Atlantis Shoes – Which Sign Would Wear These?

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91503735Alexander McQueen

Hmmm. Well this is part of a new collection called Plato’s Atlantis, which immediately makes me think of some fabulous poetry & the enthralling idea of what constituted chic in ancient Atlantis. I personally do not think Plato would have cared for these shoes.

So they are studded with turquoise – the Sagittarian gemstone but would a Saggo appreciate shoes so difficult to run in?  There is some glitter in the mix which makes me think Pisces or Virgo trying to glitz up the greige.  Serious F-U heels is tres Scorp. Could this be Lower Gemini? As in something Delia Antwerp Aaars would wear – very, VERY difficult to drink in, i would imagine. You would have to retain serious focus whilst wearing these things. It would be easier to imagine that you are landing a space shuttle, as opposed to forgetting yourself and trotting off down the stairs to the loo whilst trying to yell an inappropriate anecdote. Libra would find them unbalanced as hell. They would send my Virgoan Osteopath into politics, all the better to get them banned. The designer himself is a Piscean.

I am thinking only La Leo would have the requisite combo of nerve, batso chutzpah, status awareness and aplomb to pull these on. Your Thoughts?

68 thoughts on “Atlantis Shoes – Which Sign Would Wear These?

  1. def Leo! Look at me! Saw a woman in supermarket yesterday – teased hair, 8 inch stiletto heels…made up to the nines…at least 60 yrs old….and fugly as hell. Buying pasta sauce…..leos like that need to be banned from public places.

    • Ha ha Deliteful. FUGLY is one of my re-newed fav’ words. And it sprung to mind immediately that I saw these Clunky Chunky Hoof-Pointes.

      Pisceans have such gorgeous feet. Why would they cover them up & potentially mutilate them like this?

      Delia A.A. might be a starter. I’m seeing somekind of tutu atop of those legs.

    • I take offense at what you wrote, “leos like that need to be banned from public places.” Your thought is that people, because of appearance, sex or age need to be banned from public places because of what? Is your reason that it bothers you to see them? You might refute what you wrote by saying it’s just a figure of speech or no harm intended. Think again because what you have written about an elderly person doing their shopping and causing no offense and that causes you to want to ban them from their daily public life. This lack of compassion rates you as a bigot. Well if the shoe fits, wear it.

    • LMFAO! yes i do know what you mean by “fugly” there are some SCARY ones out there arent there!

      Beaverlodge – i dont belive that Deliteful ment to make offence, i think it was just a joke interpreted wrong thats all :)

      PEACE OUT!

      • mathew-minerva writes he thinks Deliteful didn’t mean to make an offense, it was a joke wrongly interpreted. By whom? What’s the joke? That it’s funny to condem someone to banishment because of their age, appearance, whatever? Because it’s funny to make jokes about doing just that? A joke should be able to be shared, to make everyone laugh, not to make someone the point of the laugh. What Deliteful wrote isn’t funny, it’s just wrong.

        • lighten up Beaverlodge. I found it funny too. Deliteful didn’t literally mean that woman should be banned from public. It’s a turn of phrase.

          A joke is also not funny when you have to explain it to people.

          • re: “A joke is not funny if you have to explain it…” and therefore Delightful’s comment is funny if it isn’t explained. And explaining bigoted comments you have made isn’t fun or Deliteful would have joined in. Bigotry relies on people saying to themselves and others that: a] they didn’t mean it in that way, b] the person can’t take a joke, c] “lighten up” because banishment for appearance is a joke, d] whatever excuse they can think of to make it the other persons fault for “not getting the joke”. The mind set that sees another person who means no wrong as an annoyance that needs to be banished will have a challenge defending their position. Everyone take a step forward for the betterment of the human race and give up spouting bigotry portrayed as humour.

  2. i just always think weird=Aquarius…
    and hey deliteful, i’d just like to be a leo advocate… how did you know she was a Leo… and don’t you think we should be seeing people feeling free to look how they want and saying “f#*k you, i’m going to be who i want to be” as a good thing?!?… but i don’t know, maybe that’s because i’m a leo… and the moon is in Leo… and Mars is going into Leo?!?

  3. Pimped up hooves! God only knows who would wear them – someone with a seriously afflicted Venus, or a masochistic Neptune?

  4. you know, I think they are a bit sagg-y,
    they have the Pan-hoof shape thing going on,
    the way they clip the ground . . .
    not so much glittering shindig shodding but
    could assist in getting one’s body into ‘character’:
    trotting about the place
    on one’s hind hooves – think of all that core muscle work going on to
    keep your torso balanced upon them – that’s always bothered me . . .


  5. I think a leo would like to think they could wear these shoes…for the afore mentioned reasons…’the requisite combo of nerve, batso chutzpah, status awareness and aplomb to pull these on’…but really it would be a bit hard to emote in anything else but a high pitched whine in these little numbers…and personally I’d rather be laughing.

    It would be doable if I was reclining on my own portable daybed, hefted about by strapping young men though.

      • they are very cartoonesque prowlin’

        I think someone who slavishly follows fashion trends, without reference to elegance or practicality. I feel the same way about knee high gladiator sandals as I do these shoes.

        • gladiator sandals erk. With my ex-ballet calves I would look like Xena’s chumpy sidekick. They are fine if you’re into one of those medieval reenactment groups where they beat each other up with plastic swords but otherwise …. some girls look really good in them tho – the 6 foot plus brigade with legs up to their armpits.

  6. I’m fascinated by these shoes — I’d try ‘em. I think they’re weirdly sexy, futuristic and obviously dangerous. I’m a Scorpio with a sun-neptune conjunction, taurus rising, cap moon, sag venus.

  7. I see them lounging elegantly on on a bar stool in some chic club. they could just sit up there on their own and be a conversation piece. You’d have to be set up for the night so you wouldn’t have to move. You’d also need a botox shot. i hear some women do get botox in their feet so they can wear these kind of shoes all night.

    yuck give me no shoes so I can dance all night.

        • flattery will get you everywhere
          I have to read these columns more often, makes my day…

          I’m in d.c. yeah…. just the typical suburb brat, before lived
          in chicago suburbs, before that detroit… just sort of ended up in
          (omg it’s zombie land here believe me, stay away…)

          I’d like to go to Arizona or someplace… (sister there..)

          or, I don’t know… vermont maybe,…

          just work at a gas station or something, some place with a lot of trees…

          some nice quiet place where the shot won’t be heard as you play lollipop with a .45 in the middle of the night…

          (not really, just love that phrase ‘play lollipop with a .45) it’s from a richard gere cop movie,… pretty much sums things up…

          • Thanks for that Wills,

            I agree. Simplicity at a certain stage of life and after so many shits.

            “Play lollipop”…….Heck, I didn’t even get it right away…I thought….”But what about russian roulette?”

            I needed a good chuckle after my cry. Just walked in with the groceries and sat down at my desk and took a towel to my face to sob. For one, 100f. deg. plus again. Absolute shits. I miss the seasons.

            Asked Mom if she wanted me to shut her door as A/C was on and kind of loud. Starting to realize she is not all here sometimes and is starting to phase out into other realities which is why she needs to nap so much….Just like babies who are not totally present when they are born. But she’s commpletely coherent though when wide awake. She’s not nuts or anything… although Skits-o-phrens do pretty much the same thing…

            Seth of Seth Speaks said that, that as we esp. get older we begin to focus elsewhere. He talked about a woman one time who was doing that, and that she was already reliving her life as the young girl she once was. That just breaks my heart as my Grandfather was so hard on my Mom. I hope that woman is doing doing a happier version if things were difficult for her.

            And just today, asked Mom if Granddad ever had a sense of humor. She didn’t think so…She could not remember.

            So, after groceries and after cleaning all morning, still have laundry to do and the kids are coming out tomorrow which I adore, but was overwhelmed with it all with the heat and when I came in and saw Mom napping. Will cook tomorrow and no biggie usually but with massage my job is so physical and back, knees, hurting today since I slipped and tweaked things three weeks ago.

            Things are actually good, think with Moon in 8th though, sometimes just need a release.

            I’m Aries Sun and Merc. also Wills and usually a lot more “light” as you put it, as both are trine Uranus as your Sun is (hey, I did your chart!) How fun was that dude…lol

            Saturn though is going into Libra which is in my 5th house. Was reading Steven Arroyo and although many gifts/benefits can be gained, also a time of feeling unloved. Wow, sometimes I realize I have not actually had a hug in such a long time except for family occassionally.

            But then I think, well, with Aries Sun-Merc sq. Saturn in 7th , you’re learning to be strong. I’m just not always so sure about that , you know? And today, I’m feeling particularly vulnerable.

            Thanks for sharing Wills, it opened a flood gate for me. No lollipops right now though…I’m on a diet…lol..Although I fear the ice and ice cream are melting in the kitchen.. :)

  8. first reaction was….ooooh, pretty sparkly like coral ….and a slight connection to a midsummer nights dream….but…
    closer look made a sudden connection to foot binding…like the feet were abnormally tied in convex shape into a masochistic ballet en pointe.
    i can’t picture even a leo wearing them…looking crippled/deformed isnt chic. gillian’s Sag suggestion hit on something though…could see them on Sharon Stone at Cannes…maybe

  9. hmmm, something enticing about them. very bad for feet etc BUT i like the cloven hoofedness of them, even as i feel my toes curling to hang in there with them. am cancer, with virgo rising, but born in year of goat so maybe therein lies the attraction. yes, comic bookey, but yes, fun too. but i could never sustain them – i am mostly a birkenstock girl and love to clamber over rocks barefoot – the goat again.

  10. Delia would totally wear these. She’d make sure it was to some event where the Aries Count would be nearby, so she could conveniently overbalance and lurch into his tanned, aristocratic arms.

    Otherwise, these shoes are strictly for air signs as they have the best resistance to altitude sickness. Then again Capricorns have the most sprain resistant swagger.

    BUT these shoes were created for the new hit TV show, ‘High Fashion Jackass’, a cross between Jackass and America’s Dumbest Top Model. The model/slebs are set a series of haute couture challenges. Eg. a 50 yard dash in these shoes from the doors of Barneys NY to the couture section during their GFC sale. Or the hula hooping challenge, where our girls try and keep a Versace couture gown on while hula hooping (winner Liz Hurley). Or the Dolce e Gabbana sponsored bitch slapping contest (winner Naomi Campbell).

    In spite of these shoes, I still think Humphs McQueen is a genius.

    • yep and to me it seems more and more that that shoe started its life as a ballet slipper that then mutated into this spangled torture device.

  11. I vote for Gemini. They can carry off eccentric stuff with great aplomb.

    (A Libra would have to be HEAVILY aspected by other signs to wear these. They just aren’t… pretty enough.)

  12. YUK. I certainly wouldn’t wear them. They’re hideous, such an ugly design and I don’t even like high heels.

    Scorp, moon in Sagg, venus in Libra

  13. I LOVE alexander macqueen, SO weird I just came back from lunch and had a debate on atlantis…
    Even though I would not wear these shoes, most of the catwalk couture isn’t daywear anyway. It makes me laugh endlessly to see people slate it, is not meant for daywear and a friday night out with your friends..

    Leo? I find most Leo’s honestly don’t do very loud footwear unless its accompanied by a really loud outfit and hairstyle, ie. unless they are the loud OTT type, this says air sign to me, arm wrestle between the gemini it’s so in don’t you know and the aquarian shock value tactic. Gemini with aquarius ascendant?

  14. I LOVE THEM.
    I love everything McQueen does, pretty much.

    I am a Virgo with a bunch of Leo madness & I am a total shoe fetishist.

    Sparkles + height = heaven on earth.

  15. Welcome back Mystic!!! :)

    Without even reading what’s underneath the pic, as soon as I read the question, I went ‘Pisces’! Then of course I read the bit that it was part of the Atlantis collection and was thinking ‘hm…those sparkly bits do look like mermaid hues somewhat’, which was super odd considering merpeeps don’t have feet!

    Then again, if you put the two shoes together with the heels joined up and splayed sideways, the outer halves would fit their fin ends, yes? Or maybe I just picked the wrong shrooms to eat today.

  16. These are Fetish Shoes available only at upmarket sex shops (& Alex Queen’s).
    Have some German produced erotica glossies with women wearing these shoes with
    vinyl & rubber in black & red. The book is ‘Rouge & Noir’.
    For B & D Madames & their submissives in dungeons.

    They are supoosed to be highly sexual as in the foot binding thing & the fact
    girls cain’t run away in them & so forced to allow….anything?

  17. One would need a good achilles heel massage. Sometimes fashion seems so desperate as how many ways are there to skin a cat? (or skunk ;) )

  18. Hello Mys,
    As a Gemini I had the same reaction as the previous Geminis who wrote, “looking at these shoes makes me feel sick – really”. The shoes repulsed and sickened me also. My energetic reaction to seeing the image was swift and strong. I wonder if it’s past life surge and what other Geminis would say. For this Gemini such shoes would be a burden, an anchor. A Capricorn would wear them, thinking of the status it would bring. The pickie shoes look like they would be more useful climbing mountains than city walking, so that suits Capricorn. The third element is the amount of turquoise rock on each shoe but a Capricorn loves stone and would accept the additional weight of each and every careful step as the price to pay for wearing them.

  19. Agreed, this Gemini recoils in horror at the thought of wearing those. Cool to look at, but they remind me of ballerina shoes en pointe, and I can’t imagine how painful that would be!

    I avoid uncomfortable shoes in general…it’s really only in the last few years that I started wearing heels that were anything other than a clunky stacked wedge. Still can’t really do stilettos, but I can’t deny how hot and stylish a good pair of heels makes one look and feel.

  20. As a Saggo and appreciator of “so ugly it’s amazing” style, I would DEF wear those, but I know exactly how it would pan out.

    I would put them on to go to a bar with friends, prance around in them ignoring the crippling foot pain, get a little tipsy, and field the question of “don’t those shoes SUCK to walk in?” by demonstrating that they are, indeed, comfortable enough to RUN in… And promptly fall on my face, possibly with a bonus twisted ankle.


  21. Nooo, good shoes are made this high and made to be balanced so you can stand up and out in them, it’s just cheap heels that make your center of balance wonky, and there is a hidden platform so tis probably only a 3 inch heel arch underneath I bet ;)

    I can’t wear heels unless I feel a wee ache in my arch. I love that.

    And I would want some kind of service where the drinks are brought to you.

  22. Actually they’re quite easy to walk in considering that they are built like regular shoes, only with a bump in the front (but you have to have a huge picture to actually see that up close).

    I’m going to vote Gemini on this one. It kinda reminds me of what Prince would wear if he was a woman considering the sexual elements of the shoes and its overt glamour…

    And because I want them. Like seriously, I’d totally rock those things.

  23. As a 68-year old female Leo, I can understand it all. Sometimes I look in the mirror and groan and think about maybe a face-lift. You gotta go with the flow – I had my youth and that’s it so I dress age-appropriate, not too much makeup unless I’m getting a formal portrait taken (passport), the same for jewelry. I definetely would never trade my wisdom for being young again. The lady you saw probably dresses as she does out of habit, gets in close to the mirror and layers it on with a trowel. These hoof shoes are intriguing. Guess the insides are the same as 4″ heels. I wore 3″ heels when young but they wrecked my back so now it’s 1.5″ max. But you are right – only a LEO could carry these graceful clodhoppers off!!!!

  24. ps- I am pretty sure, if not totally, that GaGa wears much of his Atlantis collection, there was just recently a 60 minutes segment here in the US, where she was walking around in these shoes (a black version)

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