Saturn Heads Into Libra & Angels Are The New Vampires

A la Bookslut & Anne Rice in the Guardian  Angels are the new Vampires.

This makes perfect sense to me as Angels seem v.v. Saturn in Libra – clean, fluffy, godly and all. Whereas Vampires could very easily vibe Virgoan and a bit neurotic. All that fussing about blood types, diet, purity, having to keep totally regular hours or else they will disintegrate or whatever. So bring on the Angels!!

And I would have gone ape over these Joey W Hill books when i was 14. Is that like a Lilith style of succubi writhing around with a studly looking clearly hovering on the verge of falling Angel???

20 thoughts on “Saturn Heads Into Libra & Angels Are The New Vampires

  1. Would’ve picked Vamps to be more Scorpio, what with the sun causing them pain and their penchant for power over “lesser” beings ….

    But then again, this whole vampire resurgence did coincide with Saturn in Virgo no?

    I wonder what Twilight’s (*chokes trying to type that*) natal chart looks like…..

  2. I looked at who starred in vampire movies and what not, as I have always been a sucker, ‘scuse the pun, for the vampire! Purely for entertainment only however. There is a lot of Aries and Taurus action going on there and very little scorpio! Anne Rice has the most fascinating astro with her starting out with the redemption of catholicism to then go full 360 back into it. she never did renounce her vampy novels though

    on that note, one of the better vampire writers, JR Ward (no ideas she seems to hide her birth data) has also started the shift. Her next series is on fallen angels, sooooo…be hot sexy ghosts next!

    • That’s the beauty of Catholicism my dear! Just go to confession and you can keep on going back to whatever you were doing before.

  3. I think I may have dated an actual Vampire (!) back in the day….he had jet-black hair, pale skin, sort of sharp,pointed incisors (really ) and his Grandparents had immigrated in from Hungary. He was mesmerizing, quiet and a bit of a leech,…..always wanting you to ” lend” him money. He had insomnia as well…sleep mostly in the daytime….. He has Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon.

    • Goodness Spirit, he sounds like that character from that movie Practical Magic! Did you end up planting him under a bed of roses too?

      • LOL……, he is alive and well….and still borrowing money from some other gullible chick, no doubt. He was ” interesting” , tho.

  4. OH YES PLEASE, let me be the New Angelic Vampire, ready to soothe each heavenly bite with feathery wing. Plus we have unrestricted flying hours and are operational 24/7, not to mention that white washes everything out quite well with a bit o’ bleach, plus it ALWAYS makes you look tres tanned, no?

    Incidentally if that Angel on the cover is one of my kin.. goodness what I’d do to help myself to those abs, not to mention the red hot quasi loin cloth. Right now I am detoxing poison from every feathered limb, and could use some help sucking the bile out… or just sucking :)

  5. if you’ve never read The Vitner’s Luck – I’d highly recommend it. If you’re into .. um … scorpionic type relations with angels

  6. What does that mean igzacly?
    Vampires were the big thing (Twilight) with S in V and now Angels will be with S in L?
    I am all for that…. I love the angel energy… giving…..pure….tough and strong, but with a light touch and understanding….
    This makes sense to me, because then the pic is a transition- snake energy and dark surrender….plus big protetive wings…..

  7. Ok so hang on
    as long as we are attributing mytical creatures to signs
    so we have

    - Virgo – Vampire
    - Libra – Angel
    - Tuarus – Minotaur?
    - Aries – The furries?
    - Leo – The manticore??

    any other ideas? for the other 7?

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