Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

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Now that the Moon is near Full, sextiling Uranus and close to the destiny-reeking North Node, there is a higher-than-usual chance of sudden breakthroughs, emo insights re the past-present-future continuum & releases. Totally have a big pad by your bed to note down the ideas/dreams upon awakening.

The novelist Jeanette Winterson has got this gorgeous essay about the Moon;

“…In 1955 Walt Disney showed a private screening of his new film Man and the Moon to President Eisenhower and his generals at the Pentagon. Three months later the USA announced that they would be sending a satellite into space….


…The earliest written moon story is by Lucian, the Greek, in the second century AD, where he describes the moon, not as a barren rock, but as ‘a great country in the air, like to a shining island.’ Thomas Moore had this text in mind when he wrote his philosophical tract, Utopia, in 1515 – ‘the island of Utopia is shaped like a new moon…’


Most writers thought of the moon as colonized by a race morally superior to our own. When Cyrano de Bergerac – he of the long nose and passion for Roxanne – went to the moon in 1656, he found that Adam and Eve and St John the Evangelist had set up camp there. Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, wrote a political novel, The Consolidator, in 1705, in which it is possible to travel from China to the moon, where his hero learns lessons in good government….”

The rest is here.

Image: William Degouve de Nuncques

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30 thoughts on “Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

  1. Walt Disney – where would we be without him? That’s a great story.

    She’s like a silent sentinel up there – especially @ full moon when there is those rings around her. Although if I look too long every now and then I get this feeling like on the Truman Show. Maybe too much power there.

    And why did we never go back after 1969? I find that strange.

  2. Mystic – am hearing you on the emo breakthrus!
    big ones. the cool bit is, what once would’ve been more tsunami-awakening – currently translates as a realization simply hitting home. phew. the tail end of saturn & pluto transit……….

    • you must be glad to be on the tail end of those saturn/pluto transits RLP. wish I was.

      hmm just noticed this eclipse is conjunct my aqua 10 degrees midheaven. maybe that explains why I’m super busy with work + suddenly fired up with biz expansion plans.

      • this eclipse is hitting my moon at 10 aquarius…am feeling it…pretty exhausted, low qi…am too tired for emo breakthroughs! all i want is lots of sleep and to let my poor overworked analytical brain to chill T.F. out for a while. this eclipse feels far more draining than the big solar one for me, which was more a huge hive of expansive moves and dramatic and exciting events…

        too tired to even have an epsom bath. off to crawl into bed…if only until after thurs morning!!

  3. Mystic

    My eyes are struggling with the Nightly/Daily Scopes, now that there is no longer a blank line between signs.

    It is a blur of text, now stressful to find & re-read my sun, moon, & rising.

    Would you consider re-instating the blank line, thus lighting the way?

    A subscriber

  4. Wow just woke up from strangest dreams, very emo and saying that my function is as a shamanic midwife to help the bereaved and peeps attached to them who have passed over.

    Now to take this literally or not…mmm…

    • ROFL that’s pretty specific eh Lark? Have you been wondering lately what your purpose in life is, coz these eclipses have all been about the Nodes which, as we know is related to that Dragon’s tail/head business about past lives (south) and future destiny (north).

    • Oh, interesting Lark! I dreamt last night that I was on the phone to an ex-partner, who was trying to tell me what a great, powerful (male-centred) shaman he was. In a very matter-of-fact voice I asserted to him that female-centred shamanic ways were actually all around us in every day life and “A woman can be a shaman & have babies, you know…” After I said it, the line crackled up & I was like hello? hello? but he was lost in the static.

  5. Dreams have turned to sex, but I am always dressed up like a hooker lots of leopard print & get this thigh high boots (sound familiar?).

    There’s so much change & breakthoughs happening in waking life I’m not surprised. Perhaps this is related to the male attention that I’m not quite ready for just yet.

  6. My partner & I have our composite moon at 15 Aqua in the 12th & all of a sudden yesterday we decided its time to move house, cos we need more space for our creative work (leo 6th house) at home. Eureka…!
    As long as we can see a big starry sky & the full moon blazing from the back door I’ll be happy. Our 2yr daughter gets way excited, “the moon’s back! the moon’s back!”

  7. Eclipse has weirded out my Aqua-girl. It hits right btw her Uranus and Sun in Aqua (conj). I want my daughter back please. Last night she ranted for an hour about how unfair her life is (homework/music practice). At 6.30 I took cover under my doona and Leo boy joined me soon after. Fell asleep until 8pm, woke thinking I could hear her crying. Jumped out of bed and she’s all snugged up in her bed showered and reading a book all “love u mum” etc. Then again this morning the ranting “I hate my life, i’m not going to school” – so not her usual thing. Got her to school eventually. I’m totalled wiped out from her energy and now have to go to a funeral. Blah :sad:

    • Is the funeral for someone your daughter knew? She could be freaked out by the death and showing it by acting out.

      • No funeral for the mother of a friend of mine. Aqua has met this person a couple of times but hasn’t seen her for years so probably not a factor. I think it’s full moon eclipse energy wigging out her aqua planets and possibly hormones – hope not could wait a little longer for that!

        • Oh – it’s in a wide squ to her 22 deg Taurus Moon and opposing my Sun! So I’m copping it.

    • hang in there they come back when they gain their independance and hormones settle it took mine four years of hell but back to the beautiful being she was always deep some times very very deep..

  8. prowlncat – oh yes have been wondering what my purpose in life is big time lately. Just didn’t expect…that answer…

    And lol it was very specific. And had Aquarius eclipse ping moment with it too since I grokked who I was shamanising at the mo.

  9. the moon is totally awesome tonight, go have a look if it is night where you are!

    it is sooooo bright!

    I was walking home tonight from rowing training and the moon was full in the sky and broke through the dark clouds – it was so beautiful.
    it amazing.. and the best thing was the fact that i was walking with my new-old girlfriend and it was on our trip home under that AMAZING moon that we shared our first (well like 50th as we used to be together, but yea) kiss..
    again i love the moon!

        • Ok i can see the Gem/Sagg thing would go off. Wots impt in relationships is the connection btw Mars/Venus; Sun/Moon and of course Eros/Psyche. So wots potential Mrs Minerva’s Moon, Mars, Eros and Psyche?

          • moon in Saggo which is perfect!
            Mars in Aqua
            Eros in hmmm taurus opposite Psyche in Scorp which is conjunc Venus!

          • ok i’m being intrusive now – where is your Eros and Psyche? Her Mars sextile your Venus is good. Ditto the Moon/Sun link. Go Matt!

          • ok FF … scuse me for butting in … but I need an astrological breakdown of whom the hell I should go out with! You know a sun something with moon-venus ladeda etc etc …. Coz I seem to be a bit stuck on blokes that always have taurus in something and a libra moon – and it ain’t workin!