Zodiac Horror Pendants

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Scary Horse

Saggo – Re-Imagined

LauraMediaDesign is selling these reversible Zodiac Horror pendants & they’re fascinating. Not for MOI but surely someone with a darker taste would adore one. Some are way too gory to post (Gemini is Zombie-Twins clutching a knife dripping dark blood & Aquarius is UNSPEAKABLE) but for your fave Emo or Goth type?  As it is the season of Virgoan birthdays (and we all know how they power-sulk if an official anniversary of their birth is skipped) here is the relatively decorous (of course) Virgo Zodiac Horror Pendant.

It is like the Virgo Zombie is happily meandering through her Pasture of Trapped Souls, perhaps pausing here and there to trim off an unruly tendril of flora or whack out a would-be weed. If she truly is a Virgo Zombie, the Pasture Of Trapped Souls is all spread-sheeted for sure.

Scary Virgo Art

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10 thoughts on “Zodiac Horror Pendants

      high school formals – ha i went to a year10 one like ages ago i was the date omg its soo funny when they realize ur a yr 9 in a yr 10 formal OMG
      Thanks Mystic i’ll keep my eye out for it 😛

  1. I think that Sagg re-imagined reflects accurately my Sagg daughter’s inner world when hormones go dark.

  2. no capricorn and no libra, should we be offended or thankful?
    Honestly – your line ‘Aquarius is unspeakable’ kept me giggling long enough to get through browsing them. gotta love the goths. sweet fragile things, truly, where would we be without them.

  3. They are Brilliant! I’d like them in little earings….. so cool, I don’t wear necklaces at all, so earings would do the trick. Fuqing brilliant stuff…

  4. The leo one pushes a button in me. Love it. a series of small pics would be good too.