Weekend Cap Moon

Art woman waters garden under Full MoonThe astro-weirding  is so subtle and profound yet magic.  No matter what we think we are doing  – it is seeding something new, for sure. The results show in late 2010 – when Pluto meets the North Node. But this weekend is a HINT.

Image: Micheal Hutter

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75 thoughts on “Weekend Cap Moon

  1. woke up this morning thinking
    every time and every thing I
    hear the same two things and
    the same two things only- nothing else.
    You are a bad person, and the more
    you suffer the better…

    Strange messages yes?
    Everything else just a variation
    on that theme.
    I’m beginning to suspect it may
    not be true….

    • The snipers voice, be it inner or outer does not warrant your time or energy – it sources power by draining it from others. Don’t feed that fire anonymous – transmute.

      • yeah, but just became aware of it…. like,
        aware life is something to be enjoyed more

        should be paradise in fact…fact that it’s not and that it’s hard
        has nothing to do with me and is not reality–

        behind it all is great light and joy, we don’t see…

        karma and such and paying your dues etc. yeah well I guess,

        but I wonder…. behind all is celebration… forgiveness and return
        (like prodigal son….

        just struck me so clearly, thought maybe had to do with planetary
        aspects this realization…

  2. life in flux while stubborn cap makes life changing decision. had a wonderful weekend with him but is HE going to pick up on the hint?

  3. I hope everyone else is having a better weekend. I ate some stupid vegan meat sub and now my tummy is sick; had to leave work early. Fish dude is still being non-communicative. I made a new online personals ad as a result. People suck.

      • OMG william it’s first thing in the morning here – that’s a little risque – a weekend of deprivation for you then is it? It’s only Saturday night for you isn’t it? There’s still hope…

  4. I’m a natal Cap so this weekend has been very Zen & I’ve been feeling very centered. So far. If this is where I’m headed in 2010, bring it on. 😀

  5. I saw Johnny Cash on tv yesterday a music video on Rage . He was singing a cover of a 9 inch nails song called “Hurt” . His last recording and video he ever made, and old and weary Johhny strumming his guitar with scenes of his life flashing by on the screen , his devoted wife by his side. I fuqing LOST IT !!! i literarly broke down and bawled my eyes out…. The lyrics touched a nerve in me and and after the tears the rest of the day included feelings of anger, resentment, pity, remorse, regret, just crap. Feeling better today though , released alot of “stuff” yesterday all about Kara … Ive never been torn like this ,i asked her to marry me after 8 weeks of being together after not seeing her for 17 years. ( she ran a mile).. Always loved her always will. So hope the weekends theme isnt a Hint of things to come … I want laughs not tears!!!

    • Healing helps you to a place of laughs, or sometimes even within the healing dark laughs come…but point being Damon, it sounds like you’re feeling things strongly and then letting go of things…if this a hint of things to come it’s got some good possibilities.

    • YES YES YES let johnny and june be your marriage mentors altho the already married to someone else at the beginning of it all may not be the ideal path to tread. That song / video rips me apart every time. That whole album. It was suggested maybe it wasn’t good for me to listen to it after a while but I was sobbing hysterically “NO IT”S GOOD CRYING” like all the sadness you ever felt and never let out has suddenly been found and can be purged leaving you fresh and still like after a storm has passed and eveything is ravaged and glistening. I’m crying now just thinking about it Damons, no shit – tears streaming down my face. GOOD TEARS.

      LOVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – go listen to ring of fire – June wrote it for Johnny, you appear to have fallen in to one yourself.

      Marriage is a concept some take a while to get their heads around and your gal’s just come from a long term thing and there’s big issues for her around the changing of the guard – you know what I mean? Am being discreet cos you’ve named her and her privacy might be something you want to take into account here.

      You are so being your birthday sweetie, if you want to check out what this magnetic attraction is go to astrodienst and get a synastry chart with both of your liliths in it, this will answer the riddle – I hope it works out for you – let us know either way so we know you’re ok ok? xxx

      • whatever , we actually got up and sang u duet at karaoke at the victory hotel wednsday night in Bris city and the song was “burning ring of fire ” also we listened to Johhny several times over the course of the journey 3/4 s of the way round Australia …. Im ok , Ill keep you posted btw and thanks so much again …. and yes i know what you mean…. x

        • O nice – keep your chin up honey – I left another post below after discovering your other post. xxx

          • It;s Ms Mo here, just in case my gravater doesn’t come up. Went to a Grand Final Party in rural Victoria on Sat night. Out came the karioke machine….. Actually it was an ipod and a mike where we could all sing along. I’m proud to say that they all managed to avoid Meatloaf until well after my gang ( moi n the two girlies) had shuffled off to another house to sleep.

            BUT~ we did all manage to gang together and let rip with “You Shook Me ALL NI~GHT LO~OG~!! by AC/DC. Some classic bogan dancing was to be seen…. Even the Angus Young leg leg~skip with air guitar.

            A good time wuz had by all


          • it’d only Rock n Roll……… but I like it!
            A LOT !!!

            peace love & happiness Damons – may you rock your roll. sooner than later!!!!!!
            xox 😉 xox

    • O damons – I’ve gone off half cocked so to speak… hadn’t seen your earlier post in the other thread – only had one segment of the story soz – I’m a grazer & don’t read all the posts.

      SO referring back to your very first posts a few months back based on the birthdate you gave you have the same chart/DOB as someone I know – and forgive me if this is too direct but it’s meant with kindness – you have pluto retro in your 4th/5th house cusp in your natal chart – saturn, the sun and retro mercury are all over it at the moment – this is deep seated stuff you’re dealing with here – home/marriage/foundations. Transiting lilith is conjunct your sun in the 9th – highly recommend checking a synastry chart with your woman’s deets re the lilith thing – you may not be in love you may be obsessed/bewitched and mistaking it for love – you have a thing with picking the ones who don’t want to be picked remember? You may be doing it again. Old habits are hard to break and you’re a romantic soul so it would be easier for you to do this than it is for others.

      If you can afford it I highly recommend having an astro query from Mystic about all this she has a way of shining a light on the dark corners of your psyche that is gentle and fortifying – this is big life stuff you’re dealing with and there’s some other pretty amazing jupiter stuff happening in your world right now so it’d be a bummer to miss that party because you’ve gotten caught up in the old patterns re love & being the knight in shining armour. Even if this thing doesn’t work out ie in marriage – it is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow – for you and not anyone else – think about YOU for the moment. LOVE is the answer to all the questions but maybe for now send the love your way – go within.

      Some other things that may help – the way of the peaceful warrior an amazing book by dan millman, and a bach flower remedy with chestnut bud and walnut in it. Good luck damons – try to think of this is an opportunity not a catastrophe if you can.

  6. Damon, all hurts pass.
    You feel gutted but put all that love you have back into yourself.
    Go do lots of physical stuff to get the endorphins working.
    Tears are so cleansing.
    Happiness to you.

    • Damon, just want you to know that I’m thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way. It sounds like it’s been an incredibly intense year, and sometimes these things take a while to process – for K, if not for you. Stay strong, my fellow Jan 22 baby!

  7. I feel a little concerned that my weekend doesn’t consist and anything new.
    I am just rolling with what is offered up. Feeling a little zen… if you count zen as watching period drama’s and eating chocolate on the counch after tidying the house and pondering what new plants I am going to get for my garden (because it really is very drab) and just looking forward to the possibilites of new living situation and hoping a new job appears. Not in a desperate sort of fashion just ‘wouldn’t it be lov-er-ly’…
    I am looking at the posts above and there seems to be less of the zen out there than I thought… which is a shame.

    • I don’t know venus, I think if your weekend is foreshadowing…your zen like calm sounds like a good thing.

      For me nothing may look outwardly too different this weekend, but I can tell my attitude is.

      • Believe it or not, I was hoping for a huge shake up over the next 6 months.
        I am suprised by this… as a Toro I am not so down with changes. But I am currently craving them
        Maybe zen like changes

        Are they even possible?

        • shit yes…make it your new brand Venus…zen change, it incorporates a rhythm that feels natural to you so you can launch off from a safe place…or least that’s what my Taurus rising has been experiencing lately. That I don’t have to match anyone else, just do what feels right as it feels right…with a bit of fierce saturn planning underpinning it all…which is sort of my safety net these days. Trust in self plus saturine planning.

          • Yep that’s it.

            I’ve been thinking my personal brand would be fierce zen…which sort of should be an oxymoron, yet seems apt…that would be the soundtrack.

          • You’re talking to someone with Sun leo, Scorp moon, Taurus rising…um and lilith hanging tough in Aqua with assorted other things that should make me impossible…which is why Fierce Zen makes sense to me.

            um maybe accepting with passion within the flow could be a footnote to Fierce Zen?

          • Ok Ok… Who about some Fierce Change Zen (or FCZ for short)…

            … cos you are totally selling the ‘fierce’ bit to me. I guess I looking for some changes so I can get my passion back a little. Am doing stuff… and its good… but I don’t ‘love, love’ it.
            You know?
            gimme sommit to be all blood pumping passionate about. In a good way. Not passionate angry.
            Oh dear.
            Maybe that’s just a can of worms…

          • I think that can of worms could be worth investing in.

            Blood pumping is good…and I think I know what you mean about just wanting to FEEL it again.

            I had this realisation sometime last week, where I looked at my life in a new way, you know just a quarter turn and realised that I’d created this really comfortable life, but it was smaller than I wanted…so I then started working on ways to live larger (which I think embraces passion too) just the act of reaching for more I think is a good start. Although I have some timelines going on too to keep me on track.

          • That is BRILLIANT!
            Am going to sit down and have a good long hard think about how I can get some of my passion back.
            *starts hatching plans*

            LL… you are a genius!

    • I’m the same venus a-go-go. I’m a taurus too and my weekend hasn’t been anything exciting. Masses of alone time, also looking forward to moving house in a month and flicking through magazines looking at gardens because my new house has none at all Lol. Hoping for a new job, hoping for some change, something exciting and different.

      I’m not keen on this being my late 2010. I’ve had enough alone time to last me a lifetime over the last 12 months. One of my friends was totally gobsmacked when I said that I can go an entire week and not physically speak to anyone other than my 3 year old daughter.

      • Mons… I am thinking maybe the hint is that we are deciding what we don’t want… that we are thinking about what we want to change and start the processes.
        Enough of the holding pattern. But making sure its really the direction that we want to move to before we get the machinations into gear.
        (My aqua bro always calls me the bulldozer. I take a while to warm up, but once I get moving… nothing stands in my way. I hope he means that nicely).

        • Mons,
          I agree with VGG, recognising you want stuff to move is the start of stuff moving, and it sounds like you’ve got stuff happening soon anyway.
          However I also believe that the ability to go a week without contact with other people (although your daughter must be great human contact though?) is under appreciated. Providing its not making you lonely/sad.

          I’m pretty good at being by myself, and have being learning to appreciate that. I can easily go days without leaving the house (I work from home) and not feel as is I am missing out/hiding away etc. Don’t let other people make you out like a freak/loser/socially incapable because you can spend extended periods of time alone. I feel sorry for people who can’t.
          The trick however is to make sure that you don’t then get stuck in the aloneness. If you want to see someone or do something, go out and do it. Even if you have to do it with only your daughter.
          And I hope your friend followed up her surprise with a suggestion to go do something.

        • Mons – I answered you down below.

          maybe your 2010 involves the garden & how much you enjoy the fruits of your own efforts to create it?
          Taura sis has become wizz at organic veges. OMG her Rocket is heaven. not sure where’ you’re based – but most Aust TV gardening shows can be free downloaded from the net.
          am closet gardening TV show junkie.
          don;t let that one get out will you LOL xox

          • Thanks for your replies. I don’t really mind being alone for periods of time, I’m not depressed or sad about it. I was shocked that my friend was shocked Lol. I have to admit I did start thinking maybe there’s something wrong with me if it’s so bizarre to other people but I’ve gotten over that. I made a deal with myself about a year ago that I’d appreciate my time alone and look for validation within myself rather than through friends or partners. I do get lonely but not all the time. I think there’s a real difference between being alone and lonely and most times I’m just alone if that makes sense. I think I would like to get back into some kind of a social life which is why I feel like I’ve had enough alone time. I’ll get there eventually. And I’m really looking forward to doing the garden rockstar, I’m planning an organic vegie patch and even a few chickens. I think my daughter will have a ball growing vegies and collecting eggs :-).

          • good for you Mons – especially discerning the diff btwn alone & lonely. Taura sis has chickens. manure is for garden, eggs for the table & shells are fed to Wayne Carlo – the kids turtle!! KIDS LOVE chickens.

            BTW HIGHLY recommend Mystic’s ‘Mars in Leo confidential’.
            get on board, you’ll glean what’s in store in a sec!!

            Apparently am prepping to be “Attila the Socialite” – bring it on!!
            😉 xox

          • mons – rockstar’s right about the mars in leo thing – i was just perusing it. the taurean stuff has some nice validation of some of the things you’re talking about.

  8. I personally feel a little over-tired, over-streched, spaced out-ish, and physically not in my prime at all. Me thinks it is all this Saturn Uranus Biz which has had me working like a mad woman and not sleeping AT ALL, feeling like a mad-woman/zombie when not charging around on frantic adrenalin….ooh my poor system. Also hair seems coarse and frizzy and I just feel generally un-fit and un-lovely to the eye. I would love a big make-over, joozch up. Any tips? Have always been curious if there are different ways to go depending on the astro and your own chart…I am Sag, Leo Rising, Moon in Cap…

    Much love and Blessings, J

    • massage, acupuncture, swimming, saunas, whole days in bed.
      reckon some combination of that would work for most people.

      • Jac – shell nailed it – also Mystic’s 8 hours sleep, 8 glasses of water……& meditate. xox

  9. if this weekend is the tiny seeds of something to come…then i am well pleased…because it was just little inklings of positive developments, things quite subtle indeed but there nonetheless…and if i have the paitence to let them grow…things are looking pretty bright :)

    • That is so cool saggigal. Little inklings are so sweet.

      I think I really need to surface myself today…had a strange nights sleep, so I’ve been pretty gentle with myself this morning…now I think if I can manage some time on a treadmill and then some laps of the pool my neurons will have a better chance next week.

  10. Ok well this weekend I did nada bar playing online scrabble and chess on Facebook. Surely this is not a harbinger of things to come!? But I have to say I’ve seen more than enough action over the past few weeks/months? involving a lot of inner and outer life restructuring, so a couple of days off is just dandy by me.

  11. Ok I’m most likely skipping the gym and just going straight to the pool…and in the meantime I saw where another Sagg singer (britney’s the sagg I’m linking to here) has had a public spit…literally at this point with Lady Sovereign only being in the country um 7 hours and then having an alleged altercation in the upstair bathroom at ‘the beat’ in the valley…as she was told she was not welcome she then spat at some bouncer…spent the night in jail…but will still be able to perform…

    It just seems and I include all the sagg’s I personally know, it’s been a hell of a year for them.

  12. hmmmm – the OLD me would NOT be laughing at life now.
    but now, seriously, perspective prevails. as does reality. and – despite no golden goose landing, no fire in belly over yet-flash-genius-idea / creative project, or prince charming swooping me to paradise – the quiet simplicity makes me happy. happiness on my own & am loving it. wow that only took a few decades LOL!!

    MASSIVE penny drops this wknd.
    Break through central who-hoo!!

    Le Turd – gone. Yeah I know that went on way longer than necessary, but now 100% done & dusted YAY!! The solitude – SO enjoyable (friday night in, ironically given this thread, watching Walk the Line LOVING Reece’s June Carter), the flattery from the BF from Ages ago (sans crumbling for ‘one more for old times sake’!!), no measuring myself by others (not that I’m prone to) but things going SO WELL for many of my nearest – it fills me with joy for them & they deserve their boons & big successes. god even the bday bbq I’d planned canceled itself thru lack of interest (such a drama queen LOL) – that alone would’ve formerly sparked melt down.

    Mons – I also can go days without speaking to anyone other than to order coffee. I figured this period of “stillness” to be essential processing time. so have gone with it. really – cleaning the fish tank or weeding the garden have turned themselves into pleasures. and am chatterbox / social butterfly, so enjoying the quiet is new. the new guilty pleasure!! gardening’s one of my most cathartic past times. sitting on the daybed surveying the result brings much pleasure. enjoy it!! who knows you may end up meeting hot man at garden supply store or something!!!

    anyways am certain MOST of the peace is the serenity from disconnecting from Le Turd. and from self-evolution. off to check my lotto numbers!! xox :-) xox

  13. OMG do NOT call virgin right now unless you’re feeling like a bit of call centre mercury retro russian roulette – there was a typhoon wherever their call centre is last night and they are understaffed due to their peeps being homeless. I just had a minor spaz due to you know, expecting their shit service to be for the usual unknown reason and then when the robot said “is it raining there” I was secretly thinking Fuq don’t talk to me about the weather I just need to fix my plan but instead I said NO and choked back maniacal laughter due to fleeting thoughts of what portion of my life has been spent on hold waiting for robots… and then the story unfolded – the reason you’re receiving shit service is because most of our staff are homeless and in floods as of last night. Immediate apologies for sounding like a pissed off bitch who is fortunate enough to have a home followed… Arrgh the weird thing is it was actually more efficiently handled than usual. Is anything astro effecting the weather/storms at the moment Mystic?

    • OMG that is weird!!

      and wondered same same re is there astro re wacky weather systems……

  14. I woke up this morning feeling at peace with my life… Had an amazing dream where I was walking up to this big beautiful home with humungous doors. I walked inside, I saw my mum, she had a big smile & immediately I felt like home! Haven’t felt that way like 20 yrs! Sigh….. best feeling in the world!

    Honored saturn & did a big workout, ate healthily, doing some chores in between this & even dusted the cats! Dust…Grr!

  15. I can feel it – the magic that is – very subtle but at the same time very in my face. For me I think it’s all about love (or at lest lust) for a change (Saturn is going going going out of my 7th house yah!).

    In this course I’m doing there are two guys I’m really getting on with and attracted to. First there’s the Aqua crush – but it might be LUST. I’ve just discovered my natal Lust is exact conj my SN in Cap (where trans Pluto is right now) and it’s conj his natal Mars in Cap. Not an expert but that just sounds like a lot of fun or fated??. But if he would just shut up and stop analysing everything and enjoy the electricity btw us things might be better. Seeing him again tonight.

    Then there’s the other – don’t know his sign just his year and that he makes me smile (a lot) – he has the most amazing bluest of blue eyes, so have to think of a name for him. Didn’t expect to see him again and when he left the course on Fri got the distinct impression he was disappointed or wanted to hug me or something and I was very nonchalant and there were a lot of other people around. But have been thinking about him a lot and wishing i’d offered to exchange emails etc. Checked his year for Psyche and Eros and it’s the same as mine which according to Mystic’s Soul Mating book is a great match – just feel so easy with each other. Then who do I bump into today in the city – could not believe it, is that fate or what! Going to catch up with him on Wednesday. I can’t stop smiling. He has that effect on me – we just laugh a lot together. Not to mention he is extremely good looking in a country boy way, tanned, tall, athletic, and incredibly kind. And trans Venus hits my natal Uranus in the 7th on Wed!

    • Thanks pegs. Just found out Aqua crush has Sagg Asc with Leo MC conj my Sun in Leo and i have Sagg MC. The lust electricity thing is doing my head in, can’t sleep. We only had an hour together and then some friends joined us. Seeing each other again tomorrow. Can’t believe this is happening!!

        • Thanks Nat ….. feel like a teenager, tis lovely. Oh and i have Psyche in Aqua conj his Aqua Sun. According to Mystic – “When a woman’s Psyche is evoked she feels as if something from long ago is unfurling within her. It often materializes as an almost pre-adolescent feeling, akin to that first flush of love before sex got invlved in the scenario.” and “When a woman’s Psyche is triggered, it’s as though a light has been switched on inside her…..”

          That is so how i feel atm :-)

          • Aww, groove for you FF!

            My Moon-Psyche was conj. someone’s Venus/Part of Marriage/SN!

            We never got married but it was a very “soul” oriented/past lives experience.

            Have fun!

  16. quite frankly, this weekend i just feel like there is something in me that is so tired. Tired of trying, tired of thinking, tired of holding it together, just like something is dying in me but I havent been able to sit still for long enough to figure out why i feel so sick inside. What is this a hint of? I still don’t know but it might be an interesting year!

    yes, the dust. I think this dust will still be in some corners of my house long after i’m gone!

  17. I’ve been crying a lot too, in a releasing way. & I’m thrilled to be spending time with friends some of whom I’ve barely seen in a year, that’s lovely. I’ve also hd some great bodywork done which is very releasing, & talked to my sister a lot. It’s not quite business as usual this weekend – I’m moving forward & trusting my instincts whilst also giving myself time to rest.

    Sorry to see some of you are hurting, sending love & luck your way.

  18. im a double. was happy friday nite with friends, was sad saturday nite about love and had a blast today with friends. hoping everything will get better in my love life

  19. im a double cap. was happy friday nite with friends, was sad saturday nite about love and had a blast today with friends. hoping everything will get better in my love life.

    sending everybody good karma

  20. New things. Flying out to London 8.30 tonight. An unprecedented adventure.
    Wow. ANYTHING could happen 😀

  21. Sunday mid-morning here still and Cappy Moon on a Cappy Moon weekend. Talk about “up yourself”.

    Not really, just chores! And organizing and keeping in control of my world cuz gawd knows we prone to spiralin’…


    What constitutes a Capricorn Moon hangover?

    Thats when the Aries and Gemini parts of your chart DO spiral outta control and Capricorn Moon (to it’s dismay and all the various and sundry Cappy crap feelings but of a saving grace type force ultimately), are left to pick up the pieces.

    We’re gonna be o.k….. 😉

  22. Subtle magic but what explains
    that? Why this weekend?
    Something with pluto…
    I’ve been seeing a lot of magic
    it seems last couple weeks…

    For example, in case you don’t believe me,
    I sent a beatles youtube to someone swearing my
    undying allegiance and fealty against all odds and 6 hours later
    picked up cellphone for plumber I was working with and yoko
    ono was on the line (he does her plumbing here in D.C. which I did
    not know, -didn’t even know she lived here…) and then again an
    hour later a homeless guy hands me a fresh copy of huge lennon bio
    The Life he was carrying around in his rucksack for some reason…

    heres the youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jKahlEKo0Q

    It aint normal I tell ya.

    But why this weekend? Cryptic Mystic more like it….

  23. I have pmt & *trippy* dreams from the Sydney winds & dust.

    However, it was very domestic goddessy weekend. I rested, cooked & did a lot of housework alongside my very Virgo-esque Leo man (we did a lot of snuggling too)… meanwhile the inner seething re work continues. I m desperately hoping for a breakthrough post Merc-retro!

  24. Wow – I spent the weekend cleaning house, shopping at the West End Markets, hanging out with my flatty and amiga espectacular, cooking, reading a stash of Gourmet Traveller mags I managed to find at the thrift shop for 50cents each, and read the paper, which was FULL of blurbs about travel to places I set off too in a few weeks, places i plan to visit in the next year, and nifty little lists of places to eat and drink! I also had afternoon naps both days, and marvelled at the violet sky. And then last night I made sure that my Peach Blossom remedy was perfect, and slept with a piece of rose quartz in my hand….
    Now to get stranded on that desert island with the Sagg Tour Guide….

    • hey Post Mod if it’s not an invasive question what does peach blossom do? – and if that IS invasive then alternatively what sort of essences are you using and how do you find them? Have you ever used the sea shell ones? Am interested in the effects of the ones you don’t hear so much of – the aura soma tinctures are pretty out there – if you don’t mind sharing I’d love to hear what you’ve gleaned/experienced from them and where they come from.

      • See http://mysticmedusa.com/2009/07/13/astro-housewitchery-the-peachblossom-remedy/ for an explanation of what the peach blossom remedy is….
        And re essences – I am lucky, I know a woman who has been involved with Australian Bush Flower essences since its inception, and who has recently launched her own range of flower essences especially for women. I don’t tend to get individual essences, I always go to her and get a blend according to what needs support. One that I did take in the last 12 months, and that had a primal impact on me was boab. I have not investigated any other essences really, just Bach, Aust Flower, and Wild flower ones.
        How do you get a sea shell essences?

        • Ahh an excellent friend to have around – I used to work with them but my set was thrown out in a move and I now regret the sad loss. Re shells not sure where you get them but I’ve heard peeps speak of them and I’m interested in their qualities. Boab is def life altering – in fact I’m having some now in an attempt to alter mine! Angelsword rocks my world too.

          If anyone’s reading this who’s used the shell essences would love to hear what they were like for you.