Sun Sign Survey: Which Sign Makes The Best/Worst Boss?

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Okay, without wishing to whip up too many emo issues – whom/what sign was/were your most crappiest and revolting boss figures?  I mean, on the job. I’m self-employed so it’s been yonks since I have had a boss figure as such but when i did, the odd ones were always Aries. Short, hot & up themselves – both genders, although Aries is a third gender all unto itself – don’t you agree?

I think, in a poll i did once, that the “worst boss” came up as Aries, Scorpio and – surprisingly – Gemini.

Capricorn, Libra and Cancerian came out on top as the best. They’re all  Cardinal Signs as is Aries. I.e. Leaders. So how come Aries, also a cardinal sign gets up there in the Worst Boss stakes? I think Caps, Libby-Fleur and the Crab are all good leaders and they’re also fair-minded + they want to evolve and grow themselves so they’re naturally looking for Good Help and they’re going to figure out smart ways to motivate said help.  Thoughts?

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75 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Which Sign Makes The Best/Worst Boss?

  1. Ive been in managerial roles a few times and occasionally had issues with employees. As an Aries I think the problems stem from a couple of areas.
    1. Employees who need constant pats on the back , encouragement, support.( I do find this a tricky area and although I appreciate peoples work I cant come at the hand holding that some need)
    2. Employees with no initiative.(people who basically have no idea how to improve the business or themselves)
    I tell all my employees that they are free to come and go as they please, will never be scolded for being 10 mins late or having the afternoon off…but they must perform as per agreed levels or there gone, nothing personal. Work to an aries is like a competitive sport, a game, its not all sooo serious but we like to win. The workplace is not a creche for damaged or needy types.
    The freedom I give people often leads to me finding employees dangling from the extremely long rope I gave them. Thats the game though, as I say , nothing personal.

    • Worst boss ever: a weak and secretive can’t-do Cancerian male dominated & manipulated by a dysfunctional controlling Gemini woman admin person. She (admin person) loved the power she wielded over staff and her own boss by blocking everything on petty issues. Administrative hinderance was her pass-agg tool of choice. That deadly combination just about disabled & burried our workplace. They are gone now and replaced by a great can-do, straight shooting Capricorn male boss with an fabulous, energetic can-do Aries female admin person (my God she gets things done – its bliss!). The transformation has been enormous – the whole vibe and productivity has soared. Businesses really should look into these combinations. I know I would love to add Sun Moon and Rising sign to my selection criteria for new jobs and I definitely look at the birth dates on resumes!

      I agree with you davidl re neediness for constant hand-holding. As the boss of my own small team, this kind of childish neediness really saps my energy with my colleagues and my own team. I am a very caring, fair-minded Cancerian (Moon in Aries) who does look after the team and contributes to the betterment of the whole work place, but ‘mothering’ of lazy or irresponsible grown ups in a workplace is not on. They are not paying me nearly enough for that!

      Mystic, I like your assesment that cardinal signs are comfortable leading. And yes, as a Cancerian boss I am very much into personal evolution & growth, good help and will look for ways to motivate & care for my team in a professional sense. Also not afraid of suggestions for improvement (but that could be the Scorpio rising desire for transformation at work).

  2. I’ve got a lot of Aries friends and loved ones. Being raised by an Aries mum I like being around them. It does take a really firm sense of self though.

    I could imagine herds of people fleeing an Aries boss. In my experience there is a ruthless fairness, and bugger all tolerance for whining. You will pull up your socks and get on with it or get short shift. Which actually sounds a like a few Scorps I know too.

    There are times that I feel a bit daunted by the pace and focus that an Aries can take to tasks. They just seem to slice through work so effortlessly. Like a diamond blade. I have had Aries bosses and loved it. Because I knew exactly what was expected of me and just had to do it. An aries workplace is no place for ego stroking…it’s just never going to happen. It’s also better not to show fear. Once is ok, but repeat uncertainty will see you lose their respect fast.

    My worst boss was a Gemini of the low sort. ( Yes I have lots of Gem friends and they are astoundingly thrilling to be about like watching fireflies) this one person however …did seem to tick an awful lot of yeck boxes.

    Incredibly astute reading of just how much to suck up to higher management, while maintaining a total disdain for higher management, disregard for all policies and procedures for our organisation, ruthless adherence to her own rule, playing favourites on a weekly basis( strangely fair in way as we all got a turn at being liked and despised ) Mood swings from tundra cold to the scorch of the whip…voice crackled sometimes with the intensity.

    Looking at this I’d say that an Aries boss is a good fit for me, the Gemini boss’s only consistency was inconsistency. Aries people are mostly secure within themselves, this particular Gemini had so many insecurities it made it hard for everyone, including herself.

  3. remind me never to work for davidl! maybe it depends on the context of where you work. your style might work well in a law firm or a bank, but probably wouldn’t be appropriate in a women’s refuge. or definitely wouldn’t.

    this is going to sound weird but my worst bosses have always been Aquarians – ‘worst’ as in actually verbally/physically abusive, hardcore power-trippy… crossing the line between ‘managing’ and ‘harassing’ staff constantly.

    i think it’s because they’re not that comfortable with power, and they seem to be the most into that really individualistic neo-liberal thing: they play favourites and think that ripping off staff for fifteen minutes’ worth of overtime is a neat way to save money for the business. But they don’t think it’s greed or abuse, they always couch it in that new business-speak ideology where all that matters is profits. Maybe because they’re more rational than emotional, the fact that they’re actually screwing people over just to climb another rung in the ladder seems to have minimal emotional impact on them.

    • Hilarious I read davidl’s and thought ok I need to find a boss like you and I work in the creative industry – so far removed from a law firm or bank that I never get time to visit either. I have always found leaders who use the same criteria as his to be there when you need them and they step aside and let you get on with it when you don’t. Enough rope is ideal for those who are self-starters and hit the ground running kinds of people but it def messes with the heads of those who flounder when they aren’t stroked constantly (not suggesting you are one of those). So if I’m anything to go by (and I suspect I’m not LOL) Librans are drawn to Arians as leaders – are you a virgo? Do you know sign of the best boss you’ve ever had? I’m def on the look out for arians in future.

      • ‘Creatives’ companies or business’s that sell intangibles, are the worst at letting people have their heads, a total paradox. They spend so much time trying to kanoodle their customers they end up kanoodling the staff.Very confusing. Possibly the most frustrating type of business that exists.
        Selling a quality tangible product , a chair or a table is so much more straightforward.
        Its like here’s the chair, it costs that much, you either like it or you don’t. easy. so would you prefer the wenge or the teak ? We happen to have a special on the wenge actually… that one then? good choice, so is that visa or amex ? by the way loving that beret your wearing..

        • LOL you go saturn in libra man (did I get that right?) – it’s a chair, it’s all so straight forward isn’t it? Yes the “creative” industry is all tricks with mirrors – do you watch the gruen transfer? If not I recommend so glad someone is outing it – so many people just “believe” and don’t engage critical thought. You can be my arian leader anytime but it prob goes without saying the rope will obviously be almost taut at times…

          • “but it prob goes without saying the rope will obviously be almost taut at times…”

            your the guys making the biggest circles…just come in and say hi, occasionally, you know, when you want to pick up your pay..

          • The circles are because you tied the rope to a stick in the front yard right? You got bored and figured the stick could take over for a while? Look about the pay, can you just put it in the account for me? I don’t see why I should have to come in and deal with the details… I’ve got circles to run in, peripheries and fringes to explore. Saturn in Cap – in the 7th I remember now.

      • best boss? definitely a gem – super-intelligent, creative, fabulously able to bullshit her way through difficult situations, would facilitate people’s career and personal development, but give you space to develop your own work style etc also (i work in training and development).

        but as we were friends before i worked for her, it was more of an equal relationship.

        i’m discovering that this is my working style… i can’t stand having a ‘Boss’ type boss, basically, i need to be able to do my own thing, but i can’t stand the idea that people are waiting for you to stuff up. i think developing staff IS something a good boss should be able to do.

        • Oh I get what you mean re davidl’s comments – I see there’s 2 sides to the “enough rope” thing now – but it’s not ever their goal that you will stuff up tho – they want you to succeed they just want you to do it under your own steam and in your own way – they leave it up to you to make the choice. Sink or swim. But if you’re from a training background I suspect you nurture talent and the getting of knowledge more than you would let it loose without boundaries. Davidl’s way would def not work for peeps who were learning something new but maybe better suited to peeps who are in a role they are familiar with. I wouldn’t want to be trained by someone who was the enough rope kind that’s for sure – that would seem like a soul destroying ambush!

          • thats true, Im a terrible trainer..I have had some poor souls quit on the first day, running from the building sort of thing. It did surprise me when it happened. leading by example is my leadership style..its the only way I know.

          • hilarious davidl – I’m shit at it too – being a trainer is a job that requires another type of personality altogether. Both of us should steer clear of the women’s refuge.

  4. The most amazing manager I’ve ever had was a Leo-very flamboyant homosexual with the most amazingly thoughtful leadership style. I grew so much working with him and came out of it 100% better at my job.

    A tied worst would be a Gemini manager who decided he was in lust with me and tried to get me involved in his marital disputes. I can still recall him screaming at his wife “Put that knife down” while I sat there at work stunned. He then passed the phone to me and told me to deal with her. I had never met her! Plus I had a boyfriend of my own.

    The other position for a tie is my Virgo manager. Flits between being a fairly evolved, fitness-oriented, positive woman and then becoming a vile, racist, redneck, junk-food loving admin-obsessed bitch. To the point where one of our clients was going bankrupt while she obsessed on cents!

    Now I’m wondering if it’s the mutables that are the worst managers? Btw I’m a Kataka if that helps?


    • It’s very true C – gay bosses are so much more fun. They know the importance of being your true self in the workplace.

      • O God having worked with more gay men than straight I have to agree they let you be who you are but when they’re not 100% sure of their own identities they’re a counter-productive force to be reckoned with.

        Mine admits to me last week he’s gay (I bite my tongue when the words yea well that’s fuqing obvious want to fall out) but he’s in his 40’s and he whispers it to me and then raises his voice back to normal and continues talking. And that’s when I realised why he was such an appalling leader – he still can’t say it out loud and he’s in his 40s. Has not come to terms with it deep down inside. He knows I am AOK with it because I let him know overtly early on after immediately realising he was gay. He is one of the worst leaders I’ve had for many reasons – disappears when the shit hits, needy and weak, mood swinger with unresolved mother issues. I suspect he’s a libran, gemini or low vibing aquarian with some arian or neptunian twists. Nightmare.

  5. I know only a Capricorn would say this, but its the truth – I am a bloody fantastic boss.
    We Caps lead by example. I’m not hear to tell you what to do, I’m hear to inspire you to be your best. If you prove yourself to me, I will shower you with my respect, if you disappoint me, I’ll shrug my shoulders and leave you to figure out your own failures until you’re ready to step up to your challenges.
    AND – there’s few things I respect more than one of my team saying ‘I have COMPLETELY F*ED UP, but I have this plan to make it better.’
    AND AND – when we have a particularly stressful situation to fix I make everyone discuss the problem through song. Honestly, we’ve had 20 minute meetings entirely sung and have come up with fantastic solutions!

    • Good for you Lex!

      My best friend is a capricorn & he too would be a great boss. He has a very high standard at work, extremely trustworthy & respectful. I’m not sure if he would be able to sing in the line of work he does, but if he could….. yeah he would too! 😉

    • my two best bosses have been Capricorn’s Lexicorn. They really value initiative and will do just about anything for staff that back ’em up and keep the ideas rolling

  6. Worst boss ever – Sag female. She was a bully, highly competitive, easily threatened and completely dishonest. It was in one of the ‘caring professions’ and the only person she cared about was herself. I’m an Aries.

  7. Wow. Right now my immediate supervisor and boss are both born under an Aries sun and they are GREAT! Direct and no bullshit. Works for me. [Aries moon might help!]

    But I can totally see why other Aries folks would be a nightmare to work for.

    Worst ever? Two. One a Scorpio and one a Taurus, but like mentioned above – it was their insecurities that made it unbearable. Shudder.

  8. I am surprised Leos did not top the list of worst bosses. Actually no, i am TOO nice. When I had domestic staff they adored me but i wanted so much to be liked and admired i would overlook things that ought to have been picked up on. Hmm. I liked the post from a while back about how geminis make the best help – to do with Obama’s social secreatary being a gemini. They’re amazing kind of consultants but not into team play enough to be a good boss?
    A disporportionate amount of tennis players are Gemini. That to me is a very gemini sport.
    I used to work in a fashion-related job and with a very VERY controlling Taurus boss – would go berserk three times a week at things not being done right, right down to swearing,jumping up and down, tearing at her hair, crying and personal abuse and then switch within two seconds to oozing charm at clients and putting her arms around us, saying we like her spiritual family. The thing that sent her most berserk was this genius Piscean who she could not do without but whenever he said the word “budget” he’d say it just like that – in inverted commas and using his fingers to make those speech mark symbols.
    She would clench the table – corrugator muscles in her forehead fighting the botox -and hiss “why do you say “budget” as if it is just an ironic little fancy of yours? And it would be ALL ON. Is the only job i have ever had where there would be nurofen and black coffee in the morning, constant lavender oil, deep breathing to calm nerves, people giving other people back rubs whilst they gazed nervously around for signs of HER, secret vodka and serepax shots at lunchtime, tears, throwing up in the bog and people plotting coups in dark corners whilst they gargled listerine and put illegal eye drops in to hide their red ruined eyes.
    i watched devil wears prada but though it was like a kids cartoon compared to what really goes on in that sort of industry.

    • I had a job which I didn’t care for LS and yes, I drank at lunchtime too! I would go to my fave Mexican restaurant and do the incidentals… open the mail, etc. over a glass of wine (or two…) And then sometimes would call my Mom and whimper and get emo….

      Mgr. was a Cancer and she was quite lovely actually, but she was listening to someone who had no integrity. Mgr. used to say “there’s Sweetpea on her pink cloud.” Yeah, the pink cloud that kept me out of the office drama that all came out in the wash because it always does!!

      Kataka mgr. was in her sixites and both breasts replaced. She didn’t need a bra and didn’t mind showing us either…he,he

      Your situation sounds like it had bats and hilarious in it’s own way…

      I esp. like the clenching of the table with facial muscles bulging…

    • ps, Devil wears Prada was just on the other day. If that was cartoonish then that is frightening!

  9. my worst boss ever was an evil bitch from hell Scorpio who was like a cross between the Gestapo and that countess that sacrificed virgins and bathed in their blood. She was actually sacked by her own advertising agency (they threw a party when they finally ditched her account) cause she was such a nasty piece of work control freak.

  10. I would like to say Gemini…… but I won’t 😉

    I have only ever been an employee for 5 minutes as I just couldn’t cope with having someone exercise their authority all over me. I feel more comfortable as a manager & I do have superiors, although it feels more even in the scheme of things.
    As a boss I enjoy responsibility, hard work & I value people. I would never be disrespectful nor disempowering.
    I’ve had horrible bosses that actually taught me what never to do!

    Worst being a Sagg-who was completely inappropriate, no boundaries at all & used her powers for evil rather than good. Relinquished all responsibility when questions were being asked. Yuk!

    2nd worst was Kataka- Who had a good work ethic but didn’t know how treat others, inevitably poorly.

    Best- Taurus- Down to earth, human & always available to assist. :)

  11. lo Gemini male – you never know which personality’s coming to the office. Attila the Super Ego would trample the delicate scenarios sans heart & soul one day, child-like lets play games the next. As someone said above – the only consistency is inconsistency.

  12. Worst ever boss Aries male – completely bats. Friendly, fun, gossipy (constant chatterer), doing his martial arts moves in my office one minute; the next completely freaking out over amount of work he had to do, budgets, clients not paying up etc, knowing all about his finances, personal ones too. His office (senior partner in his own law firm) was covered literally in towers of files and papers everywhere – even the air vents were covered so sometimes stifling (so frustrating to my three planets in virgo/6th house leo sun). No one was allowed to touch anything, yet he would know where everything was. Very very high IQ but bats. AND vain – his hair was a work of art and always off to the gym; running through his bootcamp regime with me that some of the dads have going early on Fri morning. There is no way he could have survived without his secretary who was the most boring robot I’ve ever met, zip facial expressions, montone (can’t remember her sign) but she very loyal to him, had been with him for 11 years or something. I only went to work for him to help him out (his wife is a friend of mine). They have five children and their home life is crazy too. Never done that type of work before, thrown in the deep end, but grokked it all quickly and was calm so made him happy. Stayed 6 months but hated the work (paralegal) and the crazy atmosphere. We’re still friends but completely wacky boss.

    Has to be more than sun sign though cause other Aries males I know are not that kooky

    Best bosses Virgo female and male. Very best Scorpio woman head of epidemiology unit I worked in – but maybe as that’s my background – psych and health. And from early days had an amazing Leo sun Kataka moon boss – we still exchange xmas cards and he is nearly 80.

    Strangely three of my past bosses are often in the media spotlight appearing in articles/news as experts in their fields (virgo/virgo/scorpio).

    As a 6th house sun I think I make better employee than boss – service and all.

  13. As Aries I have never minded being an employee as it’s my choice to be there or not. That always empowered me if something felt intolerable as I could always give notice. I taught that to my girls also so they would not feel “slave” like.

    Sorry but I don’t know the sign of my worst boss. But humoros story…kinda..

    I was a waitress in a coffee shop at nineteen years old. One day the mgr. yelled at me in front of the dining room and it was so humiliating.

    That was not nearly the worst of it though. He was Iranian and I’d gotten the job because my husband to be knew him. One day though he called me a whore in Farsi. When my husband to be found out, he went ballistic and threw my uniform on the counter at the restaurant.

    The mgr. and his wife had wanted to break me and my fiance up as it was, then that happened and I quit.

    One day I saw the mgr’s wife walking down the street. She said something to me and I yelled across…”Come over here and say that”…I was going to beat her up :)

    I have never beatin’ up anyone in my life… :)

    My Moon in Cap…. Jupiter in Sagg in the sixth house sq. the MC.

    • LOL Sweets. I looked up bats Aries boss/friend’s chart – no birthtime but he has Cap moon too. Thought he’d have to have some Leo going on but none unless ascendant. Bats Aries Boss is a bit of a name dropper etc (in a harmless kinda way – I can’t hate Aries, they’re too lovable) and I remembered he married the sister of a very famous ex-olympic swimmer, though they are good together but crazy, chaotic. She’s a Toro, grounding. From some dark recesses of my brain I remember once reading that moon signs often exhibited the low sign, Cap moon = name dropping?? Absolutely no offense to Cap moons. Me Kataka moon = clingy, clannish etc. Is that true? 😯

      • Other than the priest in the Exorcist movie that I mentioned over on the Sagg Horror stream, I don’t know any so called “important” enough peeps to name drop (‘cept all Ya’ll’s and Mystic… 😉 )

        Oh and well, my ex surgeon, the Aqua, was married to a Miss California and we did date. Guess that makes me a contender for important hood?


  14. my worst boss was a gemini male, born the same day as me. I think he thought he could ‘read’ me or something, used to make all sorts of remarks about thinking that i wasn’t going to stay working there, and show very little appreciation for the fact that i was working my guts out with bugger all support. They were a husband and wife team, don’t know what she was, she terrorised the rest of the office, my client has his ‘pet’ client so he would meddle every now and again to show he was in control, without actually really showing any interest in ensuring the client was serviced properly by having enough staff. and would call meetings every now and again that would take hours and achieve nothing. Once threw a massive tantrum at me (only me, not the other account manager) for taking our client out to lunch, which we had cleared with our account director, mainly because he hadn’t included him.
    He would pretend he was all caring but really didn’t give a crap. Interestingly I had students tell me I was a bit like that as a tutor – so I stopped tutoring. I think I spent a bit of time worrying that i was like him when I worked there…
    this incidentally was the dark side job that drove me to the light, bureaucratic but self managed world of the university – where i have had some of the best bosses i’ve ever come across…

    • Interesting that you say your male gemini boss thought he could ‘read’ you…the female gemini boss I mentioned up the page a bit, used to tell me what I was thinking while I was listening (yet not saying anything) …drove me nuts. A lot of the stuff she did I could attribute to being insecure, bats etc…but using things she thought she knew that I was thinking when I had actually had loop of ‘you’re fuqing nuts going through my head’….argh. There was a time where she told me what I was thinking, and I said ‘ah no actually that’s a topic I’ve never thought about much so I ‘m interested in your ability to be so sure you know what my opinion is.’

      • LOL that makes me certain my current nightmare boss is a gemini – he often says I know what you’re thinking and he is seldom anywhere near knowing. If only he knew what he was thinking.

  15. “although Aries is a third gender all unto itself – don’t you agree?”

    LOL……good one Mystic!!

  16. Worst boss – Virgo woman (with another 2 Virgo women staff). So basically a coven of Virgo’s. Bullying, backstabbing, nasty gossiping, lies… it was awful. I starting drinking up to 2 bottles of cheap wine a night to cope, was rake thin, nervous/anxious and finally I was sacked at 4.55pm on a Friday… I went home crying with relief.
    Best boss – I’ve had a couple, both engineers bizarrely. One an Aquarian, as the daughter of an Aqua-Mad mother, I just get them, despite having NO Auarius in my chart. The other, I sorta vaguely, kinda know I saw the date a couple of times, but have a blank mind… either Aqua or Aries… I think.
    Personally, I love Arian managers… I feel gooky if I get patted for being ‘good’ at my job. I like being left alone to get on with it….

  17. My best bosses have been Virgo’s.
    Had a couple of beautiful virgo men as bosses, both tried to fit 8 days into the week and had offices that were full of stacks of paper they were “going to read”. I have two brothers who are same sort of Virgo’s, all mean well, great at the details but not as good at the big picture, so I’m probably used to it.
    The worst boss I’ve ever had was an Aries, he decided he didn’t want me to work there and made it his life’s work to make my life so unpleasant I’d leave. I outlasted him as he went on an ego driven spending spree which nearly sent the company broke and got him fired in a big way. Arrogant SOB he was!

    • I officially want to extend my apologies Libra Twins to that Arse of an Aries (everywhere).

      Know what you mean though about ego driven spending sprees. Started my first massage job in 1991 for $7.50 an hour and the Aries Chiro Doctor would say….”keep the quota up! I want a new jet ski!”

      • His was more in the line of $3 million worth of cattle in 2 weeks, and it was at a series of on line auctions. His competitive streak would not be quelled. We had to hire a security guard to keep him out of the office in after he was sacked as he just wouldn’t get it.
        I definitely hold nothing against Aries SP, as my darling husband is an Aries/Aries, and have two close friends who are Aries too, so I attract them I guess. You have to try really hard to get any competive streak (or it might be considered more of a washout) with me. So it’s opposites attract!

        • I just read what I wrote and sorry SP, I didn’t write this to outdo you, trying to be ironical!

          • Oh heavens, didn’t think a thing about that! But betcha the guys would have!

          • I think he was trying to convince himself he was young and studley, he was in his early 60’s at the time. He had a problem with me because I was young, female, competent and had the trust of the bosses and wasn’t afraid to speak up (imagine and me a gemini! with a Scorp Mercury!)

  18. I’m a Libran Sun, Libra Rising and Moon in Aquarius and I like to be in charge, not have anyone telling me what to do. I don’t know the signs of my very few bosses, only know I used to go toe-to-toe with them because I’d stand up to them. Male bosses don’t seem to like that. Bugger ’em. I’m a good teacher amd leader of people, can get people together, can draw out threads which connect people, am tactful and enjoy getting the best out of people. But I also won’t tolerate people stuffing around, I want the best out of them. But I also am far more tolerant now I’ve started studying astrology and understand people’s make-up and how they respond, and what they can and can’t do. My husband’s a Leo with Aries Rising and Moon in Aries, is great in charge of people, they respect him because he’s honest, but he was definitely not in line when they handed out tact, he can be brutally frank but people seem to appreciate it, they know where they stand with him.

  19. Although I can work productively with Aries people, after reflection my best boss was a Libran. We would go have a coffee to discuss whatever and then just make it happen. It was the easiest boss employee relationship. Oh and he loved taking me around to different functions and explaining to me that yes, this really was

    • I’m a decent boss I think, collaberative, mentoring style, try to get along with everyone. I do have a problem when I have to censure someone and when I had a staff member fiddling the books under me, it took all my strength to do it. Run a mile from confrontation!

      • You need an enforcer, guardian, someone who can confront for you…

      • weird I’m Libran and I too had someone stealing from me when I had a business and I had to get someone else to fire her because I felt so shit about it, although now I’d be in there in a heartbeat then it was too much for me. I felt so hurt by her audacity and I had been very kind to her too – was deeply offended. I put it down to neptune in the 6th house – do you have that? Apparently it means you will either have peeps around you who will be stealing or they will be on the drugs LOL which was always the case with others in the workplace and that didn’t really bother me so much but this chick was just stealing – plain garden variety theft – nothing clever about it.

        • No, I have Neptune in the first house, so I’ve been the one with the alcohol problems. Finding out who I am through astrology has helped me deal with this challenge. But I do have to say I don’t like conflict too much. Had a problem with my neighbour. My conversation went:
          “I’m sorry to bother you but would you mind turning down your music, it’s keeping us awake.” Verbal abuse from neighbour.
          My husband’s conversation next time was:
          “Turn your bloody music down or I’m calling the police”.
          Response: “You’re a dickhead”.
          Husband’s response: “That’s as may be. Doesn’t change the situation. You’ve got a choice. Turn the music down or I’m calling the police.” Music turned down. I call him my Attack Rottweiler because I sic him on to people when I really don’t want conflict. But if I’m teaching, I can handle the conflict quite confidently. Weird.

  20. Have to agree with the Gem. I had a back stabbing, she devil boss whose smile could blunt razor blades. (ex real estate agent – don’t get me started) AND a nasty Aries rich bitch princess co-worker. it felt like getting into a tank of sharks every day.
    I was like Postmodscorp, a wreck, and tortally relieved to get out of there. Now i have an Aries boss, well balanced by a scorp gorgeous spouse, who is frustrating but supporttive in all my crazy Leonine ideas. BUT the other scorpio queen bee boss is another matter I sweat when I have to go see her.

  21. My worst boss was also a Saggi female. a bully also. It was the only time I was ever bullied in my long life.She was so underhand that she did all the nasty stuff when no-one was looking. When I was so despairing I was about to quit, a senior male made it clear he had overheard her efforts. he wouldn’t stick his neck out, tho. That’s why she’s still there. I left without a word. Such a coward, I was. Since found out she’s been doing it all her life.
    The institution just keeps losing staff, sad isn’t it?

  22. I don’t know the signs of any of my bosses. But I do have to say something about Aquarians at work. I have lovely Aqua friends, I bond with them instantly and for life. But at work, I find Aquarians to be illogical and unable to join the dots. And this from a Gemini. I think that we geminis only APPEAR to be flitting about, we are actually collecting it all and then we can reassemble it in order. But aquas! Whatever assembly is going on is on another planet. I find this utterly charming in my friends, ideal for creative types. But absolutely frustrating at work with deadlines.

    I had a terrible first boss in my first job, andwich hand, aged 17. She used to yell and comment on my weight and my posture. I was already very insecure but she made me more so. One morning I even took valium to calm down and then had an attack of diarhea at lunchtime (happens when I get really worried – charming, huh!?)

    Then several years later I was a manager of a different cafe, different suburb, and in walks my ex-boss. She became a regular customer, and we got to know each other differently. turns out she was just massively stressed at the time, and terribly insecure about her marriage etc and becoming middle-aged, and little girl me was her scapegoat. We became friends of sorts. I remember the day her ancient poodle died, how upset she was, completely different person from the bitch witch of my first job – it was then that I realised that you can’t always judge a person from what you see at work.

    David, you sound like my ideal boss, and you sound like me AS a boss. Actually, I am quite a good trainer. But hate stupidity (or what I see as stupidity), and laziness, I do have high standards. I’m probably a bitch too!

  23. Well, I have been a boss, running my own businesses in fact, for over 16 years. As an Aries I am determined, focused and keen on getting the job done well and done quickly. One of the most satisfying things about being a boss was the opportunity to encourage my staff to grow and move into other areas. No insecurity about staff leaving for me – I was thrilled to start off with these shy, untrained poppets who left years later as worldy, educated and grounded members of the workforce. My greatest pride was receiving the card on their last day (usually after they had spent 5+ years with me) and it saying such lovely things about how they had their eyes opened and developed a view of the world that was much broader.

    As an Aries boss, if we had some down time and everything was up to date – it would be my shout for a manicure, movie or just take the afternoon off. Same with my kids – get the house tidy, finish the washing and let’s blow this popsicle stand and grab some fun.

    I can only put my behaviour down to my Cancer Rising and my Libran Moon – which balance my Aries determination.

  24. HAHAha! My ex, the “was-band” had this bad boss thing with everything he dealt with–incredibly domineering, envious, arrogant and passive- and overtly-agressive. But the best part is that he uses the alias “Bill Lumbergh” on his regular daily blog and has for 8 years called himself by that name! Birthdate: 3.21.55 –zero degree Aries. Such an ass, he even physically/mentally abused me until i kicked him out. What an appropriate post-=-thanks for the laugh!

  25. I am one of those people who appreciates some Q time with the boss and I DO need support / encouragement / mentoring from time to time. Otherwise what’s the point of working in a team if the boss just sits back and expects you to know everything? In a job where time is most definitely money the more efficient your staff are the better. sharing hard-won wisdom. Whenever I am incharge of juniors, I make an effort to discuss the task we’re doing, the big picture, etc.

    I’ve been a terrible employee (as a graduate) where I am in a new role and i really don’t know the ropes, my boss was not very interactive or was always run off his feet (as might be expected). Another position in the same company, great team, mentoring, charismatic boss willing to communicate with me as a normal human, so i felt more relaxed, did a better job etc. Nervous pisces = bad employee.

    Agree with everything about the aries bosses. I genuinely liked mine – he also loved my fire sign colleagues – but wimp out too much and you could see the frustration, i think he wanted to shake the confidence back into people sometimes. “buck upl!!” you could hear him thinking. No task was too hard. I think he had some scorp too, v shrewd busineeman, good people reading, usually (sometimes shite). He needed a good earth sign as a 2ic tho – the details always destroyed his vigour, like leopards clawing at a deer

  26. I have Aries Sun and Cancer rising, and currently manage a team of 20 people.

    I recently received some direct comments on a manager survey. Most of them support the comments above, but this one seems particularly appropriate.

    ‘You know what is expected and she aims to get the best out of you and your team members. Her delivery can be abrasive, but you know where you stand, and she expects excellence which is a great motivator’.

  27. Scorpio female. Evil incarnate. She loved to hold court at company meetings and subtly belittle people around the table (favorite ploy, telling us all she had a dream the night before that somehow involved a dream figure that was a mean caricature of one of us). She was also having some kind of faux affair with one of the employees, and they would spend their time IM’ing each other making fun of people in the office. Ew, just thinking of her now, after almost a decade has passed makes me sick.

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  29. Aries. Male.. Short Arse. Worse than anybody else.

    a recent one was a real psycho – shouting, inventing slights, setting traps, pushed me out of my job. All because I discovered his mouthiness was disguising his fake accounting. He was utter crap, but had all the right words. He thought he was marvellous – motivating, ‘to-the-point’, insightful, etc. Zero self-awareness was his over-riding talent, together with emotional instability. He also hated it that I knew that he had recently taken his father’s firm to bankruptcy, not long after he’d taken it over (there are no secrets from me – a highly strong Pluto is in play in my chart – it freaked the midget liar right out).

    And a Virgo female, many moons ago – she never finished a sentence, ever. Yet one was supposed to know her intentions. She would make transatlantic calls to home numbers at 3am, expecting her whims to be met immediately. She was certifiable.

    Best one, so far – Gemini female. Wits about her, great business skills, great communicator, approachable and all-round great person.

    I am pisces with sag ascendant, by the way.

    I was brought up by an Aries, and feel sick around them now. It’s all that domineering stuff that so requires Wham-Pam responses that I just can’t be bothered with their ego-mania. Not mad about Leo bosses, either.

  30. Here’s my breakdown.

    Aries Bosses: The one I had I liked. Very businesslike and to the point, which I like. But don’t expect a sweet sendoff once you leave, it’s just not their style. Not getting appreciated from him at the end kind of sucked, but in terms of actually working with him, I enjoyed it.

    Taurus Bosses: I struggle with Taurus bosses. I tend to like them personally, and they’re great co-workers. But my experience with Taurus bosses is that they tend to be a little too touchy feely for me. I’m not too big on that approach. I also think they like to be liked too much and don’t have your back even when they say they do.

    Gemini Bosses: I liked my Gemini bosses. They’re cookie and fun. They’re not the best with money but great when it comes to being creative and having fun on the job. Sometimes they blur the personal/professional line, but I’ve enjoyed my association with them for the most part

    Cancer Bosses: I’ve had quite a few Cancer bosses. They’re alright. They’re pretty decent leaders, but sometimes they react when they should think. They can also be pretty ruthless and very political. But as long as you deliver results and stay off their bad side, they’ll let you do your thing.

    Leo Bosses: Leos can be tough on their employees and demand a lot, but they also demand that out of themselves. I didn’t like most of my Leo bosses at first, but once I figured out what they wanted, things were smooth sailing. A Leo will also have your back when the chips are down.

    Virgo Bosses: I’ve had quite a few Virgo bosses as well. Virgos are kind of weird in that they’re the kind of bosses that I didn’t think I would like to work for, but once I started working with them, I found them to be very professional. Virgos tend to be organized but also flexible, which I think is a good combination.

    Libra Bosses: I had a Libra boss who I thought for certain I was going to hate. He seemed like a real hard ass. But he was one of the best bosses I ever had. Super sharp, very collaborative, utilized everyone’s strength’s. Some of my fellow co-workers were kind of intimidated of him, and you definitely better have your ducks in a row, but sometimes being intimidated of a boss isn’t a bad thing. As long as you delivered, he left you alone. And if you didn’t, he made an example of you.

    Scorpio Bosses: I’ve only had a few Scorpio bosses. I didn’t particularly like them, but I didn’t hate them either. I’m a Scorpio myself, so there were times where I felt like I was being analyzed. And I can certainly see why others wouldn’t like a Scorpio boss. I’ve had worse, but I’ve certainly had better as well.

    Sagittarius Bosses: I have a Sagi Woman boss who might be the worst boss I’ve ever had. She is rude, a micromanager is backstabbing, pays politics. Ugh she’s awful! I just try to stay out of her way.

    Capricorn Bosses: I’ve had tons of Capricorn bosses, some I’ve liked and some I haven’t. Capricorns, like Leo’s, are the kind of bosses that you don’t like at first because they want everything done they’re way and are VERY hands on initially. Sometimes you get the impression that they are never happy with ANYTHING you do. But once things are where they need to be, which is right at the top, and once they trust you; they’re great bosses. Capricorn bosses will challenge you, and if you’re willing to meet those challenges, you come out of it all the better. If you’re an all-star for a Capricorn boss, its save to say you can be an all-star for anyone.

    Aquarius bosses: only worked for one Aquarius boss. Didn’t care too much for her. She was good at what she did, but I found her to be fake and very two-faced. Once she became the new boss, she pretty much got rid of my position, which didn’t sit too well with me. But whatever, I didn’t want to be on her team anyway, she was a minor leaguer.

    Pisces’ bosses: I’ve had a few Pisces bosses. They’re nice and supportive, but I kind of find them to be better team players or freelance employees than leaders. I will say that Pisces’ tend to be good delegators; therefore they tend to kind of run their team by committee. But it just doesn’t seem to me like they are able to get the most out of their employee’s. Nice folks, but mediocre bosses

  31. I’m libra and if I hear someone say they don’t respect a libra boss because they are too laid back, I laugh. You can’t make someone listen to you by slapping them over their head, but with a libra you will WANT to listen to them. In fact, I have the most disrespect for ‘bosses’ who try to force you to do something in a rude bullying way! Libra

    • This makes sense, but I recently had a Libra (female) boss who was possibly the worst boss I’ve ever had, certainly the meanest one I had for an extended period of time. It’s odd because I’ve had two close Libra friends, and one Libra girlfriend (less close, unfortunately), and I would have expected to get along well with a Libra boss. She was an odd Libra, unlike any I’ve been close to (although perhaps not so different from one I heard stories about at my previous job). I have no idea about the rest of her chart.

      But one of the things I like about most Libras I’ve gotten to know is that they seem to make a genuine effort to adapt to my sensitivities. I am a broody October Scorpio, and I appreciate that. Even now, I have a Libra colleague who I’m pretty sure doesn’t like me, but I appreciate the fact that she seems to have figured out how to deal with me, how personal to get without being too intrusive, etc.

      (Alternately, maybe I’m stupid for buying into this nonsense.)

  32. Hands down worst boss was a Taurus male! Aaacckkk, I had nightmares after leaving there. I lost so much weight and even my hair began to fall out.
    The problem? He knew how to walk the thin line of sexual harassment. He was a decent looking fellow, and in the industry I work in, it’s mainly females.. some who didn’t mind, err, climbing their way to the top. I basically told him in no uncertain terms that I would not sleep with him. That’s when he started treating me so badly.. He would tell co-workers I said things about them, that I did not. He told people that I stole! He still to this day, tells people that the reason I didn’t want him, was because I am a “swinger,” and he refused to “do it,” with me and another man. wow. He also was fond of doing lines of cocaine in his office while cleaning his gun.
    Second worse boss, Aquarius. Fake, flighty, and back stabbish.
    Maybe I just don’t deal well with fixed. :)

  33. Doesn’t astrology tell us that the Cardinal Signs make the best bosses, the Fixed signs are best at keeping what has been put in place IN place, and the mutable signs the initiators of change when change is needed? In my working experience, (40 years) I have found that to be mostly true.

    In many ways, I think the employees will TELL you who they think the leader(s) of that group is/are. People are drawn to those they trust, drawn to those who provide direction, and drawn to those who solve problems. And, eventually, whether that person is “the boss” or not, you will see people gravitate towards them as if they were. IMO, there is nothing worse than having a boss who has NO business being the boss. The unnecessary stress that creates in the work environment is hard to surmount……because chances are, the person in charge has no idea, (and wouldn’t believe it if you told them anyway) that they are the main reason there is tension, stress, and conflict in the work environment.

    As an Aries, and one who has been in charge before, naturally I would like to think that Aries make good bosses, but I can see how some would have a hard time with our no nonsense, businesslike approach. In my own experience, I can say that my weakest trait as a boss was my impatience with people who wouldn’t take the initiative/effort to think for themselves, and those who were just blatantly lazy. My impatience turned to frustration, and then the famous Aries “quick temper” surfaced, and that was NEVER helpful. Having said that, once I learned how to temper that, I think I turned out to be a very good boss. The staff under my direction would have “taken a bullet” for me. Why????? Because they KNEW I would have taken one for them. They KNEW I would never ask them to do what I was not willing to do myself. They also KNEW I had confidence in their ability, and that confidence allowed them the freedom to make decisions when it was required of them. Was it always the right decision, well no. But I didn’t always make the right decision either. And they never had to worry about “taking the heat” for incorrect decision making. My philosophy was, as the boss, I was ultimately responsible. And that is the manner in which I always functioned. I earned their respect, and without that, no matter what other skills you might bring to the table, you are doomed. If you do not have the solid foundation of respect and trust to build on, you might as well hang it up.

    In my opinion, the primary role of being a Supervisor is to instill confidence in your employees. They MUST have confidence in their ability to do their job, otherwise, you might just as well open a day care center and start baby sitting, because baby sitting is going to be all you’re going to end up doing. In essence, one’s ultimate goal as a Supervisor should be to make the staff “as good” in your absence as they are in your presence. I think if you are successful in doing that, no matter what your “sign,” you are a good leader who has benefited the workplace more than you have hindered it.

    Now back to the bosses bit…..The BEST boss I ever had was hands down, a Libra…While they may have a hard time making personal decisions, they don’t seem to have a hard time making business decisions. This man was the cream of the crop when it came to supervising others–he was an expert at building teams, at bringing out the best in his employees, at handling disciplinary problems, at remaining calm in a crisis,…you name it. I’ve never had a better boss, nor one with more integrity and principal. He may not have been liked by everyone, but he was respected and trusted by everyone, and his leadership style was second to NONE. Remarkable. He used to tell me, “The two biggest mistakes a supervisor can make are NOT listening to their employees, and being too sure that their way is the best way. A supervisor HAS to able to let go of any preconceived notions they have about how things should be done, because there are those times when an employees’ solution might be a better solution than yours.” He was, what I would consider, a true leader.

    The WORST bosses? Good God, Aquarius! I find them to be too stubborn and too fixated on their own way of doing things. They are willing to listen, but I have always found that their response is to tell you what you want to hear, and then just let things remain “status quo,” even if status quo” is reeking nothing but havoc! Terrible!!!! They simply can not and will not adjust to change…I have two Aquarius bosses now, and in my opinion, they are just plain clueless. They never act, ON ANYTHING. Blah, blah, blah. Lip service. Drives me nuts! We have a dysfunctional department, they both KNOW it, but for whatever reason, won’t change it. To continue to allow a department to be so dysfunctional is INEPT leadership in my opinion. I have no respect for them as leaders. None. That is not to say I do not like them as people. In fact, they are both wonderful, kind, and caring people. However, they are not supervisory material. Being an Aries, I have no problem telling them that, lol.

  34. Scorpio women make the worst boss. This is my first female boss and she did say she have “certification” on servers but end up she does not how to open her own laptop battery , don’t even know how filter excel , extract any charts on excel , trouble shoot her laptop when there is a hard disk problem and merge document on any pdf version.

    She constantly love picking on us even a small mistake and she make a lot ho ha about it. Every other dept hates her and they know how to put on a mask when talking to her. All I can mentioned her Scorpio women make the worst BOSS and a BITCH…

  35. Cancerians were the absolute worst, whether as bosses or coworkers, male or female. Smug sense that “they know what’s best for the *collective*, whatever that is, and absolutely useless at doing whatever was put in front of them. All words, emoting, posturing and backstabbing, and bugger all else. From an Aries who would gladly bash the Cancerian shell in…

  36. It might be a good idea to have a combo of signs on the team but in the right positions. An Aries for example, wouldn’t be a good boss unless he/she has some grounding principles and/or extensive training & experience. I find that too much of the Aries persona on the job does more harm than good. Since many supervisors or manager find themselves having to train as well, an Aries wouldn’t be my first choice, if at all. If they are young and full of Aries brim, the workplace becomes a nursery; time to change the boss’s diaper! Lol
    Fire signs are good at self-promoting an image but very limited to what they actually contribute in an everyday sense. Really frustrating for team environments that depend upon a sense of purpose; otherwis fire signs make everyone else do the work and steal the credit.
    Air signs make good bosses provided they maintain a sense of emotional intelligence. They’re great at concepts, project boards, discussions and snippet advice, even solving problems. Too much of this influence doesn’t help ppl out when there are deeper problems that require a different kind of support. A Libra for example, is good with intellectual debate but requires too much exhaustive analysis, inevitably forcing you as the employee to realize that he/she is looking for an answer that doesn’t matter to them. They want you to argue as a source of private entertainment. A Gemini would be a good boss for businesses involving travel and telecommute meetings,theatre, orsomething similar/in combo. Definitely not a boss you’d want for care-related professions, unless supported otherwise. Too much of their influence is like going in circles & then mistakes keep piling up.
    Earth signs are best behind-the-scenes but when when they go public as a figure-head they tend to come off as the stuffed shirt. They build businesses and keep them running on principle, provided that there is an earthy balance and not cross-wired mentalities. They understand a process by hands-on application and provide clear-cut examples of efficiency by how well they’re able to adapt to that Aquarian’s latest gizmo gadget lol.
    Too much earth though leads to stagnant conditions and if not careful, the empire becomes covered in vines. Taurus supervisors can be wonderful if you’re not big on creativity, ideas or spurts of rebellion. They show jealousy more readily and hold onto things that don’t even belong to them. A Virgo boss is ok but ironically enough by this influence alone is not always able to connect the dots and develop teams. Capricorn supervisors can be good with big projects and provide a certain sense of stability but become destabilizing factors when they move around like a crumbling statue, likely due stress or lack of resources to stock pile.
    Water signs are fluid enough to move through departments and the ranks but need to have emotional maturity, boundaries and integrity, especially in disparate or disjointed work places. They could also be good supervisors in the sense of identifying unspoken reasons for lack of performance and are good working with the public to varying degrees. A Pisces boss tends to be too elusive as a leader but adds the element of support. A Scorpio is ok provided that they are forced to learn that power is internal as a means to grow and learn but shouldn’t be taken as a source of control over others.
    The bosses I’ve had or have now are all across the zodiac but not in the right positions. It makes for a very confusing, frustrating and lingering headache type of scenario. The worst though are Aries because they don’t earn their way and cause too many upsets, no accountability etc as well as Scorpio because many confuse power with some form of abuse. Libras I’ve never acclimated too because they smile like a Cheshire cat, either talk with their hands folded or behind their backs and can tell a good lie. Geminis gossip too much, mostly the women.