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Secrets Of Attracting WomenNeil Strauss

In case you do not know, Mr Strauss is an author who wrote a book called The Game; Penetrating The Secret Society Of Pick-Up Artists. He considers himself one – using the pseudonym ‘Style’ – and has also just released a book about how to live ‘off the grid.” Check out his My Space. Seriously. Look at it. It’s essential for the astro-lesson coming.

He appalls me but i am also sort of in awe at his gall. Why now? Well, my Handsome Piscean Ex (HEX) whom i rarely see as he lives interstate & is married, has become enthralled to this damned guy. He tried a few of the stupid, patented pick-up moves on me until finally i said “have you been reading that f**King stupid book?”  He admitted it. He thinks the guy is a genius. It’s not about finding love or having a relationship – it’s like a whole separate lifestyle concept.

Anyway, HEX didn’t pick up that night. He fell asleep on my couch, bitching about feminism mid-sentence when he fell asleep. But i vowed to check out the astro-data for Mr Strauss. Just now i found his birthday. It’s hard to get as he bullshits about it but one of his frenemies in the “seduction community” outted him turning 40.

I mean, look at ANY of those links and tell me he is not a nervy piece of work. How the hell can someone proclaim themselves the world’s greatest pick-up artist and survivalist expert?

Guys, he is a MULTIPLE CONJUNCT ARIES: Sun, Mercury, Venus & Saturn – that’s a lot. Moon maybe in Libra or Scorpio. He has Jupiter with Pluto – which IS the mogul indicator. He has taken a fairly yicky premise and made shitloads from it. He’s clearly a great $$ operator. And he’s got Uranus conjunct South Node at 1 Libra. WHICH means that he should actually have some kind of genius insight to offer society when Saturn crosses over it in Nov/Dec. Plus Pluto is squaring it. And then again in late 2010. But what? I reckon maybe he’ll run for politics, lol.

But yes, self-proclaimed Expert in both Survival & Seduction is SO Aries Man and he’s full of it. Aries planets, I mean.

Also, is this just me, but do the fingerless lace gloves worn the lady in the picture above signify that she may be on the clock rather than someone pulled via his stunning expertise? God, I am SO PMT.

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78 thoughts on “L’Uomo Aries

  1. Lets face it, this is like the male version of “why men love bitches” or whatever it was. You would have to be a complete loser to be slightly impressed with this guy. Of course there are heaps of loser guys so Neil can make lots of money selling stupid pick up theories to them. If you read his myspace carefully all he is saying is he gets lots of dates, *yawn*, who wants lots of dates ? Surely what a normal healthy person needs is a quality relationship, not lots of dates…However much money he has he’s a total wanker who would last about 5 mins in any other place other than the US, where for some reason, loser wanker types seem to succeed in some way ? Sorry Myst but im not sure if this is a great reflection on the HEX, maybe he had temporary insanity or something. The photo says to me “see how powerful I am with dumb bimbos”. He is an embarrassment to any true aries male.
    I would have guessed leo or libra.

    • Totally agree with you there.

      Keeping the average male dumbed down.

    • davidl, he’s a prime example of low Aries – multiple conjunct LOW Aries! He’s an embarrassment to any male.

  2. What a loser! No offense to anyone who likes him, but this guy probally just has slutty girls hanging around him. Bimbos and Airheads if he’s lucky. That doesn’t take the place of a real relationship with someone you care about. And LEO’s thinking there the center of the world?
    Aries have got it pretty bad to. Aries-she devil sis can be o.k, but she has the biggest me, me, me complex in the world! Everything has to be about her, and when she doesn’t get it, she sulks. I could so imagine this guy sulking because some girl rejected him for a date.
    This is very fire sign to me!

  3. Well David-El note that I did not SLEEP with Hex? He was once a cool & gorgeous guy – interesting & well-read as well as all the hotness. I was as stunned as anyone that he was trotting out this drivel.

    • Exactly, like he says he gets lots of dates, but doesn’t actually say anything about where those dates go. I know guys like this who get excited cause a girl says she will meet them for a drink, but of course never intend to do anything but get some free drinks, helllooo ? they then make their real booty call when the Neil types start to get really boring. Thats a score for Neil in his books…and I think he should change his name to something like Armondo Strauss or something , Neil ?

      • Try reading ‘The Game’ before you reel off assumptions like that. He’s actually quite an intelligent man, he blew the seduction comunity wide open and exposed it for all its shallowness and unfulfilment. The entire book is based on his realisation that this lifestyle and idea of pick-up-artisist is just a method for men to satisfy an anecessary and conjured sexual desire to conquer woman for others validations and admiration.

        Star sign stuff is just as unsubstantiated as this pick-up stuff aswell though, come back to the real world guys.

    • Yeah, and my period finished days ago ? men have them too you know, they are quarterly though not monthly. But you girls wouldn’t know anything about that would you..

      • davidl you are so totally hilarious and cool. Fab to the max. I have always told my guy pals that guys do get PMS too. Its so nice to have ac ool dude finally agree! Quarterly huh? Must remember that! : >

        Mystic, glad you resisted your hot ex. Ex’s can be mucho troboles in the sex department!

        • Same manifestation as most women, easily irritated, a little over emotional, a touch pessimistic, in denial about all of the above and a general feeling of being unsettled for no particular reason. I started diarising these manifestations a few years ago and it did show a quarterly pattern. Then again biorhythms also have the ‘triple low’ period quarterly, so could be that.

  4. LOL!! That is too funny!
    Is it an Aries man thing to have more hair on your face than your head? Doesn’t float my boat, normally an Aries man would be a bit more fur savvy?
    I still can’t get that image of that Aries male sleeping nude on sheep skins out of my head MM. And then I imediately think of that Tom Robbins book Jitterbug Perfume and his descriptions of the pungent musky fragrance which eminated from Pan.

  5. Wow Mystic, I love it when you just go for it!! I have to agree the guy looks really sleazy and quite repulsive. Does he mention is his favourite technique which would have to be ply girls with alcohol?

  6. In some ways, you have to give the guy credit for his small part (pun intended) in attempting to fill some of the gap in a huge market. i.e. smart, hot, exciting women are woefully outnumbered by inept, nintendo addicted saps who barely know one end of a conversation from another and think the clitoris is a type of rare dinosaur.

    BUT this turd is the antichrist, with nothing but contempt for women and seems to be single handedly masterminding a feminist resurgence. Just when I was wondering how an eclipse across my 8th house with hard aspects to my Aries moon and Lilith would manifest, here’s the bait.

    What would give me joy, is a mogul who makes millions out of elevating people from shallow, empty aspirations (‘Aw gee, I aspire to not having to pay for sex’) and teaches them how to develop depth, courage and substance. Is there an astro signifier for emptiness?

    He even looks like a penis.

    • lol uber! the exact thing i thought of when reading about him was ‘what a dick’. 😀

    • yes he does Uber, a boring little one! Is he sticking his tongue out? And are they gold boots he is wearing? eeek!

    • This creep arouses the militant in me and who best to rely on to bring him (and his ilk) down, Uber, with your primed arsenal, and so eloquently 😆

    • gold boots! well spotted nat.
      He just gets worse and worse. Look at his posture – arm folded, legs crossed – so defensive!

    • Maybe he’s an unevolved penisaurus from Flesh Gordon.

      I had an anatomy lecturer once who pronounced clitoris, clitaurus and I’ve never gotten it out of my head.

      Ahhh, it feels uncannily satisfying to diss this putz extraordinaire. I haven’t had this much fun since George Costanza’s ex-girlfriend became a lesbian.

  7. The girl’s posture looks totally posed. The fact that she is clearly “hugging” him with her arms but her body looks juxtaposed so far away from him and his chair, leads me to believe she doesn’t really like him very much, even as a “posed picture”. When people like you, they hug you with their whole selves pressed up to you.

    I saw a few videos and read a few things about the pick-up artist lifestyle and I’m not impressed. It only works on girls who *think* they are in your same league and mostly on XXFJ types who are strongly influenced by what is right in regards to society and will be guilted into feeling social pressure. If you were a homely guy trying to impress someone with his silly tips, say Paris Hilton, and you weren’t at least a couple of degrees from her social circle, she’d laugh AT you. Also, if you were interested in dating a girl who was a bit of a maverick, maybe a shrewd Aqua or Saggo she’d laugh at you for trying to bend her to convention. Maybe even give you the finger on the way out. I used to know this Cap gent who would try this shit with me, even BEFORE i knew what a pick-up artist lifestyle was and i pretty much gave him the finger every time. I would say, “You trying to guilt trip me into hanging out with you by making me sound mean? It won’t work. I am mean, right to the core.” lol. I think he was pissed off that I didn’t really like him but every other female in the room was gaga for this jerk.

    • I love that you even bothered to analyse the photo – you are so not his type LOL

  8. We had a show over here about how to become a pick up artist. Have you guys seen it there or have your own version?

    This guy trains guys how to operate. Was sorta fascinating really as delves into guys real stuff like insecurities and so on and one can see it all in action how they overcome with the women. Didn’t follow the show but came across it a few times.

    Hey Uber, like what you said about smart, hot ladies outnumbering the inept but too bad if they settle. Would rather stay single!

    Last night had a good feel dream where this guy picked my up (phyiscally lol) and raised me way up to the ceiling. After he put me down I said, “wow, how tall are you?” He said 6’4. Scanning him up and down though just knew he was taller than that. Handsome, dark eyed/haired man. We were drinking wine also.

    This guy in the pix above does nothing for me. Yes, he must need all the skills he can get!


    • If you scroll down in the video to “Mystery Answers All”, he states that the reason why average guys have sexy women hanging on them is because they have personality and show genuine interest in another human being.

      Have not looked at the Mr. Strauss links yet Mysitc to compare.

  9. I’m thinking the women present aren’t his target demographic. Some women do go for the sleazy shit – more of them than don’t I suspect. I work with a repulsive man who sleeps with women based on geographical proximity ie if your desk is in the same room as his he won’t stop until you give in. It works. He creeped me out from the start but the others they love being told things like “oh the next thing you’ll be coming all women’s rights with me”. Fuq you I think as I sit at my desk thanking baby jebus that I am in the other room. He stares at the twins incessantly as I walk past and is a total pervert. I come in the back door (ooo errr) to avoid him. He has an undertone of wife beater and gets pissed every night. But women fall for it – there’s always someone calling for him. It’s totally gross. Men like this for some reason always succeed.

    • Sounds horrific. What worries me is that these creeps then think that our intense repulsion is actually pent up sexual frustration and that we can’t bare to be in the same room as them because we want them so much. Yuck!!!

    • Spread a rumour about him. Write something on the toilet door. Something to do with genital warts.

      Just get out that nikko and then watch the fall-out.
      Mmmmmmuuuuaaaah! EEEEVIL LAAAAUUUGH!

      • Talking to the owner about it didn’t work and then he went on to tell me about how the creep already had a thing on his file a warning or something – but he’s “good at his job” so apparently this means he is immune from any backlash – repulsive. And who needs rumours when the truth is obvious. I was having a haircut a few weeks ago down the road from work and when they heard where I worked they told me about someone who worked there who had been destroyed by the way he treated them once he was finished with them – they had to quit to get away from it. I am so desperate to ask him his sign – he’s also shaven head bald…

  10. Hi, Sweetpea! On behalf of all Rams, may I apologise for this representation of a low Aries. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

    It really is an appalling way to generate an income and a unique way of experiencing a range of social ills to behave in this manner.

    Where is the love, guys?

    • My Dad, an Aries, would fit this a bit as in his younger years he was out cheating on my Mom! He confessed it to me when in his seventies and said that generally, he had to watch his wallet…lol

      He said that one time he picked up this gal to give her a ride and told her he would not harm her. She she “I know”…He then realized she had her hand in her purse on a gun…lol

  11. I think the point is, he does his own thing and doesn’t give a damn about how it appears. That’s Aries. It may be oh-so-low brow, but it’s his brow.

    And I vote for Libra Moon. He’s not into the deep emo, ever. Obviously. It’s all about the package, the appearance. Just look at the whole Bond smooth-guy pseudo-special agent-y presentation on his myspace page. It’s all about the wrapping, because god knows, there ain’t nuthin’ in the box. But the simple, sharp clean graphics vibes very Aries to me, too. All black and white and red/gold.

    And do his devotees realize they’re getting “played” too?

  12. It is really worth reading Strauss’ book ‘The Game’ – he is actually horrifyingly open about how desperate & insecure he and all the other ‘players’ are.

    He also admits the tricks are not very effective on feminists, and women who are secure about their looks.

  13. I feel compassion for the man to be honest. It must be truly horrible to be incapable of forming any kind of intimate, meaningful relationship with another human being. He obviously suffers from rampant egomania and a particular type of low self esteem that demands constant propping up and feeding via this thrill of the chase constant pursuit of new conquests behaviour.

    Whilst a lot of men may go through this phase for awhile, they tend to grow out of it as they mature and realise how emotionally empty this type of lifestyle is. Yet this dude seems incapable of normal human emotional development – the fact that he makes money out of it is a trap unto itself.

    If he showed any capacity for empathy, kindness or consideration towards others then his looks would not be a problem at all. I can only imagine how secretly lonely and empty this guy must feel on the inside, but too afraid and arrogant to admit it and too trapped by the monster he’s created to break free of it.

    If he’s a social indicator of anything, it’s how shallow and immature some segments of popular western culture can be, and rather than shun it so many actually aspire to it under some kind of false illusion that they’ll … I dunno be happier I guess? Ick.

    • prowlncat, you know what’s really, really sad? That he might NOT be secretly lonely and empty. He probably thinks he’s a legend.
      There are shallow and immature peeps everywhere in society; some just never grow up.
      I do my best to avoid them.

      I went to my hairdresser last week and asked how it went with Grace Jones (he did her hair when she toured here recently). He said she was a pain in the arse.
      He organised a make-up artist to do her make-up and Ms Jones said she’d do it herself and ended up stealing the make-up artist’s entire make-up bag!!!
      What a low act! and she’s 60 (?) years old.
      I actually read an article about her stealing the flowers from reception from the studio where she did a photo shoot. What a cow!

  14. “Whilst a lot of men may go through this phase for awhile, they tend to grow out of it as they mature”

    Ultimately, my Dad told me to not date anyone under 50 as in their 40’s, particularly earlier 40’s, still have something to prove. Those were his exact words and believe me, my Ariean Dad is very macho/manly but age has given him wisdom…I was in my early 40’s when he told me that and the ex Piscean was four years younger and lied and cheated, another guy who said he flirted because he was insecure, told me that when he was 40.

    Something to it all probably…Seems so..

  15. mystic so funny you post this guy.

    when he first surfaced, after balking, we all said ‘what a total NOB’

    LOL re hired help beside him.

  16. NOB agreed…. but woman in pic is ex girlfriend Lisa Leveridge who played in Courtney Love’s band The Chelsea who left The Nob for Robbie Williams!!!!!!!!

    • I reckon there’s something hot about Robbie Williams. not a fan of his music but he has that certain quality…..maybe it’s the bad boy thing am reading……

      • you can have him RLP. He’s a Leo, would be better suited with a Libran.
        Have never ever been attracted to any Leo males. Sean Penn being the exception.

  17. His shirt looks like it went through the washcycle with that godawful tshirt…

  18. OMG this guy is the biggest loser ive ever heard of!
    not only is he totally UP HIMSELF but he just reaks of loving class distinctions.
    OMG MYSTIC YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT BOUT HIS MYSPACE – wtf he’s standing there (in the picture on the top left hand corner) with his hand over his heart – whats he gonna do… sing the “i am a wanke*” anthem?!?!?!?!
    sun moon and mercury in aries i presume would make him a fierce competitor!
    Mystic im curious about this mogul indicator….jupiter&pluto – i’ve got it too == what does that mean?!?
    anyways omg i feel sorry for his “wife”
    saggo astrologer in training

    • “wtf he’s standing there (in the picture on the top left hand corner) with his hand over his heart – whats he gonna do… sing the “i am a wanke*” anthem?!?!?!?!”
      😆 funny matt
      I think he’s trying to look sincere “with greater power comes responsibility”
      wtf?? responsibility to who/what???? how anyone could take him seriously is beyond me.

      • awww thanks F-F im glad YOU get my sense of humour! lol
        responsibility to who/what???? its his responsibility to himself by making himself more of a wanker than humanly possible!

  19. I think it’s called Narcissitic Personality Disorder. Poor fuq. He’s probably proud of that too.

    I wouldn’t doubt he’ll look at the links coming in from MM and track back here to read about himself.

    Hey, Neil . . .?Neil you need help (or will). That horrible, sinking feeling you have in the pit of your stomach? That’s you man. Who you are.

    One of my ‘hex’s’ (thanks for that) suffered from NPD I can NOW, pick ’em a mile off now.

    • NPD! You are tres brilliant! May I please add this to my vocab? Link you have out done your self!

    • Link,

      How do you get to do the bold lettering etc? I’ve signed in before and hunted around and downloaded things thinking it would allow me but have not figured it out. I love all that stuff… Help!!

      • Sweetpea,
        you type a pair of these thingies, with the letter inserted in between: b for bold, i for italics, strike might work here too, not sure and then end the phrase, word, whatever with the same thingies and the same letter preceeded by a backslash. . i.e, .

          • bloody hell! Mischevous little critters. They won’t show up. Thingies are the sharp angled bracket next to the ‘M’ key. On my keyboard I’ve gone one above the full stop key and one above the comma key.

  20. OMG i was talking about this last night, a guy i know has a well-thumbed copy of that book the Game, which I borrowed out of curiosity, although leafing through it i already felt like i needed a bath. eeuugghhhhhh what a TOSSER and the fact that these guys run WORKSHOPS and write 1.5″ thick tomes about how a sad loser can pick up chicks but not actually develop their personality makes me want to spew. any man who read this in the hope that it will actually give them a relationship not look like a tosser is one sad tosser.

    but hey it’s a modern world, there was a market and he’s exploited it, made a motza, good luck to him

    • haha just realised how much i said ‘tosser’ in that post. proof reading? what proofreading?

  21. “With great power comes great responsibility”…


    The power of screwing women? Wow man, yes, please wear a condom!!

      • Hmmm David, interesting…The 40 yr. old flirt was often my lunchtime tryst….And, he did end up coming across as a legend in his own mind er, lunch special…lol

  22. Very funny, consensus is he is a dude to diss.
    The Book of Sexual Courtesy is badly needed for our menfolk or ‘How to
    have a Deep & Meaningful One Night Stand’.
    Men behaving badly teaching other men bad behaviour & attitudes toward women, nasty stuff.
    They obviously don’t know how to capture a woman’s mind. Would be so insulted if one
    of his type of men or acolytes approached me with drivel.
    My answer to any pickup lines if i was out alone to have a drink, soak up atmosphere & music,
    (Libran Moon) was, ‘men have died for less’. Consequently never go out alone anymore:)
    Part of my job is correcting & scolding some of those outdated & manipulative mind sets.
    They make womens work HARD! Disconnecting the feminine rather than connecting
    it to themselves.
    So sad they are mad.

  23. Anything called or referring to ‘The Game’ always makes me snort because I think of that hilarious Seinfeld episode about ‘The Game’.

    George, posing as ‘O’Brien’, reads from a speech as Jerry nods thoughtfully: …and the Jews steal our money through their Zionist occupied
    government, and use the black man to bring drugs into our oppressed white minority communities.

    Jerry: You’re not going to open with that, are you?

  24. I believe he went on a recent news program ( I’m sorry I don’t know which one! I was channel surfing ) He was saying how he would love to find a proper love relationship .. can anyone add to that?
    I’m pretty sure it was him too. Looked like him and the lady interviewing him brought up the book he wrote about picking up woman.

    • A love relationship? He could start by understanding that love involves giving, and not just giving money or sex. He could work on developing a personality, some personal integrity and on an appreciation of women for all their qualities other than his previous view of them as merely vacant pussy.

      Voila, reformed putz.

      Then he might find he doesn’t need some formulaic lines or vast wealth to attract women.

      • could you at least be constructive when you go on rants, honestly, you know very little about him, what you have picked up is that he wrote a book about how he became a pick-up artist, and presumed, because of your uber feminist ego, that he was doing something awful. On top of that, you go and presume other things like he doesn’t have a personality, etc. Generally, people who write for a living have personalities, and if you had actually read his book, before judging him, you would have realised that its very in depth and once he was capable of getting with lots of women without a relationship he realised it wasn’t really worth it, but how was he supposed to know, you can’t say something is bad unless you have an opportunity to try it. Maybe your just afraid that these formulated lines work, and you think that it compromises your own personality because you would fall for them, but your missing something, its neither a reflection on your true personality or on his, its just a way of getting into a relaxed social situation for things to escalate.

        and also, for all those people who automatically think, “that wouldn’t work on anyone with a personality!”, give me a break, your ability to pass judgement is given away when you believe in astronomical signs… haha, ridiculous

        • OMG I wish Uber were actually here. I have snacks and an aisle seat in case I need to go to the toilet – this would’ve been GREAT to watch… and there I was thinking astronomy was a “legitimate” science?

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