D.I.Y. Astro – The 2nd House…Your Wealth Sector

prosperity_mandala_poster-p228644370647481068tdcp_400The 2nd house of your chart is known as the House of Earned Income – as opposed to the 8th house which can be money that just sorta comes to you…The 2nd House is your Money Box, your Wealth Sector and is symbolic  of your attitude toward toward lucre, material possessions and – deeper – your sense of self-adequacy.

Look first to the sign on the cusp of the House. And guys, the point of D.I.Y. Astro is that you glomp your chart off Astrodienst & have fun figuring it out here. There are always peeps to help or me, if you spring for an Astro-Query. Anyway, look to the sign on the cusp of the 2nd house. This is FUN. That sign is how you are with $$$.

So even though YOU may be a super-cautious & canny Capricorn, if you’ve got Leo lurking on the cusp of your 2nd – LOL. You will LIKE the sensation of having “proper” champagne in your fridge and you do not give a shit about what some wine wanker says about how some shit-house cheap sparkling wine is superior. No-no-no. You feel soothed by the registered orange hue of the Veuve label. Soothed.

Pisces on the cusp of the 2nd? You are so prone to giving stuff away. Things come to you when you need them as if by osmosis. Things go with ease. You’re like a walking installation of The Secret. Scorpio/Cancer on the cusp of the 2nd? You’re likely to be one of those peeps who just have the investment knack. You leapt in at the start of the tech boom and nipped out again quick smart. You can turn $5 into $500 and to you it’s as sensual and pleasurable as growing something in the garden.

But it’s not just the signs on the cusp of the 2nd. It’s also what’s in there! The classic challenged-by-money placement is our ye olde friend Saturn. Yet remember that your Saturn area gets buffed and buffed via loads of work and angsting till finally it becomes your shiniest area? Saturn in the 2nd house gets clobbered in early youth by seeming to lose money, be ripped off, just feeling always stuggling but by Jove, when this lot get self-reliant, they are a force. Healthy, wealthy & wise indeed.

Venus & Jupiter there – the benefics of trad astro – bless the person with the ability to sort of drum it up from nowhere, walk out the door and get offered the gig they need & even be fairly fortunate in just finding the stuff. Venus/Jupiter in the 2nd trots into garage sales & comes out clutching the actual valuable antique. Or gets a massive crush on some artist at uni who gives her his/her etchings & voila, they’re worth heaps at a later date.

Think also that you can make money via following the attributes of whatever sign/planet is plonked there. And don’t worry if no planet there – it just means it’s not that important to you. Uranus in 2nd; money off the net, via inventions & television. Neptune; film, acting, science fantasy. You could even have the gift of literally dreaming up profitable ideas. Pluto is like mogul-land. People who literally go from having zilch to being officially selfmade millionaires often have Pluto (or Scorp) in the 2nd.

Mercury & the Moon in the 2nd – you’re able to intuit so eerily well what peeps want that you do amazingly well in corporate world/sales & – obviously – writing/self-expression. Retail genius often goes with the Moon in the 2nd. Knowing what peeps want before they know it. Being able to divine trends.

So check out your 2nd house and try to go with it a bit. Oh and another one – Mars/Aries in 2nd house – they will go hard at it and take it as a personal assualt to their ego if you try to come between them and their earning power. They get off on earning & flashing it about a bit. It’s not vulgar – it’s just like someone with another kind of strong Mars doing chin-ups on the door to impress you.

Again, this is why i love astrology, it’s so helpful to get how peeps truly are different. So if one person feels  inclined to hoard & hoard whilst another is like carpe-diem,  it’s not that either of them are wrong! Go for it – check out your 2nd house, the sign on the cusp, anything in there (South NOde is like you’re over material security and feel stuck by it, North Node is like you GOTTA get it and have it to feel spiritually secure) whether or not you’re working it right AND any big transits through it…

Image: Prosperity Mandala

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47 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro – The 2nd House…Your Wealth Sector

  1. OK!
    IVE GOT picses on the cusp in my 2nd (picses being my AC – yet pokes in on the cusp of the 2nd which it shares with aries) === does that make sense???
    “Pisces on the cusp of the 2nd? You are so prone to giving stuff away. Things come to you when you need them as if by osmosis. Things go with ease. You’re like a walking installation of The Secret.” lol soo true – whenever i recieve money i just place it somewhere in my room and i usually dont find it until i really want/need it (THE WAY I LIKE IT)
    2nd house for me is blank as far as planets go BUT saturn is very close in my first house (picses AC)??? does this mean something as picses also rules basically half of my 2nd house???

    • Hi
      bull w sting in tail – might i say your name is very interesting! –
      well my personal interpretation of this in your chart is (and bare with me i am still learning!) that you are very adventurous and even flamboyant with your earnt money…(i’ve got a saggo sun, moon & mercury – so i might know a bit 😛 )
      you are probably very lucky with your money as in that it is like drawn to your pockets but its not really a necessity for you.
      “Sagg on the cusp,” so does that mean that you have Cap in the majority of your 2nd house?? if so your probably very cautious, protective and like to almost catorgorise your money….
      does this make sense
      i hope i havnt made a fool of myself lol 😛
      Saggo astrologer in training

      • Thanks Matt,

        Well interpreted, but sagg and cap are pretty evenly involved ( from my less-than insightful gazings)

        Have had times of dearth and have had to be very careful during these, but when i spend i do so without “buyers remorse”. I do like the good things in life, but loathe debt and try to buy wisely.Maybe overly generous rather than flamboyant, but i do believe “what goes around comes around”.

        There is no foolishness on your part that i can detect, thanks again

    • I too have Sagg on the cusp… roll thorugh to Caps in the house. I also have Neptune.
      So I am adventerous and frugal (or maybe I just like spending money on going overseas on exotic trips and GAINING SOCIAL STANDING)… and the Neptune is that I get money creatively…

      … I am confused…

  2. Am a Sagg,

    2nd house – I’ve got Aries on the cusp and Taurus and Saturn in it. So I guess…I actually have no idea, of course…but that I have to work hard to get $$, and to manage it properly, but that I like to use it to treat myself and also splurge on the people around me?

    I mean, this is just what I do in my life so I’m putting it out there to see if it makes sense astrologically speaking?

    Interesting about the Saturn stuff as have just been facing up to some fiscal realities and details for the first time in a long time. Is daunting but also surprisingly satisfying and reassuring; like have faced up to demons and am establishing control. Certainly feel more in charge of life as a result. Have realised and even acepted that simply CANNOT take next year’s hol on credit. Oh the horror of growing up.

    (Which, Mystic, I think fits quite well with some of the stuff you told me in an astro-qeury. For the rest of you wondering whether an astro-query is, like, totally worth it, let me tell you that it, like, totally IS!!!)

  3. I’m a complete newbie to working with and understanding houses. so i have a dumb question or three – if anybody out there can help it would be much appreciated! :-)

    How do I tell what is on the cusp of the house?

    This is from astrodientist for my chart:-

    House positions (Placidus)
    Ascendant Virgo 9°55’06
    2nd House Libra 22°23’32
    3rd House Scorpio 23°31’19

    So the only thing I have in Libra is Uranus. Does this mean Uranus is in my second house?

    • As I said above, I have no idea how to look at all these chart thingies, but this is how I figured out mine – if, indeed, figuring it out is what happened!

      I looked at my chart on astrodeinst, the wheel thingie, and I checked out what sign was sitting close to the outside of one of the demarcation lines for that house & that’s the one on the cusp. Then I looked at what sign was in it and what planet. I don’t worry about the degrees because it befuddles me.

      Hope this helps.

    • TCC,

      Your second house is at 22.23 Libra.

      Uranus may or may not be in your second house. Look up Uranus on the planet list of your chart at Astrodienst to see what degree in Libra Uranus is and if it falls on or after 22 degrees Libra.

      Another important factor is to look to what planet rules the second house cusp. In your case it’s Venus so look to see where Venus is located in your chart. That’s another clue as to how you might make money.

    • TCC it depends on the degree of Uranus in Libra. If after 22.23.32 of Libra then Uranus in the 2nd house, if earlier, then first house Uranus. The cusp of your 2nd house is Libra 22.23.32. Your 2nd house is ruled by Venus (Libra cusp) but also contains Scorp. Best bet, get an Astro Query from Mystic. Thoroughly recommend it. x

  4. This IS fun. I have Libra on the cusp- and three planets! Saturn & Pluto in Libra, then Jupiter in Scorpio…

    And I am incredibly lucky with jobs being offered things from nowhere- Jupiter. But I can really feel that Saturn though, while I always have just enough, it can be very tight sometimes…Perhaps I should align with the Pluto energy- mogul. And Saturn of course loves some hard work.

    What about the Libra?

  5. Hmz… I have a pisces 2nd cusp with the energy of an Aries sun in there.
    I am hopeless with money. I wouldn’t say I’m materialistic, but I really really like having it lol. I’m just soooo disorganised and end up spending it on random things.

  6. have Aries on the cusp of the 2nd, also Moon in 2nd house.

    Mystic your description above’s spookily accurate!!
    xox :-) xox

  7. I’m a fish sun with Cap on the cusp of the 2nd (no planets). I never really gave any thought to money, I have always just spent, until there wasn’t any more to spend that fortnight. I honestly had no idea what anything cost.

    Since Capricorn has moved into Pluto I can’t seem to stop obsessing about my bank balance, saving a dollar or two on random purchases, having investments etc. So weird for me.

    • Hey! We’re similar! My second house is either Capricorn or Aquarius (according to the AstroDienst chart Capricorn takes up more “space” but that’s not quite what I think of when I think ‘cusps’) and I have no planets. Making money isn’t a consideration for me either – as long as I have enough to live on I’m fine. Which is currently what I’m stressing about, since my savings are going down down down and I can’t seem to get a job -_-;;

      I’m a Libra sun if that makes a diff.

  8. i have taurus on cusp, with no major planets in 2nd. this totally fits- as although im not technically materialistic (ie, cars, big houses, labels etc mean absolutely nothing to me), i AM sensible about what i earn, and it does tie in directly with how i feel about myself. i need to be grounded and value what i make, and i respect what money CAN buy- ie, travel and adventures, nice home where i can share space with family and friends, shouting other people gorgeous decadent dinners. i love being generous with my cash. thus completely value it, on that level. i have a pretty unfettered relationship with money i guess, which is probably where my unaspected and non-planet filled 2nd house comes in.

  9. I think I have aries on the cusp, with no planets

    Have always worked hard & I couldn’t impress anyone with what I earn! lol

  10. My second house is one Full House: Venus, then Mercury and then Neptune squished up all together in Saggitarius. And I have my Mars in Scorpio bearing down close on the very tail of the first house.

    How does this manifest? The Mars in Scorpio makes me a lot paranoid, an undervalued corporate attribute, I feel.

    A bit workaholic, too. This is probably fortunate, because of my Saturn in the 8th: so no inheritance expected :)

  11. I have Virgo on the Cusp but Mars and Neptune in Sagg in the 2nd house. Interesting that it comes down to the sign on the cusp. Love that you teach me such important stuff, Mystic :)

    I do like the idea of 2nd house Neptune meaning I’ll make $$ out of film/ acting/ sci fi. I have been writing a sci-fi screenplay for ages and figured it was just costing me money. So now I’m writing a rom-com. I guess that’s kinda sci-fi – no one on Earth has witty, sexy, sweet hook-ups with a hater-who-becomes-a-lover and really cool-yet-quirky friends which all results in a happy ending-ever-after, all to a groovy soundtrack. Sigh…

  12. Pluto smack bang in the 2nd… Self-made mogul – yep, that sounds about right. I’ve learned I only succeed from being ‘the true me’ – and let’s face it, airing a little dirty laundry.
    Regardless, I’ve only ever made real money out of my own, self-identity-driven, enterprises.
    Also have Libra in 2nd… What’s that? Perhaps a balance of many pursuits? I am a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Sounds typically non-committal, try-to-please-them-all Libra, yes?

  13. Nothing at all in 2nd house but 3 planets in 8th….other people’s money?
    Funny that because that’s what i get, other people’s money for my energy.
    It always flows, thought it was Saggo’s luck but it’s 8th house stuff.
    Money is made round to go round?
    Being freelance/self employed is always edgy, but with all that 8th house going’s on,
    am never short of cash.

    • ok, i am also a sagg and do not have any planets in my 2nd house (cancer) – “there are no planets in this sign”
      hmm, funny, money has never been on my radar however when I need some, always trying to figure where it might materialize from!

    • Knowing you do massage and me too Pegasus, think what you said about other people’s money for your energy (in a quite literal way!) is dead on.

      The Moon rules my second and I have Moon in 8th. Mystic’s topic prompted me a look at Vesta in 2nd which I knew was opp. the Moon. But what I didn’t consider is that Vesta is trine to Ceres and Jupiter in 6th, the Moon in 8th sextile Ceres and Juipter. Good set up I think and I’ve certainly been busy with massage.

  14. I’ve got 2nd in Virgo, no natal planets BUT Saturn is going through it right now…I worry about it, and freak out whenever I have below a certain amount in my checking, and won’t TOUCH my savings unless it’s absolutely necessary. plus I hate lending money to people inside, but my jolly old Leo Ascendant likes to look showy and will do it for good friends.

    Saturn transiting through it…it’ll be a bit of a tough time which makes sense as the country I’m living in for the summer won;t allow me to have a job. Oh well.

  15. Ha, I’m a Sag sun/Gem moon/Cancer Asc with Leo on the cusp of my 2nd house and when I want something I pretty much buy the best my budget will allow. It has been joked by friends/boyfriends that I will intuitively be drawn to the most expensive thing in the store/on the menu, before I’ve even looked at the price. I buy the good cheese, organic produce, top shelf liquor. I’m not a huge label whore, and I’m not averse to buying vintage, but I do like what I perceive to be quality and to have lots of options in my closet. I am fairly responsible about it, and try not to live beyond my means. If I can’t see a discernable justification for a more expensive options, then I won’t buy it – but I occasionally struggle to save and don’t cut back if I don’t have to.

    • ha! I’m the same.. 2nd House Leo cusp, with Moon and Venus in there…I can find the diamond in the vintage store, think Verve is the best under $100 champagne (Le Grande Dame is the best over $200) Cashmere is the only thing to keep me warm in winter ? !

  16. I have no planets on the 2nd or 8th houses…apparently money is *really* not important to me!! Well it isn’t really, as long as I can live that’s fine, I’ve never been one to care about having a million dollars or whatever. But I do need to eat!!

    • I have no planets in 2nd or 8th either!

      Money has just sort of appeared whenever I’ve really needed it.

      Had to move house suddenly about 18 months ago, no money for bond etc. Suddenly I get an email from the payroll people, i’ve been underpaid for the last 12 months and bam, it is the exact amount I need for bond and a month’s rent in advance with enough to pay for removalists as well.

      I think that is something to do with Jupiter, I had a reading with Astrobarry last time he was in OZ and he said something about Jupiter and my luck.

      And yes, he did ask me if I was planning to move house in the near future, to which I replied, absolutely not.

      • I wish I had your luck. Well so far I do, mainly because my parents bail me out, but I don’t want to rely on them anymore yet it’s getting harder and harder to even get a job interview 😐

  17. I’ve got saturn in Pisces, as well as Pisces in the second house. So true.
    Money just seems to flow. I rarely have money problems (and I’m not rich) because I put money in my room then forget about it, and find it 4 months later. haha

  18. north node in Scorpio (r) in 2nd I think.
    Money? There is usually JUST enough, but I have taken some huge risks.
    It scares me and I’d like more of it, but I’ve gotten over being stressed about it.
    It’s also pretty conjunct Uranus. Maybe that explains something??

  19. The cuthp: Would dat be the one on de left or de one on de right? I’ve got Mercury in Aqua straddling both Cap and Aqua. So the custhp ith what? Cap or Aqua?

    • the cusps, dear Link, are counted from the ascendant onwards in an anti-clockwise manner. so the first house is from the ascendant to the second house cusp which is the next line below that and so on.

  20. Cancer on the second house cusp here… no planets residing but Vertex-Antivertex axis is 24 Cap/Cancer and this is an important trigger point in my family life (all my children have a planet or Node at this point, and our family composite chart has the sun there)… Well, Cancer there explains why I am so family-oriented with finances/values – plus the house ruler – Moon – is in my fifth house (the house of offspring and creativity). Moon is also disposed by Venus (Moon is in Libra) so there is a connection there to be considered – but that is a whole other astro lesson.

  21. My 2nd house cusp is dead in the centre of Taurus… Slightly more aspirational than Saggigal, but the basic premise is the same. Get a sense of well being when I have my finances under control – but have a really strong sense of always making sure I have enough money – even when not working. Plus I can and have stepped into the void earning wise, and always fallen on my feet. The angels do keep me safe in that regard. No planets in the 2nd, and I’ve still not really started on any path that I dreamt of career wise, I fell into admin, and am still here despite the many letters after my name… but have faith there is a reason for my meandering journey of a career!

  22. Love this article…it so good to know how to interpret your own chart, one step at a time.

    What about the asteroids mystic?

    I’ve jot Juno and Sappho in 2nd house Leo.

  23. I’m late to add to this thread, but a little terrified by Saturn, Pluto, AND Mars hanging out in the 2nd (cusp is Libra, but the planets in question are in Scorpio). You’d think I’d be some banking/marketing mogul with that kind of ridiculousness, but actually money hasn’t really been that important to me. At some point I developed the habit of living frugally and religiously adding to savings, and it’s served me well, but I’m no business tycoon or anything.

    I will say, there are other elements of my chart that contribute to a workaholic tendency — Virgo rising, sun in 7th, I’m happiest when I love the work I’m doing — so it could be that any drive for material security plays out this way instead of strictly financially.

    Anyway, interesting article!

  24. My Pisces son who is the most beautiful person ever to walk this Earth has Pluto and Jupiter in Scorpio in his second house. I am sooooo freaked out by that.
    Please, someone, anyone…promise me he will not grow up to be a pimp or some thing equally harrowing.

    • BeautifulTjhings – nothing to freak out about – i’d be very happy to have those two in my second house (i’ve only got Point of Fortune in Aries there and i’m not even sure what that means). Jupiter in second very enriching – self confidence, optimism etc together with the power planet Pluto – need to develop personal sense of power – which is aided by his Jupiter self confidence and optimism.

      As Myst says above re Jupiter “bless the person with the ability to sort of drum it up from nowhere, walk out the door and get offered the gig they need & even be fairly fortunate in just finding the stuff.” And “Pluto is like mogul-land. People who literally go from having zilch to being officially selfmade millionaires often have Pluto (or Scorp) in the 2nd.”

    • And another thought BeautTjhings – if your son is Pisces Sun which would be maybe trining his second house Jup/Pluto in Scorp from the sixth house?? At the very least same element – easy aspect to self actualise. Pluto in Scorp is double whammy – it’s in it’s own sign. And of course with Libra Asc he’d be beautiful :-)

      • Yay!

        He does have a sixth house Sun (I think venus is hanging out in there too…) so he enjoys the blessings of a trine : o ).

  25. What a great thread! I am hoping someone can give me some insight into how having Jupiter and Mars (both in Scorpio) in my Second House (ruled by Scorpio) might have some bearing on my finances, potential for wealth. And if anyone knows someone or happens to have this placement yourself, what has your financial life been like? I’ve never really wanted to be filthy rich simply to hoard it – but I’ve always thought that if I was ever to “win the lottery” so to speak I can think of a million ways I would manage and utilize that money for the greater good… Wonder if I’ll ever get that chance. I have Saturn in the first house (Libra) and Pluto there as well.

  26. I have Neptune in Sag in the second house but I’m not into sci-fi at all. Any other suggestions guys?

  27. I’ve got a question… I have my Scorpio in the 2nd house. Whether or not my Pluto is in the 2nd house is a curiosity… you see, it is 24.04 degrees in the 1st house. Some astrologers apparently say this counts as it being in the 2nd. I don’t know. What do you think? Thanks! Please e-mail this to me if you have time to respond!

  28. I don’t have a reply but I do have a question. In my 2nd house, I have Jupiter on the cusp of capricorn and aquarius and Mercury in Capricorn. What does this mean and how do I increase my $$$$?