Alchemical Astrology

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Owl Magic Myth Woman Art

“Magic rites, primitive civilizations, alchemy, the language of flowers, fire, or sleepless nights, are so many stages on the way to unity and the philosophers’ stone.”  Albert Camus

Surreal Mermaid Art

Images: Colette Calascione

9 thoughts on “Alchemical Astrology

  1. Can anyone see the resemblence between The first pic and the majestic Athena/Minerva???
    The owl winged hair, the owl head on the cat, the flaterned Minerva Lily?????
    Alchlemy is a facinating subject – im intrigued by it and continue to collect rare herbs.

  2. These are the most appealing paintings i have seen.
    Her use of animals is what i love & the detail…………….DIVINE.
    She is truly inspired.

  3. Alchemy! Yes! The language of transdendence. How wonderful to be reminded during challenging astro.

    What a beautiful post, Mystic. Thank you. I don’t know how you find all this fantastic artwork.

  4. I`ve been studying the Bach Flower Essences like a fiend….they really do have exceptional merit……been experimenting on myself…..Alchemy of Flowers