Sun Sign Survey: Are You A Gamer?

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Riven walkway dreamscapeGod, I loved Riven. I mean, I as crap at it but i loved wandering through the landscape. Plus i loved Blasto & the late 90s platformers…Playstation got too much of a time-Qi drain & so it was brill when the thing burnt out – it’s never that productive staying up until 2am trying to defeat a giant space bug. BUT I am curious as to which signs, astro-profiles areΒ  most likely to be a gamer, hate the very idea of it or still be amazingly proud of some High Score achieved once upon a time. And which GAME???

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38 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Are You A Gamer?

  1. I used to have a mad affair with Dune. 2 I think…anyways there was just something terribly soothing about building stuff up while outside forces tried to blow me up and then, to win…crush them. Sadly I was also a tad thrilled to discover that running over the ‘enemy’ with my harvesters squished them.

    The dark time after my natural mother died was relieved, a lot by just disappearing into this game.

    Also teenage years, huge joy over frogger (which I was hopeless at) and Space Invaders which I was decent at.

    • I tend to forget doing the sign thing…soz.

      Leo Sun Taurus Rising Scorp Moon and I think Lilith in Aquarius has something to do with my mad love/hate tech brain.

  2. I love this kind of stuff! To the point where I have to ban myself from even trying any games anymore or else I end up with a very nasty habit. I even delete the games from my mobile phone (addictive personality much?)

    It started back in the days of Atari, continued through to tabletop moon patrol, space invaders etc at the local milkbar, also Donkey Kong and similar on handheld pocket games and I had a very rocky patch around the time of Segas with Sonic the Hedgehog and Tetris, until my boyfriend of the time had to physically pack the bloody thing away in a cupboard so we could go back to having a normal life.

    Normalcy ensued for a bit, until mobile phones came out and I became a Snake addict. I’d get hooked on pretty much any of the games as phone technology got better, but had a strong moment and deleted them all.

    I had a chance to get my hands on two copies of the Special Edition World of Warcraft thingo a couple of years ago and sold them for some crazy price on ebay at like 300% markup. It was only because I needed the cash badly at the time that I didn’t open one to investigate. Otherwise (from what I’ve heard – I’ve never gone near it) I probably wouldn’t be here typing on a blog because apparently it’s like crack to gamers.

    Anyway, with age I seem to have got past it, but that’s only because I know better than to start playing anything now.

    Aqua sun, Leo rising, Cap moon. Chinese year of the monkey (on my back when it comes to game addiction).

    • I adored Moon Patrol! thank you for reminding me – I do think leos are amazing at games?

      • Wasn’t Moon Patrol just the best!? I remember my friend and I would bunk in at the Jaffle Inn at Cronulla with a packet of ciggies on the table and a fist full of coins and we would literally spend hours and hours playing till our money ran out. Bless the early 80s for being teenagers. I wouldn’t have grown up in any other era πŸ˜‰

  3. Gaming! Nostalgia! I remember chasing pixels on an Atari 64 when I was 6, the soundtrack to Wonderboy 3 is etched into my psyche. Easily addicted.

    Fave genre = epic quests a la Final Fantasy, Prince of Persia, Devil May Care, Silent Hill, REsident Evil. Hours of game play, narrative exposition, puzzle solving, characters, alternate realities.

    Least fave: anything repetitive that requires precision button pushing and timing = car driving, fighting games, sport games, heaps of platform games.

    Aqua Sun, Sag Moon, Pisces Rising

  4. Not a gamer but I work in IT and love the technology. I also have heaps of friends who are avid gamers. I have worked at a games company too. Best job ever even if it was only a month contract. I was production assistant but did so much interesting stuff…Ended up doing some of the two dimensional artwork (that is then mapped to the three dimensional object). I checked animations of critters that were outsourced by other companies to see if they did was they were supposed to. i.e. Is this really the giant ant going into attack mode and then dying as it is labelled? My best subjects in school were maths and art and games combine the logic and the visual….

    There are some games I do play but they’re not very complex. I love tetris. and some of the pop-cap games.

  5. I have an almost pathological aversion to gaming. To the point where my long suffering also Aqua super-air son (who is hopelessly addicted to all things Halo through friends) has finally given up asking when we are going to join the technology revolution. His classic catchcry, “It’s not real you know, Mum”.
    It may be from misspent youth when I would watch potheads who never left their lounge rooms play endless games with annoying repetitive soundtracks. They never saw the sun. Will admit at a push a pre-teen fondness for the original Pac-man.
    I love the fantasy element but the violence abhors me enough to stay away from the soddin lot.
    Aqua sun / Leo moon / Taurus AC

    • AMEN!Aquafey!

      I hate gaming in the boyish/stoned way.

      I do have a very escapist relationship to books though…

      Aries sun
      Kataka moon
      taurus rising

      and off topic , in relation to mystics cliche astro house post – the other day I did a RED wash! eg. all red garments making up an entire load of washing.

  6. Oooookay, so I’m gonna go out on a limb that me and my fellow Aquarians are big-time gamers.

    Which kinda reminds me of my old LAN circle back when I lived back home, they were Aquarians and Geminis… well most of them anyways.

    If you’re wondering the games I play – at the moment, it’s World of Warcraft πŸ˜› But also a big fan of city building and other roleplay/fantasy games with token violent games like Grand Theft Auto IV etc.

  7. Starcraft! Diablo!! Age of Empires!!! Civilization!!! I blame Gemini Asc – like to fidget with gadgets, Sag moon – armchair traveller and Aqua MC cause I prefer the futuristic ones. Well no actually was a kick-butt Sorceress in Diablo and that’s kinda ye olden days, but then I led some fab Zerg battalions in Starcraft. *sighs* … luv gaming

    • Yeah, you pretty well summed up my gaming repatoire (if that’s how you spell it). Even the sorceress… I only play characters that use magic *lol*

  8. Earlier this year I was obsessed with Mahjong on ipod, played it continuously until I finished the game & was titled the emperor.
    Gem sun/pisces rising

  9. I’m not a techno gamer. My kids are and have been since Commodore computers. I prefer to have real people round a table talking, with a glass of wine and having fun while playing a game. I like scrabble, backgammon, mahjong, trivial pursuit, 500, Canasta. I do crosswords. I do sometimes play computer solitaire if I’m trying to keep my mind of something that’s worrying me.


  10. I played all of the sequels of Myst as well as Myst itself and many times over. First time was always to solve the puzzles but the subsequent times for pure enjoyment: visual, auditory, emotional. The adventure and discovery of those exquisite worlds was superb and I continue to marvel at the imagination and skill of the creators. I have never been drawn to the violence of doom and gloom computer games, but Myst et al appealed so much to my aesthetic sense and the spirit of discovery and curiosity that I could spend whole days in front of the screen, taking brief brakes for sustenance and loo. I felt pulled into these worlds and did not want to solve the stories too soon because it meant leaving the worlds. I always felt sad upon the completion and waited impatiently for their sequels (some better than others).
    sun/asc/merc/nept in Scorp n 12th and 1st house, Li moon

  11. Sudoku on my phone is the limit for me. Those games personally seem like a waste of life, could be doing s’thing energising and fun like going to bar, a bike ride or seeing a good film.
    Aqua sun
    Libra rising
    Leo moon and then some

  12. Having said that i do spend some of my spare time on the computer reading up on a plethora of topics. I find google the best invention since…the internet?

  13. A friend’s Sagg husband is in some full-on gaming circle. You know, up all night, drinking beer, playing.

    I really, really don’t ‘get’ electronic games. I have Trivial Pursuit and a word game on my iPhone which I play for a few mins before bed, but I get bored pretty quickly.

    Sagg Sun/Pisces Rising/Aries Moon.

    But I like doing the ‘hard copy’ of Sudoku & cryptic crosswords.

    Capricorn ex-husband was hooked on Super Mario Bros on a little hand held thingy – to the point that he got RSI in his thumb!

  14. Don’t get it…. Even when a teen, didn’t get it. I like tetris, but thats about it…. actually I like any game where I have to do patterns – I am a great visualiser, so tetris, that weird snake game phones used to have, things like that ona grid are fun.
    I think having severe depression in my early 20s cured me of any escapist role playing stuff…… And like the ladies above, stoners in front of computers give me the absolute s***s. I like connecting, talking, feeding people and conversing over wine! And for my introverted periods, a good book please, and cups of tea and endless bits of toast!
    Scorp sun, Cancer moon

  15. I enjoy video games but i avoid them like the plague because they are a time suck. Once you get started you can’t stop them til it’s over. :(

    • oh there is one exception: I like games with movement that aren’t sagas. Ex: Dance Dance Revolution or Wii Yoga. If i get to jump all about it’s different.

        • I’ve heard of that! People losing weight and all. I say yay! I can’t wait for real-time kickboxing or boxing simulations.

          It’s great. It’s how i like to burn my energy when trapped indoors. I am however dangerous with the Wii controller for bowling. I smashed the controller into the wall and put a hole in it with my swing. I get too excited and stuff gets broken. It’s good i am a small person or more things could get damaged.

  16. Satan 1, the one prior to Satan 2 (Arian X – both share same name!) – anyways Satan 1, Gem surfing Barrister called me “Game Girl” – said I was so much fun he reckoned his mates’d want a go… the nice way of course!!

    guessing the only gaming here is the self-created fun πŸ˜† xox

    • p.s true to Aries form, Satan 2 wined for almost a decade why he wasn’t Satan 1……being always No1 in HIS mind & never one to queue….

  17. Boring! Ok, I did love Pac-Mac and Space Invaders back in the 80’s as a kid.

    Give me a game of Scrabble any day! πŸ˜€ I play it constantly via a Facebook app.

    Sag Sun+Moon / Gem Rising

  18. No wayze. No patience. Never been into escapist books either – fantasy, sci fi and the like. I think this ram likes gritty reality!

    • This Ram the same way. Like real life “heroic”/spiritual/touch of woo-woo type journies to inspire, etc..

      I’d said “computer games” above, but includes videos but truth be told, with girls, they were not into video games as kids…Is it more a guy thing? And then, being divorced, could not afford video games and the accesssories probably. Maybe if the kids REALLY, REALLY wanted them but they never asked. My kids did not grow up with cell phones and computers….So much of that came later for them…

  19. hmmmm. video games – sometimes… I love the WII as it appeals to my Saggo influences but my Picses rising draws me towards a book rather than the games.

  20. OMG – Riven all the way – when I discovered it I locked myself inside the house for days and did nothing else. Gem sun Taurean Moon Cap Rising. I don’t really know why but I love the whole “other world” thing.

  21. I don’t have much love for games these days. I grew up playing them. All types, as long as it was interesting.

    Honestly something I never liked about Myst. It always gave me headaches.

    I always feel like I’m wasting my time if if play them today, even when I’m supposed to be relaxing, or my kids want me to play with them. I also hate not being able to give it my all. Kids cry if you whip them in the game too often.

    I can be given a game, I can play a free game, however it seems that whenever I buy a game for myself I lose my job. No I don’t play during working hours.