Do You Believe In Past Lives?

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I don’t actually have any dogma about past lives but i kind of do believe in reincarnation. Every now and then i have really intense dreams that leave one with a peculiar nostalgic ennui upon awakening.  And when i was about ten, i saw pic of a Genghis Khan warrior uniform in a book & flipped out. I knew nothing about him or the massacres, just the sight of the outfit created the most full on panic attack. I know, this sounds tres flake but still…

Once I got into an argument with a past lives regression lady – the only one I’ve ever gone to see. She said i was an aristocrat in a past life (can’t remember who) and I accused her of just saying that to everyone so peeps could ooze around saying “In another life i was Queen Christina of Sweden” or “I was a high priestess in Atlantis but i reincarnated…’  Just flattering drivel, serving no purpose. So i told her that in my really intense ‘past life’ style dreams, i was SO totally a serf it was ridiculous. I made a few other pithy points and then she said that i was so  up myself, high handed and arrogant etc i was merely proving her point about having been an aristocrat in my past lives. Lol.

Astrologically, if you want to have a bash at figuring out your past lives, you go to the South Node and look at it’s sign, house, aspects to other planets and where the ruler of South Node is…If someone else’s inner  planets strongly aspect your South Node, it is said to signify some kind of past life connection…

So, what do you think??

I have a batty theory that as the South Node slips into the sign of Kataka over the next few weeks and then for the next 19 months, we will more readily be able to sense our past lives…if in fact they’re true as such. Maybe we just inherit a hell of a lot more in our DNA et al than scientists know? If you can inherit a talent than why not a memory? Maybe some ancestors of mine fled Genghis Khan and Co – centuries later, i’m programmed to freak at the sight of one of his soldiers?

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63 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Past Lives?

    • It’s opposite to your true node i.e for my North/true node is Leo & my south node is Aquarius. 😉

    • it looks like the eye part of a hook and eye on your skirt or shirt if that helps and if you go to north node will show up on your chart – then find exact opposite point (because south node doesn’t show up on the chart automatically – unless I am doing some weird thing as I have never been able to see it there) and voila you have your south node.

  1. You know, just not sure as I am deeply suspicious of the true nature of “time”. But every time apart from that seriously dodgy time I have had a past life “reading” things I do in this life that feel as though I have always done them crop up – and there is repetition between diff “readers” of said time and lives.

  2. I’m open to it & Mystic your experiences suggest that there is definitely something triggering a past life/experience. I don’t have any experiences from readings where a past life has been mentioned, must not be very important. Lol.

    My south node is in Aquarius 11th & there doesn’t seem to be much else going on there except my north node is about to transit though Aquarius.

  3. I was “lucky” enough to have a friend who was a past lives regression lady…being into anything psychish I was up for it & found it to be a lot like lucid dreaming; & an intensely felt saga everytime. What I did learn was that it almost always reveals where we are wounded through being the oppressor, or the oppressee. While I haven’t had a Genghis Khan experience myself, one of my mates has…I had the pleasure of being an egoistic misogynist basterd, challenging the holy J dude on why he bothered to heal women & children…no glamour there, petals!

    *Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow takes it to the max in her “Mind Chronicles Trilogy” in which she unfurls the myths & legends of the galaxy through approx 300 regression sessions she had.

  4. Back in my early 20’s, I had a girlfriend, we had just met & we were hanging out in her room, she was showing me her photo album & when I saw pics of her as a young girl, I had such overwhelming feelings of having known her. Quizzed her as to where she grew up etc, trying to work out a link. We sort of drifted off to sleep later on & I had this intense vision of a room with 2 single beds. I was looking in from 1 wall. There was an antique dresser, that matched the 2 bed frames. There was a young girl crying on the bed, a woman came into the room & sat there silently stroking her hair, tears streaming down her face, not wanting the daughter to see. The father had just died. When I came too, I was lying there stroking my gf’s hair, exactly like in the vision. She opened her eyes & looked at me & we had both experienced the same vision. Described it back to each other exactly. Punch line is………the antique wardrobe in her ‘real time’ room was the matching set to the antique dresser & bed frames in the vision. The side of the room that we watched from was where the wardrobe was.

    Needless to say, I’m a believer

  5. Did anyone see the show on the ABC a couple of years back about heart-transplant recipients and the way some of them, post-transplant, began to exhibit interests and personality aspects of the donor? There was, of course, discussion about the whole “new start at life” aspect of receiving a new heart which might encourage people to live more daringly, and that some donors would already live that way and thus might also be more likely to die young and healthy enough to donate a heart. But there was also a lot of discussion about the cellular links between the heart and brain with some scientists open to the idea that heart cells can operate in a similar way to brain cells and store memories and other things we normally associate with the brain. So Mystic’s idea of some kind of DNA memory may yet be shown to be the case. And, naturally, the show also explored the idea that maybe we’re not so far wrong when we associate feelings with our hearts. Probably all a load of pseudo-scientific crap but I thought it was a very sweet idea worth considering.

    • fascinating… i’d heard similar stories about people who receive fairly significant sized blood transfusions?

    • Was that the doco that showed the old wharfie type guy who started writing gorgeous poetry for his wife & they found out the donor had been a poet?

    • The latest research i’ve heard (cannot quote source) is that science is discovering how similiar the heart cells are to brain cells – so it all makes sense re heart transplant recipients new “talents”.

      • The book is called “The Heart’s Code” by pyscho-neuroimmunologist Paul Pearsall. I still have the review of the book written by Ruth Ostrow. She mentions the story of a eight-year old girl who received the heart of a murdered 10-year old girl who started having dreams about the man who murdered her donor. Her mother called the police and using the descriptions from the police they found the murderer! There were heaps of other extraordinary examples. Must read the book one day.

  6. Deepak Chopra tells a story which he says is first hand. A young woman had a heart transplant and woke up from the operation with an inexplicable craving for beer & fried chicken. Something like that. Later that day a young man appeared in her room like a vision. He said “My name is X, you have my heart, I love you.”
    She later found out that her donor heart was from a guy who had passed in a traffic accident, on the way out with some friends to get beer & fried chicken etc for a night in. Deepak tells it WAY better but that is the gist.

    • DC is the consumate spinmeister, sorry myst but thats one of those urban myths that got out of hand..craving for beer and fried chicken,puleeez. Ive heard the same story a few times with different details each time…

  7. I also think that when you meet people and INSTANTLY get along (whether as friends or lovers) it’s interesting how often you find major South Node synastry. South Node on your Ascendent & vice versa is a big one as is South Node on Moon.

    • OMG – ok, so I’m Venus in Pisces, given to “so fated” fantasies, BUT there’s this guy, right? And since the moment I met him, I’ve felt this feeling in my stomach like he’s something major to me and I just worked out that I have my SN in his sun (Gemini) and he has HIS SN in MY sun (Aqua)…I’m going to layby that wedding dress 😉

  8. I remember very distinctly believing, as a 4 or 5 year old, that my family had gone to Hong Kong and lived on a house boat as a poor asian family. I can still see the house boat now. It was so fuqing fantastic that I wrote a “book” about it which I charged my friends 10 cents to buy.

    I was honestly completely bamboozled when my mother told me we hadn’t gone to Hong Kong and that I must have dreamt it. It was so fricking real! Past life? Dream? Same thing?

    Apparently I also used to regularly announce the arrival / imminent phone call of my parents friends minutes before they arrived…by saying “so & so’s here” or “so & so’s on the phone”

    Am thinking that little kids have a hazy sense of time and place

    My SN is in Gemini, 3rd house, I think

  9. i realised the other day that this canyon waterfall place that i can vividly see in my head and have remeberences of going on family camping trips on, we had one of those big canvas tents. is no where i have ever been and certainly not camping with my family. shame really cause its quite beautiful. the bizarest bit was the actual realisation that this memory isn’t ‘real’.
    my SN is in taurus, 8th house, death and rebirth – along with jupiter, venus, mars, mercury and my sun is in the 8th in gemini. waiting for an astro coven i can attend to find out about what that’s all about mystic!

  10. You can tap into any memory of any person who has lived….genetic memory, cellular memory whatever you like to call it. Its probably what that big grey mass in you head that we use only 10% of contains. Thats why every second person says they had a past life as , say, Cleopatra or whatever. Time is not linear it is cellular, those ‘past lives’ are not in the past, the past is an illusion. We have many untapped abilities, one of them is to share memories. Current past life theory is limited, we are at some level ‘one mind’, all of us, pick a life, any life, if the lesson is needed it will be given.

  11. oh, my south node is libra, 10th house…have been told that 4th house north node can signify a gender shift from the last life to the current one…

      • 10 degrees…
        Apparently the “gender switch” is associated with “difficult emotions” re: male/female conditioning… I have a twin brother, born 5 minutes earlier who is very yin, while I am comparitively much more yang. I can’t even begin to fathom any of it…

  12. Although I’ve had no past life experiences I do believe that it is possible to have a past life experience. It’s also quite possible what David has proposed that past life experience is shared memory.

    I know as a nine year old I had this moment of clear recognition…in Pittsworth QLD of all places that this is where my people came from. As I’m adopted my previous nutured experience of my people, was my adoptive family. My parents(the adopted ones, they’re the ones that did the hard yards) and I were visiting some people out on a wheat farm…and I remember having this sense that I might be related to these people, or people nearby…I mean if anyone has been to Pittsworth it’s just not the type of place to obviously resonate. So years later when I found my natural mother, and found that she was born and lived her early adult life…including conception time of me in Pittsworth…it just echoed that chime I’d felt 12 years before.

      • You must’ve had fun in your last life!
        Lol and the Leo-Libra is a slow hangover of your old Saggo tendencies!

        • Well Matt I still like to think I’m having fun right now…and as my north node is gemini I expect fun to be a continuing theme…also the odd spot of study and learning …but then I find that fun too.

          • HA!
            TRUE TRUE! “Well Matt I still like to think I’m having fun right now” i hope you didnt think i was inferring that you dont have fun in this life…Lol i mean that it wouldve been a massive change in lifestyle though.

  13. My south node is in Taurus –
    and my psychic is absolutely certain that i was the head high priest of Sekhmet’s temple in Memphis, Egypt.

    btw i have also heard another Atrological past life “rumour” anyways it says that your accendant is the sign you were in a previous life – and as the soul has experience with those certain characteristics it chooses it.
    i know complicated.

    • mm i beg to differ as i have heard the exact opposite – ie that your asc is where you will go if you do the right thing in this life – lol. I have no idea @ reincarnation, past lives etc and i think that’s how it’s meant to be – just live this f….. life the best you can and what will be will be. i do believe however that the south node is the easy way but the north node is where you are meant to go – and that is just through experience (old age you know mm, ie. over 40 :-)

      • AHHHHHH! that actually makes sense! – LOL – so do you think that your Decendant is your past and your Ascendant your future??
        “just live this f….. life the best you can and what will be will be” LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
        My south node is in Taurus, yet my north node is in Scorpio – so i am naturally drawn to spirituallity?

        • Yep depth, Scorp in 9th house?? – (sagg is the natural 9th occupier too). From Kim Falconer’s book – NN in 9th – need to develop deep sense of faith through broadening the horizons, exploring other cultures and finding a spiritual significance in life. Need to travel and open the heart to new inner experiences. NN in Scorp – need to delve deep into the undercurrent layers of life. Risks must be taken and erotic transformations dared. The occult may be pursued, leaving the mundane behind …. need to merge energy to create a greater whole. NN here also benefits from helping others to develop their own resources. SN in Toro can pull you back into the material world where you found success in the past. It may be hard to let go of the indulgences of the good life, although a better life for this placement is found in the merging depths of the soul.

          • WOW!
            exploring other cultures and finding a spiritual significance in life. Need to travel and open the heart to new inner experiencesSOOOOO TRUE
            THE OCCULT HA TRUE

          • You so have to buy Kim Falconer’s book mm – esp with your new pastime – lol! So much info in that book. Astro and Aptitude – see her website for deets.

  14. Coupla things. What do we think, re confirmation of past life connections if both people share the same south node, ie. taurus, one in 3rd house and one in 6th house? Any answers? My past life comment is watching Gallipoli in the 80s and hyperventilating when Mark Harmon and Mel Gibson threw themselves over the trenches into battle. Years later I was told by a past life regressionist that I had melted into the walls of a WWI trench dying wounded and retreating from abject fear. Sort of hit a note with me.

  15. never had any particular theory on past lives, almost assumed it is the way as constantly have recall of prior times. in detail. years back Taura Sis organized Crystal Dreaming session when her team her were in town. First time I Astral traveled. They made me promise to come back, & the state of bliss attained on that journeey meant I was SO NOT wanting to!! In short – after shooting down the tunnel bit, in a massive house, seaside, wearing layers of aristocratic skirt, and staring past my easel through a window (wall was 2 foot thick stone), shutters open, dreaming whistfully out to sea. Felt like north Italian coast. returning to my painting, became distracted by little feet, running with urgency, clattering down the stone hallway. my daughter, about 6, bobbed head of ringlets, over excited squeels that daddy was home. Merchant husband returned. The look he & I held – undescribable. The 3 of us embraced with such love, it was with greatest reluctance I extracted self & returned to the suburban Sydney modern day room I was in when called. came too with tears of joy streaming my face. to this day I cry at the recall. that state of bliss 10 years later is overwhelming. still.

    another, like Mystic, was Genghis era. On horseback, sensed Mongolia, with my brother. I was male that time but can recall detail I know I’ve not learned or read. then the recollections / knowings started coming thick so I switched that thing off. like fading the brightness down to black. cant see. but still hear & smell when in a new location. is that past lives? who knows!!

  16. I experience deja vu on a frighteningly regular basis. Also, when I was just a child, I always felt the strong presence of my maternal grandmother. I felt that she was on my right hand side and “just over the ceiling” – she really felt that close. She died two years before I was born.

    Unlike others who have been told that their past lives were spent as Cleopatra, a king etc., I was told by my former tarot reader that I was a nun in the middle ages who was burned to death.

    South Node in Scorpio, 5th house.

  17. Oh I was burned at the stake in the middle (dark) ages too! My recall was of myself as a young woman, living with my family. We were a close-knit, loving, joyful family, very poor, living off the land- serfs, I guess. My mother brought us up as passionate & knowledgeable pagans & we lived compassionately, with a healthy reverence for authority. Then of course, we all got taken away & put to death cos we celebrated life & weren’t scared…

    • And you know, it has never put me off a good barbeque! Actually, thinking about past lives, again, as a child, I had a terrifying recurring dream. My family and I were hiding during the war and I remember seeing them shot in an attic.

      Yikes, time for bed, methinks!

  18. I believe because I can remember some of them. I started when I was young, panic attacks like yours over random sights. For example, I freaked during “The Name of the Rose”, during an ordinary seen of a monk crossing a parapet. I was in class at the time (progessive teacher), so it was extra weird. But I KNEW that male monk was me, which I couldn’t understand at the time.

    I’ve been getting more bits and pieces over time, but I’ve never discussed this public. Too private. Only with my partner, who’s been there himself.

  19. South node in Fish in 1st house. I can grok the pisces bit but don’t know how to interpret the 1st house bit. dammit.

    Have been feeling a deep urge lately to regress and explore past lives.

  20. cellular memory?

    I think it’s possible to have a past life but not everybody was a queen or king. I don’t know what i was. South Node in Cancer but barely…a degree or 2 away from Leo.

    What i found was interesting to go get a natal chart and plug in the asteroid names of ex’s and friends and see if they are close to south node or north node. A lot of the ones that were humdrum but “easy” relationships were near south node.

  21. My Leo husband has his SN in Cancer 8th house where my Leo daughter has her Moon, and my son’s SN in Leo 8th house is conjunct my husband’s sun and moon, sun in 8th house, moon in 9th. And I have my sun and moon in 8th house, where my husband and son have their SN.
    Although I do feel a bit left out as I may not have been a part of their past lives, particularly my daughter’s.

    • My daughter and husband were definitely destined for each other though. Not sure it is related to past lives. But a month before I got pregnant I went to my psychic and she asked if my then boyfriend, now husband, was pressuring me to get pregnant. Now this was an odd thing to ask because we had only been together just 2 months, but it was true, he had brought it up soon after getting together.
      Anyway, the psychic said that there was a baby spirit attached to my husband who was desperate to be born. She had almost made it once before she said, and it is true, my husband’s ex had had a miscarriage.
      Now I am just waiting to see what the urgency for my daughter to be born was, particularly as she seems to have popped out as a fully formed human- her first word at 2.5 months, asking questions at 13 months.

  22. Mystic,…..had to chuckle when you described having an ” arguement ” with the past-life regression lady……I had a similar experience with one who INSISTED that I too was Royalty in a past life…… and I replied that she no doubt told that to all her clients as well !!!!!!…..she got mad as a hornet …..I still think she is F.O.S…….

  23. last night i dreamt in a long convoluted way that my grandfather had been part of the persecution and butchering of a group of women and children in a witch hunt kind of way when he had moved with his family from city to country. this family secret only came out when my brother was facing charges of beating a woman who associated with a local ‘weird’ family. it also turned out that my grandmother was a witch, as a kind of response to the actions of my grandfather. and she turned up at the end of my dream, as i was beginning to do the waking up w t f, and she told me that if i stopped wearing my moon it would allow my sun to shine more.
    I’m also assuming that bit of wisdom was in answer to a question i put out before i feel into that dream- about what to do about a certain person based situation. At the time i thought she was referring to my moonstone necklace i’ve been wearing for over 10 years and have wondered about its influence at times. though perhaps she was telling me to stop being pisces emotional and go back to being gemini flippant.
    but back to the past lives thing – apparently i have family members who beat up witches, nice.

    • or maybe you feel that your family doesn’t value or allow your witchy intuition to flourish; is this a part of you that they disallow?

      certainly the patriachy (most men) don’t allow it

      • my family are scattered around the country enough that they have little influence over what i do – i’m the crazy one, i think they like or at least tolerate it. (and i have an even crazier step sister, so i’m kind of tame really)
        but at the end of that dream i did have a bit of a thought about perhaps that’s what my role was – to resolve that 8th house sn thing – to be the crazy one.

        • crazy sounds good to me…
          i think your dream is brilliant btw…what a metaphor! love the bit about the moon and the sun! is the moon the heart?

    • Maybe she literally was referring to your necklace…Leos are advised against wearing moostones for the reason your grandmother says; maybe especially with a Leo new moon coming up it might be timely to move on to some new bling…!

  24. I am on team “DNA” from the ancestors. I’m not totally opposed to past lives and I have had a few interesting serendipitous moments, but I agree with that Archetypical Jungian astrologer MM posted about a few weeks ago, if we have past lives, then we are certainly in the story of our family, which goes quite a way back, as well.

    • is not DNA memory a scientific way of saying past lives? going with the whole matter doesn’t disappear, just change form etc etc.???

      • We are all related at the dna level. Its not ‘shells’ past lives, its just ‘past lives’ of the dna, any of us can tap into any of them.
        Then ‘ownership’ of a past memory is unnecessary.
        Just like a pharma company should not be able to claim ‘ownership’ of dna.

        • I agree with you both shell and david. I often think that I AM my ancestors because I am all the accumulation of DNA reorganised. And also DNA as a metaphor/physical explanation of Jung’s collective conscience. Or something similar.

  25. I don’t have any past life memory or any real opinion on it either but I have loved reading all of these… :-)

  26. All I know is that almost every past life reading I’ve ever had pegs me as being Italian in a previous life… not that I feel any real affinity to Italy. But apparently, I used to be an old stained glass master artisan who had my own shop and trained apprentices, then in another life, I was actually my ex-husband’s mother hence the mothering vibe in this life.

    I don’t actually remember any past lives but I do know that there are people I have in my life today that I’m certain I’ve been with in other lives. The bonds are too strong and too real to think otherwise.