How Stubborn Are Taureans, Truly?

Funny Cow Pictures

Oh there are many fine things about Our Cow and just the other day i was pontificating about their sacred nature and all but let’s admit they are also truculent as hell – seriously incapable of grasping a nuance if it strips off and pole dances in front of them.

Taureans like to do things properly – that is THEIR way & in slo-mo lest the awful discovery that someone else might know more de-man them or cast doubt on the Taurean METHOD or system.

And yes i said ‘de-man’ because i think Taurus men ARE trickier than the ladies. I think it has to do with Taurus being ruled by Venus…But why should this make them so pompous??? So stuff-oriented…? Or have I just been jaded by contact with a few low-dude Taureans???

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48 thoughts on “How Stubborn Are Taureans, Truly?

  1. Hilarious.
    Fantastic photo.

    It’s a good reminder that I should meditate on some Taurus stuff (since a bunch of them seem to be hovering lately, plodding, but hovering) and am seriously trying to address my south node in Taurus hoarding problem.

  2. OMG !….my mother is Taurus……she is ALWAYS right….she would never dream of apologizing to ANYONE….EVER.

  3. I was married to one for years. It was always HIS way and since I decided to leave and hit the Highway (ie MY way) he has been even worse. Never get on the wrong side of a Taurean I say….and I thought Scorps carried a grudge!

    • Ex is Scorp with double Taurus. Stubborn does not even begin to describe it. He particularly seemed to dislike having the tables turned as you describe above (hitting the highway). Lives his life by ultimatums and cannot cope when faced with one.

      I have a Taurus rising myself and may have also been described as the most stubborn woman in the world, more than once. The way I view my stubborness (now that I admit to it) is that if its attached to a principle, I will stick resolutely. If its attached to hormones, I will back down. Eventually – and while grizzling.

      • Am another Aqua with Toro rising (as is Ex-Mr CBA) Funnily enough, we have good mutual friends who are both Taureans and each one has picked a side and is firecely loyal to it.

        In fact, I adore my Toro friend and it would be so convenient to upgrade the relationship, but he is too. bloody. stubborn. Practical, generous, patient and always up for a nice meal but argh – on a bad day, it’s like talking to a mountain.

    • Ditto, and the reaction was vile and prolonged. Mind you my own taurus rising was helpful in sticking to my decision! Now involved with another taurean and all i can say is that this one who also has scorpio moon is more stubborn than my ex-hb!!!! Go figure! Well i guess my taurus likes things predictable and they sure are…its their way or no way. At least i fully understand this now!

  4. I have 3 bovines in my life and yes stubborn to the point of inertia. Compliementing them a lot seems to work although they’ll try and fob it off. My ex bovine was wonderful but when he charged off into the sunset that was that. My 2 little calves are playful but don’t try and argue with them they are a match for their Leo mum. They have taught me patience after 15 years- I didn’t have a choice.

  5. My sister & father are Taureans, it’s not only that they are always right but they ain’t happy until they can run your life. Endless ‘advice’ about you or everyone until you have to tell them to shut up & let others/yourself be.

    Sometimes just nodding, yes, yes, really?, do you think so? isn’t a good idea because that’s seen as agreeing and a green light. They do have good advice but it’s the inability to allow others the freedom of their own choice that’s maddening. Said like a Aqua.

    • Awwwe, thanks sis bet u didnt expect me to be on the site you gave a subscription too & read your tantaslising tid bit’s, but what a load of crap – yr my sis & I will always love u. But how could I possiby attempt to run yr or any1’s life when you so know that I am in a pickle with my own at that the moment & rarely give advise to some one who know’s all & better than me! remember as you give me countless advise as to what I should be doing with mine sis. x

      • LOL!!! Spoken like a true Taurean!

        You LOVE my advice no?? I do I love my own advice hehe.

        Where did I read about arguments it’s because you WANT the best for each other. I love you too xx :).

  6. Holy cow! Mystic, your assessment is absototally spot on! Happy to say I put my low-dude Taurean relationships out to pasture a long time ago!

  7. My worst toro feature is getting ‘stuck’ – not helped by general lack of fire in my chart. Mars in Leo will give me a poke with a sharp stick, I think.

  8. My Mums a Taurus. My two best men mates are bulls too. Stubborn as hell and the rest yes. They want to be the man because they wanna be real men, its a sight to behold, a proper bloke being a bloke. Yet both loving and kind to family friends and strangers, also grounded and practical with good advice, aside from Mystic I dunno where I be without them.

    Have known a few lower types too, add to list.. sex maniacs, glutony, and money for moneys sake, and pervs…

  9. If someone has a stack of planets in the 2nd house does that make them more Taurean?

    I know someone who fits that description: “sex maniacs, glutony, and money for moneys sake, and pervs…” and has sun, venus and saturn in 2nd house (in virgo) but no taurus placements.

    Is it from the earthiness or because the 2nd is the house of taurus.

    Thoughts anyone?

    • IMO Toros not sex maniacs/gluttons/pervs. My 2 fav Toros both have 2nd house Suns with Aries rising and they do not fit that description. Maybe low Virgo, or an afflicted Mars going on?? Also lo Leo rising and aspects??

    • I have wondered about this second house issue and whether or not it can have the same effect as sun or rising Taurus, since I have a stellium in my 2nd house (sun included) in Virgo. I seem to attract Taurus pple and I like Taurus pple when they are not being so stubborn and blind. But, admittedly, I have been known to be very stubborn myself. I like material comfort, but can get along without, too. I hate clutter, so if I don’t have much, then I am happy because of the lack of clutter. If I have more, I feel materially comfortable and happy, but also get irritated by all the “stuff” and want to slough off the stuff all over again. I can be at odds with myself, to be sure.

  10. I’m a Sagg and have an absolutely fatal attraction for Taurean men. If I feel just instantly something – even if the guy is obviously less than desirable (like is a pimp or something) – I will find myself doing all these curly justifications in my head of why we could and should be together. Had a failed romance with a total Taurean earlier this year who was just so stuck in his own rut. He fits all those earthly appetites scenarios and as stubborn as hell.

    Generally I just revere Taureans but every Taurus I know, no matter how lovely I think they are, man or woman, are just completely emotionally stunted, IMHO.

    I met a nice Taurean a little while ago and rang him up and asked him out and he never ever rang me back (not even a text message to say, ‘I’m busy’!) which I put down his stubborn, emotionally crippled, Taurean arseholeness. But, as you can see, I’m totally over it. Doesn’t bother me at all.

    • Oh, that’s precious hazelbkberry!

      Well, I had the Adulterous Toro to contend with for 6 years I think, and yes so stubborn he makes glue look easy. In the end I was glad we didn’t end up together, he abhorred surprises, and threw a fit unless he had THE say in any change going on, he would have made me stick a fork in myself eventually I think.

      That being said Toros are fiercely loyal, and they can spot bullsh*t (being a bull) from so far away.

  11. Hands up who has ever received a sincere apology from a Taurean? They are never wrong, you see…..

    But, I agree with Mystic that there are some lovely aspects about our bovine friends. The are GROUNDED, good at preparing food, will prioritise their home paddock. With a taurean lover, you will always eat well and their home will be a very comforting place. Its just that they are immovable once they have made up their mind.

    • i have paddocks full of taureans in my life, father, stepfather, friends. and a heap of planets in taurus. And yes, have recieved sincere apologises from taureans who have overreacted on something and whom i have challenged about it. I (gem) tend to tolerate a fair bit of bullshite, hoping if i ignore it it will go away, so i think they’ve worked out that if i arc up, they’d better bloody apologise.
      Generally though my taurean friends (female) are pretty chilled. the male father versions not so much, though the one that lives in the country is much more than the one who lives in the middle of the city.
      got one of them cooking me dinner tonight. hooray!

    • I have received sincere apologies from Taureans.
      But goodness yes are they ever stubborn. Oof.

  12. The pompous arrogant attitude is just a cover for all the self doubt goin down inside. Used to be attracted to a Taurean male – this facade was so intruiging at first but then when we got to know each other it was a totally different story.. Plus you forgot to mention taurean males are superb drama queens. Maybe I have also been jaded by some low ones?

  13. I have 3 stunning Fem cows in my world, all related, but know one bas fem cow who takes holding grudges to a new level (says the scorp in disbelief), and one bull who repeats EVERYTHING I say when in conversation…
    I like them, but they mystify me too……

  14. This is another serendipitious post Mystic.

    Last night Toro sis asked me to think about and write a list of all her negative traits. I was like what? no! Especially considering the current astro. I would much rather make a list of her positive traits which would run into multiple pages, but that wouldn’t be as constructive to this exercise i guess. She is doing a retreat/course at Byron for a week and apparently getting this type of info is vital for her. Her Toro hb has done this same course 6 months ago and has spiritually gained so much from it.

    Anyway, thought about it and agreed to do it. Repressed emotions, materialistic, stubborn, control freakery, passive agressive traits – all Toro and she has them in some form or another. Note I do love her dearly and these traits will not be obvious to casual acquaintances and i am her big sister! Other stuff will be the fact that she can never just chill and sit still – always busy – work, exercise, kids stuff, run-run-run (another escape from herself but in the Aries form her rising). Interesting as being sister we both grew up in the same dysfunctional family (whose isn’t) and I’ve been through a lot of therapy and can just see some patterns i’ve evolved from in both my sisters – ie the massive anxiety that has to be dealt with at the source or channelled into escape. So have written a list for her but am waiting for the Mars shite to be over before i email it to her. And she is a subscriber to MM and gets that (but she’s too busy to read the posts let alone the comments!) I hope this course changes that :-)

  15. stuck…yes….

    mind you i love the tenacity (the sexy opposite to my ahem occasionally fickle nature) and they are Real Men – well, the ones that I know I think – even the damaged toro – hot surfers, engineers, commandos…I don’t think I know a taurus man who is not a great cook, or at least a gastronome. and sensual.

    BUT, the latest toro , like mystic once said somewhere, is incapable of taking anyone else’s opinion as valid and reasonable (no matter how valid and reasonable) unless said person is Registered in the Toro Database of People They Respect. Other person says “its a matter of respect when xyz” or “you are not being clear about your answer” and I am starting to suspect that the toro only hears mindless bleating about vbla bla ba bla . agh learning to walk away.

  16. awwwwww we’re all not that bad! though I think that my aquarius rising helps to soften me up a little bit… my aries best friend tends to act more as the description above (except for the slo mo part of course haha) but I guess I’ve got used to having to go by her way or suffer the consiquences…

    I think you’ve just run into a few tough ones MM :) we all arn’t THAT bull headed hehe (most the time)

  17. Can we add ridiculously possessive to the list? Love Taurus ladies like my sister and housemate but the men! Never again.

  18. this comments stream is wonderful. very close to the bone sometimes though, i’m blushing!!

    i agree with MM though, i reckon toro men are faaaaarrrrr worse than toro women. i was married to one for 10 years and slow and stupid just falls short of a proper description, we were as different as chalk and cheese!

    one comment though, i don’t reckon its stubborness, that’s more Cap, IMHO, it’s more obstinacy, and like never give up, resistance is useless, red rag to the bull type thing and like all traits it can either be good or bad depending on the circumstances and self control or otherwise.

    Leogroover, you’ve got that fobbing off compliments this just right, but only fobbing off after they’ve been solicited!

    and TLE, i’ve hardly any fire either, so yes, Mars in Leo will be interesting!

  19. BTW, long disappeared Chesh, if you are still listening, i’m sure your Alpha Tauri is that exception among Toros, a paragon of all virtues!

    Chesh, come back, we miss you!

  20. omg – last friday i had the object lesson in how frigging stubborn, bad-tempered and just determined not to have a good time when they did originally want to have one, a taurean man can be. and all because a dinner i was treating his partner, himself and his son to was “ruined” cos i asked for us to picked up on the way to the restaurant and then “presumed” to know the way better than him…further outrage cos he has single-handedly designed the entire quarter where the restaurant is! when quizzed about why he was in a sulk when others departed for the loos, he admitted these things or rather accused me of committing them, and then proceded to sit apart from all for the rest of the evening. he’s 62 for god’s sake. the boys of 21 were literally countless times more mature. and i invited him to thank him for being endlessly generous to my son in the past cos i had been paid in tons of restaurant ‘favour’ for the first time in my life. well, least the debt’s paid!

  21. fluid feline – ooooh you’re right! He does have leo rising, a spot of low virgo and his mars is squared by pluto.

  22. I may be stubborn on some things, usually deeply held principles, but my cancer moon adds to the insecurity and makes me very sensitive about the effect I have on others. A lot of frustration is triggered by letting others have their own way for the sake of peace, even though I know they are wrong, but won’t listen to me. I’m practicing the mantra of letting others learn from their own mistakes.

    Now, if you really want to see stubborn, look no further than an aqua. My sis was adamant that she was right on anything she chose to have an opinion on. And the ex … well there is a reason he is ex. Intransigence taken to a whole new level. Knew everything, was always right and had to be in control of everything. Reason failed, as did emotional pleading, negotiation, humour and anything else I could think of. It was his way or the highway – I’m sooooo loving the freedom of the open road. :)

    • Ciao Bella!! yes you are soooo right, i have kataka rising and although i have the legendary taurean obstinacy (i prefer to call it true grit and determination, LOL!) i too tend to give in so as not to offend anyone. much less so now than when i was younger though!!

      and i agree with you about the aquas, my brother was one and i have a friend who is soooo stubborn, totally immovable when she makes up her mind! usually i’m quite persuasive but nothing works with the aquas i know!

      • And our virgo bits mean our advice is usually pretty good too!

        I’m usually persuasive, but I find my failure with aquas extremely irritating. It’s such a public failure!

        But I DO apologise. A contractor I was working with pointed out a mistake I had made. No big deal for me as it was obvious and needed sorting. Very practical. So I apologised. He nearly fell over with shock, saying I was the first professional he had encountered who had admitted to a mistake, let alone apologised for it.

  23. Ah to be stubborn. I too prefer to call it grit, or tenacity. I’ve also found that for a large part of my life I’ve over compensated and let a lot of people go merrily on their way rather than dig my heels in…because I know that my first reaction can be hell no. I’ve worked out a few polite delaying strategies to give me time to think, whether it’s a reactionary hell no, or just a lightening fast analysis of what is really a bad idea. I try to save up a full resistance is futile, type of stubborn for the really important stuff.

    I am however very good at not interfering in other people’s stuff/chattels, emotions, life…unless asked.

    I say this from my trifecta of stubborn, Leo Sun, Taurus Rising, Scorp Moon.

    Also agree Bella and t wt HMBOTS that some aqua people trump all in the truly immovable stakes.

    • LL – my daughter: Aqua stellium incl Sun with Toro Moon and Scorp Asc and Leo MC! I know all about stubborn Aquas. Fortunately i have a lot of mutable planets so not so many fireworks (yet – she’s only 11). Her fixed Scorp Sun/Leo Asc father though, well, that’s a whole different ball game.

    • Hmm, LL the “be stubborn” with discretion thing is really a Leonine trait I think, and yes, you guys are quite good with non-interference (except for the lower ones with control issues that hit home). But generally, unless asked, quite respectful and non-butting in.

      I think with Aquas it becomes a matter of ideals, suddenly the issue has become their holy cause and goddess forbid you sway them from it.

      I think I can be stubborn about certain things but my Aqua Moon, combined with both Pluto & Uranus in my first house makes chaos a good friend of mine. I’m a believer in the inspired intuited yet unexpected solution/response/quip when everything else orderly and reasonable fails.

      I find it funny when people think I’m stuck because inside I feel like I’m eternally changing…haha

      • I think stubborn can be just an inner knowing…that I think is probably harder for other people to understand if someone has a heavy dose of Aqua in their chart…as their inner knowing is at odds with most peoples…and also maybe we just don’t have adequate language yet to understand Aqua reasoning yet?

        Conversations I’ve had with Aqua people often go…

        Aqua. ‘So I think that would be great don’t you?’
        Me. ‘I’ve never really looked at ‘that’ like that before.’
        Aqua.’But it would work.’
        Me.’Is it legal?’
        Aqua.’Well it fuqin should be. I don’t care. I know it’s right.’
        Me.’ Is there a middle ground that you could maybe take the kernal of that idea and …’
        Aqua. ‘Nooooooooooooooo’
        Me. ‘Maybe you could sle….’
        Aqua. ‘Noooooooooo’
        Me*open mouth to speak*
        Aqua ‘Nooooooooooooooo’

        • HAHAHA..oh that is so true. I DO get that, “hmm, never saw it that way before” comment plus peeps looking at me like I’m some kind of confounded revolutionary. You hit it bang on LL!

          Except I’ll wait till something happens then after proven right, I’ll go, “so reference that time we discussed this before…”

    • you know, LL, just perusing this thread again, i reckon, Leo Sun, Toro rising and Scorp moon is a rather awesome combination, in fact it’s hard to think of a better IMHO!

      a stubborn, sexy performer, sounds fun, :) !!

      • Hah, some days I have to work hard at being civilised…just have the urge to rampage perking along…so I love that positive spin T wt HMBOTS. Thanks.

  24. OMG! Thank god for posts from peeps such as Ms Motown and Bella….

    What is it like to be perfect all of you non- taurus peeps????


    • I’m quite happy being imperfect ttd. If anything I thought my claim of ultra stubborness alluded to a generousity of stubborness, beyond the aforementioned Taurean stubborness.

      In my experience of Taurean people, male and femaleare usually ; very smart, very creative…often involved in the creative arts as a profession, love a good texture, and can appreciate good food, good art and good conversation. On balance they can also be sometimes a little less than lightening fast in their ways. This does not mean they are lesser in any way…just live life at a different pace…mostly.

      I do still find differences though. I mean there is high and low in each sign, and often high and low in each person. Makes life more interesting.

      My comment re:interfering me being Taurus rising but not interfering in other people’s stuff is personal experience with my Taurean sister who hasn’t met a boundary she doesn’t like to charge through full bore. MADDENING.

  25. I am a taurean 29 of april and I have come to find that the reason I am so queit is not because of lack of things to say but because my emotions scare all the other signs. Taureans are trully a powerful sign I would not want to be anything else. The true sign of control and power. HAHAHA Never underestimate a taureans will to hold a grudge. And dont let my laid back smile fool you. I will run you over if needed.

  26. A Taurus man would just enjoy the pole dance and dancer—a LOT. And, yes, most nuance would be lost on them. I once mentioned that I’d had a bikini wax to a Taurus love and I thought he’d rip my clothes off. It doesn’t take much to make them think of sex.

    My Taurus female friends are different than the Taurus men I know. They are all “mother earth-y” and gardeners. They rule their roost. And they get their way. They enjoy drinking. They are so easy to be around with the one exception that we “must” do what they want to do–when they want to do it. Most of the time, it doesn’t bother me though because we generally like to do the same things. My Taurus friend cried the most when I had to move away. Was surprised because she usually seems so stoic. She’s still upset.