Scorped Up Again

She by Rider Haggard

Moon in Scorpio AND Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Cap; this is savagely earthing, grounded, sensual, primal and yet ever so bats as the Moon belts toward being Full in Set-Me-Free Saggo…Positive power tripping and optimistic, non-defensive borders can work in the before-math of this moon.

Or read She for an astro-appropriate,  super-Goth, feminist & cultural trip & a half…Venus now chases Mars & she catches him on June 21, with Saturn in fave aspect. A lot of love/lust stories achieve a satisfying conclusion around then;

“She was written in the flush of success following the publication of King Solomon’s Mines (1886) and was published in its wake in 1887. Again Haggard drew on his substantial knowledge of Africa and ancient legends but now he worked with darker material. She is narrated by a man seemingly without family called Ludwig Horace Holly. A beautiful and powerful white queen of an African tribe (“She who must be obeyed”) is the centre of attention here as she falls in love with the English explorer. Even her name, Ayesha, indicates magic and mystery. She is more sophisticated but also much more disturbing that King Solomon’s Mines, even in its raising up of the concept of “Truth” in a nightmarish world where we see pits filled with skeletons and the like. She spawned a number of much lesser sequels, including Ayesha: The Return of She (1905) and the risible She and Allan (1921). She’s admirers included Jung who used it as an example of his “anima” concept…”


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20 thoughts on “Scorped Up Again

  1. Think it was amazon Ursula Andress who played Ayesha in the movie,
    with John Derrick as He who would not enter the Fire with her & achieve
    immortality. More fool he.
    THAT movie impressed me beyond, opened my youthful imagination at the time.
    So that’s where the saying ‘She who must be obeyed’ came from!

    • absolutely adored that film way back then

      mmmmm Alpha tauri’s revisiting the week before but returns West on 21st, could be interesting

  2. yes, set me free vibe indeed. from relationship and job! it’s all happening.

    • I agree. I feel a bit like burning down the house, bridges… and possibly the town.
      Apparently I gotta keep it all inside…

        • Awww, Thank you CC..
          … getting better… they tried taking out the tubes yesterday, but her body can’t support itself just yet. They had to put them back in. That was distressing.
          Just trying to get a little normality going. Haven’t done any exercise all week… Gong to Yoga tonight. I am _really_ looking forward to it. Had an argument with my Caps friend/Ex (who I have been dreaming about everynight for a week and a half… and we are together in alll the dreams. It does my head in). And an ol’ Cancerian Flame is still trying to make contact so I can be his fluffer again.
          I think I am a long way off from any form of normality… but I am aiming for it.
          Cos you’ve gotta have goals.

  3. I’m always scorped up. How could I not be with Mars and Pluto in 8th.

  4. ooh I love She and the sequels too. Like Indiana Jones meets Inanna/Kali. Ayesha was darker than I expected in the end.

  5. I was just having a look at H Rider Haggard’s chart,_H._Rider

    He has close conjunction of sun/venus/mercury/saturn in cancer/gemini in 12th – I wonder if that was what motivated him to write subterranean goddess type stories.

    If you are a writer – does your chart show what you like writing about – themes/genres etc?

    • THE WHOLE DAY TODAY – gave out and was recieving this major dark mysterious vibe! i loved it!
      Libran tiger yes they do — if you go back a few articles i think you will find the asteroid muses – each one coresponse to different things – Tragic Poetry, comedy, Astronomy, creative writing ect ect.
      — this is sooo cool btw – i was the student asking and now im actually helping others THANKS EVERYONE!

  6. I think you’ve answered your own question lib tiger.

    It’s quite a chart, and I love looking at charts and seeing how they make sense in terms of what people have done with their lives. The merc in gemini would have writer’s leanings, plus the 12th house stuff, conjunct Venus and trining 8th house moon would lend itself to the subject matter. It’s all there. A few of the asteroids would add to the fun. Very interesting indeed.

  7. Thanks matt – great idea to check out the asteroids.

    And thanks über too. I was kinda wondering if there were any writers here if their charts showed what they liked writing about? Are you a writer über?

    • Mystic has said something about this:
      “Virgo Rising with Gemini Midheaven is still very much the astro-signature of a writer & Virgo Suns disproportionately swell the ranks of published/acclaimed novelists” from this page

      Found it in a site search for ‘writer’.

      I’m just an astro student, but I think strong Mercury helps writers. So planets or angles in Virgo or Gem, plus well aspected Mercury. Mystic has Merc in Aries and I think it shows in her bold, economical writing style. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

      As for subject matter, I’d look to the busiest signs and houses in the chart, and planets with lots of aspects. Essentially writers have to write about what they know about, and will be drawn to things that are indicated in their chart. Haggard has a lot of moon, venus stuff happening and a lot in the 12th. Makes sense with the kind of stuff he was writing about. Keep looking at charts, I think you’ll find it bears out.

      I used to be a translator; a thankless and pitifully underpaid profession. My masochistic Virgo planets were into it, but my Sagg rising and Aries moon rebelled. We needs to express ourselves, Precious.

      It’d be nice to be a writer, but Saturn is telling me there are important things I have to do. If I did write the great Australian novel, I’m sure it would cover my fave topics: sex, death, religious cults, medicine and travel, which bears out with my chart – mars neptune in Scorp in the 11th/12th and four Virgo planets in the 9th. Oh and throw in a dysfunctional family saga – saturn in the 4th.

      • i would agree with all that Über. Actors are the same too. They’re usually drawn to roles indicated in their charts. Actors being typecast springs to mind – must be a theme running through their chart.

        I love the idea of being a writer but unfortunately my mercury in Scorp lets me down – it’s squared by Saturn too. Writing requires much effort, not as effortless as say someone with mercury in Gem or Virgo. I’m in awe of peeps who are really creative with words. With merc in Scorp (conjunct sun in 10th) my thought processes are more intuitive, emotional and visual, Much better suited to the visual medium which i’m good at. Venus in libra helps too.

  8. Hey uber I’d like to read that novel you would write about sex/death/religious cults/medicine & travel – sounds exotic! Yes I think you are probably right about the busiest planets/houses.

    Why do you think your merc in scorp lets you down scorpalicious? I have mercury in scorpio too opposite my ascendant and moon and – am half way through first novel so not published writer but is my love and creative release, even though work in design/IT stuff by day. (I have venus in libra too) Maybe merc in scorpio would write great detective novels, altho not something I would write. I’m more into sci- fi, speculative fiction.

    I have this great book called the literary zodiac that talks about all different writers from each sun sign and their novels/careers. Have to dig it out again.

    • well, that’s exactly why Merc in Scorp lets me down – i used that phrase to describe something i find hard to put into words. It’s the first thing that popped into my mind. Perhaps i should have said that I don’t have the gift of the gab. Sometimes it feels like it takes an eternity to dilute the essence of my thoughts into a sentence and even then i’m not entirely sure it’s exactly what i mean. It requires much effort and time. And time is of the essence! I don’t think i’d have the patience to write a novel. I’d go insane with frustration.
      I’m more comfortable expressing myself visually and very fortunate that i get to do that with my day job.

      That’s awesome about your novel. Is it sci- fi? What house is your Merc in? Mine’s in 11th. If merc is opposite your moon, does that mean it’s in Taurus?

  9. H Rider Haggard was first cousin to my great grandfather on the paternal side. in the family, he was said to be a bit of a drama queen!