Astro-Gaga: Who Is She Waiting For?


Well I think she’s a Gemini (attitude, fashion forward) waiting at the survivalist house she set up off-grid for and her Aquarius man to live in only she doesn’t yet realise that he’s over all that shit now and is actually busy in talks at a Marble Bar with investors prepped to back his new line of soft drinks based on neuro-chemical enhancement delivered via nano-tech.

20 thoughts on “Astro-Gaga: Who Is She Waiting For?

  1. Mystic you scary woman! I am MID drawing pony/dog training inspired headpiece art style accessories all leathered out and was just saying yesterday of my LOVE of dobermans but I want 3 as guardians like egyptian Anubis/ greek hades pets….

    Great interpretation btw, esp aqua over it marble bar investment chats. Got to be some scorpio in her to wear that outfit though ;)

    • As in Avatar? style wise, kind of, yes. Its for my folio. I am going back to school to study design and have a drawing test so I am bumping up my folio and planning accessories for shoot slash getting as much leatherwork experience as possible for new projects.

      3 doberman urge is old teenage wish I will have one day when I stop moving around everywhere :(

        • Ahhh Mad Max, prefer that to Avatar! only just got back in country, no I am not working on mad max but after all the leather working finishes I think I could do a sequel x

  2. She’s a Saggo mothertrucker waiting for the killrust dude who is running three years late, due to an intervening apocalypse, his midlife transits and an empty tank.

    • LOL!! I can sooo relate.

      10 points to Sweetpea for classical lit reference. But whose’s gonna haul all her gear ashore?

      H.O.T. (hey! Helen of Troy is…) impersonating Mercury? She could get into trouble for that.

      • She’s actually heading up the lot. Men, donkeys…. All out of camera range. She’s rewriting history her way as she doesn’t like the damsel in distress just standing on the sidelines, er, shoreline.

  3. No, she’s definitely a Gemini (Gemini gone bad maybe, or about to chuck a big big spzazazaz after Mr Aquarius useless guy lets her down).

    Why: her hat even has those wing-things for Mercury – is like the Mercury the winged messenger get up but just gone a bit killer-dark.

  4. She’s actually got a bad case of piles from too much horseying around and is now trying to inconspicuously scratch her butt whilst still maintaining her Amazonian Cool factor

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