63 thoughts on “Astro-Poll: Which Sun Sign Would You Most Like To Be Stuck On A Desert Island With?

  1. I voted Sagg ’cause they are good at stuff that I suck at like fixing electronic wreckage with bits of tree-sap gum, climbing trees to get at coconuts, building shit from palm leaves up in the trees and away from marauding tigers, hunting down wild boar etc ….

    I mean I know Aries could manage all this with aplomb as well, but they’d get all bossy on ma’ ass and we know who the boss of this island’s gonna be! That’s right. Me!

    I would of course provide all the gourmet island fare and sage advice re the best moon cycle for trapping fish in coconut rope nets, why the Sagg must not send smoke signals from the tree-hut during Merc Retro et al. They would also provide enough talking capacity to make you feel like you’re on an island with at least five people.

  2. Assuming this person is male, I voted Aries, though an Aries with some earthy, practical Virgo, and Air for mental stimulation and ideas (exception no Libra) or the Virgo bits conj Uranus would be my ideal. I’d just let the Aries think they were boss letting them think my great ideas were theirs and then let him do all the courageous stuff and physical work. I’d build the fire (Leo) and do the gathering and make a comfy bed (loads of Kataka and Virgo). Mmmm the sex would be great …..

    Courageous, practical and genius all rolled into one.

    • hey FF I found out that the Virgo client crush has Cappy Asc. But I don’t know if terribly practical now that he’s moving next door.

        • I’ve only done one of those cursory composite charts from Astrodienst …. is that the same deal? I will soon be finding out just how well we get along! ;)

          • Yes, I’ve found they are pretty good – my sis and b-i-l are perfect example of soulmates and it pretty much shows up in the astro synastry chart on astrodeinst.

            But go with your instincts, what your gut tells you as opposed to lust (the guy lives next door so you have to be sure). Good luck.

          • prowincat, i had a astro query done by Mystic for my Cap Asc and how pluto in Cap will affect me. BIG love coming apparently and the most significant astro passage of my whole life! Maybe you’ll be the big love for this Virgo neighbour? :)

    • ehem, and there is of course the Aries “stamina” combined with the earthy Virgo …. getting hot and sweaty thinking about it. Mystic, the desert island thing has always been a major fantasy for me.

      I’m in the middle of a self-development course where i’ve developed a crush on a multiple Aqua (don’t have his birthtime) – but it’s the butterflies in the tummy thingo and we are in all the same groups and we get on great and communicate with a look at times – we’re on the same page (and i don’t mean romantic stuff). May have something to do with Venus transit of 7th house multiple Virgo planets – Uranus/Merc/Pluto and those 3 asteroids in their as well. And all this sextile my multiple Kataka and Scorp planets. So i think that’s where the hot and sweaty thing is really coming from. But you are right about Aquas – they do talk about themselves a lot. Have an overwhelming urge to kiss this one and I haven’t had that for over 10 years about anyone. Bad bad girl *slap*

    • Feelers – Aries Ex AKA **Le Turd** (ooohhh LOVING the new moniker teehhee) – reffed himself as “The Boss”. he wisely noted if one had to call themselves The Boss, they obviously weren’t.

  3. altho i love outdoorsy and adventurious saggies, i think if i REALLY was stuck on a desert island, i would require a practical, strong and of course v sexy taurus. with some mutable influences so that the arguments weren’t too much…

      • oh yeah, pretty smokin’ :) It’s short, layered, pixie, bed hair. I put photos on my iphone and showed the hairdresser what i did and didn’t want. I was very specific! I think it will look even better in about 3 weeks time when it has time to settle. :)

  4. Aries.
    and they’d teach me everything from build a house, catching food to surfing!! light fires with eyes……

  5. I have to vote Sagg. My hubby is a Sagg and between we two fire signs – that island would be hot, hot hot!!!!! With a lovely bungalow made from palm fronds, a rock garden at the front and a suitably minimalist interior…

    Wasn’t Madonna (Leo) just awful in that film – “Swept Away”. I’m surprised her marriage didn’t end after that one.

  6. I pity anyone who got stuck on a desert island with me as I’m allergic to sandflies. They’d have to wear non stop bitching and scratching.

    Realistically, I wouldn’t be on a desert island anyway as I refuse to go anywhere that doesn’t have broadband access or an expresso machine or SBS. Or ironing facilities.

    Anyway, I reckon Taureans would be handy to have on a desert island as they are very hard headed which would be useful for cracking open coconuts. Pisceans are rather good at building rafts and as prowln says, Cancerians are best caterers. But my vote went to outdoor savvy Saggos for the obvious tree climbing, tent erecting and archery skills. Aries would be okay, but I’d get tired of the chest beating.

  7. Do you have to take just one? Seems like two people stuck on an island would be hell after the first week of insanely good sex. A couple extras would be better. I vote to bring a Cancer for the food, vulnerability & sweetness, Capricorn to plan & get stuff done, and a spare Scorpio for extra sex when the other two are bored/exhausted/grumpy.
    Of course, this won’t happen for me either because I won’t go near ships or out of broadband range. :)

  8. do i even have to comment?? its sagg (male) for me…of course.
    i love seeing them in their natural habitat :)

    swoon! wish i was stuck on an island with one now!!

  9. I think i’d like a capricorn. Someone who is not going to get all over-emotional and whingy and just get on with what needs to be done survivor style. And also wont be following me around 24/7 just for something to do.
    Hmm, re-reading this, you can really tell i’ve been hanging out with a two year old all day and I’m almost ready to be stranded ALONE!

  10. Fish Out Of Water – yah but you get away from the kid and suddenly it’s too quiet. Maddening.
    Oh and I think it’s cool Sagg doing so well in this poll. The optimism would count for a lot too…”Hey look on the bright side! We can get a tan! I’m gonna shimmy up that tree and we’ll some coconut milk any moment. GOD is that frangipani i smell? This place is fuqing UNREAL…”

    • LOL mystic…you have the saggi attitude down pat…i swear to god i have heard those statements almost verbatim come out of saggi mouths…ahem, including mine…(being optimistic doesn’t cost anything and you can always use whatevers happened as a great story afterwards :) )

    • That was me in the Pacific islands!
      Learned to open coconuts with a huge sabre, fish with a piece of string, cook it with cocohusk fire on
      a sheet of corrugated tin, with sea water as salt. Used a screwdriver to levy clams from underwater clams. Could tie a pareo 10 different ways. My half Sicilian skin turned the deepest gold. Could knock breadfruit, papayas & mangoes from trees & catch them.
      Threaded frangipani necklaces & walk on coral barefoot.
      My Leo gf sat at the Sofitel bar & drank champagne & only talked to Frenchmen.
      I was adopted by the Tahitians & moved to a grass hut……..guess who had the better time? She left after 3 months & i stayed 2 years:)

        • UV…..so true, completely in my element. Fire sign with the Fire Dancers
          That sounds like a county on the main island of Tahiti. The surf beach.
          Lived at Venus Point & Mahini on Tahiti island for 12 months & was on Moorea for 9
          & Huahine for 3.
          It’s Moorea where the real magic is, many artists of course.
          Loved the fact my native friends called me ‘la sauvage blanche’ as i synched in so
          well & could eat fish heads. It was THAT that endeared me to them.
          Tahitians say when they die, their soul returns to Hawaii.
          It’s seriously time i returned to Real LIfe there.
          Have so much to thank them for, they gave me the gift of healing & unconditional love.

  11. Sagg cos they got the skillz usually! 2nd best maybe Scorp although i’m not sure they’re willing to share their resources :D lol!

    • the scorpio would, however be happy to share fluids which is why they were my first choice – what else is there to do on a desert island?

  12. I said Aquarius because they’d remain optimistic and fair-minded, while being super-inventive about ways to survive. They’d also be the one most likely to figure out how to build a boat or get that abandoned submarine working again so we could all get off!

    Plus, I’d never get bored talking to them: Gem sun, Aqua rising here!

  13. Btw, I’m on astrodienst and know how to bring up the Synastry chart but I have no idea how to read it! Can anyone here give me some tips? Do I need a book?

    • Hi Aeris, I think the Synastry charts under extended chart options are for advanced astrologers but you can get a Short Report Partner for free – under the Short Report listings on Astrodeinst. Other impt things to consider beside sun, moon and ascendant are venus and mars compatibility and eros and psyche compatibility. Mystic’s book “Soul Mating – the astro guide to making true love your destiny” is all about Eros & Psyche (not sure if it’s still in print but if you are in Oz, you can prob get it from local library). Also whether any planets of yours are in close conj/trine/squ/opp to his or hers.

      To find out yours and partners Eros use 433 and for Psyche use 16 in the asteroid section in the extended chart section (at the bottom of page).

      I think Liz Greene has an excellent book out called “Synastry” which I haven’t read for years as it’s been in storage along most of my astro books for years – which i must retrieve!

      Hope that helps.

    • Good advice re asteroids FF – check out your lilith’s too aeris – Mystic did a post on it in synastry a while back its interesting – maybe search using synastry or lilith as key words here as well – Mystic’s wisdom is about teaching a gal to fish and although its an invaluable and amazing resource that we are all very fortunate to have access to I find astrodienst is like giving you a fish – and a kinda serious saturnine fish at that. They do have those lessons on the site tho, but personally I find it so much less engaging than the Mystical parlay.

  14. Think I’m a bit Greta Garbo “I ~vant~ to be Alone” (fame…)

    But funny posts. Love the one who said you could crack coconuts with their head (was that Prowlin?) I believe regarding Sagg?….Aries could give it a go too!

  15. Id love to be with Kara my lovely Libra(ex) in nort w.a. we found the most amazing deserted private bays spent the days naked the best sex ever living from the sea fishing and eating oysters au natural. Sex and more sex ( well it musnt have been that great for her )she has the most amazing breasts and …….. well shes gone for whatever reason., and life goes on so im booked to Tahiti on the 22 nd of November after buying a ticket to Hawaii but the us knocked back my visa due to a couple of minor weed possesions many years ago (and a drink driving charge) oh well … so now im off to Tahiti . Pegasus sounds awesum !!!! Huahine looks great as well as the other islands. Sounds like my kind of vacation ( maybe permanent)

    • Sorry to hear that Damons. Tahiti probably good for the soul. Ridiculous about Hawaii and your Visa. Drugs are all over the place over there. Hey, if you ever want to come to the mainland be sure to go through Mexico. Just cross as an illegal and they’re sure to let you in ;) (idiots).

      Hugs to you!

  16. i agree with garland……pisces. pisces, for sure. my pisces man, more specifically.

    and i agree too, with Aeris……ja, it would be ME not HIM – who’d get us off that island! :)

  17. Yeah, Aries not number one like the Saggies cuz guess not as fun perhaps.

    Peeps only want Aries on an island with them so we’ll do all the work… Hunt and stick the wild boars and carry back to camp. Trapse on the vines to ward off wild monkeys…

    Ohhh, think I see a ship coming in now….Is that Captain Cook? Hope he’s cute cuz I’m outta here! Make your own damn boat… :)

  18. I know Sagg would be the best to be deserted with! They have the outdoor thing totally sorted, and if they are anything like spunky Sagg Desert guide I met earlier this month, there would be no shortage of wacky conversation, random music, the fire would always be lit, food would always be sourced, the sex would be abandoned and outrageous and there would be hyper enthusiasm for everything! I love Mystics rendition above…. God I love Saggs…

  19. I voted virgo as well! Saggys are good at parties but not in a pickle. Virgos are technical, logical and the sign least likely to be stupid dipshits.
    Despite her excellent ‘work ethnic’ my sag housemate threw my art project over the fence into the childcare centre next door when I put it into the garden to dry. I was melting wax and plastic over objects for days and she found and old umbrella with melted wax, plastic and BROKEN GLASS on it and thought it was a CHILD’S TOY.
    A Virgo would not be that stupid. They can join the freakin dots.

  20. I voted Sagg as though my Sagg ex is someone I wouldn’t want a bar of in the real world, I have to admit he was built for a desert island. No self pity, lots of physical skills and a fun conversationalist. Think about who won survivor on that tropical island… A surfer kid called Ossie… Last series I saw anyway. Am amazed how much recognition Sagg’s are getting here though!! Cool.

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