The Souls Of Good Violets


“Oh, Marilla, it’s a perfectly elegant brooch. I think amethysts are just sweet. They are what I used to think diamonds were like. Long ago, before I had ever seen a diamond, I read about them and I tried to imagine what they would be like. I thought they would be lovely glimmering purple stones. When I saw a real diamond in a lady’s ring one day I was so disappointed I cried. Of course, it was very lovely but it wasn’t my idea of a diamond. Will you let me hold the brooch for one minute, Marilla? Do you think amethysts can be the souls of good violets?”

Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Amethyst is my favourite gemstone & the only “crystal” apart from Rose Quartz that I have ever felt working a la all the woo-woo crystal healing-diff-frequency-vibing hoo-hah. It is most renowned for helping to induce sobriety.

The Ayurvedic astrologers (Indian) claim fascinating healing powers for various gemstones attributed to planets and worn on a particular part of the body…eg; Blue Sapphire, they say, antidotes “the evil effects of Saturn” whilst Cat’s Eye helps bestow “wealth by secret means” and Diamonds can cure uterine diseases.


13 thoughts on “The Souls Of Good Violets

  1. i dreamt of a huge chunk of amethyst, just like the one above, 2 nights ago. i picked it up and it got very hot in my hands, and started glowing and pulsating. it was quite powerful…

    • Saggigal, what a great dream, go choose an amethyst if you don’t have one.
      A message that your life is in YOUR hands, wisdom is coming & you are receiving power thro’ your hands. Healing heat.Go create with the gift.
      Give yourself a bath & massage.

      Quartz crystal eggs & wands do it for me:-) Receivers & transmitter’s.
      Have heard real results with Amethyst, spesh the clusters.

      Gem magic is ancient. The courtyard pools in ancient Egypt called Serenity Pools, Lapis Lazuli was grounded to dust and put around outside to stop slippage.

      In my next life,i want pools made of Lapis Lazuli to float in with blue lotus flowers…marble bathrooms..columns…
      fine handwoven fabrics….sandlewood & jasmin diffusing all around.
      I dream therfore i am.

      • peg thanks so much for that, i had no idea what it meant- as it happens i have been doing a healers course over the last 3 weeks…its been a very full on time. so very apt !!! so fantastic when you get validation through dreams like that.

        Im off to grab my amethyst!!!

  2. Amethysts are very pretty- they are my sister’s birth stone. Personally I like citrines and peridots better. Acid greens and chartreusey colours just DO things to me. Scratch an itch on my retinas perhaps. Purple is very calming, which is good for my sis- she is a hurricane!

  3. Tones,
    Citrine’s spiritual properties are to invoke personal power.
    Removes self doubts, promtes creative & intellectual endeavours
    & clears solar plexus, 3rd chakra.
    From Crystal Ascension- spiritual growth & planetary healing by Catherine Bowman.

  4. Sigh, I love Anne of Green Gables – and not just ’cause I’m “carrots” in the hair-colour dept like her. My middle name is Anne and I always emphasised “with an E!”, just to be like her. And I always wanted my own Gilbert Blythe. Of course, that morphed into Mr Darcy once I was a bit older. (Ah, fictitious men. Completely pointless and unattainable, but always a joy to fantasize about.)

    I have an amethyst ring but I hate it. Never wear it. I just felt it was “evil.” Odd, considering all these wonderful reviews of the crystal. Maybe I’ve got the equivalent of a cubic zirconia and that’s why it doesn’t feel right?

  5. Funny, I bought some amethyst today.

    Years ago when I was in my lowest, darkest days of untreated PTSD I dreamt of this stone too. It was in a cave & it was huge, I distinctly remember waking thinking that I would somehow make it out of that time of my life okay.

    I play with a few crystals, rose/smoky/clear quartz, amethyst. Amateur though.

  6. What a lovely post! I have just finished doing my dishes, had to take off my darkest purple amethyst moon ring to do so & had a moment of absolute gratitude for the feeling of support I get from wearing that stone…it makes me feel more intuitive & much clearer- hence the sobriety. I agree, amethysts rock lol!
    Native violets have always been my favourite flower, since childhood, so love that quote & if I keep wearing my amethyst I might even remember it.

  7. I adore stones and have heaps. I think my fave (this week) is a smoky quartz prism. I don’t resonate with amethyst, but perhaps I’m already too sober. However, the old Chinese medicine dudes I worked with in Japan thought amethyst one of the best qi cleansers.

  8. That’s a beautiful post, – thank you Mystic. That was my favourite book as a child – and I remember that section of the book very well. I love Amethyst – great for the sixth chakra, but also enables the feet to stay on the ground when the sixth is open… Very grounded intuition…rather than wishful thinking intuition.

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