Astro-Beauty: Is Purple The Aquarian Colour?

Fergie Viva Glam Mac

Here’s Fergie – an Aries -in purple-indigo-violet for MAC’s Viva Glam and great cause and all but I am not sure she’s a natural Purple proponent. There is a New Agie theory that purple/indigo/violet is only for Aquarius types & my theory is that only Librans can wear pink properly. What do you think?

Whenever i get real Reiki, i see purple & certain dreams have involved indigo realms and all + I know there is (?) a sacred-poncy super-charged indigo ray/vibe concept happening BUT really, should only Aqua wear purple? And so any of you fashion-peeps have a theory as to why women in the public eye wearing a lot of violet/indigo/purple this year? Is it New Agie consciousness/Age Of Aquarius or did some factory just do a LOT of that hue?

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87 thoughts on “Astro-Beauty: Is Purple The Aquarian Colour?

  1. I LoVE purple … and fushia, just love fushia. And i love riotous ensembles of purple, fushia, red, pink and orange all together … but separated by like … neutrals crisp white, chocolate brown, steel … and I look fab in pink (everyone comments) tho no Libra in my inner planets only Uranus which is Trine to my Asc and maybe THAT has something to do with it. Fabulous photograph.

    And is it just me or the libran sun/merc and venus combo right now as I’m virtually OBSESSED with vanilla at present.

    • Did you just read Mystic blog on vanilla? I was obsessed with it for weeks after that!

  2. I loved a purple band t-shirt as a teenager but stopped wearing it when people teased me that it was a ‘look at me’ beacon for sexual frustration. was true then I suppose! I stopped wearing it.

    I love ultramarine and aqua and always get complimented when I wear it…not quite indigo but very close on the spectrum.

    • similar…my gemini bestie decided to mock my liking of the hue …citing frustration as its symbolic meaning….of course we were 15 at the time….

      there is some sort of ‘colour predictor’ for fashion… there was a woman on tv once who decided next seasons colours for like 2 years ahead…worked in Paris….cant for the life of me remember her actual job title….

      now purple just makes me think of magic and wizard’s hats….

  3. ps. have completely gone off my usual oil burning combo of lavender and orange. It smells foul to me at the moment – too grassy and acidic or something. It’s vanilla and caramel all the way …

  4. i worked with a piscean who only wore purple clothes. even her hair was a shade of purple. no other colours made it into her wardrobe.

    i wear mostly blacks and greys, and red.

    • I have a pisces friend who nestles in purple, clothing, furniture, quilting fabric…everything purple…which makes it easier than you’d imagine to give her a gift…if it’s purple you’re onto a winner.

    • I read somewhere that us scorps are often seen in black and red! If not those, then I am in saturated colours, and never, ever, ever pastels or neutrals. They suit other people, like white does, but it does not have a place on me.

      • the majority of my wardrobe is black, black, black, red, and gray….It was a major departure to buy a black dress with white polka dots…my scorp moon must be damn powerful.

    • That sounds like my old best friend! Was it by chance at a pet store?

      I enjoy wearing purple. I’ve worn entirely purple outfits and gotten many compliments on them despite having no aquarius in my chart. A teacher of mine, a cap-aquarius cusp LOVES purple so I try to wear purple on test days as a joke.

  5. Can’t explain it, but am totally digging the indigo / purple vibe right now. Perhaps I should head to Grafton for the Jacca festival…

  6. oooohh Mystic, can you recommend a Reiki practitioner? I have Aquarius rising. Does that count? I love my purple suede shoes…..

  7. If you go by colour charts, winters look fabulous is a vibrant royal purple. I know that the clear purple out currently looks great on me, as do the aquamarines/blues/emerald greens. Jewel tones basically, from the blue end of the spectrum. Purple itself is a regal colour, used by many monarchies. I know my Aqua mad ma doesn’t look good in true purple, but can wear the lighter versions – lilacs etc (she’s a summer) basically the pastal spectrum…
    Growing up in Brissie I associate purple to Jacaranda flowers which herald exam time – and therefore holidays coming up soon! Its the colour of freedom! But I don’t limit its wear to just aquas – I’d lose a fair portion of my Scorpio wardrobe… intense purple as good as black often!

    • Hey postmodscorp I just don’t understand the colour charts you mention, as I am supposed to be a winter; yet I detest purple and lilac though I love jacaranads and lavendar plants etc. Just do not like the colour on me. I am more into red, red and red and orange, black, tangerine – warm colours. So surely that should be Summer?

  8. Blue Blue Blue… and hot pink for fire fighting. All the other colours only exist to contrast blue – in any shade – have been that way my WHOLE life. Actually changed teams in the middle of a school sports day from yellow to blue (even though I was still wearing yellow) because I couldn’t stand not being in blue. I think I was about eight at the time…

    But hot pink and black for when I’m feeling sexy- you betcha!

  9. Is it something to do with Neptune in Aquarius together with Jupiter – king of the gods – isn’t purple related to royalty and religion??

  10. well I have no obvious Acquarius influences in my chart (Scorpio) and I’m loving the current purple trend – it goes nicely with the rest of my wardrobe which is mostly undertaker black … Purple is great for those who are secretly Gothic at heart (that would be most Scorpios then).
    I know it has connotations of power, royalty and religion (priestly vestments) but I hadnt heard the sexual frustration angle – how very interesting wham it is so in fashion! Sexual frustration is so NOW, dahlings.
    I’ve only had reiki done once – freebie from my darling masseur – and I didn’t get colour, healin’ feelin’s or anything else – but a picture of an erect penis popped into my head out of nowhere, and it wasn’t one I’d seen before! I have my suspicions … Telepathic reiki sexual suggestion? Bad boy.
    Prowlincat – love your wardrobe description! Sounds wonderful.
    And the pic is fab, too. Love it.

  11. No I don’t think only aquas can / should wear purple. In fact, most of the aquas i know absolutely never wear purple. BUT they are v good at the tricky colors – the ones i call acid yellow, corpse green, smog grey, petrol blue..urban colours. Most of the Aquas i know have a low-glamour but high fashion / interplanetary dress-sense – more Viktor and Rolf than Tom Ford or D&G. Not to say that purple wouldn’t necessarily look good on them though.

    Purple, fuchsia, canary yellow, indigo, all the jewel colours are v much in vogue right now, which is great because I am totally sick of all that subtle tone bla. My personal philosophy is that there are a few core designers out there who pick up on ..anything, i’d like to think memes :), and start putting the ideas into the public realm. Then the rest of the world swoops on it and suddenly we are in a deluge of indigo etc. In fact – can I rate my fashion psychic abilities here? I was vibing on these colours months and months ago even with my smug (self-aware smugness of course!) refusal to have my ideas tainted by reading slavish fashion mags promoting that we all must wear this or that.

    But I do think that these colours are Now for a reason…… they are rich, intense, high-vibing lie Mystic says, e.g. think of the colours in spiritual India (ok that’s a loose connection), maybe without realising, the fashion world is doing more for colour therapy / healing than the populace ! ๐Ÿ˜€ yay

  12. I’m from 3 generations of Libran’s – and all of them eschew pink and do purple instead. Don’t think anyone except under 10 year olds can do pink.

    • Depends on the shade of pink MusicalLibran. There are most definately shades of pink that no-one over the age of two should be allowed to wear.

      However I have just started wearing pink – it took me 20 years to get over a ‘frenemey’ back in the ’80s who was mad on pink she even had a pair of baby-pink gumboots, erk – but it’s bright. hot or dark pinks. Everytime I wear that colour I can be guaranteed that someone tell me how great it looks.

      Purple – I’ve been doing purple for years and am a bit over it now. Purple can either look luscious or bogan and it’s a pretty fine line sometimes.

      • My sagg daughter and I think there is a quota of how much pink most people can wear in their lifetime. She ODed as soon as she had a choice…it was pink or nothing damn it, and she would literally tear anything that displeased off her little sagg skin toot sweet. After reading an article where they explained that violent prisoners could be calmed living within pink walls, pink paint got slapped up. I say this because she had the internal clock of a clubber from birth, and we just needed some sleep. Worked too.

        At about age 5 she’d had enough of pink thankfully and was a mini version of who is today. Adventure queen, candour cloaked in honest intent to help…

        My Aquarian daughter spent a lot of her time at the altar of purple, painted her bedroom furniture jacaranda purple, purple linens, and a fair amount of her clothing. She seems over it too now.

        • I hated pink with a passion and pink walls would give me a headache. But then when my Nana dies in 2002 I discovered pink and have worn musky versions every summer and winter.

          Leos wear purple very well, very regal. My Leo daughter looks fabulous in it. I wear a bit of it as well, but never mauve

  13. WELL – I DO PINK!!! HOT Pink – have pink socks in my fire boots, a pink smoke mask in my fire uniform, pink sunglasses and paint my nails pink when its the fire season – just so everyone knows that even though I’m a fire-fighter forever- I’m still Female – and I don’t let them forget it for one minute. Just for the record. my 12 year blonde daughter – is into black – but she’s a cappy.

    • Yeah, as a cappy like your daughter, BL, always get complimented/ feel most fab in black. But I do have my colour moments.

      I keep meeting up with my latest crush when I’m wearing royal blue. I don’t own that much but when I’m later journalling the encounter, I notice that royal blue is my colour with him. Weird.

      I definitely decorate in rich reds and purples which I LOVE but I don’t actually wear purple. Too much gorgeous black to wear ;P Although as a strawberry blonde, mushroom pink is a fab colour. One wouldn’t think it, but there you go. Mind you, I think everyone looks gorge in mushroomy pink.

    • Hey bluelibra so how do the rest fo the fireys react to your hot pink looks? Hope you have lots of pics of you working etc. I am very into oranges, reds so next to that the pink must be breath taking…talk about igniting!!

  14. i think aquas are indigo, i love indigo, and i recently had a discussion with someone who says her bridesmaid’s dresses are lapis lazuli colour which she said is purple but id imagined was deep deep blue, i love blue but i struggle with purple, it needs to have masses of blue in it, not red. and i dont think fergie is really blooming in that colour. isnt it historically like a really rare dye and o its a colour associated with wealth and the monarchy?

  15. Yes aquaquaqua, us aquarians are definitley worth the expensive colours….ha ha!!! Sorry.
    Is just beacuse we have Amethyst as our birthstone that we should like purpley hues? I hav always loved jacaranda trees, grew up in Brisbane which is full of them. Love the way they make a lilac carpet underneath them.
    Although, I must say I have been into cool yellows at the moment.

    • Yes Bris is gorgeous with jacas atm. We have a huge jacaranda tree in the front garden – love sitting on the verandah looking out into the purpleness and over the purple carpet (and it’s covering up the tinder dry grass).

      • I don’t recognise Brisbane anymore whenI go back there. It used to be so humid and tropical, now it’s so dry and dusty. Heartbreakng really.

      • yep LOVING jacarada, lilac… & jasmine purples, also passion fruit flowers – just cant wear ANY shade of it……..

  16. LOATH purple. hate it!!
    however is Taura sis’s fave.
    when stepping outside the confines of denim, black & white – its RED. when painting walls or throwing rugs around deft combos of red / orange / mexican pink rock my clock.

    RE colour trends – is a global biz colour forcasting. one, somehow am part of.

    Recall Miranda Priestley’s tirade when Andy Sachs on day one bursts out laughing at 2 belts looking exactly the same?
    Miranda’s rant began at the top of the fashion tree, trickling down the to the thrift shop find Anne Hathaway’s charactor wore.
    The subject – a shade of blue.

    As all the fashion houses / design brands/ car manufacturers etc etc share the same research re colour trends – colours go global virally in a nano sec.

    give me the colour that never dates any day.

    • Cerulean! was subject of the Miranda rant/lecture

      Which leads me to: which purple do you mean, Mystic? I think cardinal purple is the one which is out now. I’ve noticed Carla Bruni in that.

      But over recent years, we’ve run the sprectrum of purples in fashion: lavender (thank heavens for those of us who like muted colours), perikwinkle, lilac (gorgeous on olive skin) …

      • good point PTL.
        details the different colours Cerulean may be.

        you get the point Miranda Priestly was making of course.
        from trend forecaster, to fashion house / design brand / car etc etc all the way down the line to chain store. along the way stylists thru art directors pick up on ‘it’ colours & bingo – that colour be the NEW BLACK!!

    • cerulean blue if I remember correctly – now that’s one colour you’ll never see me in :)

  17. Wow, like NO, no way, are Aquarians the only purple people. For a start Lilac is the new Black this season I was assured by a very fashion forward young thing working in retail.

    ‘Discover the Magic of Colour’s’ Lillian Verner Bonds says this:
    “Purple Polarity: Peace – Conflict

    Deep Purple – overbearing
    A ruthless seeker of power with delusions of grandeur, marries for position rather than love, dedication to the ideal at the expense of human reality, dogmatic. The drug baron, the tyrant.

    Violet – Spiritual service
    Celestial, violet adores to revere, the rebuilder of ideals, occult and spiritual matters, violet calms emotional turbulence, as a friend violet can be here one minute gone the next, naughty but nice, violet is intuition not intellect, aids psychic ability, linked to the unborn child thus used in infertility. The selfless mystic;visionary; also flowery and dramatic.

    Amethyst – Protector
    The great preparer of ceremonial magic, protects those who cannot protect themselves, children and the sick, animals. Missionaries relate to this colour, the amethyst vibration sends them out of the unknown to guide and help mankind. Negative amethyst has no method and completely lacks mastership, getting caught up with impractical ideals. Democracy, Statue of Liberty.

    Mauve – Aristocrat
    Mauve is majestic, it can make the right choices peacefully and calmly. The type of person who has been born on the right side of the blanket, the colour of dynasties, negative mauve believes it is a serious blunder to use the wrong knife and fork. Lord Mountbatten.

    Plum – Fullblown
    Plum doesn’t have to strive to attain anything. It already has it. It is the privileged who knows it is so and takes advantage of it, old fashioned, the name dropper, in love with its own publicity, indulgent, pompous and boring, sermonising. Positive plum is the inspiring school teacher taht the child never forgets. Blue blood; family crests and tradition, imposters and ageing starlets.

    Lavender – delicate
    Lavender is sensitive, the lady in silk, elusive and fragile, evasive too. The colour of convalescence, also to clear anaesthetics from the system. Lavender is sometimes not as sensitive as it seems – the iron butterfly, lavender attracts. Exquisite porcelain beauty, but when the chips are down, you can’t find it.

    Lilac – self-appreciation
    Lilac represents vanity, too much or too little. There is nothing wrong with looking in the mirror – just not every one you pass. Great healing powers, strengthens the immune system. Lilac loves glamour, romance and magic! It is immaturity, adolescence. Lilac doesn’t like to dig too deep, bubbly and bright, the life and soul of the party. Lilac is springtime, ‘When I grow up I am going to be…’. The teenager, lilac can also reveal a lost childhood; growing up too soon, lost youth”.

    And don’t get me started on Indigo! Well, you see, how can Aquarius be all those things? I see elements of all the signs here. Deep purple can be so Scorpio with that extra black in it, plum so Leo, etc.

    So Lilac is about self-appreciation and spring? Good timing I say I have been needing a little lilac pick-me-up. As for pink, I wear it occasionally and often get a compliment, especially when I wear it while pregnant. I am a Leo for the record. I think certain skin tones don’t want too much of a certain colour if their skin can’t handle, but this purely an aesthetic thing. I don’t think Fergie can handle purple or indigo, but then I can’t handle Fergie… What colour should browless little skank-trolls wear anyway? I think that’s enough from me..

        • Bless you rlp, they don’t make rock stars like that any more.

          And I caught the working class hero. Or was he the walrus?

          • Ubers am NO Jagger aficionado – but this footage be so rare / real / raw ….. & bonus audience appreciation snippet at end is one’s blessing for seeing it through……….. SO special…. purple & hot!!

            yes the walrus…. with the witch he loves at his side!!!!! (HATE her) soz…….

          • Funny about Jagger. I don’t find him attractive, but man is he an amazing performer. So out there and SO LEO. Stones was one of the best live rock shows I ever saw.

            Keith looked hot. Past tense.

          • Ubes agree re Mick, ego maniac yet ultra hot performer ‘n all…. read Keef’s (poorly written yet grippingly interesting) BIOG recently, grabbed from Le Turd’s pile o’ books growin’ dust on the bedstand.
            Keef in the opener of that clip looks like the guys around me now. at Indy Rock Clubs.

            btw great hair / & Mick = shite tatts!!!

  18. gotta say I do love purple and it does suit my skin tone and eyes heaps but i don’t wear it much, just don’t have a lot of it in my wardrobe prob cos it’s quiet intense.
    I saw purple once when someone with reiki hands was touching me.
    And I had a dream just the other night of a fashion designer who had a funky short blonde bob and some divinely indigo soft flower petals in her hair. I was ooing and aahhhing over them and touching them delicately. eeeenteresting

  19. I rekkon “colours” are related to Jupiter sign. But purple is color of electricity and Uranus rules that so yeah very Aqua.

  20. I’m aqua sun, rising, mercury, mars….. etc and while i like the idea of purple it’s not a colour i’d wear. my libran ex flatmate had it as a theme in our bathroom and that’s a enough purple to keep me not to ever want to wear it. i don’t mind it if it’s that darker petrol colour (who said that thing about the urban colours?) but otherwise i stick pretty much to black with the odd bit of sliver, white, aqua, green or maybe red.

    • likewise, but mostly not for clothes. i have my eye on a “hot purple” bedspread made from sari borders since sunday… but it’s not a colour I’d think to wear. oh dur i did buy a bangle in that shade after not buying the bedspread.

  21. well cap here who loves Purple, indigo and deep red shades…. and looks good in all the shades of purple…
    Half my clothes are all shades of Purple….. and the funny thing is that my closest friends also love the purple colours and they are a Sag, Leo and a scorp… so not so sure about your theroy Mystic…. maybe it may have to do with another part of our scopes…
    either way more of the beautiful colours and less of the bland grey that we have just had for winter.

  22. In fashion terms, pale pink used to be considered a neutral colour, was told once cos I wear it a bit…dusty pink suits my colouring & its subtle & I love it….tho baby pink or hot pink I will happily leave to my almost 3yr old. Purple does my head in, cos I love it but its just got too many not quite right attachments…I always associate electric blue with Aquarians & purple with Saggys.

    • starstrokes what happened to your gorgeous avatar?? Yes to electric blue assoc to Aquas – totally Uranian vibe that colour.

      • ooh thanks for noticing ff I forget to login sometimes…!
        re: New Agie colour stuff, David Icke (anyone?) predicted back in the late 80s that electric blue would be the clothing colour of choice for all lightworkers…

  23. When I was looking for new glasses to wear on my face this year, every store seemed to be pushing purple…different shades, but each person would look at me and go, ‘Have you considered purple.’

    I picked a clear red and then looked around me 6 weeks later and all the old ladies are wearing red glasses…argh foreshadowing.

    • Funny, because I have still have red glasses at the moment but when I started seeing so many other people wearing red glasses I felt like one of the crowd :( so I went and got new lenses put in my old frames – which are purple. So I wear them alternately now… depends if I’m feeling more base or crown chakra that day ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  25. i was obsessed with purple in my early twenties then went right off it for many years. Bought a pair of purple sneakers last year and i’m obsessed again. Can’t get enough of purple, but it has to be a deep purple, nothing wishy-washy and definitely not lilac. :)

  26. Purple has always been a fave of mine and I have Aqua rising. I look damn good in it too, if I may say so myself.

  27. I’ve been told I am an honorary Aquarian because of Uranus conj. Sun and so much crap going on in 10th house. I’m Libra Sun though. My hair is violet. I never wear pink except as an accent.

    Purple will be making a come back in the fashion world for the next few years because of a revived interest in the 80’s when purple was big.

  28. Its always been a fave and of many other Pisceans I know. Met a couple of Aquas who really dig it too, both because of Amethyst. I think of Aqua as bright electric blue, Pisces as sea green and mauve.

    I see purple too Mystic when Im particularly engaged.
    The other colour I see and its always out of the corner of my eye is a bright bluey white, really intense bright flashes. Leprechauns methinks..

  29. I love purple, all shades and hues but it looks horrible on me, which is a shame with the aqua rise! So I take the fetish out in other areas!

  30. My Great-Grandmother wore purple, as did her friends, all were in their 80`s….so I always think of it as an ” elderly ” color

  31. im a pisces and love the colour purple always wearing it even my eyeshadow is purple same with alot of other pisces i know also wear hot pink well love the colour the libas i know dont really wear pink in any shade

  32. That’s funny, when I was very young purple was my favorite color. As a teenager I painted my bedroom a fairly dark purple and to this day it is one of the only eyeshadow colors I wear. Also another Aqua at work (same birthday as me, different year) only wears purple eyeshadow, too.

  33. Im confussed! Ive got two astro books in front of me – one says Purple is Saggo’s colour – and light blue for Aqua
    and the other says Light blue for Saggo and Purple for Aqua…

    • that’s the thing about books matt – – – different authors with differing opinions from different points of view LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. My Aquarian daughter loves purple, the lighter shade and I try to work it with aqua blue, works so well with her blue eyes, of course.
    My Libran daughter adores pink, as do I, a strong clear pink, nothing wishy washy or pale about it though. I also love purple, it seems a bit more grown up somehow and works with my green eyes, but somehow I always end up with a lot of pink in my wardrobe.
    They may be only little (5 and 4) but their preferences come through loud and clear. So I had to decorate their shared bedroom with a softer pink/purple hue, somewhere in between, and they have fairies of all colours everywhere of course.
    Girlfriend who adores purple is Libra with Virgo rising, no planets in Aquarius.

  35. I’m extremely sensitive to color & for some reason, I’ve been feeling almost allergic to all shades of purple. I look at something purple & get this heavy blanket of depression falling over me, I look away & I’m just fine.
    I can’t account for it. I liked purple just fine before. I’ve actually been giving things away because they’re purple. (Saturn in Aquarius girl)

    I have the Sun & Mercury in Libra & have received more complements when wearing pink than any other color besides apple green. And they were always surprised comments, along the lines of “you look REALLY good in that.” (pause for stunned silence as we both contemplate my unexpected awesomeness in pink. LOL)

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  37. I disagree as a Scorpio rising/arian sun, apparently deep purple and blue are my best colours as they contrast my dark brown hair and pale skin. Fergie can’t wear it well because she’s too trashy and not NEARLY classy enough for purple ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. I look fab in pink, love red, yet if there’s one colour I wish never to see again except on a flower it is purple.