Fashion For Venus in Virgo?

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Is this jacket-top-cum-leggings outfit insanely practical and thus worthy of being hailed as an appropriately Venus-in-Virgo innovation? Or just insane enough to be something you’d only purchase with Mercury Retrograde and perhaps in a Dionysian moment? And is the advantage is that if your out doing whatever t.f. it is you’d be doing in this outfit, that you would find it easier to quickly go to the lavatory???  And which sign would wear this?  I think maybe Gemini & she’d develop a fidgety habit of twanging the straps. Sagg would wear it once, for the convenience factor, but then fuq them up in the laundry.

18 thoughts on “Fashion For Venus in Virgo?

  1. Oh too funny! I thought it was just me who had laundry disasters. I’m so relieved that it’s a Sagg trait….

    • i usually only wear something once before it has a stain/rip/gets shrunk in the wash/etc… i try to be careful! but certainly always end up fuqing up my clothes… never thought of it as a sagg thing until now!

  2. Having the attention span of two minutes, I could see myself fidgeting for hours twanging the straps. In fact it’s the only reason I want it.

    • I could see myself in this, swanning about ladeda bars in my red boots. Particularly if the strap bits also had pockets in them big enough for shoving hands in. (I can also see myself getting completely tangled in it whilst waving my hands about forgetting i was all connected)
      Though when you sat down would your stockings fall down?

  3. I LOVE IT but the straps would ride up/around on the ample bosom so it’s a definite fashion nono pour moi.

    Libra Sun Scorpio Moon & Venus

  4. Can one be one’s own hammock with this outfit?

    Maybe when she reaches a critical level of overload, she just curls up and has handy carrying handles to assist some nice person to carry her home. Could be improved by accessorising with a Bag Tag.

    Another great (practical yet fugly) Venus In Virgo innovation of wrapping a strip of film around your head, so you always feel like you are in the movies. Given the look on her face, she didn’t choose a comedy for today.

  5. I’d wear it if my legs looked like that in it. Although I’d probably put brightly coloured tights underneath. (Libra sun/moon, Virgo Rising, Scorpio venus)

  6. I reckon a Virgo Venus might appreciate the minimalism but ultimately denounce the whole concept as lacking practicality and thus pointless. Me with Cancer Venus goes … yeah, and …?

  7. cancer sun, virgo rising – love it. the straps are perfect for fiddling with and entrapping and all sorts of other things. and yes, nat, loving the idea of being my own hammock :)

  8. hmmmm – further thought (yes, i am at work and looking for distractions) – what happens to pseudo hammock when wearer sits down?

  9. Virgo sun, virgo rising, virgo venus. Would like it, but the whole outfit is sheer, and too easily caught on things. LOVE the sunglasses.

  10. cancer sun says, “A bit punk-ish for my taste. I don’t know if I can find a mood to go with this one. It’ll take some time to familiarize myself with rayon.”

    libra rising/moon says, “In a way, it’s innovative, but I can’t find much elegance in this. Maybe if I could cut the stretchy thingies and make it a chic neck scarf…and replace the knee highs with footed tights?”

    virgo venus says, “It doesn’t really go with the rest of my closet, plus, I’m hunting for classics and basics at the moment. Hey, libra, how about adding a pair of cute and low heeled Mary Janes?”

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