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November is quite volatile, especially the first two weeks. There are s-loads of Fixed Squares featuring face-offs between planets in Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio.  These alone can feel frustrating. Peeps are infuriatingly obstinate and truculent types get power-trippy. You may have to detach and do thy own thing. Don’t rely on other peeps flexibility or even clarity.

Then again, there is the Saturn-Pluto square. Rather, the first of a series of these things. Saturn and Pluto last interacted in late 2001. It tends to coincide with geopolitically significant events. BUT November is fantastic for growth, initiating reforms and stylish personal evolution. Just don’t go on any powertrips and be super-straight, tranquil and even dull – if you can manage it – mid-month.

Think positivist reconfiguring as opposed to bombastic gestures.

10 thoughts on “Astro-Alert

  1. Let me be the first to say I am there already or warming up for a fine fugure of a F U kinda month. I can feel it in me waters.
    Love a good scorpio show down.
    Whers my Aqua brother to fight with when I need a good argument repartee? He’s in Tasmania of course. Will have to fly down just for the sake of it.
    Which sign loves a good argurment and can spell it correctly? and… for what useless reason?

    • my gem bff and I decided 20 years ago to agree to disagree whenever a prolongued discussion ensued….otherwise we were capable of debating anything from the significance of white socks worn with sandals to nelson mandela for days…just getting madder at each other. it turned into a contest of who could come up with the best and most plausible argument.

      been known to argue just for the sake of it…it depressurizes all the crazy

  2. Oh, that’s not quite how I imagined it to be this November! It’s my birthday on the 14th and I have this huge conference coming up on the 20th (where I’m supposed to show my genius for the first time… or at least not prove the opposite). Is that very unlikely to happen?

  3. ” BUT November is fantastic for growth, initiating reforms and stylish personal evolution.” This will happen to SS.
    I’m just having a very lower scorp moment

  4. Tsk – shoot. I’m trying to get a meeting with my lecturer who has given me a pass on everything in the whole criteria of an assignment. I don’t get just passes!!!

    I have a sneaking suspicion it is because I totally disagreed that a webquest could be a functional learning tool for a student. They don’t learn anything except how to click on the mouse to another webssite on the subject of ‘research’ as far as I’m concerned and I publicly said so. (It’s an IT course related to education)

    Well, turns out he is a DESIGNER of these webquests and my opinion was not appreciated and he has said so in his ‘feedback’. I should be PROMOTING these fantastic tools and apparently I don’t understand the importance of these learning tools. (Have any of you actually known how to put a car together after simply reading on the subject? Isn’t PRACTICAL application an important part of learning?)

    I don’t think I’m gonna win somehow. Payback time for him I think. I must stay cool though, as advised by Mystic.

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