying for a little oasis of calm in the midst of the madness to give her some respite…mind you that’s as long as we all survive her 21st first.

          I’m glad prownln has mentioned the gym, as I think keeping up those sessions over the next month will be the sanity saver. Although I have noticed my taste in music has morphed with exposure to gym music.

          • :-) Yes, so true. Little ones do make it fun. I find myself regressing a bit, too.

            I think offering a peace oasis to your daughter is the perfect gift of the season, although it sounds like the 21st birthday celebrations may burn off a some of that bitter holiday customer edge.

            Now that I’m winding down this nasty weeks-long cold, I have to agree with you assessment of prowlin’ health/gym kick: exercise may be my only salvation!

  13. *hand up*
    yep This saggo is totaly letting lose at party’s! LEFT RIGHT AND CENTRE!
    LOVING xmas! i love all celebrations yay

  14. I’m with you on that Scorp robot. I’m a Cap Sun, Merc, Venus with Libra rising, Kataka moon and really, what’s all the fuss? There’s so much to loathe about a forced celebration of expenditure!!

    Sigh. I’m just coming off a migraine so I’m a tad tetchy – more so that I didn’t get any work done on my important writing project today… so apologies for the vent.

    I actually made an admission to all I usually bestow gifts upon, saying “gifts not happening this year.” I will get them a token something out of guilt/ obligation/ consideration but I even said I don’t want any presents either.

    I just spent so long chucking stuff out this year that I don’t want to be burdened, yes, burdened with more presents that equates to “more stuff” when unwrapped. Even if it is spangly-dangly appealing to my “need pretty stuff” side or perfectly pragmatic for my, well, Cap side, I’m just not in the mood.

    Plus I’m soooo over the consumerism thing. Too much real-life crap that I have to spend almoighty dollahs upon, so I really don’t want to engage in frivolity. Would just rather nice gathering with good wine and nibblies and chats and laughs. And a big rain storm in the arvo to cool the inevitably boiling day off. And some sex with someone other than Sagg boyfriend. Over him too.

    THEN I can completely ignore my NYE birthday. Not interested. Age does nothing but freak me out so why acknowledge it? I just get irked by all this mass hysteria over Xmas/ New Year celebrations – especially when there’s other more interesting stuff (okay, WORK) to do :)

  15. Lol – we sound like such a bunch of Grinches!

    I’d like to qualify my comment above as I ADORE xmas, but the traditional kind, which for me is spending time with nearest and dearest, cooking, eating, laughing, trips to the beach, afternoon naps, etc.

    But, having just had leave in advance, I cannot take any time off work, so I’ll be working non-stop. And to be honest, I’d rather take time off out of holiday season, as there are not as many people, and the prices are cheaper!

    So for me roll on the spirit of christmas – I am sending fairy dust to all!

  16. 3 weeks of beach, surf, fish burgers and sun at Currarong, Jervis Bay..its like our big do nothin (except decide which beach to hang at), and when Im back I’ll be black, and damn the torpedoes..

  17. Not this Gemini!! Spot on, Mystic, I am planning to let loose. Only as you said, I will unleash my hard-won fabulousness with a huge degree of hard-won knowledge. At least i now know why and how I am fabulous. And yes to the no-qi draining non-entities. I will not be bothering. I’ve been celibate for almost a year now and find no reason to stop for a bit of a fumble with somebody useless. It will be all or nothing (but by ghod, it better be a bloody big all!). Self-assured, hard working, incredibly sexy, and not taking any crap from anyone. that will be me this Christmas and long may it last because i have felt the complete opposite for EVAH and geeze it’s been hard work!

  18. Christmas has been officially cancelled at chez prowlers. I have notified everyone that I will be at the gym, iphones firmly bioimplanted in ears, cranking up the XTrainer to 11 whilst listening to Boom Boom Pow, and please don’t bother me with your parties and food and enticements of faux fun because I’m busy PLANNING next year’s rocket fuelled expansion and how to implement my grand vision which does not include countless little boys and party sausage rolls swimming in reduced salt tomato sauce.

  19. not much doing here with both house leaders being in the ‘cardinal’ zone. aries mate spent yesterday with his parents and one sibling, who came up from melbourne to meet with friends and what not. I dont have any family contact and with his interstate, just the five of us and the wii! would plan something but with cyclone taurus this year, probably best just to plan something basic and keep the expectations to a minimum!

    hopefully, middle virgo can plan some fun with his mates! might plant that seed!

  20. So right, Mystic. This Sagg is THROUGH with having both Saturn and Pluto on her arse all those years- and boy did it hurt! Haha!

    Looking forward to a Christmas and New Year where I can use my hard-won wisdom to get my act together and start living the kind of life I’ve always wanted for myself, instead of worrying what other people think of me etc.

    Determined to look healthy, fabulous and together by Christmas!

  21. I’m planning on something between a love in but with a spiritual slant this year lol.

    BUUUT the reality will probably be with the current astro fallout it’ll be fighting with ex & maybe parents/siblings no matter what I do to make sure this doesn’t happen. Therefore I’ll be stinking mood because there’s no long lap pool to take my frustration out on like I’ve been doing of late. I am NOT going to swim across the Gulf of St Vincent as there are too many hungry marine things for this desert dweller to think about. What am I talking about?! I’ll be recovering from pre-Christmas knee surgery.

    Maybe I’ll comfort myself with homemade rumballs that have far too much alcohol in them to be deemed fit for children who’ll probably gobble down whilst I’m not looking.

    I’ll be just glad to get out of this hot hell hole for 3 weeks. Yes, yes, I know it’s blistering down south but it isn’t endless like here.

  22. “Those signs currently under the pump of Saturn and Pluto: Aries, Libra, Cancerians and Capricorns will be looking at working way up to the last possible minute, maintaining their health regimens with absolute rigour & trying not to resent the enforced sloth and frivolity too much.”

    All too true for this Cap. I usually start listening to Christmas music right after Halloween. This year, I’m too busy making plans for grad school, worrying over meeting my future step-family (never met them and now they’re going to be bunking with us for the holiday for two whole weeks!!!), and other family drama that I’m not much in the mood for the holidays. I want to be!!!!

  23. Trad Christmas for this Lioness is true enough, Gemini hubby will have to draw on his Aqua Asc and be meditative and spiritchall. We will be expecting a baby any time around Christmas till the end of Jan – so no carousing, drinking or hosting of floral bedecked tables with cornucopias of prezzies oozing everywhere… We will be introducing our toddler to the joys of toys in wrapping and steering clear of boozy family affairs and all the hard work they so often entail… Peace & quiet plz.

  24. I’ve never gone for Xmas in a big way, being sceptical about religion, but i like parties as they are a good opportunity for luring unsuspecting boys into lurid and unwise trysts (Scorpio heh). Prezzies are good but in a lot of ways I prefer the shopping choosing & giving them (would this be Taurus rising?) – although this year I’m just too busy & may just hop online, it all just seems too much to fight the crowds! I’m working through Xmas anyway rather than going back to family, so it’s a bit of a non-event. However there are a couple of Xmas parties lined up … with any luck Pretty Cap Younger Man will be at one or two of them so I will be able to pick up where we left off last week … perhaps I can distract him from the stress of the holiday season with what we Scorpios do best.

    Is it just me, or does everyone else think sex is more complicated than Scorpios do? My thinking goes: Meet boy, boy is pretty, want to have sex with boy. No confusion, no messing about. I have trouble with the whole playing hard to get thing, which apparently men seem to want a woman to do. As a Scorp I am pretty choosy but having chosen I just want to get on with the wild sex bit and not mess about with games and wondering wtf is going on. Question should be “which whip and/or sex toy are we going to use?” not “should we really be doing this?” Sigh.

    Just wondering.

    Seeing the boy at a party again tomorrow. Good chance he will get sufficiently drunk to lose his inhibitions again. I fully intend to take advantage if I can.
    Never trust a Scorpio with dark intentions and sex on the brain. You will wake up naked, in handcuffs, with your underwear on the chandelier, a bad headache, going “wtf just happened?” Heh.

    Off to polish the handcuffs. Just in case …

  25. Last year had the holiday a week before so the kids and bro and sis in law could scatter and do their own things. Xmas eve was at the movies and Xmas day was quite liberating as hung out with Mom and watched movies, etc., did nothing, was great . But this year like last year will take the kids at night to the light display at “The Living Desert”, Palm Desert, Ca. Fun…. No wildness….Just rest! And writing!

  26. OMG! This Cap hates the ‘enforced sloth and leisure’.

    Had to explain to boss why I didn’t want to take time off. He understood. Would much rather be at work in the air conditioning whilst everyone’s away and can get something DONE.

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