Are Leos Really More Likely To Be Atheists???

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Personally, I am a Pantheist but i’ve noted that loads of Leos are flamboyant atheists & i sometimes wonder (okay, usually wonder) if it’s because they think THEY are the deity. Seriously, the only celebrity Leo i’ve who does not seem to be an atheist is Madonna.  What do you think? Are Leos more likely to be atheists and if so, why?

O.m.g i HAD to obviously mention the two most ostentatiously atheist authors of recent times & so I looked up their birth-dates: Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are BOTH Arieans…

I love Hitchens writing – LOVE it even though he’s always dishing out shit at witchy-poo types but I remember reading just one lead par to a Richard Dawkins piece and flipping out. He said that our bodies/brains operated like a telephone exchange, that that is essentially all we are. I (a) did  not agree and (b) thought that if we are set up anything like the telephone companies I deal with, we’re all screwed.


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36 thoughts on “Are Leos Really More Likely To Be Atheists???

  1. Well I was raised with the idea of a God being there, and it’s stuck around ever since. Idk, it may be all that Venus in Kataka and a megaton of planets in my fourth house that makes me snug as a bug in a rug with the idea?

    Then again, what signs prefer the comfort of knowing there’s a god out there?

  2. I’m def a pantheist although the beauty and reverance involved in the designing and making of a cathedral, mosque or synagogue also fills me with as much awe as the night sky or a supernova over my favourite island in my favourite harbour whilst skinny dipping with friends. I love the photograph by it’s either edward westin or ansel adams with the path through the beautiful field of grasses leading up to the humble wooden church and the door is shut. One of my tutors once said he thought the image was flawed because the door wasn’t open, it took all my self restraint not to say no you dickhead that’s the point nature is the church and its door is always open. And hey did you notice the masturbation not mass destruction ad to the right of the linked story? Some might say mass destruction is a form of masturbation.

  3. I don’t think I believe in “god”, so maybe I am an atheist…the only faith needed is to have is faith in faith, that works for me. Everything else is a great mystery & I believe in the magic of that too.

  4. oh MM, I ADORE Mr Hitchens! Could you be the blond, extroverted Pisces twin to my brunette, introverted Virgo?

    I love him even though he supports a war. I admire the depth of his conviction and the thoroughness of his arguments, even if I don’t agree with where he ends up.

    I think I fell most deeply on reading this article in the New Yorker, and for all the wrong reasons!

  5. Telephone Company?
    Well, it only took one call to have the 1.500 overcharge deleted, only spoke to
    2 operators & had 2 x 20 minute ‘on hold’. Impressed, as i had delayed the call
    for 4 months (took that long to formulate a 10 minute explantion of the chaos).
    THIS is why have remained a Telstra client & pay more, so i’m happy with my telephone exchange :-)

    Of course Dawkins is an aethiest.
    He’s a machine. Very clever one but never slid down the rainbow & saw the god particle.
    He never meditated on that painting ‘the hand of god’ the one giving man ‘the finger’,
    Da Vinci? MichaelAngelo?

  6. Atheists tend to have an overblown estimation of human intellect and that might be compatible with Leos’ drive for self expression, but then again there’s Jung, who was unashamedly mystic. GB Shaw was also a Leo and he famously said something like: ‘when people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in something else, they believe in anything else.’

    Hitchens is a top writer and thinker, but the only stuff I’ve read of his was political atheism. More of an attack on the strife caused by institutional religions and fundamentalism than on the existence of God. Then again, I didn’t read his book, so may have missed whatever his rationale was on that.

    But don’t get me started on Dawkins. I call him the high priest of the cult of atheism and he’s attempting to turn Darwin’s theory of evolution into a dogma for proving God doesn’t exist. Interestingly, he has Saturn, Jupiter conjunct in Taurus, with Uranus close by. Read stubborn/dogmatic. His Aries sun widely opposes Neptune, as does his Venus and moon in Pisces. So I reckon he has guru/sage yearnings, but a dug-in anti-mystic world view.

    The ABC Compass program showed a nice doco “Did Darwin Kill God” which describes Dawkins as an extremist, ultra-darwinist and talks to leading scientists about his mistaken views, i.e. that the theory of evolution explains all of existence. It’ll be on ABC iview for the next week.

    Freud, a Taurus, was also an atheist and a guru.

    Personally, I don’t see how these guys can be so sure.

    • Thank you for Sagg in 5th house information. Very apt for me. I have enthusiasm for art, am adventurous and extremely curious, ,..I love life.
      Agree with you re: GB Shaw. My headmistress (who taught me english lit and french ) was always quoting him. She may have been eccentric but god, she was right!!…most of the time, anyway!! x

      • No worries little fish. Can’t say I agree with all he said but GB Shaw is extremely quotable.

        If anyone is interested, the above doco has an interesting bit at the end where a Cambridge evolutionary paleobiologist (!), Simon Conway Morris, talks about the ability of birds an animals to produce a culture of music, which points to the possible existence of a universal music. Must investigate this further.

        • Yes, UV, GBS was very unkind to Wittgenstein, out of intellectual envy I believe. But he did make people THINK. It was an interesting time with WB Yeats and Madame Blavatsky. Must find my old books and have a reread.

  7. Well I’m a Leo and a raving Spiritualist over here in Southport England. Even my father who is a saggo and not a great believer said the other day that there has to be a God otherwise none of this makes sense.

  8. If Richard Dawkins see’s his heritage as ‘the primordial slime’ , then who am I to disagree.

    Hitchens though is my type of commentator, I agree with Uber, he is more anti religious fundamentalism than against the idea of god. He seems to be about keeping the bastards honest and thank god someone is trying to do that.

    As a species I think we are starting to learn that we can ‘create’ another species and be its god…so why couldn’t we have just been in the same situation and been ‘the created’ not so long ago.
    This would of course assume that there are more advanced intelligences in the universe…..which of course is impossible to egoists such as Dawkins, as we are such clever little sapiens (not)

  9. Yes, well as a bit of a multi-Leo, I grew out of organised religion at a very young age (by 11).

    I just figured out that none of the people in church who were telling me “how stuff is” knew any more than me, and also there was no WAY they could know any more than me. They were as human as me, therefore they had no more knowledge.

    I have been fairly immune to any religious person claiming to be the “one way” ever since.

    On the other hand, I love churches – I love holy places – I love ceremony and rituals. But when people come and try to interfere and “interpret” it for people (instead of leaving it intuitive and to be felt) – bingo – I stop respecting them. This goes for the Dalai Lama, the Pope (whoa, 1000 million times over for the Pope), any of them. I respect them when they just try to be human and offer connection / compassion in the place that they happen to be in.

    I saw a psychic earlier this year (numerologist), who said that because I had two 7’s in my birthdate, I would never ever be one for organised religion because “I knew it all, already”. She said I should spend more time in churches / cathedrals etc. because it was “My place”, but on no account should go to any services or preachings because they would completely put me off and rub me the wrong way. She had that one bang on the money.

    In addition to Leo – I have Jupiter in Sagittarius – and Aquarius Ascendant — so a healthy dose of individuality plus know-it-all-ism. I was raised to go to church – to be exposed to it – though my parents didn’t go and were not religious. This has given me a lifelong immunity to anyone who claims that we should “respect other religions”, or “respect other people’s cultures” (no matter how dumb). I had my short period of being brainwashed between ages about 8 and 11 and am well aware of how dangerous stupid fixed beliefs can be. Normally I hold my peace and bite my tongue but every so often I say what I really think – which tends to upset religious types of whatever religious type they are.

    I like the religions which say least, which leave you alone to commune – Sufiism and mystic branches of the various religions.

  10. Either the think they are God, or they just don’t need him, cause they can do everything just as well, right?

    Sun God so bright, we gotta wear shades….

  11. No, cos if you wanted to worship yourself you would be a satanist, NOT a devil-worshipper. 2 distinct things. A very good friend of mine is a Cap and a satanist. When he goes around regular people he tells them he is an atheist but he’s more spiritual than that. He does rituals that affirm him and so on. He doesn’t believe in god(s). All the Leo females I know are moderate Christians or moderate Buddhists. I only know 1 Leo male and he is a satanist as well. The Aquarians I know tend to be in a cult or atheist though. I strangely know a disproportionate amount of atheists who are Scorpios (who got burnt as kids), Pisces (who also got burnt as children), Caps, and Aquas. When i say burnt, I mean they had parents who made them believe in Santa Claus and crap like that…then they got embarrassed at school. My Libran self is a happy pantheist. I still enjoy mysteries.

  12. I don’t know what i am! I love seeing beautifully dressed people coming out of churches and sound of hymns drifting across green lawns. I love new age shops and the new age. I like to feel that i have a personal direct line to my guardian angel. I think richard dawkins is mad. I wish i could sound like christopher hitchens at dinner parties when conversation turns to afghanistan or something. i do like to meditate and i think i was a celtic druid sort of a person in a past life. Was it dawkins who said we may as well worship a giant teapot? Christ that man is annoying. i always thought he was a taurus. he seems like a crashing boor and so., what is the opposite of magic?
    Satanism>? You have got to be joking. Isn’t there enough darkness in this world without deliberately seeking it out and cultivating it?

  13. Am Leo Rising Aries, Moon Sagg and I trip the light mystical and fantastic most totally and always have really.

    Brought up Catholic I was gonna be the next Theresa of Avila, ta very much. I slept on floorboards and gave it up to God at 13. Then I discovered the Devil wears Prada… Anyway, by 16 I was moving towards mysticism in the form of Buddhism and it’s all been amazing and some hard work from there.

    I believe there is a Godhead, just it’s a bit awesome to get so personal in a human way about It. I subscribe to the idea that like a hologram we contain all the parts of the whole, including God.

  14. I read this just before I left for my afternoon class. I was pondering Pantheism, being unsure where I stand when it comes to theology. Imagine my surprise when my professor began discussing Giordano Bruno, 16th/17th c. Italian philosopher, and described him as a Pantheist. Coincidence? Or the universe at work?

  15. wasn’t it you Mystic who once said that Leos are often aetheists as they can believe there is any thing in the universe more important than themselves?

    maybe that’s madonna’s thing – trying on all the religions til she finds the one that confirms she is the centre of the universe.

    for the record i (piscean) was aetheist briefly but have before and since been happily pantheistic. my leo bf was raised catholic but finds its irrelevant now (have educated him to the point that he now understands that him not believing in philosophy is in fact a philosophy). an ex-friend who was the worst example of what gives aetheists a bad name was a leo. but not sure that would assume it to go with the turf.

  16. Haha well I hope we do not operate like telephone exchanges & I would like to think we are much more than that….
    I think you’re right that Leo’s are likely to be atheists & the ones I am thinking of probably do not even know it. They have never spoke of religion & come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever had a discussion with a Leo about religion.

    Speaking of arians after my parents died I was raised by an older arian aunt who was a nun. She was always strict on us going to church every sunday & the holy communion & confirmation rituals. I never thought much of it until I met an atheist. lol. It made me realise it was an important structure in my childhood & encouraged me to think broadly & beyond myself. I was able to help others & it was a positive experience. It was alsoa much nicer thought that my parents were in a good place. My aunt still tells me she prays for me & I don’t mind that, she is just saying she is thinking of me.
    I think it is good to have something to believe in & positive to you, whatever that may be.

  17. I was an atheist and was a mega knocker of Christians until I got involved in mega witchy poo stuff and literally met the satanic world. Called out to Christ for help and survived that altercation. As a result I am a believer – a Christian, though an unconventional one! The church is actually the people, not the building as such. I discovered faith comes in many shapes and sizes. I believe Christians are people who know they have mega issues and hence turn to christ for help and guidance in day to day life. Atheist’s basically say, nah she’ll be right mate, I can do it all by myself, I do not need the help or strength from any higher being.

    Each to their own I guess. However my faith grows as I have seen miracle upon miracle. Anything is possible if people believe. The problem is belief and the limited thinking of humans. All I know is in 3 plane crashes that a friend survived, everyone screamed out to Jesus; even the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Hindus and the atheist! There was no mention of anyone else. Interesting non?

  18. Cap. Athiest. 12 years of Catholic school. Found too many contradictions in organised religion – too many hypocrites (like my slutty slut ex-flatmate who’d go sing out loud and proud in one of those “Praise Jesus!!” modern youth churches then shag anything with a pulse and a penis – or just the penis – regardless of its marital status, etc… And she’d often invite me to share. But all she wanted was to get married and have babies like God called on her to do. Hmmm…)

    I’m a nature girl. I believe in the universe and trees and randomness and that we’re all made of the same stuff therefore all species on Earth are equal, etc, etc, so while I agree with Dawkins that religion is diametrically opposed to nature, I’m not as “humanist” as him. I don’t believe humans are all that plus some. I think we’re terribly arrogant and destructive towards our fellow life forms. I can’t watch trees be felled without thinking that something amazing has just been destroyed. I believe that everything on the planet has as much right to be here as me so how dare I think I’m superior. I love it that most religious types I know think that makes me “simple” and “unenlightened…” I just think their religion makes them unaccountable and narrow-minded and driven by fear.

    I don’t need to believe in anything greater out there. I like the idea of looking at a massive fig tree or a baby panda (awwwwwww) or my hen and going “yep, that’s all the confirmation I need that the world is insanely fabulous and nothing gets better than this. ” I think believing in an afterlife gives ppl an excuse not to live life to the fullest here and absolves them of any responsibility to look after this planet.

    So I’m an Earth girl (who loves looking up at the stars!) I don’t need any “other” for comfort nor explanation nor guidance. But I love the idea that energy and matter is all intermingled and affects everything else. That’s how I’ve come to love astrology – something that religious types pooh-pooh because there’s no evidence that it exists. Haaa!!!

  19. Oh my brother is a Leo – tres unconventional Christian. I have seen him do some amazing stuff. He is a gutsy Sparky and takes on CEO’s, nasty conspirators in the mega company he works for, public giants etc. he is such a humble guy but does the most amazing stuff. I have literally seen people who had mega probs all their life released etc. So Christianity, like anything comes in all sorts of strengths, weaknesses etc. He has his own challenges like everyone else.

  20. I would call myself an atheist and have been since about 9 or 10. Whilst I don’t have a problem with other people’s spiritual beliefs, I do have a serious problem with people trying to ram their religious dogma down my throat.
    That’s just not on.

  21. lol they see themselves as a deity LOL!
    I personally think they just dont seeing anything greater than the power they have within themselves.?
    I mean in the wild, a lion is ruler, what would happen to them if u suddenly stript that away from them?

  22. Scrorp rising, Cancerian Sun, Leo Mercury daughter used to say she is atheist. I was a little concerned but don’t believe in messing with people’s beliefs. She had/has to experiment with what worked/s for her.

    Think she’s border line agnostic now and veering toward “A God” slowly but surely. lol

    • For me, as a child I would lay in bed and tell God how much I loved Him/Her until tears ran down my face, and get the bible out and look at pictures of Jesus just knowing he was talking to me. It was a secret between me and God and I told noone. Have always believed in a higher power/consciousness/entity/oversoul and still do.

      Only Leo I have is Uranus in 3rd trine Sun and Merc… Progressed rising is Leo and will be until I die, I think. Long time…..still believin’…. 😉

  23. Well I’ve got the leo sun going on, and mercury in leo. I’m not an atheist.

    I have my own individual faith (which I could go into but it to me it’s too personal). I accept other people’s differences but this acceptance doesn’t give people the right to ram their religious dogma down my throat.

  24. Are Leos Really More Likely To Be Atheists???

    Great question. But to me, No. Leos are the Creative Appollo energy. They’re the givers of life… literally, even if that giving is conditional.

    My intutive borderline psychic experiences with human beings have suggested the pragmatic, plodding immovable minds AND HEARTS like heavy… yes heavy planets in Earth signs and houses are the culprits of acid-like cynicism… who don’t, or can’t believe in a power beyond what they see with their 5 senses. A reality lived in the density of survival issues and playing the game in society (in relationships) manifest weighty doubts and fears about any force greater than our own tiny ego and illusory bubble. Faith is not reason.

    In short, there would be fewer atheists if one would seek… then understood what they were really seeking.

    The Fire and Water Signs and Planets are Feelers. Meaning a Faith in something much greater than what they logically understand. Strong, sensitive feelers know a power beyond their immediate bodies and relative daily dysfunctions and issues.

    Earth and Air Signs and Planets are doing oriented and thinking oriented respectively.