Who Meditates?

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Taureans are supposed to be the transcendental sign & thus the natural-born meditators…I think Mercury in Taurus would also be a whiz at it. I Love reading lists of meditation’s benefits: Relaxation, wisdom, beauty, anti-aging, circulation – and it’s free! I find it hard as i have Mercury in Aries and my mind charges all over the place, when i try to still it. Your Mercury signifies your Mind. Seriously, you know what it’s like when you try to get an Aries to do anything…But please, citing your Sun and your Mercury sign if you know it, do you/how do you/can you meditate??


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96 thoughts on “Who Meditates?

  1. Ive got both my sun and mercury in Saggo, but i thought that the dreamy picsean would be the born meditator hmmm…
    what does my mercury in saggo mean?

      • you may find yourself embellishing or exaggerating what you say, turning otherwise ordinary events into a drama, into theatre, feeding the fire. So for example, the weather will be absolutely terrible, an ordinary unfortunate event will be a complete disaster, a holiday will have been fantastic, amazing, wonderful – all big words. Mercury in Sagittarius is also said to have ‘foot in mouth’ disease, the tendency to speak before thinking, and to interrupt. On the other hand, it is highly intuitive. There is an extraordinary ability to perceive and anticipate the future, what lies around the next corner

    • I’ve got Sun & Merc in Sag as well – meditation is really hard for me, as my mind keeps wanting to flit off to something else, but if I can slow myself down enough I do feel like I get benefits from it.
      I’m also a Cancer Rising in a Pisces decan, so I tend to soak up a lot of my surrounding energy, and I think meditating helps me let go of some of it and tap into my center.

  2. sun in scorp, mercury in scorp. Alas this means, oh, I am really intrigued by the IDEA of meditation. i find it spooky and like really good drugs that i think not many peole have access to , so i want more of em. . anything to blow apart the mind makes me very excited. But i find it very hard to do zen style still-mind meditation (cos i am so busy being intrigued by it of course). I do LOVE watching the process of the mind.

    Am committted tho – was taking zen DIY classes for ages. Kundalini meditations I find easier for wrangling the monkey mind. you often get to wave your arms around like a lunatic so that gets distracting at least.

    After much research I reached the conlcusion that 5am is best for meditation, but sooo not best for my phobia of the AM freezing cold

    • My mercury is in Scorpio and identify with the above – all of it. I do have trouble doing it, but found some books on the matter which brought it down to earth quite motivating (to an extent) eg Quantam Healing by Deepak

      • Scorpio Mercury as well….am very into Kundalini ascension meditation….yeah, and I`ve also had some cosmic drug experiences that nothing else can replicate….but I stay away from them now…too many side-effects

    • I’ve got a Mercury in Scorp too! Libra Sun though. I totally identify with the stuff you’ve stated. In addition, I like “moving meditation” such as yoga, tai chi & qi gong.

  3. gemini, with mercury in the last remnants of taurus.
    Can’t mediate at all, all that sitting still being blank of mind. No thanks.
    I need to be moving to quieten down my mind, swimming, or walking or something. Being still sends my brain moving instead.

  4. I’m a virgo with mercury in leo. I rarely meditate, but when I do I find it very relaxing. I’m usually too busy doing things or worrying about doing things or guilting myself for worrying about doing things. Whoops?

    • Hey me too! I like the resulting feeling from meditating, but no matter how much I plan to do it, I always get distracted, run out of time, or just plain forget…

  5. Aqua with Merc in Capricorn, I love to meditate daily for 20 mins in morn and s’times at night too. It’s the one thing I like to be disciplined about.

    • I’m the same (Aqua Sun, Merc in Cap) and I have never mastered ‘proper’ meditation. That said, exercise (jogging, hiking etc) probably serves the same function for me.

      • Same combo here, too: Aquarius with Mercury in Capricorn (I just can’t be the third person in a row to write in abbreviations). I agree on the hiking.

  6. Moon in Aries…battle to meditate and still my mind. But when I do (usually guided in a group), I can really get to an interesting space and have started seeing a purple large round dot which beckons me in.

    I know if I tried harder, I could reach something I’ve never experienced before, but it’s like I am afraid of what it would bring. I do not know why, because consciously I am very keen on finding it.

    Have definately gone into a zone in a group and in that hypnotic space can see aura’s very clearly and stuck energy around a person’s body as well as visions of the central essence of the issue at hand in that persons life.

  7. The Maharishi was my teacher’s teacher. Haven’t had a teacher since mid nineties though was taught, that when beginning, start with just twenty minutes and work up. Sit in a chair with feet flat on the floor as one wants energy to flow. The reason why adepts used to sit crossed legged is because only the upper chakras would open and gave them a different kind of communion.

    Used to meditate all the time after morning walk. Haven’t regularly for some time.

    Was instructed to take notes of what I saw while meditating as helps one to learn to observed their thoughts. That’s not needed eventually though.

    One doesn’t want to meditate too long when not accousted to it as will release too much “stuff” (karma) and one might bounce off the walls. And meditating before bed might keep one up…

    Just some thoughts and pointers that were taught to me and worked for me.

    Ar Sun and Mer

  8. A vispassana 10 day silent meditation course was one of the best things I ever did. Was 8 mths pregnant at the time too so nice peaceful time with my unborn child.

    I still feel benefits in my mind and how it works now a decade later – although sadly do not meditate regularly now but love it whenever I do.

    libran sun/taurus moon+rising

    • I so want to do the vispassana 10 day thing. Maybe not now with Sun in Leo etc – but when Sun in Aqua (12th house) in late Jan/early Feb. Sister-in-law and hb do a lot with the one at Pomona in Qld. Massively into meditation, vegos for years, go OS on hols to meditate for 2 weeks etc.

      Right now with Merc in Virgo I can’t shut up.

      • Ok curious about sis-in-law and her hub astro so just looked them up: loaded Cap and Sagg. She has Cap Sun, Jup, Merc and Venus; he has a swag of planets in Sagg including Sun and Merc and Mars in Cap.

  9. Sun in Leo, Merc in Virgo (conj Uranus and Pluto). Impossible to keep mind blank but have learned to be still and calm and just let the thoughts come and go. Read somewhere that that is ok, that trying to achieve the blankness is difficult and what’s the point if you become stressed out trying to achieve the blankness.

    On a few occasions I get to a lot of colour and shapes flying by and morphing from one thing to another (no not on drugs), not sure if that ‘s normal.

    • That’s absolutely what I was taught FF…Just watch thoughts and pix come and go..

      Aries Sun and Merc trine Uranus, third, and Merc trine Jupiter in Sagg, sixth. Think that probably assists a bit.

  10. Gemini sun/Mercury in Kataka

    I meditate every evening for weeks at a time & then I take a break from it. I find I like it for those periods & then I’m not into it, I don’t do it until I’m interested again. I can find myself getting into a meditative state when I’m swimming laps & enjoy that so much more.

    • Also I notice my aches & pains more when I meditate esp my back, anyone else?

      • Apparently that was why yoga began, as a preparation to sit in meditation without the aches and pains. I feel all mine too

      • These are probably the places where energy is stuck. If one sticks with meditation they will begin to feel “shifts” in the body which is creating movement and healing…flow.

    • I adore the state of mind I get swimming laps. It takes a few hundred metres to settle into the rhythm and then – bliss! It makes sense, given that one’s breathing becomes so regular. And if you get a mouthful of water you just breathe it out and start over with the next breath. Simple.

  11. pisces sun pisces mercury

    Yes, sigh, it’s true meditation has it’s benefits…clarity, awareness…but oh so difficult.

    I find meditating “on the breath” almost terrifying….like being in your own coffin already!

    I have found that Mahayana Buddhism works for me….lots of instructions, mantras, visualisations…lots to do….and the benefits come

    Not the typical pisces?

    • same here current (pisces sun + merc)

      i am not a regular meditator but i love it whenever i do it

      find it difficult to commit to a routine for meditation.

      i see it as mental de-cluttering, thus i like it even more.

      • same here too – sun and mercury both in pisces (but in different houses). I find it distracting trying to meditate, as in sitting still and silently with eyes closed. I LOVE to sit still staring into space or looking at water, or even walking (in the right environment) in like a meditation for me.

        Daydreaming is the best meditation for me.

  12. Sun in Virgo, Merc in Libra. Have meditative moments when washing the dishes or cleaning the house. Also when mending clothes. I can also stare out the window for ages and let my mind go blank.

    Have had a few good moments of meditation at yoga classes (particularly, haha! Mystic at a kundalini class).

  13. saggi sun, merc in cap

    yep, i meditate, in different ways. i find that the whole sitting still thing only works for me if ive done some intense exercise first (isnt that the original intent of the physical postures of yoga- to settle the energy for meditation?) anyway, that certainly when i can best feel centred enough to sit and just let go. i dont do anything fancy,- with merc in cap i can focus, but get too analytical if there are rules to follow etc (ie, defeats the whole purpose) so just visualize the space between my eyes getting more expansive until i feel pretty open and present…i love that feeling..

    though for those who cant sit still i also find exercise ITSELF can be awesome meditation- ie, the following of breath is much easier when running or swimming laps, anything repetitive where you can zone out from your body and concentrate on the breath for a period of time… i believe this is one of the reasons peeps get addicted to running etc, not just the endorphins, but the fact it settles their mind and allows them to get into that meditative space.

    i notice a complete change in my outlook and demeanor when i regularly meditate, its pretty damn amazing.

  14. Mystic, maybe you could try a ‘walking meditation’ with a mantra – that way your martial side is satisfied, yes?

    being a taurean I ‘should’ be able to meditate easily but to tell the truth it was HARD WORK learning to still the monkey mind.

  15. Aqua sun & mercury.

    Meditation is a bit like exercise for me. Totally in it or it’s a bit light on, and I do it while exercising. Swimming laps etc. Depends what type of meditation, I consider sitting out in the garden watching the birds, listening to the kids in the park, or the play of shadows from the trees meditative.

    • Aqua Sun/Merc in Cap.
      You’re right, that too. I’m realizing now how much of a point I make each day to have meditational time: I spend a lot of time outside in gardens and nature and walking around the city.

      • Yes! Every afternoon weather it be icy wind or unbearable heat in summer I sit out at the table on the verandah with pot of tea and just be. It’s a pleasant habit that I find I have a need to do.

  16. I have 8th house Leo sun conjunct Merc, square neptune in Scorp…I had a psychic tell me once that I am constantly meditating, which was reassuring, cos I thought it was called daydreaming! Active meditation, like dancing, painting, gazing at myself in the mirror, having a cup of tea, &/or maintaining an expression on my face like I’m listening when I’m really 1000 miles away is more my bag…

  17. Sun in Aquarius, Mercury in Capricorn.
    I promise myself I’ll do it every day but it doesn’t often happen for a number of reasons: can’t seem to tear myself from other things to make the time, puppy is being obnoxious, etc. When I *do* meditate I often light and candle and turn off all the lights. Focusing on the flame makes it easier to clear my head. Years ago I did seem to do it for enough consecutive days that I noticed a huge difference in my thought process and quality of thoughts. If I could be more disciplined or live in a community that practices meditation as part of everyone’s daily life (I would have incorporated it & wouldn’t have to ‘make time’) then I actually believe I’d be an entirely different person (like me but way better).

  18. Was told that when we space out or day dream, a part of us does leave, but that the trick is to integrate the higher mind into the physical which meditation assists with. We then become more fully present which on our way there, the editing voice of the ego calms down and gets out of the way…

    • “the editing voice of the ego” – just been discussing that voice and the other one – known by many names but in keeping with the theme – the superego with my evolved Saggi gf. Can be so destructive. Must meditate more!

  19. sun moon mercury all in cancer.

    I now meditate as part of my daily practise. I don’t feel like i’m that good at it although i’ve been doing it for a while. I am getting better and can now easily do 10 mins a day. I should be up to around 20 mins a day according to everybody else i know who does the same practise and my teachers but it’s a struggle for me to do that. I’m sure I’ll get there.

    That said my whole practice can be considered a moving meditation. it’s not quite the same as sitting for meditation for me.

    I love leading meditation when I teach the practise. It’s much much easier meditating in a group. I see budhha and a blue god i think it’s vishnu. The group energy is literally divine.

    • oh and how I do it.

      – Sit up straight. lengthened spine, supporting with your core strenght muscles.
      – Relax shoulders
      – lightly touch tounge to roof of mouth.
      – Let your body awareness drop down to the centre of your being. (if you have an awareness of how body and mind awareness are different you can place your mind awareness lightly in the forhead if this doesn’t make sense then focus on just your body awareness just below and inside your belly button)
      – Be with the breath. Breath moving the abdomen.
      – still your mind. What this means for a beginner is to stop following the thought trails just let them pass like clouds across the sky. If you catch yourself getting caught up in a though pattern just gently let it go and come back to the breath and the centre. When this is easy then you can start actually clearing your mind. When this is easy that will make sense too.

  20. Sun and mercury in Virgo. Meditation is nowhere on my list of priorities. If I had more time in my day, I’d do more yoga and qi gong and socializing. How many days now til Saturn stalks the Librans?

  21. Love you Uber! I can relate as my V Rising got hit by the God of Time and his ticking time bomb!

    Is it considered meditating if you do it before sleep, prone in what is practically shavasanna? I can’t seem to hack it any other way..the whole sitting up thing makes me feel a bit surreal, dunno why..so through trial and error, my best meditating moments are right before sleep.

    I like to visualize my thoughts fleeing my head, and my heart aches packing up for the day – they always appear as black succulent flowers, plump and juicy, smaller fat versions of a lotus and floating away beautifully. I know they are my “pain” in essence but I love that this is the image that always come to me. I think if I reached out and squeezed one of them, the petals would puss out blood juicily. The amazing thing is I feel good seeing them, very authentic.

    Then I like to imagine that my soul is lifting out in white silvery strands into the ether so I can commune with everything waiting for me there, healing, intuition, acceptance, loved ones who have passed. This time for me is completely peaceful and specially wonderful if bathed in moonlight – I am after all a Kataka.

    Then I like to thank the Goddesses and Spirits, the Mother Moon and my own, all my sisters (y’all) and the strong men who have remained around me as I drift off to sleep.

    Usually I have very intense graphic dreams – not always pleasant, but I like to think that my sleeping life is there to make my waking one all the better. Not sure if that qualifies as meditation but I love it.

    • Beautiful FA – such a lovely visual description…. I’ll try to remember that when I drift off tonight. btw I can do the meds thing semi-prone – propped up with pillows (can’t fall asleep but so comfy).

    • Thanks FF and Champagne… it started to happen when Le Scorp and I first lived together, and I would often get psychic clues to follow.

      I used to think this was just me being poetic in sleep..but its stayed ever since, and I always feel protected. Soul strengthening!

      • That sounds so gorgeous I might even try it.

        I realize I do have a trick for falling asleep if my mind is overly busy. I let my mind go quiet and look for the first dream images to start arising, then follow them. Don’t usually remember what happens next. It works really well for me.

  22. I just can’t do it. I have tried Qi Gong, yoga, pilates kundalini, etc. I guess walking through forests and along deserted beaches is as close as I will ever get. Exercise destresses me. Can’t turn the brain off…ever….so I anaesthetise it with nature. It works for me. I have recurring dreams where I am floating. Maybe that’s my brain making me relax.

  23. Saggi Sun, Merc in Cap.

    Like yoga, meditation gives me major headaches so don’t do it. I’ve never been rool good at the introspection.

    I had a phone consult with Mystic’s mate Astrobarry – and I’d highly recommend him, but only if you’ve given Mystic your business first, naturellement – and he was talking about having Mercury in cap and kind of dancing around it and I said, “Do you mean it’s quite Machiavellian?” and he laughed and said yes. Anyway, I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with the meditation thing but remembered it so thought I’d chuck it in.

  24. In the end meditation is a ‘practice’. Teaches us to be present and calm in our normal day to day activities. Practice should eventually lead to a real time and constant state of walking, talking meditation. The sitting still variety is just the beginning.
    The other reason for meditation is to learn about your body, from your body. Its trying to tell you lots of things that we don’t hear when we are rushing around. While self healing, systems back up etc are all organic functions assisted by meditation, inorganic or ‘mind’ functions can also be healed and extended.
    There is only one way to achieve the full benefit, your way.

    • Wow, I agree, davidl. Sometimes it totally takes an Aries to remind one to rock your individuality, even if it is in a semi-passive stance..

  25. i did a few years of ‘applied meditation’ which is with eyes open and looking at a candle with a guy in Brisbane called Warren Stanton, he was really amazing on guiding your mind/body to release and to not run with ego thoughts, somehow he always knew exactly where you were, when i came out i always felt like the world had changed and was cleaner/ clearer..LOL

    now i am training to do energy work its part of my nightly practice, i do Mantauk Chias ‘healing sounds’ first which seems to clear the body (a little like yoga but with breath and intention) and then open up my chakras by visualising the colour and a lotus opening of each one,starting from the bottom) this really helps with the chi and when you open up through the crown it feels like then you are cosmically connected, sometimes i will pull a card before hand to get me in the mode

    sun, moon, mercury & mars in pisces

  26. I loooove meditation. I do it less regularly than I should, but as davidl said, it’s called “practice” for a reason.

    I often have trouble visualizing things and get worried and think too much, so I find just concentrating on my breath, or visualizing generic things (i.e. “a waterfall” rather than “your spirit guide who revealed themself to you in a dream.” works better for me

    Sun and merc both in Aqua.

    • Champagne, I wouldn’t be too tied to the prescribed visuals, or even if you don’t get visuals AT ALL. People absorb and learn things differently, and sometimes there are even stages you can go through where your body and your spirit welcome different ways of finding peace and letting go.

      There are times I would HEAR melodies, in full orchestration that would lead to a restful heart opening! My frustration there is that not being a fully qualified musician and well, being more invested in the peace, I miss out on duplicating the melodies I hear!

      You seem to have found the best way for you though… :)

  27. Sun in Taurus, Mercury in Taurus.
    Meditation Addict. Twice a day.
    Love the feeling of connecting to the heart centre,
    kind of like the liquidy centre of a starburst lolly.

  28. Mantra meditation works for me – chanting Gauranga,or Om Hari Om, or any other of the Sanskrit mantras in a group in time is awesome (a word I rarely use as it seems these days everthing is awesome) but I have trouble – feel a little odd – doing it at home on my own. I live in a block of flats and find part of my mind wondering if my neighbours can hear me and what they are thinking.

    Mercury in Scorpio.

  29. Aries Rising, Libra Mercury. Exact Opposition.

    No way, I just can’t meditate. Tried it several times, but whenever I envisioned myself in a boat floating down my personal river I get distracted… By thoughts. My mind never stops, I have had problems falling asleep since being a child, because the brain just goes on and on and on…

    I wake up at night because some idea pops up in my dreams and I have to write it down or act on it….

    Mercury is also conjunct Saturn/Pluto, btw.

    have a concentration disorder according to several teachers and doctors I met during childhood. Gladly I was born too early for being put on medication in order to imprison the mental speed….

  30. sun virgo, mercury leo

    I meditate every day except when I accidentally ‘forget’. Cannot believe so few here have even a minimal daily practice – thought you’d all be med freaks! It beats medication.

    • have you got children night fairy? they make my life like a walking living meditation dealing with their daily needs in a calm manner but when I have time to myself now I just want to sleep or zone out or do something I want to do.

      you are right – it sure beats medication. wish I had a daily practice now but one day again I will.

  31. Sun in Pisces, Mercury in Aquarius

    Many many attempts at meditating. Even stayed at a forest monastery in Thailand, but 3 days of sweeping, walking and sitting meditation (not to mention french toast meditation) was more than enough, couldn’t last to 7.
    I can’t do it.
    Everything hurts. And the pins and needles are the worst.
    I get so bored.

  32. Aqua Sun / Aqua Merc

    Two words = Guided meditations! another two words = Brainwave Entrainment! It’s amazing how soothing it is focusing on sound…and how easy it is to stay focused compared to trying to sit still with an “empty mind”. Less taxing than trying to “om” yourself…plus they have a defined time so I’m not worrying about “over-meditating;-)”

  33. Both Sun and Mercury in Capricorn.
    Endless patience, so have never found it hard to meditate. But have questioned its value / productivity / couldn’t I be doing better things with my time…??
    These days I work too many hours and have lost my old daily meditation regime (its the Cap thing – it’s 8:30pm and I’m eating dinner at my desk at work right now). Will occasionally force myself into a two week meditation commitment – as did recently with eclipses – but much prefer to spend my precious little ‘me time’ sitting at the piano – where i can be lost for hours on end and receive a CONSIDERABLY larger buzz than meditation.

    • Same, Sun and Mercury in Capricorn.

      And I’d agree with you on it being easy to meditate. I meditate

      – sitting with legs crossed or standing with legs shoulder width apart, straight back etc. concentrating on correct body alignment, breathing (and the many ways to breathe) and mind clearing. This is mainly with my martial arts and also if my mind is hopelessly busy and I can’t focus.

      – if I’m trying to sleep lying down, tensing then relaxing my entire body and then slowing my breathing, using circular breathing.

      I don’t do guided meditations as I find them very scattering, but I focus with my mind coming ino a meditation and entering a particular space and leaving the meditation.

      Just a thought, would Jupiter would have some influence in the area of meditation?

      • Hey Mauvey – funny you should mention martial arts.
        Yesterday I developed a theory that Capricorns are definitely the sign most likely to do Martial Arts…. Agree?

        • Hi Lexi

          In that martial arts is a highly practical form of fitness and the male parent, the protector, is a Capricorn archetype, maybe.

          But I don’t know… martial arts are diverse, with different properties which might lend them to a particular sign e.g. one with very showy moves might suit a Leo, Tai Chi might suit a Pisces or Cancer and so on. There’s also different philosophies behind each art, which might attract different signs.

          I haven’t noticed a particular sign as dominate in my class. I fell into martial arts non-intentionally – my husband was taking daughter and was doing it very irregularly. I decided to start going to make sure they went and found that I really loved it.

  34. Sun and Mercury both in Aquarius…

    I tend to struggle with an overactive mind when I’m trying to meditate but for this exact reason I do invest a lot of time trying to improve it. I’m a big fan of guided meditations and have quite a collection of them. Ideally I’ll do a quick 15 minute one in the morning, but that usually doesn’t happen on a work day, and I also try and do a 15 minute one before bed nearly every night. This if often not particularly successful for a number of reasons. I either fall asleep because I’m so tired by the time I get to do it, my partner is snoring loudly through it, or we’re both tired and in silly moods and crack jokes while it’s on and get the giggles. I do tend to rebel a couple of nights a week though and close the partner (and kitten who is very prone to pouncing at inappropriate times) outside till I’m done. I also go to a meditation class once a week that has a very deep 40 minute meditation that I absolutely love and one night a week my metaphysics course opens with a meditation.

    Leading up to this full moon/eclipse I have completely decluttered my sunroom specifically as a space for meditating and artistic/creative projects. I find painting, and colouring-in particularly, are a really strong way of finding that meditative zone for me. As I’m officially on annual leave as of 5pm this arvo, I guess I’ll be starting daily meditation in there (without excuses) tonight!

  35. Pisces sun and mercury. There are yogic techniques of meditation. Eyes closed, and relaxed seated posture, propped up with cushions. Start with a couple of minutes for each posture.

    1. Vision. First and middle finger over bridge of nose on edge of eyes, index finger to third eye. Take the consciousness, instead of looking outside, look within.
    2. Sound. Thumbs across ear lobes lightly, rest fingers on head. Take the consciousness and listen in.
    3. Breath. Become conscious of the air in the air. breathe in and out, feeling the stream of vital energy ebb and flow like the tide.
    4. Experience. Roll the tongue backward and rest on the roof of the mouth. Focus on the taste of life.

  36. I meditate for about a half hour in the morning and usually get a lot of benefits from it that are difficult to articulate, it’s more a feeling than anything else – and it evolves. I follow no school of thought on the subject, just sit comfortably wherever and ask my guides or whatever you want to call them to guide the meditation – sometimes they take me to the past to release something, but more often the present where I get tools and strategies and instructions for going about my day. I’m not into any airy fairy esoteric mumbo jumbo that’s got no use on a practical level – I need shit that works to keep me sane on a daily basis, as I do have tendancies to be a bit bats.

    Cancer Sun/Leo Merc

  37. Scorpio – Sun ; ASC and Moon in Aquarius; Mercury Sagittarius. I meditate as often as possible though not daily lately.

  38. vipassana meditator though keep up the meditation less than i’d like.
    Find it helps A LOT if I do. Family also practice so does that make my asto data less influential???? sun in cancer/mercury in gem/aqua rising (lots of gem and cap elsewhere)

  39. I’m Sun in Leo, Mercury in Leo, and like someone mentioned above, I get the same problem of worrying about so many things I forget the actual meditation process, I have been able to “successfully” do it once, and it was just for a few minutes but ah, it was so so so good!

  40. Eeek! Doc told me today that grieving the end of a relationship was normal, but if I wanted, she’d be happy to look at a “pharmaceutical solution,” to help. I mean, meds have a time and a place but am not sure it’s here.

    So I just had a quick google of the benefits of meditation and – wow!

    Time to commit to daily practice, methinks. And buy another bottle of rescue remedy (And maybe that other rescue remedy made from grapes that’s bubbly and is called Veuve?!)

        • thank god you had the good sense not to go down the “pharmaceutical solution,” . Gee, doctors are so quick to offer drugs.

          Sure Prozac might take away your pain but it also takes away your soul. I tried it many years ago for a few months and i became happy but totally numb and I stopped dreaming. That’s when the alarm bells went off. My dreams mean everything to me and i would rather have the ups and downs and the depression than have my life sucked out of me. I could actually feel the drug seeping into my brain like a parasite. A horrible experience.

  41. With a Scorpio Mercury square Pluto, meditation has never been easy….too many dark and complex thoughts surface

  42. Taurus with Mercury in Aries. I do it for ten minutes a day, and have been doing it for about 100 days now. It is very hard to do with Mercury in Aries…

  43. imagine a small crystal sphere expanding outward from center of heart
    outward… by steps outward to the street outside, to all the countries,
    a sphere penetrating earth and space finally growing outward from center
    in heart (important to hold that ) outward to nearest stars and then back
    again shrinking into small crystal drop at heart center. Opens you to spirit realms and good anti-depresant interestingly…

    (rudolph steiner supposedly assasinated by practitioners of dark magic for
    letting this meditation ‘out of the bag’ so to speak..)

    Or just walk labyrinth (so easy and effective if one is near by) hold mind in center of heart and hang out there (a great place to think too)

    Sun in aries and merc in taurus (yes difficult to meditate but they call
    it an art and a ‘practice’)

    Interesting someone said meditation was how to handle a neptune transit wonder if it would help… (sometimes, uh, a little intense…)

  44. I have Mercury in Taurus, and I am Taurus, and I have no problem meditating. In fact it’s quite intense at times.

  45. Sun in Gemini, Mars in Cancer

    Meditated regularly for a number of years, building up gradually. Started off with sitting sessions, chanting and breathing. Did 10 day Vipassana at the end of a particularly dedicated daily 18 months and the results were astounding.
    Opens you up, gets you in touch with your body and beyond.

    Daily practice got the best results but I won’t pretend it wasn’t hard, especially at first. You find every reason not to sit down and do it!

    I find that I drop in and out of a regular practice now but know I feel amazingly different when I do a regular practice. Getting back into some daily sitting again now but it’s all about the moment to moment awareness – whatever you are doing.

    • Hey Triple air gem, I’m quadruple-gem, mars and venus cancer and I don’t know how you can sit and be silent at the same time. I am open minded with a great imagination but I cannot fathom that! Sitting… hard enough.. being silent… very rocky road..

      For me, to find the stillness within is a practise of disciplined multi-focus. INdoors or outdoors, I’ll give you an example, the indoors, lets say 10am Looks something like – classical radio playing, yoga stretching, whilst reading inspiring spiritual book, whilst cat comes in to perch on a bodypart, which I must still and keep still….whilst stretching, occassionally sipping from a cup of coffee, breathing deeply, “I wonder why I haven’t acheived much in the last 10 years” thoughts drift in, “go within, be still” voices arise, sip from glass of shiraz, mobile phone sends text message- I reply, cat repositions, “god I love doing nothing” thoughts come in, rush of emptiness whilst I do an intuitively tricky manouvre stretch with cat still still, whilst fully absorbing that line on that page, skipping a few chapters and opening book randomly, then reaching for an astrology book that explains it all in a different way, oh yeah, feeling empty of mind now, wow!! I can get my foot up there!!! I am one with the Universe! And I’m sure that was the goal of meditation!!I can stop all this now and get on the landline to tell a friend about my relaxed state. Ok cat, your time is up.

      I may find myself sitting…. for some of the phone conversation :)

      • 😆 I’m like that most nights, minus the cat and the shiraz.

        I’m actually planning on doing a free weekend Meditation course in a few months. It involves chanting and visualisations.
        I like the idea of meditation but i’m always doing a billion things at once and never seem to find the time to actually sit still for 5mins.
        That said, i day dream a lot throughout the day and often get so absorbed in my work that i get jumpy when someone brings me back to reality and i always say “oh sorry i was a million miles away”…. that’s like a meditation for me.

        Cap rising, Sagg moon, merc in Scorp, mars in Virgo. Gem north node

  46. SOrry to chime in late to the thread with a crashingly dumb query but WHY do they always say you have sit down when you do it? I don’t mean that you should do it as you run down oxford st with a two litre latte and in Laboutins BUT why can’t you just do the obvious and LIE down?
    I once had a hot date and i thought – okay i was drunk and stoned – that it would be sexy for us to meditate together upon arrival bk at my house. Got it all set up totally even though HE (Gemini) wanted to smoke while he meditated and we argued. But then i realised how unattractive ones tummy looks while meditating,.
    It is THE most unflattering look possible. Buddha clearly did not care at ALL but notice how you never see it in fashion magazines, do you? The Gemini chain smoker and i did not have sex that night – he said it was because he was allergic to my Nag champa incense (it IS vile, i admit it) but i think it was the unflattering angle to my abdomen.
    I AM spiritual but why can’t we meditate lying down? It seems controlling.

    • sounds like a hot date!!

      You can meditate at vispassana lying down – as you have the option to do the 4am -6am session in your room – but unfortunately my bed in my dorm room was next to the main hall and there was no proper roof partition – it was open for the top part between the dorm and the hall.

      I often fell back asleep and woke up snoring. So all the silent meditators in the hall had been having to listen to that for god knows how long and I couldn’t even apologise as we weren’t allowed to talk! Bet that challenged their equanimity.

      So lying down meditation may not have the intended outcome in my experience – especially if you’re doing tandem meditation after a big night!

      • So funny you guys…(you and TLC). Hey did you know that if you only open one eye while meditating you don’t fully engage the whole brain so easier to go back in. Another words, one can peek!

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  48. According to the commentary of the early school of Buddhism the Theravada, Buddha had Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn in late Taurus, Jupiter in early Gemini and Moon in Scorpio. I would like to know where the transpersonal planets were in his chart. Probably Pluto conjunct his Scorpio Moon. Some do not view Taurus as a very spiritual sign since Taurus folk can be rather materialistic but being fixed Earth they can be very good at concentration. Scorpio is the sign most related to the Pluto void energy of insight mindfulness vipassana meditation. Seeing impermanence, suffering and no-Self. Buddha was accomplished in both concentration meditation and the mindfulness wisdom meditation.