Your Childhood DreamScape

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“I used to have this, this idea, that I was sort of like, part of, like, this alien race that were part Venus and part American Indian. Now this sounds kind of funny now, but I was very serious about it as a child. [Laugh.] I had a whole cosmology and a whole universe, formed around these thoughts. But, I definitely didn’t feel at home on the planet. I felt much more at home when I’d read books about the Aztecs, or about, or if I’d read stories about aliens on other planets. Or I just, I didn’t really feel like I belonged… Those private thoughts I had, were part of my creative energy, or the complexity of my mind, but I wasn’t a disturbed child, I was just, a little off-beat, I guess.”

Patti Smith

Sun-Mars in Capricorn, Saggo Rising, Moon in Pisces, Neptune Conjunct Midheaven & Saturn conjunct Pluto in Leo. The latter two aspects bring her (astrologically) in line with John Lennon as a collective muse for the Pluto in Leo generation, carrier of many projections. Sun-Mars in 2nd house SUCH a grounding gift for her.

I think that your childhood DreamScape is perhaps the most intensely personal & amazing part of yourself – it comes before the earthy intimacies of sex & money and exists devoid of functional/dysfunctional families, class et al. And Mars in Cancer/Kataka + Mercury Retrograde for most of September is a fab time to resurrect your childhood DreamScape, with productive and loving intent. I sound woo-woo, like i need to order some henna and a lilac kaftan – but it’s so true.

Sometime in the next few weeks, ponder your childhood DreamScape & profit…

Image: David Trulli

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24 thoughts on “Your Childhood DreamScape

  1. OOooo thanx what a wonderful idea for September, especially as i mentioned Coles Funny Picture Books.
    Was walking & mantra-ing the phrase ‘be like children to enter heaven’ & understood it.
    It meant to consider this amazing blue planet as a paradise for us to play in.

    Said whilst picking Jasmin & Lavender on my walk.

    Mine (as a child) was all Egypt & England, the landscapes, images from books & movies.
    And actually living the fairytales & fables.
    Lord of the Rings had me hearing voices of the little people.
    I dream therfore i create.

  2. The most vivid dream I remember from childhood wasn’t so much as ‘scape as … well, maybe, an image. Over and over again, I’d dream of clutching, with my mind’s fist, a black marker/crayon that would scribble wildly on the blank page/canvas/mind until it was became more black than white. The action had a compulsive, uncontrolled quality. I interpret it as an attempt to channel untamed, undirected creative impulses. The search continues.

  3. Oh, this is great. I used to have such vivid and colorful dreams, back when I was innocent as could be and didn’t wake up thinking about work and money. You always hear that the key to learning from your dreams is taking the time to remember them, and when you’re a kid you have that free time and free mental space. I remember a really great one where I woke up to go to preschool, and I was dreaming about coloring a picture (a clown, maybe?) using this awesome big fat crayon. When I woke up, my hand was curled as though holding a crayon. I still have the physical memory of it and everything. What a joy …

  4. The only one I can remember is a nightmare from when I was about 3 or 4, where the rosebuds on the wallpaper became packs of wolves chasing me through the dark forest. I was terrified as they continued to chase me after I woke up and could see the light through the curtains. This was long before I read Wolves of Willoughby Chase – and I’m still scared by that book as it is so much like my dream. I still get the same dream every 10 years or so. Can’t see any obvious loving intent in revisiting that one, unless it’s time for pluto in the 12th to finally slug me between the eyes with a message even I cannot misinterpret.

    Mars in cancer trine retro mercury natally.

    • At about 3 or 4 I used to tell my Mum that I couldn’t sleep as the lions in the curtains(cabbage roses that mutated in the half light) were making too much noise…This was way before me being aware of an leonine tendancies.

      Mum would ask if I was scared….to which I’d reply, well no but they are noisy and they keep bouncing around.

  5. I think Patti Smith saved my soul from despair when I was a young woman. I do love her. I’m pretty sure her CapSunMars is conjunct my Ascendant, trine my Venus/Jup. Horses horses horses

  6. I had and still have many “alternate” relaties!
    One that i totally remember – and i’m starting to believe it was a bit of a regression dream – was when i woke up in the middle of the egyptian desert, walked miles and miles, found two intwinded oaks which suddenly became this like ancient temple and i was suddenly clothed in white robes.

    Another was when i saw everything that was considered “bad” in our world was Zee “good” in this one. It was my way of excaping the norm of dicipline and authority.

    KEYS OMG OMG key dream worlds for me are amazing! I remember invisioning me sitting on one of the highest branches of a holly tree and instead of stars there where keys hanging – i was able to reach them (AS I AM FREAKISHLY TALL)
    maybe thats what sparked my interest in astrology, each key opens a door to better understanding & Knowledge?


    • Alternate realities are something I’ve been experiencing lately too Matt – I’ve been waking up exhausted, with only the most fleeting memories of the nights events… but with the feeling that I was busy all night long. After a few of these I commented to my housemate that it felt like I was wandering into alternate planes and being busy there. The moment I said it, I finally clicked thats what is happening in the night time hours…. if only I could recall what I was doing!
      They’ve lessened for the moment, which is nice, I get to catch up on my beuaty sleep!

  7. I still go to my dreamscape! Usually to relax before going to bed. It’s as if I’m telling myself a story. I do it a lot while I’m cleaning, too. It helps me zen out. However, whenever I dream it’s always a horrible nightmare. Even if it isn’t remotely nightmare-esque I still find myself uneasy and anxious when I wake up/for the rest of the day. Usually if I’m upset or dwelling over something before falling asleep I have the nightmare, otherwise I just seem to wake up after closing my eyes. Or rather, I don’t remember my dreams. If I go to my dreamscape while I’m nervous or upset it veers into nightmare-land very quickly, lately I’ve been getting better at talking myself out of bad moods and putting things into perspective so it’s less of a problem.
    It was surprising to see you bring this up, Mystic! I’ve never spoken to anyone about this sort of thing. I was afraid people would laugh at the idea when I was young, so I’ve kept quiet. Odd thing to be self-conscious about though, kids are always off in imaginary lands.

  8. As a child I used to think a lot about sex and God, even though I didn’t know what either of them were. I still don’t.

    Patti has an amazing chart. I must take a proper look at it. I wonder if she’s one of those Caps who’ll power on into her later years.

    • Uber, I was a sex & god thinker child too- you just reminded me…given the limited info metered out to me as a child, I was always thinking that there must be so much more…like, how could that just be it? Isn’t there more to it all?
      Sunday school was so disappointing!

      • I get you. Of course I didn’t know how to articulate it but I was fascinated with causality and finding patterns in existence, so I’d be walking along the pavement and wondering if my destiny or the world’s destiny would change if I stepped on a crack or didn’t step on a crack.

        Then I was thinking a lot about the implausible logistics of heaven, what it looked like, what God looked like, how they got all the people up there, if animals were allowed etc. The nuns weren’t any help with questions along those lines.

        And I was always thinking about men and women touching each other in beautiful intimate ways, long before I knew anything about sexual intercourse or procreation. Freud would have made a specimen of me.

        • Thats quite lovely, Uber…
          I remember having a flash moment when I was 4, somehow figuring that after the milestones of school, turning 21 & getting married, I’d just grow old & that would be it, like I lived my whole life in that second, & it would be over before I knew it. I then told my mum that I didn’t want to die & I remember feeling very strongly about it, although I think in my little head it was more about wanting to live a full & vital life.

        • Being brought up Catholic immersed me in a whole swag of ceremonial death imaginings. Having my best friend’s brother die of a brain tumour at 16 (I think I was 10) may of helped along some live life hard and fast scenarios that I then enacted thoroughly. Up till then I towed the ‘company’ line very well. Perversely that saying ‘only the good die young’, may of helped just that little bit more (not that I really needed it) to just break rules left, right and centre.

          Finding a patch of sun used to help fuel all sorts of sexual and intimacy musings. Very solar powered.

          I had a couple of the religious instructors questioning their ideas, because I’d be asking things from angles they’d never considered.

    • Uber,
      Sex, God(ess) & Death are totally interlinked. Mysteries that are worth a full inquiry & investigation
      since HIV+
      Ram Dass said on his deathbed that he wished he had paid more attention to the preparation.
      That really resonated with me & each of those 3 subjects need to be talked about more
      w/o the accompanying paranoia, you think too?

      Micro-Macro Cosmic topics.
      And the French call an orgasm ‘le petite mort’…the little death.
      Death is change of consciousness. So maybe that wierd asphyxiation sex game is merely
      to change status quo with breath retention, like a mini death.

      Sorry this is so off tropic ‘cept to say our thoughts as a child are spot on & sad that more notice is not given to them so to be retained.

      Only recently have begun to understand ‘be like children to enter heaven’. Not easy to keep our innocence, huh? To know the difference between Childish & Childlike & what to encourage w/o being too much of a dipstick:)
      Signed….Recovering Catholic:)

      • Yep pegs, micro-macro. I was really interested in it. I wasn’t exposed to death until nearly adolescence, so I didn’t give that much thought, but now sex, God(dess) and death are favourite subjects that I agree need to be talked about more.

        How wonderful to think back to childhood imaginings.

        • Fascinating conversation Uber Virgo & Pegasus. Aren’t there also some Buddhist teachings around the value of contemplating death every day so as to make living more conscious? And also the benefit of working with the dying as a way to appreciate living?

          I am not very well read in this area as I had a religion-free childhood. My Mother felt that she had ‘it (Anglican version) rammed down her throat’ and as such she went completely the other way with her girls. Her policy was that we could make up our own minds to investigate or not when we were old enough. In retrospect, a few conversations about spirituality more generally (as opposed to Christian religion) might have been very helpful for me.

          My Grandma and Nana used to sneek me off to church when I was staying with them (tiny little churches in western Qld) and teach me prayers, but the Christian language and symbolism of the time never made any sense to me at all. I struggle to understand now when attending weddings, funerals etc. The concept of heaven as it was presented to me as a child seemed elitist with the connotations of a fairy tale. I don’t think I ever found it to be a satisfactory explanation.

          As a child I found spirituality and the search for causality in nature – plants, animals, birds, rocks, soil etc. Not much on the human side. Still a bit the case!

          • My Buddhist virgoan friend at work gave me a small bone skull that sits on my desk in front of me, to remind me of death so I can appreciate living…..

  9. Very vivid imagination – and a compulsive reader from age 3….. I still use daydream as an escape, and love books that engage and stir me. When little I loved Enid Blyton adventures, Biggles as well, Catherine Cookson, gosh I can continue forever! I once read that someone who can imagine themselves in multiple realities is more resiliant to change…. It is true for me – I was not phased by redundancy, as I could see so many alternative paths, and imagine myself on all of them! I also grew up in the busk, so my friends and I would create amazing and comlicated games, and amuse ourselves for hours….. I also was fascinated by Greek myths, Aesops fables, and South American tribes – El Dorado was a fantasy place that I longed to travel to. Years later, after I’d forgotten those dreams, I ended up in Colombia, home of El Dorado, and I clicked back to my childhood daydreams – and was awed I’d manifested this for myself! I also loved Spanish stories, and gypsies and flamenco….. I return to Spain in Nov for my 3rd visit…. Oh gosh, much world to experience, and so much childhood dreaming to revisit! Love it!

  10. Try as I might can only recall nightmares, dreams of war (Vietnam was ending) especially helicopters flying above me. Which strangely they have returned of late. And plummeting into darkness and landing being very disorientated on waking, even woke out of bed near the wardrobe groping my way around the room for the light switch. Seemed like ages before I found it. Distressing.

  11. My dreams certainly impact emotionally with me daily (nightly?).
    My dream was on a flying floating mattress, and snipers in fatiques were aiming
    at me.
    Damn unpleasant. My sympathies to you, although we can monitor our dream state, Myst often mentions Lucid dreaming, if they become too disturbing.

  12. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I was spellbound by that Wardrobe and that you could “pass through”. Now, I know that you can~~!

  13. Oh and on the deeper stuff. I had night-terrors before being on the cusp of puberty. Mum must have heard me whimpering. (Mum was constantly tending an infant as she had 9 of us). She would send Dad in. Dad would say “There is no man under your bed. It’s OK. Go back to sleep”