So, Like, What Happened To Your Hair?

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“Dear Mystic,

Is there an astro for bad hair karma? I’ve just had the fourth crap hair cut this year:
1. Nervous, shaky apprentice fries my hair (and himself!) by over-straightening to get a more precise cut. My hair is straight!
2. What was to be a ‘long bob’ to the shoulders (to clean up fried ends) ended up as an Austrian mullet!!! I’m beginning to suspect ‘Bruno’ is a documentary.
3. Ok, Three did an decent job but it didn’t improve the ‘look’ much.
4. Now, who says ‘Ok, you’re trying to grow it long. That’s difficult’ and then goes an cuts three months growth off???!?!?!?

Have Venus in Leo. Also wondering if Mercury owns scissors……


The Bad-Haired Virgo “

Dear Bad-Haired Virgo,

Oh how I sympathise. Especially hell for Venus in Leo. First of all, in  my Astroscape Books (the 2009 one and the 2010 one which is on sale from next Tues – see link to the left) I detail the GOOD Hair Moons and the BAD Hair Moons. You basically only get it trimmed during a waxing Moon if you want it to grow and get yourself waxed during the moonwane to discourage hair growth. I had a hell hair year a few years ago when this idiot both razor cut it (my hair is totally fine like a babies) and then bleached the shit out of it. I actually got really used to people asking what had happened to my hair and so now, when  people say NICE things about my hair, my eyes well up with tears. I know. This sounds really trivial but still.

Anyway, if you are in Sydney, e-mail me for my hairdressers details – she not only listens – she is psychic and affordable too. Obey the Hair Moon rules & maybe your Venus in Leo is being squared by Neptune so you need to be extra careful that you are not deceived in Venusian matters. And nobody should ever say “difficult” for things like hair growth. It’s annoying and negative. I have a client who does things like cardio-thoracic surgery in war zones and she deliberately uses words such as “tricky” or “a bit challenging for the moment.”

Oh and I don’t care what anyone says, hair SO responds to nutrition so consider seeing my psychic hairdresser or a simple barber (they listen and if you say trim 1/4 millimetre off the ends – they’ll do it, no patronising) AND a professional to zoosh up nutrition…fishy oils & quality protein, silica etc. Don’t you think???

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45 thoughts on “So, Like, What Happened To Your Hair?

  1. You gotta find a hairdresser where the vibe is as comfortable as a second skin. You look forward to going because you like everything there~right down to the mags.

    The music at my hairdresser is a bit too doof-doof for me. But they are all great people. So what if I’d prefer a bit of laid-bak jazz whilst I sit in front of a mirror for ages (torture no matter how much I preen before going along)

    Hair does respond to nutrition. Its common sense. We grow it and our body can only grow stuff on the basis of what energy is put in.

  2. My bare-headed partner lives his hair-life precariously through me…is that my Mars in Leo in the 8th? lol
    I was getting a haircut yesterday (Scorp moon-regenerative!) I realised that things were gonna go much better if I actually smiled & looked in the mirror & had a fun chat with hairdresser, re: this is not quite as bad as the dentist. Later on, partner says “Hair looks good-suits you!”
    All is well in the world….

    *Do love hair in the pic

  3. Great post mystic & I’m sure you would have really nice hair!
    Since I changed my diet dramatically a fews years ago (thanks Saturn!) my hair is so much better for it! Peeps ask me what colour I have in my hair & if I have foils etc but no I don’t & haven’t coloured my hair for nearly a decade. It just shines with all these beautiful natural colours.
    I’m totally in the process of removing negative words from my vocab, it is in neon lights when I hear or read it!

  4. Argh! I haven’t even thought of writing to Mystic on this sort of thing – but this is MY QUERY! Synchronicity!
    I am trying to work out how to no longer use my hairdresser…. She is great, but I always feel like a helmet head afterwards for about a week, then it all grows a bit and is ok. She does come to the house, which is nice, but I am evolving back to wanting to GO to a hairdressers… I like a bit of hair pampering, the washing, drying, cutting etc… Problem is, my flatmate also uses this hairdresser, and is great friends with her… I found someone lovely earlier in the year when I needed an emergency cut – but I went back a few days later for a wax session that was a complete disaster – so I complained, and now don’t want to go back to them ever, despite the brilliant cut!!
    I’ve been eying off a hairdressers near my new abode – I think I’ll just call and find out what they have free……. its time, my fring is sending me mental – if I were cardinal, not fixed, I’d be wigging out!

    • Hi postmodscorp,

      Why don’t you just go out whenever your flatmate has her over. Just make other plans and not be there. Then just go to the hairdresser you want. Don’t try to explain to either your flatmate or the faux hairdresser. If they do ask you about it just say the appointments with the hairdresser fitted in better with your schedule and you wanted a manicure with your haircut anyway. The trick is to not try to explain or justify it too much to them. Just treat it like it isn’t any big deal, which when all is said and done it isn’t.


      • I’ll do the emergency cut necessity approach – and then go with the flexibility that using the salan gives me – I suspect she’ll be fine with it – each time I need a cut, it takes weeks to get in, so one less will suit her is my guess!

  5. Book in to hairdresser of your desires and then either (1) tell the truth, that you want to go back to a salon atmosphere again, it is not personal, even though it is. Or (2) LIE. Say that some mysterious friend has given you a voucher for a year’s worth of free hairdressing…

    • Myst, your knowledge of hair is fantastic.
      Being in front of a mirror for a coupla hours can be confronting, even when just looking down at the latest
      Marie Claire ( they save me their freeby samples of La Mer:) but you are obliged to do
      so as it really helps your hair designer 50%. Yup like ‘opening your mouth’ for the Dentist.
      As with lovemaking, it’s not being done ‘to you’ it’s being done ‘with you’ so ya gotta be there present.
      What’s fun is to go in sans marqillage & apply it just before you are ‘combed out’ to maximise effect
      of a new you.
      Never use Supermarket products, obtain them from your coiffeuse or Price Attack. The difference is
      TAKE a picture of what you want, it sooo helps, colour ‘n all, then negotiate from there.
      It is all about communication & rapport with them. In doubt don’t.
      Choose one practitioner just for a tiny trim so as you can check out others’s work in the salon.
      If you are brunette choose same, if blonde choose a blonde. This can be a good guide.
      Same for long & short as each will know more about the shades of colour.
      Razor on fine hair deserves the electric chair herself as it’s like doing it to use fine ‘summer’ blondes.
      Venus in Cap…….practicality, luxury & economic’s (plus i was once an apprentice for Lillian Frank of Toorak, an icon Ozzie Ratbag) & structure decide hairwork.
      ‘Only your Hairdresser knows for Sure’.

  6. although I am now blonde-ing my hair again (why did I start! Missed being blonde I guess) , when i was living a low-stress life (ie no man, like now again hehe) and eating lots of good oils and taking silica supplements my hair was glossy and healthy…

  7. I truly hate having to transition with a new hairdresser. I have very fine hair and lots of it. So yes the fuqing razor cut can get a little too extreme in the hands of new hairdresser. Plus it’s hard to get a good mood fit sometimes too.

    At least in a party situation you can move on if the conversation is too vapid…not easy when someone has cutting instruments in their hands, or chemicals.

    I actually enjoyed going to the local barber in my town. They knew what they were doing, you never needed an appointment and it was cheap. No screeching people trying to talk over hair dryers. Till the Leo owner had a hissy fit over a too hard female style and blackbanned ALL women.

  8. Mystic! I had almost an identical hair experience last year. First this guy who apparently had never cut hair before in his life posed as a hairdresser and shredded my very thick, long hair with a razor until it looked like yarn that had been through something traumatic -*and* for some reason no other hairdresser could understand cut it dramatically shorter through the middle (like a reverse mohawk) and at strange places at the top front-ish quadrant. *Then* I went to have the black removed since it was short and I figured it would be a lot easier and the *new* hairdresser fried my hair by bleaching it two, three times? (And burned my scalp.) And gave me sort of bannanna yellow with a hint of copper instead of the requested honey brown that I had brought a photo of. I spent the next month dying it compulsively and it felt like a sponge when I washed it, disgusting. This all started about January or so of ’08 and the haircut I got a month ago was the first time my hair has actually looked decent since. I got so many compliments and realized that I had thought I would never have cute hair again.

  9. The Cancerian model-man-stoner once said to me:
    “Your hair is so beautiful, it’s almost, like, comical.”
    I said: ‘What the hell is that suppose to mean?!’
    He says: “You’re like some kind of a cartoon character. No matter what you do, anyway you land, your hair always falls perfectly into place…”

    I’m Aqua Venus / Virgo Mars (do boys with long locks count Venus or Mars??) and I don’t really agree with him, but still, as far as compliments went with this guy, this almost made sense, and was actually kind of nice…

    Anyway, I really just wrote this to check out my new Gravatar Avatar. I was getting sick of that lurid green geometric pattern. That I’d bother to get a Gravatar account is a pretty scary thing for me – its a sign of… commitment…!! Eek!

    • Does that say “Goat” ? I like it. What Lexicorn – a Cappy afraid of commitment – never 😉

      • It does say goat, FF. Don’t ask me why, but I stumbled across some instructions for shadow puppets and saw, randomly, that GOAT was one of the recommended tricks…

      • And it may be too late now for you to read this Lex but imho hair is a manifestation of your rising sign and placement of 1sr house ruling planet and aspects to it, plus any planets residing in near Asc or 1st house. What is your rising sign?

        • Hey FF. I’m a Virgo rising, but really early degree, it’s 1 point something degree Virgo – so there is a valid argument that my long flowing hair and performing arts background is due to a Leo Ascendant influence, but to be honest, I reckon my Mother, being an Astrologer, would never have got my birth time wrong, PLUS my Virgo Moon can’t bear the thought of not being partnered with the Virgo Rising…
          Still – one can’t deny the clearly Feline features I possess and the fact that I am, quite literally, a cat magnet. I love cats, they love me. Some will actually follow me down the street… But then Leo in 12th might explain a deep resonance with cat kindred…??

          • So you have Moon and Mars in Virgo in the first house – where is your Mercury – ruler of Virgo?

          • And your Sun/Merc Cap in easy receptive earth energy to your Virgo Asc. Virgo Asc would also explain why hair always picture perfect 😉

          • Beautiful.
            And indeed, if it’s not perfect, it gets neatly strapped back and hidden. Its not vanity, its courtesy to others.
            I also realised that a number of the long haired men I know are Capricorns, and none of them Leos, so maybe my astro does fit.
            But regardless – Bless you FF for worrying about my hair when you clearly have your own troubles going on today. x

    • Lex your logo looks like a pix from ‘Coles Funny Picture Book #1’ from the 30’s 40’s.
      He meant ‘animated’ when he said ‘comical’. As from Comic’s & their animation.

      • pegs i loved those Coles picture books my mum bought me in the late 60s to early 70s. Esp the earlier ones (very tattered as i would pour over them for hours). Had completely forgotten about them. Some of it hilarious, some weird and some plain creepy. I remember you used to see something different every time.

        Thanks for the reminder, i’ll have to get hold of one for my kids – i wonder what they’ll think of them now it’s a completley different world 😕

    • I LIKE it!
      Fallen Angel has the hair i want…freaky Manga spiky cute as….or did once!
      I still think of me as the summer streaky long blonde of the 70’s surfing
      North Shore…haha.
      Two identical silver white steaks have developed slowly each side of my crown
      for whom, the streaks, i am really grateful for they are so symetric.
      The gold’s turning to sliver.

  10. Dear bad-haired-Virgo,

    if you live in Melbourne, I can get you my hair magician’s number. He’s located in St. Kilda. I also have Venus in Leo, so totally get how traumatic a *fourth* crap haircut can be! I’ve been with my magician for over 12 years now, we have amazing rapport. He listens, takes his time to get to know you & your hair, and gauges how comfy/uncomfy you are with suggestions, what kind, that sort of thing. He’s not a hair-nazi at all. Let us know what happens!

  11. Thanks for making me realise an afternoon at the hairdressers is just what I need! I have the day off tomorrow, am booking myself in for a vintage hair set. Ahh… the dubious joy of sitting under a nana-cone-of-silence-hair-dryer with a glass of vino to while away the hours……Am feeling rather deflated & want to withdraw from the world so fab hair will be the boost I need. Yay

  12. Hey U&P Virgo,

    bad-haired Virgo is me (Libra actually – don’t talk to cardinal signs 😉 ).

    Actually a Melbourne girl, so would have been great to get a referral. However, I now live on the other side of the panet and am somewhere else again for a work trip, so …… Thanks anyway. Thinking my haircut budget now has to include a flight to London :§

    And to peeps still traumatised by razor cuts – guess what genius No.4 used….. Thanks for camaraderie guys, especially you Mystic – knew you’d get it!

  13. Vidal Sassoon’s law was NO RAZORS, if you ain’t expert enough to use the very expensive
    Japanese scissors, then don’t cut hair!
    Precise & exact he was. It was all razors BC. VD.

    As i was Lillian’s guniea pig for many years she gave me a cut soo short in ’70’s that
    she used MANICURE scissors. (pre #3’s). Hairline 1cm in length, no mean feat with scissors.
    Before that it was the Vid Sas ‘W’ waxed onto my neck. Then the asymetical one side down to
    the chin & the other above the ear.
    Shaving one’s head is very liberating…………..but don’t do it MMIL!

    • And again, I wonder whether there is an Asteroid Delilah – the taker of hair, the deflater of power??

  14. I’ve done the number 2 twice; the first time I loved it, but the second time I was sorry. However, it did my hair the world of good. Thick! Ended up giving the whole hairdresser game away, don’t trust em. Now have full head of 3y.o. dreads, my bestie is my only & personal hairdresser. It’s a work of art LOL, threaded with artifacts :) And no dirty product in my hair. Yay. And hey, it’s clean, no worries :)

  15. Dreads are just so cool if you can get way with them. Rasta’s laugh at my superfine hair, seriously giggle.

  16. I have a young hairdresser who has those blue eyes that pin you to the spot and you can’t feed her lies as to why you are 3mths late for your cut. She recently commented that my hair had grown & was in much better condition than the previous cut.

    Herbs to treat hormones, thyroid AND improved/changed diet were the culprit, I was relieved and happy when she confirmed my deepest wishes. I can’t gaze into the mirror and loathe some of the other clients in salons.

  17. well i’m a leo so of course all this hair stuff is me ! but i’m trying to honor my sag mars who doesnt give a shit !( & not the others who do) Bad haircuts i totally relate to, just had my lovely come-to-my-home-gorg hairdresser cut 5 !!!! inches off my locks & i’m so … grieving !!! Its so horrible in this dry weather having hair at all !!!

  18. My best/worst hairdresser was in Istanbul, when I was working there as an english teacher few years ago, prancing around & sissoring off inches & inches, I was horrified at the time but would like to have that cut now ! How contrary & fickle i am

  19. I’ve had many different haircuts over the years but I still keep coming back to clippering it to 0. It’s goo because I can do it at home and whenever I feel like it and is also free!

    Last hair style I had when I had hair was my black and red mohawk. In the beginning it was all good and and new and exciting etc but then it started to become tedious but not because it wasn’t cool anymore but it was my stupid hairdresser. She was one of those big haired, too much make up chicks that constantly said “omigod”. She kept trying to befiend me and to the point that what was originally an hour or hour and a half hair cut took like three hours! That and she kept trying to change my hair. It basically slowly started to morph into those flat fringe, back-spiked, short sides hair cuts that a lot of Arabic guys have here in Sydney. Like it doesn’t work whem I’m trying to be all goth/emo styles. That and the price kept going up and she kept making up stories about how the credit facility wouldn’t work on her EFTPOS machine. So after like three years of going there, I basically just cancelled my appointment and didn’t bother ever going back. So yeah, so far I’ve been my best hair dresser lol.

    It’s probably best I clipper it at home. If I grow it, it’ll just end up tri-coloured and too spiked etc for the office. lol

  20. You are correct MM. The fish oils are excellent for the hair. I have been taking Efamol efamarine ,…only one per day , for ten years now. I have a very thick head of healthy hair, with only 2% grey, and great fingernails. I also do not suffer from joint pain (e.g. knees etc. even tho’ I thrashed them with hurdles, athletics as a youngun’. ) If you never touch another pill in your life, take the omega 3s and 6’s that are contained in good quality fish oils.

  21. I’m a virgo and also have perpetually bad hair, mostly due to evil hairdressers. They ALWAYS give me something that makes me look old beyond my years (since I was little), or just a big layered poofy mess. I think virgos don’t transmit their personality or interests right away and may come off to hairdresser types as being stuffy at first. I also think it has something to do with our own ability to style and manage our own hair afterward, but I could be wrong about that. I mean, after a hair cut I don’t expect to have to straighten it and put wax in it and be constantly managing it to make it look decent, but that could be a virgo perspective.

  22. from all the responses above, it seems that us virgos tend to be the guinea pigs. It has to be because they assume it won’t matter as much if they mess up our hair -like maybe we don’t seem as fashion/style-conscious and therefore it won’t bother us or the people we hang out with?

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