For The Virgoan Viewing Pleasure

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For The Virgoan Viewing Pleasure, are some lovely pics for Virgos! Enjoy!

Toilet Paper Alignment Diagram


Suspended Bed

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33 thoughts on “For The Virgoan Viewing Pleasure

  1. This is like virgo soft porn isn’t it, come on, bring on the xxx stuff…

      • no Im thinking more the full ream of white matte 120gsm (forget the 80gsm stuff) perfectly placed in a new crome copier ‘bay’, about to be laser printed (black and white of course) with newly loaded toner cartridge. 500 copies will be needed, (so no paper change required). You sit and watch each perfectly white sheet pass smoothly between newly serviced rollers and fall perfectly dry and printed into the exit tray…oh baby..I think i should stop, this is a G rated site ?

  2. OMG. Hi, I’m new around here (well new in posting, but have read you for a year now. Double Virgo here, and the first photo “bad” example is my biggest pet peve evah! Why oh why do men do that???

  3. I think I’ve mentioned here before but in a list of vice-regal instructions before a Q State Governor’s visit we were intructed to have the loo roll over and down the wall not the “good” way here

  4. Like t.p. to come down round off the top front. Can just paw at it….like a kitty cat…meow… :)

    • Imagine if the frame on the floor were to snap. The two wooden poles would fold over like a roll bar. Virgoan human sacrafice or, sorta like the I Love Lucy episode where the hill billy cousin sleeps in the fold out without it folded out…

  5. Those pics are so soothing, although the second one is making me excited.

  6. And that last post was like a free for all nitpicking fest. Unleash the Virgos!

  7. It has just occurred to me that a REAL Virgo would prefer the stationery in the 2nd pic to be neatly stacked? The bed is perfect as so stupendously easy to clean and dust + perfect the making of and the wood – unvarnished by toxic goo, bare and sort of puritan…Sludge brown walls that don’t show the dirt like white does…
    If i had endless funds, I would open a hotel called Virgo & it would be perfect. No luxury but intensely clean and reeking only of lemongrass. None of the staff would be allowed to smoke, eat sugar, wear perfume or make up.
    The only food would be healthy and it would arrive with full nutritional disclosure. There would be a chlorine filter on every shower and when you booked, you would provide birth details so that the bed could be pointing in your most optimal direction according to Feng Shui.
    There would be a sofa in every room with a pile of the latest prize winning books. There would be a selection of hynosis tracks to choose from so that the Virgo could be more productive and a hemp brush for skin brushing.
    24-7 massage therapists (old school, deep tissue) available by requests. Organic sheets washed in organic laundry liquid of course.

    • Yes, Mystic,

      Think I’d fit right in with your Virgo hotel, as love freshly laundered massage sheets and towels. Essential oils in the water fountain and mix my own oils. Think I’ve mentioned before that I noticed many of my patients are Virgo and think it’s because I do very detailed deep tissue.

      Please let me know when you open and I’ll send resume.


      Sweetpea… :)

    • I think the stationery pic is acceptable because it is even and geometrically stacked a la some kind of system and going from light to darker!

    • Now you’re really talking!

      The second picture is fine as the geometry is all perfect, but yes, after we’re done with fanning the stationery out to enjoy the harmony of the colours, clean lines etc we would stack them neatly and file them. And never use them.

      Stanley Kubrick had a major stationery fetish. He was recluse but would regularly spend hours in the local stationers stocking up on parchment and purple ink etc. No Virgo in his chart that I know of, tho.

    • But may I just ask where would be the evidence of Virgo Kink? And we KNOW it exists… where’s Scorpalicious, she is the Official Guide to Male Virgos.

    • your spa/retreat/hotel would be a hit.
      I’d want to go to detox from the world.

    • I’m fascinated by that guy and his amazing films. He was the consummate obsessive.

      Just a theory, but if he was Virgo rising, his sun and venus would have been in the 12th. Uranus in the 8th. Scorp moon maybe in the 3rd. It kind of adds up.

    • OMG, virgo moon and mars here. Top pic made snort with laughter it is so true! Hate the bed though, doesn’t seem stable enough. For years I slept on the floor lol.

  8. UGH. All things Virgoan go against my Saggo love of clutter, chaos and anti-convention.

    But I can totally relate to these pics (and the others in Virgo blog posts) when I’m looking at them through my Virgo friend’s eyes. Her OTT pedantic ways make me want to throttle her sometimes, yet at other times, I envy her and wish I could be neater and more organised. Shame that it will NEVER happen!

    Me: Sag Sun/Moon/Venus ~ Gem Rising

  9. i never realised that liking the loo paper that way round was a virgo thing. i just can’t imagine why anybody would want it the other way when it only makes sense the second way, reallllllly, it’s sooooooo obvious, it’s soooo much easier that way.

    i’m ROTFLMAO now, insanely giggling here!!

    tks Myst, just what i needed!!

  10. i feel so calm.

    the bed i’m not sure about – the rocking sideways thing alarms me. but it is impeccably well made.

    you know what? i’m not even a particularly neat person in my day to day life, but some part of me obviously identifies with / aspires to total order and neatness.

  11. You know, and this is the truth, Ive never, ever noticed in 50 years which way the loo paper rolls out. The photo’s to me were like new information or something, I had to go and have a look at our loos to see which way they were, This is life changing, cause never again will I not be able to notice. Thank you so much Myst..

  12. Davidl – now you have insight to how the small things matter – I loathe the toilet paper the BAD way. I DO change it, no matter where I am. There are standards!

    I am laughing however as there is currently a cutlery war occuring in my share house. I own said cutlery, and the cutlery tray, and I have it ordered the way I like – but new housemate seems to feel the need to rearrange the cutlery to her preferred layout when ever she empties the dishwasher… So I change it back when I go into the cutlery drawer…

    • postmodscorp, I so concur with you, I thought I was the only person who changes loo rolls around to be “correct” in places other than my own home :-)

      Also I wouldn’t be laughing if someone changed MY cultlery drawer around if it were MY cutlery 😉

        • It seems to be a common thing amongst us gals 😆

          Thanks Mystic, good to know we are not alone.

      • have you got some toro there somewhere FF??

        it’s one thing to care about the arrangement of the cutlery (virgo) but it really ramps it up to call it MY cutlery (toro).

        LOL! sounds familiar!! 😀 XX (as in ‘i can stand anything but DON’T mess with my stuff’ followed by agonised cries)

        • Jupiter in Toro, taurean with the HMBOTS. You’re right it does sound more like a fixed sign thing :-) esp Toro! I’d always blamed my Virgo stellium.

  13. I ALWAYS notice how the loo paper rolls out. It simply has to be the first one – good.

    Mars in Virgo.

  14. Virgo-Sun, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus.
    all photos are very peaceful to me.
    Photo number is a “no brainer” to me, I thought everyone noticed that. :) lol!

    The bed is well designed. Would prefer it didn’t rock but would have to check it out.
    The bedroom seems very peaceful a good place to detox, relax a spa or at hotel/rehab center.

  15. When one goes into a fancy hotel loo paper is round over the top, neatly folded into a “V” shape…Orderliness before thine wipes their bum…

    Close down the wall, #2, looks dishelved to me…Sorta like an untucked dress shirt esp. since one would not be able to do the v shape without it falling out perhaps….

    Raggedy edged crap paper….I usually don’t do a v shape but do leave a neat edge…