The Signs Most Likely To Go Ape…

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I don’t mean the signs most likely to go ape in general – though they do say Aquarians are most likely to occupy extreme ends of the bell curve between genius and bonkers-ness – but the signs most likely to go ape with this Mars-Pluto-Mercury T-square now forming…Well, the four cardinal signs ought not to be messed with in the next few days. Cross the road or duck into a shop – ANY SHOP  WILL DO – if you see our Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn coming.

Yes of course this could all be fabulously brilliant and cathartic – watch for bust-ups that are  most likely overdue, stunning new initiatives, great ideas/expectations & positive assertive efforts. And yes it’s regenerative. I’m still not going to provoke (ie; converse with) anyone of the above signs or whom is officially “difficult” & i am postponing requests/negotiations et al until Thurs or even better Friday. That way, I am hopefully not part of peeps perceived problem.

Oh and Mars conjoined Pluto at the end of 2008 so ‘structures’ and relationships formed then are ‘tested’ now…How authentic are they?

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77 thoughts on “The Signs Most Likely To Go Ape…

  1. So, ahhh, my partner’s an aries… when does this Mars-Pluto-Mercury T-square finish Mystic??

  2. Cancerian friend is hosting a belated birthday do for her Leo girl child this weekend…

    I’ve already offered to make enough cupcakes to feed 20 young adults plus family…hoping to take some pressure off. I’m hoping that by Saturday the ape aspect is lessened somewhat…’cause I think she could, if pushed go off like a cracker.

    • And when the Cardinals go off, they really go off. Fixed signs do a pass agg fest, and the Mutables just get more precious and neurotic, but when Cardinals go ape it’s like WW3.

      • Funny. I like those descriptions – the Fixed signs and the pass agg, cardinals just going off and Mutables becoming more precious and neurotic.

        I’m a Mutable hoping to stay completely out of the path of my super Cardinal (sun and moon in cardinal signs) step-mum cause I am quite sure she might blow a fuse this week – and it will be directed at me.

  3. Thank you for allowing us cardinal signs room to breathe. It’s feeling stuffy out in the world and we don’t understand why. What’s up with the stifling and asphyxiation? Ohh, now we understand! It’s all those fixed and mutables needing to get out of our way!

    It’s not our fault! Yay!!!

    • all the stuff that has been happening of late has culminated in my having a sensation of being strangled…this chakra experience was discussed at length with the shrink today…

      Still fighting off the vampires. The other day was dealing with my passed on ex’s ‘biological’ family…they all want a piece of me and my daughter. Not because they care, but because of their guilt. they rejected their sister/daughter and their nephew/grandson, and now both of them are gone.

      At first I agreed to see them. But I decided no more, I am hurting and I am not going to sit with vampires on Wednesday night when i could be resting and reviving with my child.

      I was honest. I told them I wasnt ready to see them yet. They have not responded. I don’t expect they will. I have rejected them, just as they rejected the people they were supposed to love. The difference is I don’t know these people. They mean nothing to me. I am not allowing things like that in my life any more.

      Cardinal evolution?

      • Boundary setting. Congratulations on taking a stand. Right now your baby and you need to concentrate on your own needs – if they don’t have space in their heart to see and accept that, no loss for you. I think Mystic talks about this in her latest Saturn Girl thing – so totally with the astro AAC.

      • Darls, the Vampires are the ones who fed your deaded ex husband & you the drug of seduction,
        not the Grandparents who wish to make it up via your Bub.
        Not yet maybe but don’t close the door yet. Send a card in a coupla weeks to maintain contact.
        Keep the past & it’s turmoiled emotions out of their relationship to their Grandchild.
        Ask them to clearly state what they want from you & her, a Sat arvo once a month for icecream,
        zoo whatevs. Every 2 months? Birthdays, Easter, Christamas? You state with crystal clarity how you want them to treat you & what you would like them to contribute to your daughter’s life.
        They could be very beneficial to you in the future when the hurts & blame game have retreated
        to their alloted spaces.
        Don’t burn the bridge….plait a new one with your wished & desires.
        Negotiation is the key & future strategy for how you want it to be keeping an overview & allow the
        past to be the past.
        True recovery is timed based but it is something you are going to deal with for foreva. Anger can be
        channelled so positively, a real moving force but draining as it’s weighty & you need lightness of being for your creativity. Anger comes from loss so change the thought to what delights you have in store.
        Start Dancing, G’friend, it’ll be all right on the night.
        signed..GrandMother Flash, one foot in the future, one in the present or sometimes in my mouth:)

        • Firstly I am not on any drugs of seduction or otherwise.

          No, sorry, the vampires are the ones who generated the sense of self loathing in the first place for their Daughter (who is my childs grandmother and now deceased at 59) rejecting her for falling pregnant when she was sixteen (when she lost her virginity) and forcing her to adopt out her child. They are also the people who blamed my ex for his mothers drug problem, when it was the other way round.

          These two people have died. they bought the drugs themselves of their own volition. I don’t feel completely sorry for them, they dealt with their issues very poorly. I deal with my own issues very differently, and please, I am not a drug addict so I would appreciate you don’t make that assumption about me.

          These two women (great grandmother and great aunty) are people you would have to meet to understand what this is all about. It is about their Guilt. I met them twice while I was with my ex. They were cold and rude. That is their prerogative.

          They have had no hand in raising or contributing or any such. Two minutes on the phone with either of them and I am drained. They are the Vampires.

          I have a wonderful life, filled with wonderful people and there is absolutely no reason to be sucked emotionally by people I don’t even know. The mean nothing to me and nothing to my child. My parents, my ex’s adopted parents, my step parents our collective friends and relatives all of whom are not vampires or drug addicts or any such are the ones who are to contribute to our lives, and vice versa.

          I know enough about this whole situation to know what i have to do…and yes i have left it open for down the track, but it is not for me to carry the guilt of others.

          and also note that this man I speak of is my ex, if i thought the sun shone out of his parts I wouldn’t have left him! he was a vampire too…

          its ok, my foot is in my mouth a lot too, it is usually from sharing honest opinions and that is perfectly good and well in my books. x

          • Sorry, i thought you mentioned your ex got you into smack as well & you had conquered
            it with therapy.
            You mention Vampires so often i thought they must have been sucking your blood!
            I refer to pushers as vampires becuase of their mo.
            Shall bow out & forgive me for misunderstanding a convoluted situation.
            It is absolutley NONE of my business. I’ll save my advice & opinions for those that
            pay me $150 an hour for everyword:)


          • I completely appreciate your advice SS!!

            yes, i took drugs because I knew I could stop, and hoped that I could lead the way for the man I loved by example. I am not very normal I will admit. This was many years ago. The naiivities of youth etc.

            dealers are absolute vampires indeed, opportunists et al

            Vampire is my latest catch phrase for what i am defeating or eliminating in my life at this time, and yup, those people generally suck.

            i make this your biz by sharing on this site!

  4. *sigh* Not looking forward to the next few days with regards to my Libran significant other… This was before I even read this post, which just re-confirms things… once again – *sigh*

  5. hmm. well the Gemini Impregnee is going Ape. I am NOT. Even though my landlord gave me notice and I now have to moooooove house AGAIN. The Charming Gemini Hair Guy (he’s from Europe, swoon) has offered to let me and my offspring move into a warehouse he is renovating. But he will be living there too… um. Things moving way too fast or just an offer of friendly alliance. Do I trust a Gemini given that Ms Gemini Impregnee has totally flipped from wanting to be my friend to hating me and texting me to let me know how evil I am on an hourly basis…??

    • us gems can make kind offers of help without any strings attached.
      But yes, we can also change our minds about it once the reality kicks in.
      A useful stop gap perhaps?

      • thanks shell – no stain intended upon Gemini’s in general – lawd knows I have Gemini Rising… its just a snapshot of this moment in time – one Gemini going apesh*t at me, the other attempting to woo me into his parlour, so to speak. :)

        • well, i guess we like a bit of straightforwardness. perhaps some firm taurean saturn supported boundaries (and as ms m suggests, limited booze), will sort it?
          i’m trying to apply that statement to myself, and perhaps not, well not if i really wanted to have my way with you….

          • Oh good grief! What a roller coaster – I am amazed and impressed at the sense of calm coming across in your posts.

          • thanks, good advice… not much of a drinker myself (ha! taurean control freak must have self under control at all times :) )

            cba, don’t know where this sense of calm is coming from only that I’ve just been through all of it before (with the Pole Dancing Stalker, who was at her worse while CUB’s mother was dying and my father was selling the house we lived in) and know nothing can really touch me.

            also, my studies with psychotherapy have shown me that I’m good at ‘bracketing’ ie putting aside my personal feelings so that I can be present in the moment.

    • Gems can be lovely. Agree that they can offer help with no strings. The question is “haute Gem or unevolved Gem”? And, TA, what are your instincts here? You are pretty good at reading people. The swoon-factor is worrisome as it can get in the way of grounded, considered decisions particularly over the third glass of shiraz. Perhaps you could nest there temporarily so long as you take a sacred vow to never touch a second glass of fizz?

      Moving is so challenging. Spesh for your littlies. My kids are sad that our pad is sold. I have promised them that we will not budge until we find somewhere we will love as much or more…. Spring auction season, here we come.

      • thanks Ms Motown, I think evolved – an artist and father of a lovely little girl (surely that says something?) as well as a successful business man. Really I don’t know what he’d want from me… so I have to trust my instinct to go with it and stop worrying that there’s some other agenday – after all I’m a forty year old educated mother of five not the twenty year old bambi I was when last a man offered me ‘an offer not to be refused’. lol.

        • TA, you can still be a HOT forty year old educated mother of five. Maybe the Gem admires your strength, intelligence and wisdom? I’m sure he sees something wonderful in you.

    • Moving again TA? That’s very Uranian. Hope you find somewhere good, but I don’t think I’d like to cohabit with another family, nor in an abode that’s being renovated, unless you’re on a real Uranian kick.

      Good luck!

  6. Am (slowly) learning that going ape is not always required. Sometimes it’s ok not to push for an answer straight away and to let an urgent feeling pass or for situation to evolve. Hence, I am resolved to do sweet FA in terms of moving situations along until at least the very end of this week, maybe later.

    Serenity now….serentiy NOW!!!

  7. Dear Peeps Asking When This Will Finish,

    Please read the post! And previous posts + the Daily Mystic/Scopes if you get them. But even this very post says that it will be done with by Friday. Thurs in actuality but Friday to be safe.

    Kind Regards,

    • Last night the frogs in the creek where going off…loudly, perhaps due to the heat…I’m thankful that lusty frogs exist, yet they’re enthusiam is not helpful for getting sleep… I woke this morning to smoke. They’re doing burn offs in the valley below me. So my head is a little more muddled than most days…and my brain is just not making lucid leaps particularly well.

      Thanks for clarifying about the safety zone. Ran into Cancerian friend who wanted to have lunch…I ended up volunteering for other stuff too…which I normally would anyway…she did sound more frazzled than normal. She sounds as though she could shake her Virgo husband if he comes out of the studio. So I figure a little kindness can’t hurt.

      • see they’re as their…muddled…wish a non threatening breeze could clear this smoke.

  8. O Golliwogs, am i feeling this Scorp Moon, the pyscho-sexual aspect of it.
    I am on overload from 2 Saggo’s lovers, too many aspects of myself coming up to meet me.
    Got ‘Compassion Meltdown’.
    One is married & that has always been a no-go arena for me personally, even gave up the Man of my Life & Love in the 80’s as couldn’t live in the same City as him & not be able to live with him, going
    home of a night to his married for the children’s sake, wife.

    As the married Sag is a client, it’s a transaction that prevents emotional involvement
    & my ethic’s are beyond strict as they have to be. Strong Attraction has taken place
    Well, i just sent him a text & it was flirtatious & now feel guilty, she who does not do guilt.
    What have i done? Big oops. Only the 3rd time in 16 years but a dilemma.
    Right on Scorp waxing Moon.
    The KungFuing Firefighter Sherriff (his own YMCA song in his wardrobe..all costumes soz Butch, uniforms) is having his 17th in 5 years, deep & meaningful one night stand with me on Sat, just
    at void of course Moon from Sagg to Cap. If i can keep him in bed til 6am before any decisions are made………..? He’s the one who used to send me so ape that i would watch ‘Kill Bill’ for hours & mantra
    ‘men have died for less’, i’ll put on my boots & show him who’s Boss. That kinda thing.
    He’s single & so many comments by Charlie Sheen in 2 1/2 men remind me of him & yet he is not
    a player as such
    I want to convey to him, Butch, that there is ‘someone else’ vying for my ministrations, so it would be
    wise to keep me closer?
    Is going ape just reverting to the monkey mind?
    Maybe the mutables are just mutating is all.
    Someone can teach this grandma to suck eggs, i won’t mind a bit, don’t do guilting too well:)
    My heart’s a bit heavy

    • pegs, it’s ok sugar, sounds like you are on a crazy yo-yo of emotions attached by heartstrings. From what Mystic is saying, keep cool, sit this one out for a couple of days and see what the weekend brings?

      sometimes we can get more in a muddle (I am sure you would know this being older and wiser than moi) by trying to ‘do’ something than simply sitting still and letting things happen around us…? Not sure how this helps your matters of the heart though…Signor Butch sounds like a handful, your type I’m guessing :) those men sure are trouble, if they don’t hit the mark best to toss’em back til they grow a bit more..?

      Sorry, awful number of metaphors in this post – I am channelling lovely Gem (rising) – use trite phrases in an effort to support those suffering around them. but am not meaning to be trite. take care winged horsie x

  9. Guilt gone, Sagg trait, but hey thanx for your time & space.
    Bloody fickle Saggo’s!

    • ah bugger! oh well missed this one P save that post of mine for nxt time

  10. i love that you spewed all that out peg and now feel better. hooray!

    I perhaps less wisely did that to someone else on monday, thinking i could justify it as using pluto energy to pick a (polite, balanced, non apportioning blame) fight that i thought needed to be picked, establishing saturn boundaries blah blah. feel better than i did, but the fight hasn’t manifested yet, and now my faith in it as proactive rather than wigging out is failing.

    • well my thing worked, hooray!
      perhaps not to the fantastic heights i would have desired, but positively nonetheless. and with no brawling, recriminations or lasting embarrassment.
      What a relief..

  11. I love your words Pegs, “Don’t burn the bridge….plait a new one with your wished & desires” Tres wise indeed.
    Boundaries, shmoundries-wretched things, at times one does not even realise they are being surmounted! AAC its great that you are exercising boundaries, but Pegs advice is wise too. As grandparents do seem to mellow with age and realise their mistakes. I find its the grandchildren that benefit. yes you got to see how they go, for if they are toxic then you have to go back to Plan A and remove thyself.
    I replied to all your lovely posts under”Second Chance Nurse” . How wonderful we are given second chances and 3rd n 4th etc and it ties in with this one-do we choose to go ape or not??
    Methinks Pluto Mercury T Square would make Scorps go a tad ape as well. I feel so free now that my Scorp has left finally(last Saturday). However I discovered he had been at the shops close by on Monday. A bit creepyu actually. He is accusing me of not communicating, I must be going to get in touch with an ex, I did not really accept him and he loves me more that I him etc etc. I just hope he is not “watching” the house etc. He is a Scorp with Acquarious rising,Mars in Cancer, Mercury in Scorp and Pluto in Virgo. I am just praying he is keeping it together and not going ape at work etc. I am sure he is singing the “someone done me wrong song” but tis cool, the truth always outs methinks. : >
    TA good luck with the move…..hmm sharing with a charming Gem from Europe? Interesting times ahead non? ; >

    • Hi all,

      I phrased the first entry poorly.

      These vampire peeps aren’t the grandparents, they are distanced relatives.

      My daughter has all her grandparents present in her life. And I work hard at those relationships because they are important.

      I have added more about the situation further above.


      • Now that’s clearer Hon, i did mention crystal clarity:). Before i went Ape (foot outta mouth).

        • ha haha, well put peg. Clarity can be lost in the ape moment indeed. My family is incredibly confusing which doesn’t help.

          I have five parents, my ex had four parents.

          I think the way each individual deals with their mess is highlighted here.

          My ex and I had similar weirdness in our lives growing up etc, I chose to ‘deal’n’heal’ where he chose the drown it out method, using all manner of substances. I did that for a wile, but it didn’t suit me at all.

          You and I were very quickly able to sort a situation, without getting overly upset or any such. Other types can’t do that. Cant face their errors or poor self representation etc Or in the case of my ex’s death, bite the bullet and say ‘I fuqued up big time and I am sorry’.

          I choose to communicate with certain people (like on here, it rocks), and experience life a particular way, and that way is for good, for growth, for love, for charity, for kindness, for happiness, for optimum create-ivity. When I let these people into my life I am setting myself up for pain, disgust, sorrow, fatigue etc etc.

          I believe that the things you and SS have said are totally appropriate in the right circumstances. Eg, my psycho sagg mum (no offense ss) she drives me insane, so I have done the Crystal clear with her, and now we cope very well. If I had no daughter I probably would have cut her off too, but they love each other dearly and ultimately I do love my mum even if she is horrible to me, and I want her to have some happiness. She is horrible to me because of her own hurt and I forgive her.

          I think when I start to talk about this immediate family, that it becomes clear what a task it is to juggle them all. Because of this I absolutely do not want to take on anyone new. I have spent 36 years sorting out and dealing with and seeing shrinks for 10 years to make sense of the life around me.

          And yeah, I am piggy in the middle! The ultimate middle child/rescuer (hence marrying a drug addict) parents’ whipping girl etc etc. The last ten years have been exponential growth. When ex died a few months back the growth trebled. I officially call myself a woman now. I am no longer a girl.

          And I am never going to carry anyones sh*t for them ever again! (that is me going ape!)

    • Dear Salacious Sagg – you have done so very well with this so far. Others previously suggested being careful to change your locks, have a Plan B etc. including someone there with you (or on standby) should you need it. I don’t want to worry you unduly, but your ex may well ‘hit out’ through frustration or fear about the new situation and he could easily try to direct these energies at you by trying to engage with you. Grabbing for the familiar and blaming others for our own mess is all normal. It is not a sign that you have done the wrong thing!

      You must make it Crystal Clear (pegasus is very wise) and Super Simple about your position on communication with him now. I suggest you say that for your health you require A COMPLETE BREAK FROM ALL FORMS OF COMMUNICATION WITH HIM for at least 12 weeks. Or if you think this is too harsh/not possible for you, then brief written communication is permitted but only once per month – or something like that – but please no instant communications SS! It is too risky at this early stage. No text, no phone calls, no email. And obviously no unannounced visits in person. If an in person meeting is required please make it on neutral ground and not at any known past places, ESPECIALLY NOT AT YOUR HOUSE. There are lots of psychological and practical reasons for this – too many to go into here.

      Yes, you stating your needs so clearly might freak him out a bit because it is all new, but this is now about your needs for getting through this. He is not the only one with needs. You must speak on behalf of your own needs now. And he must take action to look after his own health and welfare now. There is plenty of help out there if he wants it.

      God I sound so lecturey here, sorry. I am trying to sure up your resolve and encourage you to respect your own boundaries for yourself. Best of luck x

      • I suspect he will lean on you as much as you let him SS…and I think that Nat is onto it with the clear communications action plan, thoroughly.

        There is truth in the only thing you can control is yourself…but a extension of that is that you can put in place as many emotional and physical safety measures as you feel are necessary. I think to start with you setting a berlin wall standard boundary is probably a good thing.

        Giving him access to you via texts has so far given him a chance to plea for money, and have a bit of a go at you…I mean really at this point is there a point in communicating past having your lawyer contact him? I think it would be different if you shared a child. In some cases a break up is a little bit like being pregnant, you’re either preggers or you’re not…you’re dealing with his stuff, or you’ve removed him so he can deal with his…(therefore you don’t need to be drawn back in) I don’t think you’re being a nasty person in not giving him access to you…even if he somehow says something along those lines to you, it’s because you’re not making his life easy anymore.

        The libran sailor man that I dated, soon after my break up with the leo ex, asked me why I twisted myself into knots with an earnest desire to communicate with my ex and make things easy for him. His view was that the time and energy I was investing was the type that you use to build or maintain a relationship at a certain intimacy level…and asked me did I want that still ? To which I had to reply well no…I just wanted to be civil… When I really looked at it I was falling into old out dated patterns…long established patterns.

        Again I know it’s hard, you’ve had a lot invested for a long time in this relationship, but if he goes ape at work it’s for HIM and his co-workers to deal with.

        Apart from all this boundary setting suggestions, are you making some time for yourself?

        Maybe some massage, counselling, easy meal with friends, whatever gives you a lift?

        • Wow LL, good realisation aided by the sailor about the desire to be civil. I have done this in the past too. For me it was mixing up honouring my own boundaries with a sense of duty and showing compassion to others. Well that is what I thought it was. In reality I think it was way outdated patterns of emotional dependence. I had really fooled myself about that for a while there!

          It can be bloody hard weaning your self off old behaviour patterns hey? I find it can be exhausting observing every thought and automatic reaction, checking if it is old/new/appropriate and asking myself ‘how else could I be seeing this?’ ‘what else could I be doing (or not doing) here?’ ‘would it be OK to just wait a bit and see if another angle comes up?’ ‘is a response really necessary?’ etc. etc. I have so many questions I can ask myself now to check on whether I am falling into old patterns or not. Just got to remember to ask them of myself 😉

          • Nat I’ve realised that I just can’t watch every thought and auto reaction.

            I find that as much as I am able, I do a very similar checklist.I’ve worked out a couple of phrases that give me some thinking time…and still sometimes I slip back, or discover new ways to be inappropriate. Sometimes you just CAN NOT please all the people all the time…including myself.

            I’m trying to be forgiving of myself , just as I am forgiving of others. That doesn’t give me open slather to just run amok and then go ‘I’m only human’…I do my best and I’m only human.

          • Darling, it’s monitoring your thoughts & it’s work but worth it, but of course we must give ourselves some slack.
            It’s responsibility & we have it. Not all can take it or want it. Awareness dictates we use it,
            tho’. It’s also maturation which is a good thing & the definition of Holistic Thinking.
            Not for the feint hearted, huh, but rewards abound.
            NB ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’…………save it for a serious crisis:)

          • Pegasus I think it comes down to living life with integrity. Yes some days it’s harder than others to be the responsible compassionate person I want to be…it is worth it though.

            As mentioned I try to forgive my unknowing flaws…and sometimes quite frankly a flawed me is exactly what the situation needs…because sometimes in the stuff ups comes grace.

            As for monitoring my thoughts this is one of the earlier exercises I’ve been doing. My Aries mum was/is a stickler for a bit of self examination at the end of the day to monitor our impact on ourselves and others. The difference now is that with more decades under my belt, I am better able to just get on with it.

            I was this little intense kid that had this mix of adventure madness, shyness, so badly wanted to do the ‘right’ things…that I often had myself tied in knots. There is still a measure of little me, in me, but now I integrate better and have a much broader knowledge that ‘right’ has many meanings.

          • Wow LL and nat, you are making me think too much! This is dangerous you know? : > “Old behaviour patterns” indeed. I just believe in being civil and gracious no matter how loutish or feral others may be. Your sailor pal was very insightful indeed and see his advice still lives on. It amkes one think as to why we try so hard when really we are better off without some relationships. I am with you nat in that I would be absolutely exhausted to observe every thought and automatic reaction. Though at times I stop and ask myself, “now why are you feeling like that?”

            Guys I have put in a plan B and go and live with my dear dad and mum for a few days if need be. I like the idea of a set date to move his stuff too. I love it that you guys have given me a gentle nudge about stuff I really should have thought of. I tend to deal with stuff right away and tend to be too literal. It must be the Sagg in me and my Scorp knows how to bait me for sure. I certainly do not want to maintain a relationship with him. I would like us to say Adieu with grace and leave it like that. I realise now I was worrying about how he will manage if he loses his job etc, but yet again LL you are right, yes He will have to deal with it. Maybe I should write a big notice saying STOP IT! and stick it on the ceiling, windows etc.

            After the Parent Teacher Interview night I went home and had a lovely long bath and read Raymond Feist and felt a human again! : > Thanks heaps to all your caring and wisdom. I have printed your thoughts out as its good to re read and thus reaffirm one’s actions or when one’s brain’s go duh due to stress your gentle wisdom is a huge help. How blessed are we to ahve such a forum! ps I ahve noticed I am going tres dyslexic with some words in this state. Most odd non?

      • Nat, honestly you are such a treasure : > I replied to everyone’s post under the Second Chance Nurse blog ok. I really loved what you said there as well.
        I am waiting for him to collect his motorbike and and bits and pieces he left behind. Then I plan on changing locks to. The security shutter thingy goes up on Friday.
        Its hilarious how you worked out I am an instant communication girl! : o For that is what i like to do and generally do. Please do not apologise, you do not lecture at all. I appreciate all insight and then I choose, what i know is right for me. Mind you, at times I don’t want to do it but I know it has to be done. I have never stated my needs clearly and have always had trouble honouring my own boundaries, hence the learning in all this. Tis not a waste for sure. That’s why I so loved Mystic’s “Second Chance Nurse” pic and title. As Pegs advised, being Crystal Clear is another hard thing for me, I need to be cross to do so. However, I can feel my wings, they are emerging : > and I am getting stronger by the day. I am going to the Korean Baths or whatever thney are called now and am going to get a goodscrubbing and marinating(!) and massage, as I so want to shed my crystalis and emerge. LL you are probably gagging at my typo’s and spelling but my brain is so weary that you ahve to forgive me.
        Hokay I must hoof home as my wee sprout awaits me to go to parent teacher interview.
        Huggles and thanks again guys : >

        • No problem Salacious Sagg – I very ordinary btw but quite excellent at learning stuff the hard way :) Yes you sound tired you poor thing. Good on you for booking in some you time. You will need a lot of it in the coming weeks and months I’m guessing. But you are so right – your little wings are emerging! How wonderful. You will get better at thinking and speaking your mind clearly. Instant communications are seductively addictive I reckon… and not always the right tool for the job.

          May I suggest having the motorbike and ALL his remaining things moved to his mate’s place, or pay yourself for a removalist to take them to his place. Any place at all, just not your place. Leaving his stuff in your house is an excuse to have access and believe me he will use it. It must be clear cut for practical and qi reasons. You need all the fresh air & peace you can get right now x

        • No gagging from me, I think you’re more than deserving on a free pass on grammar gaffes SS. I’m only hyper critical of my own slip ups here…I think blogs ideally should be a place where the idea is key…and the preciseness of the method of communication is a little lighter than professional venues. Gawd I have an ellipsis addiction that I display only on blogs or in chatty stream of conciousness emails.

          I know I’m probably coming across as the bossy Leo sister you never had, it’s just I’ve been through my own version of this stuff…and had other friends give me a heads up when my brain was total mush and my heart so weary… so in that spirit you know how you mentioned you’re waiting for him to pick up his stuff and bike?

          Have you considered that it may be helpful to give him a time when he picks this stuff up, or if it’s not gone by that time you box it up and send it to him.

          A gemini friend of mine cleaned out all of her Scorp ex’s stuff and put it in a container and told him she was paying for the first month and he could make his own arrangements after that. The point is if you don’t give someone a set time to take responsibility for their own stuff , they tend to rock up at really bad awkward times…or just leave it there and honestly the waves of their stuff just pollutes the qi in your home in ways that slows your healing. This also counts for storing other people’s stuff…again I lived and learnt this one.

          I found that cleaning the walls with a solution with lavender and going the full smudge stick routine really helps clear things too. If you have Mystic’s housewitchery pdf somewhere it’s very good for this type of stuff.

          Yay to the Korean bathhouse. Happy sloughing SS, and continuing fortitude and peace for you and yours.

          • LL How is your Gemini friend going? I remember her and what she went through. Good on her for cleaning up her Scorp ex’s stuff out. Wow that sure took guts. Also ditto re storing other people’s stuff. It can be such a headache and I now. I must say i would hate it if my Ex rocked up stoned to collect his stuff. The bike is our but I am happy to just give it to him, as I just want him as far away from me as possible.
            Its funny you talked about cleaning walls as i want to disinfect the whole place. Even boil sheets if I could!! : > Just being a Drama queen but you know what i mean? Its just all gross as addicts get filthy when using, they become these creatures. Its so sad actually, I know they are crying out for help but I now realise I am NOT trained to help and am no Mother Theresa, much as I love people and animals etc.

          • SS I last saw my Gem friend long enough to smile and say hi the other day while I was having coffee with an Aries guy I know. We keep seeing each other long enough to smile lately and that’s been about it. Just both going through busy cycles. I do know via a quick phone call, she’s been down the ‘gong, to visit supportive sister a few weeks ago, and had a flurry of theatre, and dinner out type stuff. So it appears like things are moving in her life. Maybe in the next couple of weeks we’ll catch up. Plus I’m a bit in research mode re:housing…I’ve been keeping my eyes open for the last year or so, now I’ve started to look at the odd open house and walking through some areas to get a ground vibe rather than just what it feels like in the car. I’m hoping to not use my car as much so that street thing is pretty important. Also trying to gain a realistic idea of how close to people I can be after living on an acre for 17 years or so.

            Maybe I have more innate drama queen tendancies than I think, because I don’t see wanting to wash your walls and boil your sheets as anything but sensible.

        • wow guys. the more time i spend on this site exchanging experiences, the more i realise how full on life really is. In so many guises too. I see us all on this path of discovering ourselves, and while we are all being put through the wringer one way or another, we are all developing and experiencing it partially as an astrological thing, with massive assistance from Mystic, but also as a united group of people who want to help each other with honesty and integrity and love, and espescially as we are all strangers!!!

          Yay to our wee internet coven. It is a lovely space indeed. x

          • It is so inspiring to read your stories and hear how so many people on this blog are facing the trials and tribulations of life and using the experience to GROW, instead of curling up into little balls of fear and anger. And the pearls of wisdom that are shared are priceless.

            Thank you Mystic for providing the space and thank you all.

            I know I’ve been totally sooky goo goo on this blog lately (Can you tell I’ve been reading a lot of Louise L Hay?) but seriously, y’all kick arse!

    • Wisdom, my Love, is having the same experience as you many many moon s ago.
      I had to leave the country to be away from him. He was causing me so much trouble it was worth changing countries!
      It is a little scary & you may have to tolerate a bit more emotional wrenching, but the end result
      is all your way.
      You are now creating the space for something better.
      Saving peeps from themselves is not your, mine or AAC job.
      If Buprenorphine didn’t work for him, it’s seriously hard core addiction as it is touted as the wonder cure.
      Lou Reed has a lot to answer for.
      Timothy Leary said ‘any addiction can be cured by French Champagne’.
      See that sword in your logo?
      That’s your protection:)

      • well put once again pegasus. and yes mr Reed is a git, as is any film or song or person who romanticises addiction.

        i was trained by mother to save her and others, I am now officially untrained and am here for me and my child and whoever else loves me properly and mutually.

        Yay to space for creativity too.

      • Pegs, Funny you mentioned Lou Reed, as my Scorp loves playing his stuff on his guitar and singing etc. Figures! I remember commenting one day on how lovely a tune was, when with great amusement I was informed that the song was about heroin!
        Its great Pegs you could move countries. I so wanted to do the same ages ago, but for my kids sake I stayed. I have always roamed the globe pre kids and then when the kids were little. However as teens they want that stability, so my wandering tendencies have had to be curtailed.
        Re the Bupe, the stuff he was treated with was called Subuxone, which has some other stuff in it too. They said he did really well on it, but it is addictive and the nurse told me its a huge market. He laughed and told me that drug addicts are big business to hospitals, clinics, rehabs etc. I must say i was terribly saddened as these are lives -screwed up no doubt, but still lives! My ex’s problem is that he does not want to go to counselling or to be accountabel to anyone let alone himself! He was doing so well and then decided to ” celebrate” his new job etc. New job, lots of money = drugs to him. Silly, silly man, he has lots. Methinks this was just a lesson as to what was available to him, if he chooses life and not death. I was just the vehicle to teach him and he certainly taught me lots! 8 o That’s rolling eyeballs and a shocked face!!

    • Slow and steady wins the house-hunting race. Nothing irresistable has come up yet. There is a pretty little Californian bungalow of interest, but I haven’t had a squizz inside yet. At the price they are quoting, I’d imagine it needs a bit of TLC.

      I still have the pad til 23rd November. So I’m focussed on enjoying that space as much as possible until it is time to pass it to its new owners.

      Had a lovely couple over to dinner last night. They are married just over a year. Would you believe two Scorpios? Meow!!! They interact so beautifully together, even when they disagree. A bit of gentle teasing and a pat on the leg. So good to see a couple that can meet up when over 50, fall head over heels and even do the preacher-man thing.

      It makes me feel optimistic about the never-ending human potential for growth

  12. oh super, I work with a Libra, a Cancer, and a Capricorn and all three of them are potentially troublesome to me when the mood strikes -mostly the Capricorn.

  13. Whoa…. totally witnessed a huge blow out today at work. Thanks for the heads up Mystic … I kept mine down and stayed right out of it, (have been practising) and appear to be unscathed. PHEW!!!

  14. Great, I got a couple of Librans & a wee Aries in very close proximity. Fun times ahead. Any shop will do hey?

  15. Ok… so how do I stop people breaking into my house???!!!


    My caps housemate is goign mental over it… this Toro actually shrugged and went ‘its just stuff’.
    have now decided I would like to stop strangers from walking off with my stuff…
    … and kicking my front door in.

    • wtf venus a-go-go ? Someone kicked in your door and ripped off your house? Apart from some righteous rage I’m glad you sound ok…but man kicking in your door.

      • Split the door jam (dead bolted in 2 places and ripped the alcatrave (excuse spelling) out of the BRICK.
        Apparently neighbours heard nothing and the police can do nothing.
        Told it was a I live next to a laneway. The 3 other houses weren’t touched. And I have been living there for 5 years and had never bee broken into till ealier this year. So this is the second time this year. Which is bollocks.
        I think I am doing ok… but I get the feeling my sat might be scrubbing the place down.
        Anyone know a good cleasing ritual? Something to ward off robbers or unwanted people?
        Cos the police are looking like they will continue to be usless…

        • Bloody hell venus a-go-go. I am so sorry you’ve had this happen.

          Sadly the second break in isn’t a huge shock to me. Spazzy A and her sister the Sagg wunderkind had their house broken into twice last year. Previously no problems for 2 years.

          The first time it was someone scaling a previously thought unscalable wall and entry through a kitchen window…and then a couple of weeks later someone threw a brick through a front window, then tried to gain entry through a security window…whilst being discovered by Sagg Wunderkind as she walked up the street. The bloke/kid scampered off a high balcony intact and limped off down the street.

          To the best of their knowledge no one was ever caught for this. Spazzy made some internal lemonade with her belief that ALL the good looking police in Brisbane are in crime division….but it’s just shitty to be broken into.

          Hopefully the Mugwort and or Salt works.

          Also admiration for your ability to not fret over lost stuff.

        • So sorry to hear about the break in venus a go go. Houses next to laneways seem to have these hassle’s. Can you perhaps mount a pretend camera??

  16. Sage! See the Mugwort post – please it is brilliant. And even easier – quicker – the post on Salt…They are all under the Good Housewitchery post xxx

    • hope ppl are still reading this…other than bars and deadlocks and other tough physical barriers, i read something interesting about space clearing and shielding, a book by….AGH can’t remember. i will look it up if anyone is intersted………

  17. I am a Cap trying to elevate, if that is possible, over this tension. Thinking of kicking a couple of people to the curb, but then realizing they did nothing intentionally harmful/vampiric, have decided detachment is the better part of valor this week.

    The Hothouse Flowers mentioned on the other thread is helping.

    But this week? Tears galore from my daughter: kitty we had applied for from the Humane Society was adopted out to another family. We had to wait over the weekend for a response and during that time my girl had developed quite the fantasy relationship with this kitty (she’s got Venus conj. Neptune, so natch), so when I gave her bad news –oh, dear god– what a scene (she’s also Mars in Aries –on the DSC, no less). Kicking, tears, tears, floods of tears and then squaring her little shoulders with a, “I guess if I can’t have Dixie, I can live without pets, Mommy.” It’s tough watching a seven year old attempting stoicism and utterly squelching her little heart. That’s a moment of Chiron in Capricorn, there.

    My Sun in Cap wanted to go kick someone –the HS didn’t tell us two other families were vying for the same kitty. Ridiculous to torture a little girl like that!!!


    Then yesterday her dad got a phone call from her piano teacher (who she adores) saying that she could no longer teach T at her current music school. The girl was getting fired. But dad didn’t grok the subtle hint, and right now we have no way of contacting our lovely piano teacher. She was swell and WE LOVE HER. Have NOT even broached this with my girl. She’s have enough bad news for the week. But it will have to be done. Also want to go kick someone at that music school and am having dark thoughts about suburban moms at a suburban music school who can’t abide things like tattoos showing on their piano teacher’s arms.

    • I would pay extra to have a piano teach with tattoos on her arms!!

      I am hoping to get a friend of mine to teach my daught guitar, and he has loads of tattoo’s, funnily enough he is amaaazing at guitar, he is quite young too.

      I hope you can locate t’s teacher, and I hope you can find another pet. Very strange to ‘pick’ a family….

      I hope the sun comes up for you and the rest of us. I think I am feeling a bit lighter today with the sagg moon. Here is hoping.

  18. Ok, now the more weirded-up dreams than my usual weird dreams make a bit more sense.
    Have Cap sun, Libra rising and Cancer moon!
    I have been all over the place, making mistakes in my usual super efficient appointment book, spending way to much, lying awake thinking I shouldn’t have done that then finally falling asleep to have violent -jumping on skinny male evil psychos who I don’t even knows’ chest trying to crack ribs to stop him causing destruction ! Feels like I am the destructive evil one when I wake in a sweat from FIGHTING in my fitfull dreams!
    All calm and serene in the beauty salon all day.. up fighting dreamed up wickedness all night!
    bring on Friday!

  19. Just witnessed a (possibly belated) Live Pluto/Mars stousch in the supermarket. Trolley boy replacing trolleys in store. Young aggro manager yells out from service desk in front of – oh about 40 customers and staff – “hey trolley boy – NOT THERE – they’re the wrong size!” in a very aggressive, distainful tone. Trolley boy yells back “YES THEY ARE THE SAME SIZE!” – Manager yells back, this goes on back and forth. Then to everyone’s complete amazement (everyone just staring, some jaws dropped) Manager goes rushing over to Trolley boy (I swear he had steam coming out of his ears as he passed me and his jaw was clenched) – I couldn’t look but it was all “think you’re a big man hey” “I’m calling the Boss right now” “You do that big man”. I scuttled out – felt most sorry for the trolley boy as the other dude obviously was higher up the chain and shouldn’t and have started a screaming match in front of staff and customers over such a minor thing. And I think the trolley boy was right, they were the right size.

  20. LL I am so glad to hear your Gemini friend is doing well. I tell myself “This WILL pass” from time to time.
    Good luck with your search for a new home. After living on an acre you surely would go batso living in a bird cage elsewhere. Maybe you need to look out for Granny Flats. I found one for my previous Ex and he had a huge apartment, AC, pool and land etc. Bush but close to shops etc too. It was very affordable too as the owner wanted a no fuss tenant. This was in the Hills area so you have more of a chance of land. Then again North and South has some sweet towns with more space than the burbs.
    Hmm no I don’t think you have Drama Queen tendencies. You are just quietly regal. : >

    FF How awful to see grown ups behave like 2 year old’s. I hope customers complained about the poor PR!

  21. lol – me aries/aries rising/aqua moon and daughter cataka/aries rising/pisces moon. it’s all going to happen