Cleopatra – An Aquarius? Plus Where Is Your Nefertiti?

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Art Deco Cleopatra Claudette Colbert

All that is known of Cleopatra’s birth is that it was in January of 69BC, rendering her a Capricorn or an Aquarius Sun. I was sitting there last night, pondering some sort of gag a la how she could/could not be either one of those signs, whatever. Suddenly, like a fiend possessed, I decided to figure out her birthdate. Thanks to the glory of Astrodienst I was able to check out the astro for Jan 69BC.  You can’t whiz up charts for that date, but they have an ephemeris.

I have decided that she was born on January 28 in 69BC. She’s an Aquarius. This was not just me guessing. I actually looked for the date she met Mark Antony as I assumed that would show up some fairly significant astrological transits to her chart. So, they met in October  of 41BC – if she were born on January 28 that would have Uranus crossing over Mars at that point. None of the other dates earlier in the month fit this. Uranus crossing over your Mars is totally apt astro for a woman meeting a life-warper of a man. She would also have  had Saturn on her Mercury in Capricorn at that date.

The January 28 birthday gives Cleopatra Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces square both Jupiter and Neptune. Sun-Saturn is a visionary and driven leader who feels enormous responsibility from a young age & had to wield power. Venus square Jupiter and Neptune can totally go over the top for love, and what’s more wants to. I think it fits her. She apparently wrote textbooks on cosmetics and gynecology in between being a Queen, managing an Empire, becoming a legend and being immersed in this all-consuming love affair.

black and white art Cleopatra

There is no asteroid named Cleopatra but there are some fantastic Ancient Egyptian themed asteroids, if you are interested. And no, i don’t really know what they mean in your chart but they’re fun to think about. For Astro-Fiends, at any rate. You can fling them into your chart using the Astrodienst Extended Chart Options feature;

Asteroid 42 is Isis (like the Egyptian Venus) and asteroid 2340 is Hathor (another version of Isis), asteroid 2436 is Hatshepsut – the only female Pharoah & whose rule was considered especially visionary & amazing. Asteroid 3199 is her granddaughter Nefertiti, she of the beautiful profile.  I am totally thrilled that i have Nefertiti conjunct my IC and Hatshepsut rising in Aquarius.

Cleopatra Sun Sign

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75 thoughts on “Cleopatra – An Aquarius? Plus Where Is Your Nefertiti?

  1. That is so cool

    I have Nefertiti in Aqua, Hatshepsut in Virgo, Isis & Hathor in Kataka.

  2. I met my life-warping man (who has TONS of Leo) when Uranus and Neptune were conjunct in Capricorn — right on my moon and squaring my Mars and Jupiter, back in 1993. We split up when Pluto crossed my descendant. Still getting over that one.

  3. I was rather hoping Cleopatra a Leo. Oh well. I am off to try and see if i have any glamorous Egyptian queens or goddesses rising.

  4. Hatshepsut conjunct Merc in Leo, Isis opp Ascendant, Nefertiti trine Mars- OMG there’s a sex/lust/power past-life in there I’m probably better off not remembering…cos it was soooo good!

  5. Go Mystic, astro-sleuth extraordinaire! I have Nefertiti on the south node – must mean that I was Nefertiti in a past life!! And Isis in 12th opp moon – temple priestess? lol 😉 asteroids really spice it up.

  6. “2436 is Hatshepsut – the only female Pharoah & whose rule was considered especially visionary & amazing.”

    Ew…nice….0 Aqua conj. natal Psyche 0 in 8th….

    • Just wanted to add, that if Hatshepsut visionary and “amazing” conj. Psyche in 8th….It’s cuz she seen somethin’ down there (Hades) that ain’t human….


  7. ohh, I love that extended chart section. as soon as the ‘roids get involved, I get interesting aspecting going on.

    Nefertiti conjunct Isis in cap in mid to late 7th house, and Hatshepsup conjunct Pluto in 5th/scorp directly opposite an interesting conjunt of pars fortuna, north node and pholus…godDAMN I wish I was more of an astro fiend.

  8. ooh thanks Mystic, this is fun! Isis in Gem in 4th (near natal Venus); Hathor conj Moon in Cancer in 5th AND best of all Hatshepsut in Sagg in 10th trine my Leo Sun and Eros in 6th! Nefertiti in Scorp in 9th conj Pallas and Juno close to MC. Will always welcome more air and fire in my chart as it is so heavy on water followed by earth. When I include (supposedly) minor asteroids and points my fire shines brighter eg: pars fortuna, sun, eros, lillith, ceres, MC and now hatshepsut – fabulous :-)

  9. Firstly – totally impressed by the use of BC ephemeris scouring to track down a birthdate like that one. Let’s not get into the Jesus argument again ‘tho, ‘cos y’all know he really is a Cappy and had magic powers too.

    So – just when I thought I couldn’t squeeze anything else into Virgo – whaddyaknow, I got this Hatshepsut lady sitting right on my Virgo Moon in the First House.

    Meanwhile Isis seems to be aspecting nothing but is dead on my Gemi M.Coeli, while Nefertiti (I’ve always been a fan) is sitting beside my Sagi I.Coeli. Probably doesn’t mean much, but was interesting to see them out on their own at polar opposites in a chart so crowded in the Virgo corner.

      • I read up on Lady Nef when writing a (fictional) story about Anastasia Romanov, as she was essentially the Anastasia of those times. She just disappeared from the records, nobody knows where she went, when she died, and where she lays now… I kinda liked the metaphor of the disappearing royal… Which makes we wonder now – perhaps Nef’s placement in your chart represents those parts of yourself that you mysteriously lose along the way, that vanish, that will erase themselves from your history…
        Just a theory I’m concocting over my belated lunch…

        • That is AWESOME! Does anyone want to hear – again – my amazingly full on Egyptian dreams that i had when Neptune was on my Asc. I have Nefertiti on my IC too!!!!
          Nefetiti – and i don’t know HOW i know this – worshipped Bast.

          • Does IC correlate to past lives???
            Perhaps our Nerf’s on our ICs are saying – in this life, we will master and rule our past life lessons, and then they will quite simply disappear… from the karmic task list, that is…
            I don’t know, more theories, that sandwich was WAY TOO BIG, I’m so sleepy now.

          • Right. So…. I am pretty certain no one is going to read this but there was this coffee table book on Myths and legends from around the world at this holiday house I stayed in at Hepburn Springs and it said that Hathor (oh divine cow) lost her temper… turn into a nasty lioness of anger and passion, destroyed a few things, was appeased by sacrifies etc etc and then became Bast.
            So the cat is the cow.
            (the story has been shortened a little)

          • I’d not seen that particular story Venus-agg, but had seen that the lion was a form that hathor took too…

  10. I’m having a go at the extended chart & got this far…

    Isis – Sag 20 deg
    Has – Aries 23 deg
    Hathor – Taurus 7 deg
    Neferititi – Pisces 16 deg

    Not that I know what this all means though.

    • Well Savannah,

      Isis and Has are in an easy flow as trine aspect by three degree orb.

      Hathor and Pisces (earth and water elements) not really in aspect but maybe to other things in your chart. Look for squares, conjunctions and oppositions as the friction makes things happen. Trines and sextiles are nice but strickly speaking as an Aries, I thrive on the “hard” stuff cuz darlin’ that’s what makes Little Bo Peep’s Garden Grow… :)

      Did Little Bo Peep have a garden? Or was that Little Miss Muffot?

      • I believe it was Mary Mary Quite Contrary… ??
        (Probably a Taurus with Libra Rising).

          • Forget that little Miss Muffot was busy sitting on her Tuffot (what the hell is a tuffot? Sounds rather harsh for the bum…) lol

        • Yes and thinking my Pisces Sun, Libra Moon (need to check rising), co-worker MIGHT be a bit contrar….But she has a very even tan which I told her is quite beautiful…Think that’s the Libra balance, no?

  11. On a topic somewhat vaguely related to Asteroids – what do people know about tonight’s Meteor Shower?? Can you really see it no matter where you are in the world??

    Hey, it’s named after the guy who slew (slayed??) Medusa – WATCH OUT MYSTIC! Apparently some of those meteors will make it to earth, please stay indoors just in case history should wish to repeat. *totally touching wood right now*

    • Natal Medusa is conjunct my Aries Sun by one degree…Bring it on Mr. Slew…(whomever you are…)

      Had not heard of the shower however. Sounds ~HOT~ in any case…

    • No that is a patriarchal myth – Medusa means sovereign female wisdom and she was an ancient Libyan snake goddess. Post-goddess-times, the myth was altered to reflect patriarchy. Come round with a crate of champagne and i can expound upon this theme at hideous length…

    • Have just read up on the meteors, apparently those of us in Aus, below Brisbane, will have a hard time seeing much, but may catch glimpses of them on the horizon around 4am. I’ll watch the replay on the NASA site tomorrow I reckon…

  12. Well I can see a fair sprinkling of egypt, sort of, lounging in leo…Hathor, Isis and Nefertiti and then a swing to Hatshepsut in aqua…other than that I have no clue…

    Showing ignorance here, in that little table on astro chart that shows to the right…where it says

    C F M

    What do the initials stand for?

  13. Ok… so my Isis and Hathor sit neatly on either side of my Natal Venus in Gemini…

    Hatshepsut is in Virgo (this strangely makes me a little nervous after your description MM). Nef is in Aqua (woot woot… pretty much the _only_ thing I have in Aqua. Actually… it is the only thing I have in Aqua)

  14. isis and hathor smack bang on top of each other in gemini, where the only other thing i have is my sun.
    and nerfertiti and hatsheput 1 and 16 aquarius, where there’s nothing else. nice of them to spread themselves about.
    Visionary and disappearing seems suited to aquarius in the 5th house, and well i’ve just about had it to the end of my limited gemini patience with all things bloody taurean venus, so perhaps a more airy approach to that particular issue is a good way to go.

  15. I think, with these more obscure asteroids, they add colour and interesting meta-dimensions to a chart when the closely aspect a major point in your chart. Stay with ONE degree…And conjunctions only…

      • I think she means we’re only allowed to use them as escape clauses if they actually look like they are doing something legit, rather than just kinda being more dots on the wheel. sigh.

        • This means I am running out of escape clauses…

          and things in Aqua. Oh so steadfast and lacking in creative weirding, my chart…
          … its like the little chart that could…

  16. I was Cleopatra in a past life ! Weely and truly.

    Was it Joan Rivers who had that line about being Shirley MacLaine in a previous life ?

  17. oh i have hathor conjunct my IC and hatsheput conjunct my sun (or how ever you spell her royal name – do you get embalmed alive for misspelling??)

  18. Mystic, this is a fun exercise! Turned out my Isis & Nefertiti are conjunct in the 11th house. According to Astrodienst they’re conjunct my natal Mercury, but you mentioned above to stick to one degree, so going by that they’re not conjunct.
    Hathor is in what seems to be complementary early Cancer while Hatshepshut is mid-Aries. :)

  19. Ooh, I like this too. At one end of the ninth I have Hathor and Hatshepsut conjunct my sun, one either side, like guardians. At the other, I have Nefertiti, conjunct MC, trining Saturn. Yay, some good saturnine news at last :) And Isis is sextile Hathor.

    Now if the 9th is often referred to as second marriage (not that I’ve had a first lol) and I have cancer moon and the related love of all things old, I’m getting romantic visions of striding into the second half of my life to an old love, with all my venuses protecting me, and saturn finally giving me a break. But the moon directly opposite my neptune and eros in scorp at the mo, so it’s probably just a dream ….

  20. I actually dated a bull semen broker briefly. If only i had known it was so amazing for the hair then. Mind you, it was shockingly expensive.

  21. Woohoo! Isis in Aqua rising!!! Nefertiti in Holy Cow, yussss! I’m going to look into Bast worshipping, sounds like my cup of chai.

  22. Hi Mystic J :))

    You’ve hit on two of my fave topics… Egyptian biz and Asteroids… hehehe..

    Okay… firstly… a rectification has been done on Cleopatra’s chart … by Noel Tyl in Astrology Of The Famed… and the story is pretty amazing… she’s the first person in his book… others St. Francis Of Asissi, Dracula, Leonardo Da Vinci and Beethoven… it’s a damn good read. Anyway supposedly she has Scorpio Rising 13 degrees … 13Sco22.

    Cleopatra VII,
    Jan 13th 69BC,
    2.08 am,
    Alexandria, Egypt…


    there is an asteroid for Cleo… tiz 216 Kleopatra, my chart in Scorpio Conjunct 2598 Merlin and 5239 Reiki in 12th House Trine Pisces Venus/South Node in 4th House, so Sextile North Node and POF in 10th H… oh and Hathor is in Taurus in 5th H., Opp Kleo et al.

    And speaking of Nefertiti… my chart in Sag Conjunct 3811 Karma and 4848 Tutenkhamen in 12th H Squaring Pluto in 9th H… and Square Chiron Conjunct Mars in 3rd H.

    And Isis is Conjunct 16 Psyche Conjunct Sun in 4th House
    Hatshepsut Conjunct Mercury in Pisces 4th H

    hmmm… and it’s no wonder I’m obsessed… and dealing with the healing/magic/creative world.

    Cheers Mystic
    And keep up the great work… you’re a STAR!!!

    Suz x

    Sorry haven’t done the 1 degree exact but some of em are pretty close.

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  24. i think that cleopatra7 is so fasenating….
    she is the wonder of the world
    people know her but no one has seen her
    its like a secret or a puzzle that should be undone
    if you have read the things about her you would see all the diffrent answers and facts about her
    thats only because she is unknown
    she is the 8 wonder of the world!!!!!

  25. I love egypt culture and civilisation and cleopatra to be said as last pharo
    I hate the cleopatra politics and relations maintained with ceasor and antony and somany which we may not known
    any way one tolmic dynasty and culture died- burried – eradicate

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  27. Thanks for writing on these intriguing subjects. Great post and excellent astro-sleuthing!

    As usual, Cleopatra’s rep as a temptress preceeds her…will there be a new film, When Circuit-Breaker Uranus’ Electric Spark Met Cleo’s Planet of Tempestuous Desire? As you say!

    And you know that a transit/visit from quirkster Uranus may indicate an actual person suddenly coming into one’s sphere of influence from outside your network…perhaps Marc Antony was as we hear so often about Uranus (not discovered until 1781): a bolt from the blue and a real live wire!


  28. i don’t think so
    her personality don’t match with the aqua character
    may be Scorpio or Pisces

  29. I have Isis exactly conjunct my south node at 14′ Taurus. Isis in my chart is retrograde. Can somebody please tell me what this could mean? I’m 16 yrs old. Guess I’m just gonna have to look up what Isis is about.. then try to put together a meaning for it being opp. my S.N… interesting

    Oh yeah, I have asteroid Kleopatra (216) exactly conjunct my moon in 16′ Pisces. Ever since I was a little girl, most of the males I’ve been attracted to ALWAYS had brown eyes/brown hair atleast…. always had a foreign look to them… might be all the Scorpio planets in me 😀

  30. Ooops, Kleopatra is in 18′ Pis. conj my Moon in Pis by 2′ deg. Kleopatra is retrograde in my chart also

  31. I was born January 29, an Aquarius also.
    And I have sunk a few Barges in my day.
    Most of them handsome, irresponsible
    Libras who were sex crazy. And loved

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  37. I went to Astrodienst and used your January 28th date and did a love match comparison with her and Julius Caesar. I had to guess at some stuff, but nonetheless, the results where pretty cool.

    • Well, there is some dispute between websites. Some say January 12, and some say January 13. And the year is apparently in dispute, too, because some say it was in 101 BC and others 102 BC. *shrug*

      I think that makes him a Capricorn…I think.

  38. I’m just thrilled because I (secretly) wish I had a Grand Trine in my chart, (I know, I know, no path is good nor bad, but I’m not that evolved yet I guess) and now I FINALLY have one. A Grand Water Trine (echo echo echo), with Sekhmet, Hatshepsut, and my Mars Jupiter conjunction. Yay!