Pluto: You Are Here…

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Hands up who is in a strange new land since Pluto got cracking into Capricorn? This is never minding the G.F.C. and all. This is a handy Pluto-reckoner to help you navigate your new terrain.

If you think about the cycles & dates, they’re bound to resonate on one level or another. Especially, of course, the house Pluto is actually bingling through and any major points being aspected.

But even if you know nothing re your chart, ponder these dates and see what transformations have occurred.  Seriously, it is worth the brainiac activity for the insights.

Late Jan 2008; Pluto gets into Capricorn.

Mid June 2008:  Pluto out of Capricorn and back into Saggo.

Late November 2008: Pluto back into Capricorn.

Early April 2009; Pluto gets as far into Cap as he is going this year and Retrogrades. ie: reverses….all the way back to the point of Feb 2008 – Zero Degrees Cap. Not back to the Jan 2008 point but near enough. And will get to the same point was at during the Feb 2008 Eclipse which is echoed/triggered on August 6 by an Eclipse in Aquarius at very similar degrees.

Mid-Sept 2009; Pluto moves forward again and so do you.

47 thoughts on “Pluto: You Are Here…

  1. waiting waiting waiting to be moving forward. consistently – vs 3 steps forward, few back, several diagonaly, then leap forward, slip back, head sideways, stpe confidently forward only to…. etc

    you get it………..
    luckily patience has preveailed relaxing the time biding. bleeding hell – some consistency please!!

  2. Well,

    This reminds me of the casino wins late Jan., early Feb. 2008…..

    On a much smaller scale but quite delightful, today got a letter regarding a refund check I’ll be receiving, approx $150 and, that the Internal Revene Service adjusted my taxes and owe $1,000 less than thought I had!

    The refund check is for a $25 purchase I’d made last June and all the charges for late fees, etc., put on my account as I’d never been billed

    Interesting time frame Mystic!

  3. But where is the Air Drongo Holiday specials to Planet Mongo? Should I time my little time away for Sept. 2009, gasp hopefully not another palace coup!

    Am so sad to have been so awol here lately but birthday festivities wot not, I am now an astounding 39. No prejudice to the age mind you but I was actually not even a moment ago dithering along thinking should I go for someone 10 yrs older all the time, someone 40? Only to be stunningly reprimanded by my conscience that such an age is in fact only ONE not ten years away from mine..

    It’s funny how the years fly by. The odd thing I think I am reverse aging, and managed to yuck it up in a gay club smack in the middle of WeHo wearing a little nautical shirt dress and flats, gay men are my new youth serum I think.

    But is back to Pluto for me methinks…

    • welcome back FA and belated happy birthday. I loved my life at 39. I felt I’d finally grown up, well not so much up as out…confident and up myself

      • Yes happy belated FA…

        39 was the Uranus opp. for me and a very profound time. Things only got better from there. My brother said that life begins at 40 and now I believe him…

        I love gay men too. Some of my most kindest, funniest patients are gay and of course living near Palm Springs there are many!!

      • Thank you darlings! I’ve missed you too!!

        Yes, I am so looking forward to wot I see is the supreme confidence of 40. The being Up myself bit sounds fab and yes, gay men are so wonderful for all that.

        My dearest Frugens asked me wot I wanted from them, and within a second I said wot if you both go straight for a week and “entertain” me, hmm?

        Alas, no bingo. I did try though :)

    • Hello and happy b’day angel. Wondering where you were and missed you too. 39! And I’d assumed you were waay older due to your never ending wisdom. Reverse aging is on for me too from the time I hit 40, tell my kids every year going backwards babies, I must be turning 35 this year!

      • Thank you sweeties! Wot a nice compliment FF, no I’m no font of wisdom due to age, more due to Plutonic conditioning!

        Y’know ladies I don’t really mind it, it feels slightly like I’m living something frantic and frenetic behind. I feel…the right kind of ripeness if that makes any sense!

        TA I saw you wrestling with jealousy issues as you mentioned..I don’t think those ever really go away? I’ve always felt it was part of human nature and trying to attempt some kind of magnanimous enlightened state of being feels quite impossible…without being French, haha..

        Scorpbeaut, how are you?

  4. definitely heralded major changes for me…late Jan 08 began my journey of recovery from all the pluto in sagg battery, also began looking at ex-motm with critical eyes. I’ve embraced pluto in cap because I’ve refound ME, my values, who I am, and it’s so liberating. One could wonder how pluto in first house could but I truly feel reborn, the positive side of pluto. I was aware of the coming changes simply by watching pluto and couldn’t envisage how it would alter my world, it hasn’t, it’s altered me and I look at my world with different eyes. Persephony-like, I’ve exploded from the underworld. All hail Pluto!

  5. Watched the SBS doco on Bernie Madoff the other night, and his ponzi empire collapsed like a house of cards in Nov 08, losing his blue chip investors $67 billion. He confessed his fund was ‘one big lie’ practically the minute Pluto went into Cap.

    It’s an amazing story, especially since hoards of experienced investors funnelled money to him even though he insisted on bizarre levels of secrecy, such as stipulating that the name of his fund be excluded from the prospectuses of investment companies he was backing. Now all associated are busy suing each other for not practicing due diligence.

    Strong parallels there with bad gurus who give people faith, then blatantly fleece them.

  6. Ok that’s spooky – when pluto moves into capricorn I have gotten into spazzo relationship with some idiot or another i.e the genius virgo with libra in everything, the double bullshit artist …. when it retrograded back into saggo, sanity returned. Both relationships started around the time it moved into Cap. Both relationships ended around the retrograde dates.

    WEIRD … so much for self determination :(

      • Loads of evolution. Pluto has been determined to reorient how/where/why and with whom I build my life foundations. The blokes have just been a part of it. It seems to want me to start building on something solid … like something sensible, perhaps concrete … instead of my usual MO of building makeshift rafts on friggin quicksand! I’m beginning to not mind Pluto at all you know ….

    • wierd, me too actually, one friend i met late december and the friendship sprang up in Jan, all platonic, but this dude is a fabulous global musician whose positivity and joy in life is contagious, whenever I feel bad about things I just channel this ability to throw the crap off and just be excited about life. the other one (traumatised taurean) who i probably met bang on pluto into cap end of Jan, well he’s been the Learning Experience but also lots of healing. it goes on and off pretty much in sync with whatever events mystic mentioned (grudge flashpoints etc).

  7. Since we speaketh of Pluto, has anyone seen that film called Feast of Love. It has an amazing treatment of how one reconciles the Plutonic, the dark and deep chasms of one’s life to what we need to chug along.

    Had me in tears… I don’t want to give too much away but it’s a very gentle movie about the kinds of things one can encounter down there i.e. infidelity, death, drugs, etc.

  8. Late Jan 2008; Pluto gets into Capricorn – Made the decision to walk away from a soul destroying job in the Q Public Service. Basically walked away and pinned my hopes on temping for a while, sorting my money out, then travel…. Basically take a year off

    Mid June 2008: Pluto out of Capricorn and back into Saggo – Was offered full time position in biggest mining company in Oz. Took it, cos sould see a career path ahead of me which allowed me to segue into my true love of development – and was gifted with amazing manager who also had same ideals for me.

    Late November 2008: Pluto back into Capricorn – massive redundancies began in the mining sector, knew I had an 80% chance of going – and sure enough, in Feb was given the news…. So thought well ok – back to original 2008 plan of temping for a while, then travel, but this time with some $$ i the bank!

    Early April 2009 – applied for job back at big mining company, got it, and am back permanent, at a bigger, more important role, with a little bit more money, and travel plans again on the back burner

    Mid-Sept 2009; Pluto moves forward again and so do you – Wow – a novel direction maybe??????? Or focus on something other than my work???? Bring it on!

  9. been thinkin’ really hard on this one since the mention of Pluto opposite Sun a couple of days back here… all I can think of is with this cycle (bearing in mind Pluto is in my seventh house) I’m dealing with Jealousy… among other nasties I thought I’d already dealt with.

  10. Well Capricorn & Pluto certainly helped my semesters reports! – STRAIGHT A’S (WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
    but i can totally do without pluto atm — it was in my sign for 12 year (practically ALL my life!) do NOT need another dose of pluto and its power for a while anyway.

    • Embrace Pluto Matt – you can thank the 12 year transit for your deep mind = straight A’s, gotta embrace the fearful, which I’m sure you do A LOT = faster evolution an all ;-) be grateful.

  11. Everytime pluto went into capricorn I broke up a relationship that was based on deceit. So for me I suppose the sh*t hit the fan every time but for a very good reason. Really interesting, I’m pretty pleased actually. It seems like pluto in capricorn forces everything to the surface.

  12. oh. wow. uhh. these are basically spot-on dates for the ONLY major changes that have happened in my life in the past year+
    mayhaps because i have pluto rising, or five signs in cap, or sun sag O_o

    Late Jan 2008: i devote myself to my boyfriend at the time. give EVERYTHING for him, even though it’s an LDR. which ends up in me dropping out of school.

    Mid June 2008: i take a trip to visit said boyfriend, and when i finally get to be with him on the 14th, i realise it would never work. at all.

    Late November 2008: i leave said boyfriend after going on a trip back to my hometown, thusly meeting the most important people in my life right now, while telling old toxic people to get out of my life.

    Early April 2009: i speak to my mother for the first time since i moved out and make plans to move back in with her.

    August 6th: is when i’m getting into florida for a week long stay with said important people.

    Mid-Sept 2009: is when i had said move planned for!

    this is crazy o_o

  13. Can Pluto rule your love life?

    A man I have loved for nearly a decade has approached me and come into my life intensely every time pluto has moved forward in the last 2 years and then every time it went retrograde things got tricky. We have only seen each other twice in the last 2 years and when I checked the ephemeris, Pluto was at the exact same degree/minute each time – Pluto was moving forward then.

    What will July bring when it hits the same point retrograde?

    What will September bring when Pluto finally moves forward and leaves this place in the sky? I don’t know.

    An ending or beginning, I just can’t tell.

    …and these pluto movements are all squaring my venus in the 5th… I have been reading Liz Greene’s ‘The Astrology of Fate’ to try to understand.

    But maybe I am still too in the moment to get it yet.

    • Hon, I’m kinda evidence of that… yes, Pluto can rule one’s love life a spell. I suggest you get in touch with your Inner Persephone and practice looking chic while being swept into a yawning cavern sans a time schedule as to when you get to go back up… that and invest in queenly beauty rituals.

      I think if anything being in the moment is the best place for you to be, to truly give yourself to the impending transformations that may drawing you. This way, any retrospect you may have will be full from your experience, no?

      • Thanks for the advice FA – yes queenly beauty rituals are probably just what I need to lighten things up a bit.

        I remember reading bits & pieces of your story with – was that a pluto/venus transit you had going on or what was happening with pluto for you then?

        I have venus/pluto conjunct natally in the 5th so I have always had a rather plutonic love life but just the way outside events involving others are timed to the degree/minute of that slow moving beast as it moves in & out of sagg/cap out there is amazing.

        Makes me wonder how much free will really does exist in the universe sometimes. I guess I just have to surrender to the transformation whatever it maybe – can’t fight pluto power.

        • Plutonic V sweetie, first of all, I have Pluto in my first house, so that alone should say something. I am a zero degree Kataka so I think that was Pluto working his dark approach to opposing my Sun… either that or I can hardly remember.

          All I know is that it all kicked off starting Jan 06 then here we are, 3 YEARS later…

          But interesting question about free will, yes I truly believe that free will exists but the effects of a Plutonian transformation is a development of that will and an understanding of how it fits into the greater scheme of things. Whereas we normally expect that being goal oriented ought to be enough (HAHAHAHA) to get things done, it isn’t.

          Pluto undermines logic, planning and thought, zooms in on the fears and bogies you dare not even name and resurrects them in full living color so you can deal with them, and begin to THRIVE. Think of how sometimes the earth seems to die, either through cold or scorching, in preparation for new life. THAT is Pluto.

          I wish I could say it was one of those VOILA situations, it’s not… instead you proceed inch by hard earned inch. To its credit, I don’t believe the inches gained are ones you will ever lose.

          I’m going to echo the Divine M here but have you got that book from Howard Sasportas, The Gods of Change? Let’s just say I played out my own (non vengeful version) of Edmond Dantes with that book as my sole companion in a grotty mine cell.

          But seriously, for me it was like opening my eyes, and having the courage to live with the fact that no, we don’t control everything or everyone, sometimes not even ourselves, but if you’re doing Pluto right, your strength will be distilled to its purity and you will always, always, no matter what, be alright.

          Suffering after all, teaches us compassion in the most real way that we can ever mean and begin to practice.

          • Wow and that’s for free. Sun 0 deg Kataka Angel? So it’s conjunct my North Node and Vertex in the 5th and Venus 29.59 in the 4th. So I’m learning from you in order to move ahead ;-)

            I’m experiencing Pluto opposite my natal Venus – purging the past (South Node) and it will be over I think by November Mystic said. So true what you said above, after a serious Pluto transit you emerge transformed.

  14. Found the cutest little cottage Planet Mongo! Beginning to really like it here. But the folks who’ve known me the past 15 years are like, Who is this alien?

    Yeah, Pluto in Sagg hit my 12th house/Rising sign. 40 years in the wilderness and emerging at that end bit into motherhood. And still, there were giants to be slain and conquests to be made before I could enjoy all the milk and honey.

    Still don’t quite have milk and honey at hand, but am getting closer. Pluto tracking through my first house and joining up with my Sun by winter of 2011 –with a lovely line-up of Cap stuff!! NN, Pluto, Merc, and Pallas squaring my natal nodes/Jupiter/Uranus. Dear god. Just thinking about this makes my head throb.


    2008 Jan/Feb brought about big life lessons from Pluto/Sagg era. Big confrontation with my own neediness/narcissism. The next month I cut my off my fifteen year old mother. Or rather, just asked for some decent behavior. We tried this 15 years ago (she’s a Sagg with a fire trine). She opted out of the arrangement both times.

    Have been working on myself and making slow progress toward restoring a burgeoning relationship with a Cap rising fella I knew ages ago. When I say slow, I mean, it’s taking *years*. But realising this is fine. I need the time, too. Time is our friend, we cappy folk. Each Pluto turn seems to reveal some step in our individual personal evolutions.

    Frankly am damned glad for Pluto. And for planet Mongo!!

  15. Something I did note re Pluto transit for me is I have tuned out a lot of white noise. Cancelled newspapers (except for weekends and I hardly get to them ever, whereas I’d normally read them cover to cover) and I’ve massively reduced the television time. I have always been a news junky in the past.

    Kids doing better at school again (after breakup in 2007, noticed the effect on kids in 2008, difficult, but now thru it, thankfully) and I’ve stopped my abc radio listening, not bad per se but fills head with other pepole’s stuff. This has enabled me to listen to me more, i.e. my inner self and it has been very worthwhile. I have rediscovered the beauty of silence and music and the kids are loving the music in the car (as we spend an inordinate amount of time running around in the car). I can get my news online and do watch abc news/current affairs when I can but not at the expense of kids time.

    Also have been able to watch many movies. In my past life was so busy busy I couldn’t sit still to watch movies. Now totally engage, laugh, cry, weep, rage to them etc. Loving this life.

    • FF darling, it’s true. One gets used to the sound of silence with Pluto. It’s like creating white space for your soul to sense and feel… I often forget how much silence I live with until I get confronted with copious amounts of noise.

      I also believe that the amount of audio stimuli we have today is a huge source of stress. Otherwise why would clothing stores blast their music? But conscious listening is different and you’re right to make the quality count.

      During particularly painful moments, I like to shut everything off and just soak in quiet..then slowly slowly I sense best what I ought to do. It’s beautiful isn’t it.

      And you’re giving your kids the rare gift of learning how to listen.

    • But to be not entirely pessimistic I have done an INSANE amount of personal, interpersonal, and creative growth…but those dates were ill ill ILL times.

      • O van are you having saturn or uranus intensity as well? The suicide act is always such a curve ball – there’s nothing anyone can say that alters how it plays out in your head and how you deal with it but I do hope your journey through it is getting easier. It def sounds totally fuqd – one of those times in your life you will look back on and think “well that’s when it all changed”. Kudos to you for being able to see that good came from it – onwards and upwards xxx

      • Vanessa, that’s heartbreaking. Truly. It does seem that growth always seems to be accompanied by dramatic losses, the kind that wrench one’s gut. As the Divine M says, Inanna all over again.

        Still, you seem to very lucidly recognize this, which means you have been able to take in significant sorrow and transmute it..

        I know, it’s still painful though.

  16. Pluto is moving through my 8th house – january last year was when i started to reconcile with my love (i left him for two months dec 2007 and jan 2008, after 12 years together) also is the time of deepening interest in astrology and yoga – which seems like 8th house stuff?

    nothing to report for june but late november is when we took an amazing, healing reconnecting month holiday in Brazil (i spent a year in brazil on student exchange back when pluto was in scorpio!)

  17. Late Jan 2008; Pluto gets into Capricorn – squaring my MC (0 degrees Aries), start to apply for jobs

    Mid June 2008: Pluto out of Capricorn and back into Saggo – accepted new position on new moon and when Pluto exact square MC

    Late November 2008: Pluto back into Capricorn. – Made redundant due to crash in German economy when Pluto was conjunct my Mars and squaring my MC

    Early April 2009; Pluto gets as far into Cap as he is going this year and Retrogrades. – Started to get to the final round in interviews finally, got new position mid June, started on New Moon opposite Pluto

    Mid-Sept 2009; Pluto moves forward again and so do you. – Exactly square with my MC again, OMG!
    It’s been a learning and growth experience but please enough already!

  18. the main impact for me has been pluto in cap zinging off my natal saturn in virgo- and has had huge serious slog effect on my workload- in a good way. those dates have marked moments where my efforts have been rewarded and my motivation to succeed has been heightened. pluto in sag was non stop guts and growth, which i def. got swept back into June last year- another massive change occurred personally. but then back comes Cap and i get to be more outward focused. i think the Pluto in Cap cycle is going to be alot about my career, and taking the heat off my personal life a bit.
    Thank god. i’ve had enough growth to last me a long while.

  19. I have Pluto in my 10th House- with Pluto in Virgo in my natal chart. But, Pluto is transiting my 5th House for the next 10 years.
    I am feeling a tug-o-war between career and fun.
    I’ve decided to completely run my own business and not try to work for anyone anymore.
    Which I am relieved! I wish I had lots of downtime to play in my 5th House though. will work on that this summer on my road-trip.
    My progressed Leo Moon moved into the 9th House in April. So, all I what to do is travel, read about astro and philosophy. It’s an overwhelming urge I could not ignore almost couldn’t finish my degree in May i wanted to leave much sooner.
    Anyone else with Pluto in 10th in their natal chart?
    My Pluto progressed into Libra but still in my 10th House.

  20. By late January 08 I was on a plane heading to South America already having lost everything I owned. Once there I could lose more things–my language, creature comforts, and all connections to the USA world. The darker sexual energies of Pluto are hitting me hard, and I must leave the US entirely in search of a sexual reality I know is out there somewhere.

    By April 08, I was homeless and a lost soul emotionally. The retrograde scared me emotionally, and I retreated to old memories and nostalgia.

    By November 08, with Pluto Direct, I found helful friends, regular food, and a safe place to sleep. And by the current retrograde in Pluto, I have a routine, people who know me, and I almost feel at home.

    So Pluto will Retrograde every year from now on. The question this brings is how can the planet move out of Aquarius if it stays retrograde so long?

  21. So surreal to read this post at this point in time!

    I started grad school late Aug 2009… and now, as we’re about to experience the first direct Zap, I’m in the process of finishing this chapter of my life. This truly is a time of transformation.

    I bought my first books on feng shui today; am now beginning this new ZZ-compliant course of study. I’m brand new to learning this kind of work, and I’m so excited about the possibilities!

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