Pluto Direct…

Black and White Photo woman on edge of ocean poolReady or not, Pluto is stationing Direct & over the next few days, even the most minute of bickerings or realisations reminds you that you are in a new era now.  Any unfinished biz from the past emerges – either for real or in your psyche – so it would be Pluto-prudent to try to fix that a.s.a.p. and sans fuss…especially toxic ex-merde.

As always, artemesia vulgaris (the amazing mugwort) is your friend, should you be trying to housewitch or lucid dream your way out of this.  And – yes – Pluto Juice…the incredible Bach Flower Walnut Essence.

Image: Bersa

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38 thoughts on “Pluto Direct…

  1. Great pic! Is this the moment before someone dives into the back of her pushing her into the water…..

    I am having dreams about swimming with crocodiles & getting married. That’s without having mugwort, I should give it a go with a walnut chaser.

  2. I just love that pic too… A perfect moment of clear-blue-skies escapism on a dreary Melbournian morning.

  3. Ah Walnut, been glugging so much of the Emergency Essence that I plum forgot about beautiful walnut.
    Ready to phoenix out of this mire… and walnut should be just the match I need. Thanks Mystic x

    • I`ve been on the Walnut now for several weeks …….yes, it does have a Phoenix-like vibe to it !

  4. I am not getting the Spring energy buzz i normally have. The big burst of re energising is just
    not happening.
    Off to do beach sand & sun on weekend. THAT should cure whateva it is that’s bothering me,
    and fix the general malaise that comes when i don’t have any creative work & need to do admin
    & won’t!
    I seem to be either on fast or on full stop.
    Cancel this month due to lack of interest?

    • I hear you Pegs! I’ve NEVER felt so lacklustre in early Spring. I didn’t even wear my green satin shoes on the 1st, as is my tradition. Perhaps I started on the wrong step…

      I could just sleep the month away *yawn*

      • Me too guys! Yesterday I was a bit down in the dumps – first time since Feb 2008. Pluto feels heavy and I’ve have had enough of all the bloody processing. Contemplated selling my inner-city pad and heading up north to live the life of a hippie.
        Could not stand to spend another day with uptight, ambitious as stink, nit-picking (merc in Virgo) Libran boss.
        I have the best job in the world but do not see a future with her in it. She’s fuqing up my Qi.
        Bring on the new era already!

          • i am my own boss but still have to answer to her when i freelance there 3 days a week.

          • I’ve been having my own qi issues lately. I find being around my Taurean sister does nothing good for my health. I’m a bit frustrated at her effect on me. I have improved things to what they were, as she is a notorious energy thief. Yet I still find myself sick within days of seeing her. Even if she isn’t as effective in draining energy directly, I find feeling like I need to ready for an attack draining also.

            Dad seemed to enjoy his Father’s Day…but I found The Toxic Terror Taurean – (triple threat) kept making jokes at Mum’s expense, and kept increasing the volume and frequency of her attempts at humour, when she was not paid enough attention to. She’s freaking 40 now. She has toned it down somewhat, but still a fuqer of qi.

            So I guess that little rant is more in the yes SR I know how bloody hard it is to have to deal with someone like that in an area of your life you generally find pleasurable.

            Whenever I’m around her I just want to move overseas…as patrolling boundaries around her is so wearing.

          • Actually while I do think I understand the gah of dealing with a fuqer of qi…I wouldn’t mind anyone chiming in with advice reTX3sis.

            I’ve tried so far,

            1) Um thinking what I find annoying could be charming to other people..maybe
            2) White light
            3)Limiting time spent with her.
            4)Polite distance

          • I’ve tried for years, decades to set boundaries, and speak honestly with her, but it just encourages her to find new ways to get my attention…ie be an idiot so I engage in the boundary setting…I think it may be her idea of an intimate sister relationship.

          • I would not be especially helpful LL as not even speaking to my sister right now, but as mentioned prior, we had words a couple of years ago and she went bonkers during it and Leo rising, Aries Sun that she is, emailed me and pretty much DEMANDED an apology. I told her I owed her no such thing. She told lies about her own sister! I can’t just easily over look that unless she would like to step forward.

            Anyway, she had moved back to the west coast after a long stint out of state with her hubby and once more local, knew it wasn’t going to fly unless things were dfferent. Sadly, some people never really change and I just got fed up with her projection onto me.

            Prior to that, I could do “polite distance” as it was in small doses and time was limited with her.

            Maybe that can work in your situation too if the circumstances are right?

          • Oh nooooooo…. You have a FOQ (fuqer of qi) sister. I feel for you LL. That’s gotta be worse than a work colleague for sure.
            I hear ya…. patrolling boundaries can be very exhausting. And my FOQ is 46!!! Some peeps just don’t get it!

          • Thanks guys…maybe I should just accept that I find her annoying, and be grateful that I can do ‘polite distance’.

            A part of me is…grateful, sort of, it’s just the hijacking of each family thing…and I have to see her tomorrow in really formal surroundings and I’m just hoping that she can keep a lid on it for an hour. I am soooo not sitting next to her though…maybe I can bribe my children to buffer mummy.

          • Oh and Sweetpea I also have been gifted with the long email listing all the ways I was basically a whiner and a user…at about the beginning of Saturn doing Leo…it was awful…and then the phone calls started with her sometimes screaming at my voice mail, pick up pick up I know you’re listening…(electronic impossibility)…I only bother with polite distance for my parents…I’m looking forward to moving somewhere she doesn’t know where I am, as she last year she was apparently walking around my property looking in windows while I wasn’t home…told me it like it’s perfectly reasonable behaviour. MADDENING

          • Good Gravy LL,

            That is OTT.

            The clencher for me after our face to face was when I found out from my Mom that she had lied about some things saying I owed her three thousand dollars which I’d already paid her back years before. And it had only been fifteen hundred and that was nineteen ninety six….I told her I’d gotten a hundred thousand dollar settlement for my back injury and she knew it. If she’d had a qualm about my score not being settled financially why didn’t she just speak up? Instead she lied.

            Had the paper work to prove pmts. to her and so wrote a low down on her dirty laundry and made copies of the letter and financial papers and mailed each “packet” to close famiy members (Dad and brother) informing them but also letting them know that I would not in any way bring it up in the future to them and that I didn’t expect them to discontinue their relationship with her. I just wanted them to know the situation and the truth.

            We are both Aries and nearly killed each other growing up. When we got on our spiritual paths some things started happening in my life that weren’t happening in hers and I think she resented me for it. I was just done…

            Sorry about you having to bear that when Saturn went Leo. It gives me hope though that the Pisces Leo Mars Moon got his cosmic come uppance as I dumped both him and my sister within a month of ea. other… (hope that comparison is not rude of me!)

            That was when Pluto was first approaching my Gem Mars- Asc. and the Cosmic Broom came in and swept stuff away that truly did not wish me well.

            Be real or be gone….

            Good luck meanwhile and keep us posted!

          • You’re doing all the right things I think, LL. Dignified detachment/grace works best with qi fuqers. Don’t engage.

            Another strategy is to observe which people your sis DOESN’T play games with and figure out why her crap doesn’t work on them. Then imitate them. There’s bound to be a formula. Or imitate the people who aren’t bothered by her. Figure out why they aren’t bothered with her.

        • I feel the need to roam too. I want it to be summer already so I can jump in my car & drive off to god knows where & swim in blue water & not bathe for days & have beach hair & rejoice in skankiness && then delight in finally showering …..

          Can you put your focus on retaining best job in zee world & boss leaving to be replaced by a boss with good juju?

          Oooh hey I just remembered my dream last night – I spoke with Mystic on skype & she had hair like SJP & revealed her true name.

          Cheers to a new era! C’MON (GOB style)

          • hehehe… i love getting skanky too… showers are indeed much more delightful.
            A psychic told me she would leave by November, if not i shall decide next plan of attack. I’ll just grit my teeth til then. *grrrr*

          • lexicon limbo, i hear ya! i am OVER the cold and ready for the free wheeling zing of summer, both as metaphor and as weather system!
            august was tough and pluto churning round in the depths has not been pleasant…ick… so sick of ‘growth’, just want to talk some shit in the sun with a drink in my hand….

            love the dream too!

        • Oh, I totally hear you guys! It’s only Day Two, and already I’m having the worst, most evil Mercury Retro of my LIFE!! All I want to do is sleep for a thousand years – ordinarily I LOVE spring, and am so overjoyed at this time of year. I’m praying that Pluto Direct will help things, as Mystic’s scopes sound very promising for us crabs. I could use a little light and happiness again.

        • I wouldn’t worry about it Scorpy. If she really is such an unholy brat, Saturn in Libra’s gonna be her time of reckoning. I always find Saturn brings one down to their correct size – so if the ego has inflated to absurd proportions, be prepared for a mighty big bump back down to earth.

          Just keep being your fabulous, professional, unruffled self even if you have to pretend for awhile and it will all sort itself … just you wait and see! :)

          • and I only say that because I feel as a Scorpio you will feel much better if you leave on your own terms because it’s time for you to move on and not due to the prattish behaviour of someone else.

  5. Right! … back to me! 😉

    I just love a brand spanking new paradigm. Yay new eras. Sayonara boring old repetive past crapola. I’ll be interested to see what Pluto gets up to since it’s in my House of Lurv, which currently looks like ground zero at Hiroshima – the only possible way is up!! But first it’s gotta fuq with my Venus and Saturn for a bit just to make sure I’m as pissed off as is humanly possible.

    • Pluto is in my seventh too Prowlin….(I suspect as Gem rising Pluto in your seventh?)

      And, opposing natal Mars ~again~. But I don’t feel a thing really. Maybe Pluto already killed me and I just don’t realize it yet. Will be nice that he’s gettin’ a move on back through Seventh. I want my damn transformation…dammit.

      At least a new kinda one…Maybe lurv included? Maybe? The idea has been appealing to me lately. Finally, sorta missing men again… :)

    • hey prowlncat… what about your client/friend/object of lust/possible neighbour? any updates?!!!

      remember that cheesy club song?… “the only way is up…baby….ooohh… you and me… :)

          • yazz and the plastic population………my sister has (had?) the 12 inch remix too…she was more of the sydney clubber than me (alas underage probably a good thing)

          • aagh I can’t resist: my youthful brain absorbed all the lyrics:
            we’ve been going down
            through the lowest turn
            been on the bottom line
            sure ain’t no fun
            but if we should be evicted
            ohh from our home
            we’ll just move , somewhere else
            still having fun

            hold on..hold on…hold on..
            the only way is up! baby! for you and me now :)

            there u have it…now ask me about Bros lyrics…again i blame siblings…eek!

      • I’ve distanced myself from that quick smart scorpy. I mean it was only last Wednesday or something ridiculous that I tentatively broke my life long avowal to never mix business with personal shenanigans and three days later he’s like a potential neighbour. That’s just way too spooky.

  6. Maybe an excellent Light & Sound show aka Dance Party of hi-energy
    is what we need to trip the light fantastic & get the bod movin’ ‘n groovin’.
    Dance away the ennui.
    A long strong summer is predicted. ATM it’s no Sun =no energy.

    As elf employed i have had the worst financial 2 weeks for the year.
    Ha ha ‘elf’ employed, we know what i meant but could consider the error the true story:)
    Don’t you love the feel of clean white sheets after a day at the beach after sand salt & sun?

  7. *%$”@*^$@ Timing. Came in and saw this post, listening to voice messages. Internet siezes up as I listen to a message from the aqua ex, wants to see me for the first time in 9 months. Then takes 6 hours to get back on line.

    Dammit, mercury has only just gone retro, pluto isn’t there yet, and in order to follow Myst’s advice to “be Pluto-prudent to try to fix that a.s.a.p. and sans fuss…especially toxic ex-merde” I will have to call him back. Wonder if the phone line will fall down before I get the chance (don’t have mobile signals around here :) ). Trouble is I am definitely going to the event he mentioned – not missing it because of him. Don’t want him spoiling it for me either. Definitely unfinished biz to deal with tho.

    No sleep at all last night so not thinking straight. Oh for the chance to run away to the beach and get skanky! Been trying to do that for weeks.

    Irony is that pluto is currently forming a big ‘ole earth trine with my natal pluto/sun trine. Think I’ll have to get that spade out sooner rather than later.

  8. I actually collected some Mugwort and Dried Sage on The full moon Saturday, and i swear FULL MOON HARVESTS make everything so much more potent and powerful!!!!
    AMAZING DREAMS – would you like to hear??

  9. I had a surreal dream that I was pregnant leading into my trip to Uluru (I was in a hotel in ALice). 8 Months pregnant, buying those last few things, knowing I was going to pop any time….. Then I meet gorgeous Sagg tour guide for the trek (5 weeks younger than me), go into insane ovulation overload, go to Uluru, see the womens places, then today, I start my period 10 DAYS EARLY! WTF??? Reading this and looking back, its all very interesting really….. At least I was so far from civilisation, I didn’t really get affected by the Merc Retro on IT thing…. and I was so zen being in the red centre, nothing really bugged me at all…. Can I go back now?