Astro-Compatibility: Taurus & Saggo

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Of all the supposedly “incompatible” Sun Sign pairings, I think Taurus-Sagg is the least common.ย  Kataka with Aquarius is surprisingly frequent. Ages ago, when i was doing a Sun Sign book and had to find celebrity couples as an example of each possibility, i went batso trying to find a Taurus-Sagg example.

Where these two DO get along fabulously is when it comes to hedonism – Sagg is ruled by Jupiter and Taurus by Venus. Sagg loves the Taurean ability to party. Taurus gets off on the Saggability to max anything out. Potential merde; Sagittarian candour gives tactful Taurus the total shits. Taurean intransigence is totally alien to Sagg & not in a good ‘oh-wow-how-i-love-t0-experience-different-cultures’ alien way.

Saggo genuinely does not give a damn for social mores & the dominant cultural values. Taurus SO does. These two can get along well if you’re looking at a Country Sagg & an Eco or Hippy Taurus. But Taurus sinking into the couch for the evening with a grateful sigh of transcendental bliss whilst Sagg gets set to SCREAM the house down with boredom or is already online researching the next plane trip outta there is not so strong. Sagg likes to do everything fast & move quickly on – the River Of Life & all that. Taurus thinks this is actually a form of personality disorder…

I did used to have neighbours who were a Taurus-Sagg couple & they seemed to work really well together. She-Saggo was an Air Hostess & He-Taurus a personal trainer. So he liked to stick to a rigid but rewarding ritual that would only be thrown off (with pleasure) when she was home, which seemed to be every three weeks ago. But i gather he eventually asked her to be more grounded, she arced up and it was off.

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62 thoughts on “Astro-Compatibility: Taurus & Saggo

  1. Have to admit to never, ever seeing a Taurus/Sagg combo in action. I knew of a Taurus who knew a Sagg (they were neighbours) and the hostility was palpable, at least coming from the Taurus. The Sagg just couldn’t get why their behaviour – arrogant, know-it-all, megalomaniac – drove the Toro into such a frenzy of antipathy. And when I say frenzy I mean frenzy by Toro standards and therefore involved sitting placidly on the balcony, smoking and making vaguely rude comments that could only just be overheard if someone was listening really, really hard. And therein lies the difference between Toro and Sagg in my obvservation – Toro blows its stack once every five years and then ruminates for another five years, whilst Saggo blows its stack every five minutes and then its all over.

    I have to say that having a Saggo moon I do display some saggability – blunt, blunt, blunt and more blunt. I’ve had to learn to temper the truth with kindness because my natural tendancy is to just blurt and fuq the consequences. I’m a fast mover in and out of scenarios at light speed, hate getting stuck or fixated on any one thing or person for too long. Whilst the Cancer sun and venus combo tend keep me closer to home and less travelled than your average Saggo, I think it’s interesting that I ended up living in another country to that I was born and I do get out and about and know a lot of people in my immediate environs which I think is where the Gem Asc might come in as well.

    The point being that whilst I love Toros and they tend to love me … that Sagg element does drive em bonkers. They love the crab traits – emo sook, great cook, happy to do zen couch sloth with a pile of DVDs and home made yummy treats etc. But when I start getting restless and bored with that and need to run off to the next self improvment class, yoga retreat, meditation thing, business opportunity, latest best friend, the phone ringing constantly et al it really perturbs the Toro. Like REALLY bugs them. The last one would get SUPER jealous at my constantly ringing phone and that I could walk into a room and know at least 5 people and always be immersed in chats with someone … it freaked him out.

    • Great astro insights there prowln, thank you. I didn’t remember that you had a Saggo Moon. So does my hubbo (who is a Taurus… care for a little internal conflict anyone?!!). I think it would be struggle to balance the Taurus & Saggo parts of himself at times. Much time and space is needed… I totally get the Cancer-Taurus connection but its good to get some insights into how the other aspects interact. I think my get-on-with-it Aries Moon and his expansive Saggo Moon mean we make and do good things, but getting the timing right is an issue. Learning how to communicate better has been bloody useful, but that probably goes for any Sun sign combination!

      Interesting that you say you have learnt how to temper your innate blunt delivery with kindness. I am on the receiving end of some blunt (yet correct) deliveries and I sometimes wish the information, accurate as it may be, could be delivered a little more gently, warmly or humorously. Do you think the Saggo Moon could be perceived as a little ‘cold’?

      Saggos can certainly tend to bit of over-indulgence & greediness in my experience, Lo-Jupiter style I mean. But then so can Taurus in some areas, ha ha! And both can be very generous.

      • Oh I could blather on for hours and hours re how the Sun/Moon/Asc combo really nails down the core personality … actually I could just blather on … for hours … hehe … but I shall attempt to stay on topic. for once! :)

        I wouldn’t say that Sagg moon is cold, I would say that the Sagg/Jupiter energy is so boyantly expansive that it demands expression wherever it is found in the chart but particularly in the sun, moon or Asc. The guts of it I think is the desire for freedom and movement. Sagg just hates getting stuck, it’s an expansive energy. It wants to gain knowledge by exploring new horizons.

        Solar Sagg expresses that much more in a physical sense through changes of residence, travel and physical activities – they hate feeling stuck or too tied down in the physical realm.

        Lunar Sagg expresses it more by speaking emotional truths because they hate being stuck in their inner landscape, their emotional territory. The bluntness is a perception – some might see confronting their inner world as being fearless, others who are more reticent about it might perceive it as blunt and insensitive.

        Still when dealing with others I’ve found it important to apply empathy because the truth ceases to be useful when it traumatises the person on the receiving end or gets their back up to such an extent that they stop listening.

        • prowlncat I’ve noticed for my Sagg daughter that she tries extremely hard to do what is right…on one hand she is strives fiercely to be true to herself, but she is so exacting on herself…. that she often gets pain from anxiety. She is all at once brilliant, and witty and wonderful, attracts a large amount of people around her that she tries to then keep in contact with…I sort of wish sometimes that she would cut herself a break…she is starting to create some boundaries and recognise draining situations and or people….but continues as most of us do at 20, to drink an enormous amount and smoke, and get minimum sleep and then just keeps whirling.

          She has a cap moon and libra rising…

        • I did ask about how moons effect the taurus/sagg interaction further down and this to some extent answered my question. Thank you prowlncat.

          I just hope this entry goes under the correct posting of yours. My replies seem to end up wherever they please!

          • and fume! It seems to have come under yours Leonine Libran. Oh well, I hope you know the sentiment is there prowlncat

          • yeah takes awhile to get used to the thread business CQ and glad that the post was useful to you!

      • The only Taurus i know is CowGirl, my best eva friend in my entire life.
        She’s the Country Tauro, i’m the HippyCity Sagg.
        She is the Lady of the Lamp in my life & i give good loyalty. Twas sister-love at first sight.

        Tauro males though do not appeal to me, not much connection & a lot ‘Your’e MINE’ possessiveness
        & jealousy. He liked my capabilities as had none of his own & often shot himself in the foot & i shoot from the hip,yet he was strangely dependable.
        Nat, have found overindulgence & greediness in a few Saggo too & both very generous.
        I personally think ‘money was made round to go round’ & love distributing it & sharing it,
        hence no superannuation:)

        • One of my best friends is a saggo lass – I’ll never forget a particular daywalk we went on, we were almost screaming at each other our frustrations of the time and both walking so quickly it was practically a jog. It went without saying, that our outrage was utterly directed at life in general and the bush was our receptacle – we both match each other on such things.

          However, I am a Taurus woman w Sagg rising – and as another thread was saying – internal balancing act is a whole other paragraph! Am glad for it though – I shudder at the thought of the couch and deep-set patterns in my life – I have them, I love them, but they gotta be going somewhere!

    • quite strange prowlncat, what u say, i’m toro (well der!) but seem to display more sagg tendencies (but no sagg anywhere in my chart!) as you describe them, i blow my stack easily but get over it really quickly and never carry a grudge and tend to like a fairly constant supply of new passions but then sometimes i think i’m way not a typical toro, only 2 1/2 hours from being a gem according to astrodienst

      and referring to your later post, please do blather on for hours on sun/moon/asc and how it defines core personality, sounds bloody interesting!

      • admittedly HMBOTS all the Toros I know are men, some of whom I’ve had relationships with and some of whom are friends or coworkers. So my research focus groups have been rather ermmm focused. The only Cowgirls I know really are on this blog! I’ve figured that Taurean women are different to the men just looking at the famous ones for example … Jessica Lange, Audrey Hepburn, Uma Thurman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Blanchett … just gorgeous, stylish, talented and principled. Whereas the men whilst charming and not ‘alf sexy can be a tad ermmm … sleazy?? Ok that might be a wee bit strong. Womanisers possibly a better term. Thinking Jack Nicholson, George Clooney etc

        That and what’s your moon and asc? They have a big influence. So does Mars.

  2. I’ve done it before. It was brilliantly passionate at the start, and petered out later. Much like a LOT of relationships, but this went from “I WILL KILL AND DIE FOR YOU” to “Who the hell are you?” shockingly fast.

  3. I remember this photograph!Its from a couple of years ago from an episode of Americas’s Next Top Model when the girls all go to Spain. On the celeb end of things, anyone know Tyra Banks’ astro?

  4. I *very* briefly dated a Sagg… we had great chats but yes, the rest fizzled quickly. We are still sociable, though.

  5. Sorry to go off topic Mystic, but I thought some of the bird lovers here might be interested in what is unfolding outside my office window. There is a big rambling jasmine vine outside the window, where a pair of Little Wattlebirds make a nest every year (I call them buh-kack birds as that is one of the sounds they make).

    A couple of days ago they hatched 2 babies, who are basically little wobbly balls of fluff with beaks! The parents spend all day catching insects and feeding them relay style. I just got home from trip into town and a massive hail storm hit. The hail absolutely pelted in that side of house (so much so that I thought we were going to lose some windows). Most stones were in the 10-20 cent size range with a few larger ones. The mother bird stoically sat on the nest sheltering the babies with her wings and her beak pointed up toward the sky. I ran and got 3 big towels, leaned out the window and threw them over the top of the jasmine bush to shield her from the hail stones. At least a dozen stones had already hit her but she did not budge. It was heart-wrenching to see her protecting her babies like that.

    After the storm passed, the father bird came with insects but the mother bird did not move off the nest. He ended up eating the insects as, after several attempts, he could not give them to the babies. He called to her but she did not respond. This is unusual as they normally ‘chat’ to each other in a particular way around the nest. She wasn’t dead but she was not moving; seemed stunned.

    I know from experience that when birds get stunned they can sit there in la la land for around 20 min until they shake themselves off and come good (or they quietly die).

    When I went to remove the towels (covered in hail stones), she was standing on the edge of the nest and she flapped off a bit into the jasmine bush. She is still sitting there in the same spot. She isn’t looking too bright. I think her wing may be injured but I don’t want to disturb her just yet. Dad has kept up the supply of insects to the babies and I think she did answer his call when he came in just now. Oh this is gut-wrenching! I wish I could do more to help. Wish I had thought to put the towels over a minute sooner or something… Anyway for those who are interested I will report back and let you know of developments with the Little Wattlebird family.

    • Isn’t that story a tear jerker. I so hope she will be ok.
      Update please, birds are the closest we get to angels.
      Spring weather is nature’s culling sad but true & survival of the fittest, she says

    • I watched a bird that had almost choked on a seed do that lala thing for ages once too, he eventually had a bit of a cough & then flew off. I hope mama bird is ok…send her some reiki! My backyard is currently possessed by partner swearing at tv in shed as footy team goes asunder, bogan neighbour burning wet wood in his incinerator while oblivious to foul smoke stenching over the back fence. I love my backyard, but days like today its a jungle out there!

    • Little Wattlebird update: checked all around the jasmine late this afternoon. No sign of the mother bird. Just checked nest with torch light and one of the parents is curled up asleep on the nest. I think it is the father as he is larger and looks a little different to the mother… if I any more developments I will post tomorrow.

      If you are interested in what they look like here is a link (I am a bit of a gumby at hyperlinks so sorry if this doesn’t work. Or try the Birds Australia website.).

    • Little Wattlebird update: as of this morning, the mother bird is sitting on the nest and the father bird is doing all the feeding duties – sometimes 3 deliveries in a couple of minutes! There are still 2 little mouths to feed and their cheaping noise is a little louder. The mother bird is getting off the nest when he arrives with the food, and the parents are making their normal ‘chatting’ noises to each other around the nest. Yesterday they were both flying and doing food relay to the chicks but for now it is just him doing the duties and she is staying in the jasmine. I felt so relieved to see them all this morning – their little family going along again in a new way.

      • Thanx Nat, all’s well then. Don’t that just make your heart sing.
        I have a Mother Balckbird that comes yearly to her already made up nest in the vines
        outside my work area..
        The babies leave the high nest for the ground too early to fly & i have to watch them (like a hawk?)
        whilst learning to fly in the back garden which i attempt to make cat-proof my neighbours cats.
        Of three, two survived to visit regularly.
        The parents dedication to feeding is a wonder to behold.

      • Thanks nat. So glad i wasn’t online earlier or i’d have been stressing about little mumma bird. Sweet.

      • So glad things turned out okay for this little family and thanks for caring so much! We found a whacky looking young raven in our backyard and took it to the vet’s as our Jack Russell would have killed it. It stayed there for a few hours then flew off when they let it into the open. We felt bad about taking it away from its habit but lo and behold! My hubster was in the garden watching mum, dad and remaining baby, when the missing one flew back and joined them. What a relief!

  6. I know of only one relationship like that. Female Sagg with Male Taurus. He was an outdoorsy/athletic/hippie fellow which is why the 2 met in the first place. It was bad news because he had the roving eye. They barely lasted 3 months before he went off to Burning Man and bring home a new girl from some other country to live at his house. >_>;; Let’s just say the Sag didn’t like this much. But she got her revenge when i guess new girl didn’t work out and he tried to come crawling back to her.

  7. My Sagg daughter went out with a Bull Boy for a couple of years. This was after going out with an Aquarian for a year or so…so well from one extreme to another. They both had similar creative pursuits. He film(awards and recognition/uni study), she photography(found it hard to translate what she liked within an academic framework though). Both had grown up going to the same guitar teacher. He would jam, she would gig.

    Her leo band mate would claim Bull Boy was the MOST boring person in the world…and had noooo idea what she saw in him. In practical matters she seemed way more capable of daily life than him…this may be her cap moon’s influence though. He eventually drove her nuts/ away in a combination of ways…in between nice times out sporadically, he would make plans to met up, and then cancel them at the last minute when she was sitting waiting for him…and yet it took forever for them to break up with each other…she tried for ages to remain friends with him, and he kept doing the same thing…making a plan and then backing out at the last moment. I eventually said to her, ‘look if he was doing this when you were going out, he’s not going to suddenly start not doing it as friends’. So she asked him out to tea and then gave him many reasons why she was deleting his phone number.

    She is now going out with a lovely Sagg boy…but the Bull Boy still hangs around the fringes.

  8. I’m a Sagg and my first boyfriend was a Taurus, and although we shared the same sense of humour, a love of all things sensual, and taste in music, that’s pretty much where our similarities ended.

    I couldn’t deal with him being a workaholic (horticulturist) and he hated me throwing my money around – he regularly told me that shopping is NOT a hobby. HA! We lasted about three years as an on/off couple before I head for the hills. Ahh, first love… so yes, I still have fond memories of him.

    Almost 20 years on, I bet he’s a semi-retired (ie: working a 6 day week as opposed to 7) millionaire now.

    My Dad is also a Bull and we are like chalk and cheese, apart from our stubborn streak.

  9. My most favourite peeps in the world are saggs. Have a confidence and sense of adventure that I only dream of, but I learn so much from them. They make me laugh, sometimes at myself. Their brutal honesty cuts through the crap and agonising of cancer moon and helps me to see things in perspective. Where an aquarian or arian jibe would cut to the quick, a saggo one would usually make me laugh.

    Although a bull, just, I have a very uraniun chart, so I can identify with their short term interests. I get sooooooooooo bored with stability and predictability!

  10. Does this work for sagg sun sign and a scorpio with taurus moon? My kids drive each other NUTS with their “poles apart” view on how to communicate with each other and the rest of the planet’s human inhabitants. May sagg daughter has “best friends” all over the place, my son has a very select few that he will call friends and that’s the way he likes it, though he envies her ability to work a crowd.

    I’m not particularly “up” on how it all interacts at planetary levels other than the sun, but always love to come here for enlightenment.

  11. I’m no expert Pisces in CQ, but I imagine that your Scorpio son is private, needs time alone to process ideas internally before speaking about them (opposite of Saggo daughter??!!), can approach things on an intuitive or deep level… Moon in Taurus would be emotionally sensitive, sensual, steadfast, creative and SLOW! In many ways very different to a Saggo daughter. Where is her Moon?

    They could learn from each other that not everyone sees & processes the world they way they do, and that respecting this difference can be a good thing. We all have strengths in different areas.

    A friend has a quiet, sensitive, loving Scorpio son and a lime-light hogging, best at everything, LOUD Aqua-Leo daughter. SOOO different.

  12. Have a Sagg girlfriend who is married to a Taurus for thirty some years now. Not sure what makes them tick but probably his homemade Sangria (she grew up with her parents having “cocktail hour” daily) and her usually getting him the Alka Seltzer (for hang overs) in the morning.

    They were also married Catholic which is very strong on his side of the family and both of their parents are still married after fifty some odd years.

    Like that Nigel Barker pix Mystic and it does portray the Bull and Sagg well. I recall that series of photos being quite striking. They were taken on America’s Next Top Model.

    • Oh, and one time, many many years ago, the Taurus husband of my girlfriend and I, were up late one night still watching something on tv after she’d gone to bed. We’d all been drinking and smoking the funny stuff. He came over on the couch and sat VERY close to me and another time he smacked me on the butt. I chalked it up to drugs and alchohol but maybe he was going for my Venus in Taurus? Neither of us ever acknowledged it later and I wonder if he even remembered! He never behaved that way when ~normal~.

  13. One of my co-workers, Sagg Sun and Aries Moon, about 31 yrs. old., just broke it off and moved out of the house she had bought with her boyfriend. He’s 42 and told her he was not going to start a family at that age. I’m curious to know what sign he is.

    Maybe one should be sure they’re on the same page before spending eight years with someone and buying a house? Perhpas he had changed his mind though (none of my business really….just know I would not make that kind of investment without having some sort of game plan).

    Guess he’d asked her when she was coming home. She’s not. Esp. since he had made a remark about her weight even though he has a pot belly and bald head.

    If a Toro connection I’ll post back.

  14. i have one one friend thats a taurus and we get along famously. hes passionate and wild and i love it! (speaking as a saggo girl).

  15. my daughter is a taurus, OI, far too much fire and earth that young lady!! Her first ‘boyfriend’ was just as she was starting to rebel against her mama, so of course it was a saggi, and a christian one at that. as in complete christian, quoting the bible via msn and all, hilarious. even she could not maintain her rebellious interest for long enough to make whatever point it was she wanted to make. she crucified him, literally and now they are just friends. it could be the one sign to truly dampen the saggi!!!

    • i dated a Sagg guy with Taurus moon. Boy was he messed up and conflicted – especially in the bedroom.

      • robots, that sounds intriguing! Care to elaborate on your observations? In aid of our understanding of astrology of course :)

        • ๐Ÿ˜† … what would you like to know Nat? I’m not as eloquent as Prowlncat. She nailed it with the Sag moon observations. I can relate having a Sagg moon myself. It’s hardly compatible with my Scorp sun and my Cap rising.
          I long for the Wuthering Heights love experience but then when i get it I just want to run away – I find it suffocating. The most successful/longest relationship (2 years btw) i had was with a Virgo sun, moon and rising Aqua. He was super smart, intellectually challenging and intriguing AND good looking! Unfortunately it was a case of right person different stages of life scenario.
          I noticed you mentioned living in separate houses on a post somewhere. That is my ideal situation too. I need my space!!!!

          Anyway, the Saggo guy with Toro moon guy i mentioned has Venus in Scorp, Merc in Cap, mars in Libra. Never found out his rising sign as he wouldn’t give me his time of birth.
          Our first night together was also our last as he ran away (as Saggis do…hehe). He did send me a text the next day though, saying he had a great time but he wasn’t ready for anything serious. The Sag part of him wanted his freedom but i think the Taurus moon and Scorp part of him desperately wanted something meaningful.
          He was an incurable romantic but his attitude and views on sex were almost puritanical – which wasn’t going to work with a Scorp like myself. Half way through the horizontal tango he jumped off and said he couldn’t do “THAT”… everything else was okay but not “THAT!”. He wasn’t religious at all, so it was very weird. He told me once that he wasn’t a sexual person, that he sublimated that drive into his music – he could have fooled me that night that’s for sure!
          I’m glad it didn’t work out though – he was a bit conservative and a little homo-phobic too – two massive deal breakers for me. I was just having a bit of fun. I guess I took it for granted that everyone is carefree about sex and comfortable in their skin. Definitely no fun doing with someone who isn’t though.

          • Hi robots, thanks for sharing. I wasn’t meaning to pry, sorry if I came across that way! I am glad to hear insights from astro-aware Saggo Moon people. I have never quite understood how the Saggo vibe might apply to Moon things, but thanks to you and prowln, I have a better insight. I can see how the expansive Saggo-ness might conflict with your Scorpaliciousness and the Capricorn parts of your nature at times. But then, it gives a whole other dimension to you. I think it was you that mentioned here once the importance of letting all parts of your self out to play? I loved that.

            Sounds like poor old Mr Saggo-Sun/Taurus-Moon wasn’t able to do so!!! Hee hee. He might have enjoyed “THAT” had he been able to trust you (and his Venus in Scorp!). His loss me thinks. Who btw is not a ‘sexual’ person? Isn’t part of being a person???!!!

            I totally understand the need for SPACE in a relationship now. If you are secure within yourself it is not threatening or undermining. In fact I think it shows respect for your partner and yourself to be open about your own needs for physical space and time whilst still honouring the relationship in that. My Taurus Sun-Saggo Moon hubbo needs lots of TIME & SPACE that is for sure! But it is not a threat to me, even tho many other people feel the need to comment negatively about it to me, like “ooooh I couldn’t do that…” “shouldn’t HE be doing that for you… where is he NOW…” etc. I hate that victimy talk. I enjoy my own company and need lots of processing time and I am a conscious participant in our relationship. The space vs respect of boundaries theme is popping up a lot with all the Saturn-Uranus action this year.

            I think there are plenty of people out there who don’t fit into the narrow mould of clingy, needy, 24/7 relationships but this does not mean they are incapable of genuine & committed relationships. People mix up physical proximity with respect all the time!!

            Have a good night robots!

          • hehe… no need to apologise Nat. I didn’t think you were prying at all, just curious. I’m happy to share. Ask me anything you like!

            I’m surprised you remembered i said something about letting all parts of your ourselves play. Can’t remember if i got it from Mystic or from Jessica Adams’ Astrology for Women – great book! There’s a great chapter about men and their moon and venus (lists every moon and venus combo). If you want to really know your man look to his venus & moon placement. Where’s your hubby’s venus?

            Damn right being โ€™sexualโ€™ is part of being a person!!… a healthy person anyway.

            It’s great that you love your own space considering your hubby needs loads of his own space. I think it’s healthy. Who gives a stuff what other people say! You sound secure enough within yourself to not let it bother you i’m sure. Still… i bet it’s annoying hearing all that victimy talk.

            Nighty-night nat.

          • thanks for the book reference robots, I’ll check it out. His Venus is same as mine – Gemini. We love talking, cracking jokes, language & making up stupid names for things! Nigh night x

  16. Has anyone seen the movie UP yet. Saw it yesterday in 3D – hilarious and a little tear jerkerish but great movie.

    My point on this Taurus/Saggo astro compatibility thread – i think 78 year old Carl is a Taurus (with a very quiet mercury). His wife Ellie has to be a Saggo but with Cancer influences for sure. And 8 year old Russell possibly an Aries?? Have to watch it again to suss Russ. Perhaps when Carl’s adventure starts his progressed moon hits Saggo.

    Won’t give astro examples as to why i think Toro and Sagg as will give story away. It is really worth watching.

      • no haven’t seen UP but i did see Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. A Hayao Miyazaki animated movie. I saw the original subtitled Japanese version of course
        It was brilliant and so adorable, my cheeks hurt from smiling. Perfect for a moon in Pisces Friday. You should take the kids.

  17. Oh hi scorpalishy – just watched another fabulous DVD – yes i know so indulgent when kids are with their dad but spent years and years never slowing down to enjoy movies so making up for it now. Anyways French movie “Hey Good Looking” about a group of Jewish French women – mostly related. It’s steamy savvy comedy about these fabulous women and their chaotic lives and loves, bad marriages or no marriages and some with children. Loved it x 10. Sure you would too.

    And David if you are reading – is this really the Jewish thing – ie – ex’s at the impt religious dinners etc??? Very emotionally chaotic, but love the women!

    And SR – where may i get a copy of Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea – sounds very exotic :-)

    • Saw Ponyo at the cinemas. It’s not out on DVD yet. It’s about a fish that wants to be human. Gorgeous animation! I do love French movies. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

  18. REALLY WHAT!!!!


    • and don’t forget to take the Caps lock key off. I’m going deaf from all the yelling.

  19. Err Matt – would that be a Freudian slip (closet friends!?!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Now for research purposes please go see UP and tell me what you think re Sagg/Toro vibes – the whole thing to me is a Sagg/Toro vibe but i’d love to hear what Sagg’s and Toro’s think :-)

  20. My first love was a Sagg, I’m a toro, we were together for 8 yrs. She was so not the Sagg described above, in fact, neither am I, so umm…err….we so don’t fit that bill!

  21. ah, i think i’m understanding a little better now. my sag sister has a taurus moon and scorp rising poor darling, and has been trying to break up with her scorpio boyfriend for about 6 weeks now. he just wont let go, and she cant figure out whether she should do the sag and cut and run, or go toro and stay safe but very, very boring.

    i guess the astro makes it a little easier for me to understand why she is so conflicted. my pisces sun and sag moon would conspire and shape a getaway plan and then my cap ascendent would make absolute sure that i didn’t turn back! I guess the “safety” aspect isnt as important to me.

    crap, maybe i’m more sag than my sista.