Do Saggos Love Horror?

Japanese Horror Movie Toilet Paper

Drop, the new horror novel by Koji Suzuki (Ring) is now available as loo paper!

Noting one of my lovely site viewers – a Saggo -the other day cheerily listing the horror movies he’d sat through happily, i thought YES! Saggos do have that knack. Is their innate Jupiter-ruled ebullience soooo UP that nothing lowers it?  I know a Sagg kickboxing champion who told me that he had “an unreal time” touring a torture museum in Prague. My old Sagg flatmate used to enjoy Zombie movies.

Okay, I am a complete WIMP. The last horror movie i saw was Ring (or The Ring, the Naomi Watts remake of the Japanese one) and it was absolutely terrifying. I think the same time there was The Others & Blair Witch Project. All horror movies that i decided to see as they deemed arty. All brilliant. But that was it for the horror genre and I. Never again. I can’t  hack it. Maybe it’s my multiple stuff in Pisces??  Moon in Libra? Aqua Rising? I dunno but i spent all night sitting up smudging the house & chanting Louise Hay affirmations.

But Sagg would most likely find them all a total hoot & fall asleep mid-laughing sentence. This loo paper – above has the whole novel of Drop printed on it in bright blue presumably non-toxic ink with splodges. Drop is by the same dude who bought us the macabre & terrifying Ring. I am so not getting this but it occurs to me that any Sagg N & D just might love it & of COURSE he/she will have a basic or amazing ability to read Japanese…

It’s not really element based; Off the top of my head; my Cancerian Son cannot bear watching any films in which anyone other than gangsters or terminator borgs get it. But my Moon in Scorpio daughter – NO Sagg in her chart other than Pluto – is v.drawn to the macabre.  Scorpio Sex Academic too high-brow. Saggo-Fascinator – loves horror. Enjoys getting a “delicious chill” etc. Virgo friends – a bit ghoulish but it has to be stylish, you understand. So long as they wardrobe is excellent, they’ll happily sit through zombies, vampires et al.  Gorgeous Gemini Astro-Mate is too into L.O.A. for something so dark.

Would you buy this horror novel bog paper? Do you like/loathe the Horror genre???

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61 thoughts on “Do Saggos Love Horror?

  1. nope to horror, scares the crap outta me!
    fish rising / bull moon.

    OMG BUT ONE OF MY FAVOURITES BY FAR IS THE ORPHANAGE! – the whole things in spanish but its AMAZING!
    I am so not getting this but it occurs to me that any Sagg N & D just might love it & of COURSE he/she will have a basic or amazing ability to read Japanese…

      • I do so agree. See The Orphanage, even if you’re terrified of horror (which, as a Cap, Lib rising, Cancer moon – I am.) Seriously beautiful heart-breaking film… And wasn’t it gorgeous to see a fab, more “mature” aged woman in the lead rather than a screaming teen?

        Mystic, I highly recommend it.

        Anyone remember Twin Peaks (first run, first series) when the girl in the hospital was waking up and we saw lots of Bob/ freaky stuff for the first time in a bizarre montage at the end? Truly scary as it was on normal, commercial TV which is supposed to be “safe”! That, as a Cap, kinda bugged me as it broke the conventions of the “TV series” without adequate warning – but the next day at school, EVERYONE, even the staff, was going nuts. Cool how a few images and appropriate music can wreak such havoc on one’s sense of safety…

        My Saggo man doesn’t like horror at all…

        • Oh for fuqs sake noooo. Is that the subtitled thing with the abandoned lunatic asylum on the deserted beach???
          The arty ones Are WAY More freaky as their production values are such that they get you. Whereas shlock is not engaging.
          Oh yes i remember twin peaks as was pregnant with my son and used to rush home from how-to-give-birth classes to watch it. i do love David Lynch. Mulholland Drive and Naomi Watts performance in that astounded me.

          • Hi Mystic – David Lynch has a super interesting chart which is available online – Scorpian Tongue (I think it was you ST apologies if it was someone else) sussed it out a while back – if I remember rightly he’s scorped up to the eyeballs and I think he has an interesting lilith conjunct ascendant. He is a daily transcendental meditator, into quantum physics and has started a meditation centre. I remember at the time thinking how he was channelling what others may see as challenging astro in a really positive way.

  3. I can’t do it, I just turn to jelly!

    My ex kataka loved all those films & would be forever dragging me off to the next horror film or hiring the whole collections of horrors that tickled their fancy!
    I would lie awake at night trying to think happy thoughts!

    Of course I didn’t want them to know I was a complete wimp & it was tough to hide, especially WOLF CREEK. I nearly vomited in my popcorn from the terror & people were leaving during the film (I have no idea how Matt could have laughed at that… see above)

    So no, not for me thankyou. I don’t need to have the pants scared of me, just a nice dinner & conversation will be fine 😉

    Gemini sun,moon & venus/Pisces rising

  4. No thanks! I can’t even watch *previews* for scary movies, much less the full films. Scorpio friend of mine likes that stuff. Sag boyfriend is indifferent to them — not scared, though, that’s for sure. I’m a Pisces. Total wimp. I don’t handle gory stuff well, either.

  5. Ha, with you there Mystic, Aqua sun, Libra rising…i don’t mind a dark movie, in terms of emotional content but when it comes to horror – only very occassionally.
    The only one’s I could stand (with some interest) were Saw 1 + 2, now there’s too many too, it’s getting ridiculous.
    Though I met one of the creators of that series at my brother’s wedding reception, it was in a Sydney bar and he crashed it!! that was the year before Saw 1 came out. He was really down to earth, cute and sweet guy (in the 2 mins we chatted) so always feel a little proud of him in a distant kind of way, for the success of his films.
    anyway….always thought i never liked horror because my parents never let us watch scary films.
    While throwing dinner parties, they would sit us down to be entertained with french films my Dad would bring home from work, (often full frontal nudity) I don’t think they ever realised. But horror? Noooooo
    But maybe its cos of my astro more than my parents influence that I steer clear of the macabre?

  6. i cant handle horror movies at all! honestly, most of them freak me out. i *still* have that little poltergeist girl in my head after all these years (must’ve seen it when i was about 10?) Some ‘horror’ movies are kind of intentionally funny- im thinking freddy krueger- scary but could also laugh at them. but actual ‘horror’ movies- ie, the flowers in the attic film, blair witch, the village etc… give me nightmares.

    ive also been told never to see Hostel- though im not sure what specific genre that falls into- im assuming horror. but def. not my cup of tea.

    • Oh I LOVE Poltergeist! It was one of my favorite films when I was younger. I’m an Aqua sun, Saggo moon, Cap rising, and I guess I really do like horror films, especially if there is a vampire involved. I didn’t like the Blair Witch Project though, I’ve tried watching it three times, and always seem to fall asleep at some point.

    • I’m another Sag who horrifies easily… and remembers how traumatic ‘they’re back’ was in Poltergeist. No thanks to horror genre for me!

  7. Lol! I have ridiculous appetite for those stupid european sex comedies/romantic farces where everyone is roaring around doing creative jobs and being in stupid love triangles but FUNNY. Although also find german cinema of late TOTALLY moving…

    • a bit of Pedro Almadovar then Mystic?

      I’m with you, can’t abide horror or thriller movies or any flick where bad things happen to children. Just don’t want those images in my head! Delicious thrill?! ;;;shudder:::

      however I did do cinema studies at Uni (and for that matter film production) and so learned that the best way to take the fear factor out of any film is to turn off the sound (have taught my kids this, so that at age three they sat clutching the remote control mute button during the scary bits of Lion King!).

      still, I’m waaaay too sensitive to media influences (mercury in Gem in the 12th opp Neptune in Scorp in the 6th) and so don’t have the telly connected to the aerial so that there’s no NEWS or crappy current affairs to much up my Qi or whatever. I tell the kids the media is bad for the soul… and we’re restricted to internet and dvds (carefully selected) and are all the happier and have a much more peaceful home because of it. (btw I’ve never actually purchased a television – they keep appearing as I get rid of them!)

      • oh. I just remembered something I read the other day in Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ about horror films – he says we need them because they assist us to ‘wake up to the insanity’ of life as we know it. Dunno if I agree with that though.

      • hate horror, too messy, pointless, cheap thrills for what? not real, not honest!


        ‘Don’t read it, don’t watch it, don’t do what they do’
        Augie March – Sunstroke HOuse

      • Just don’t want those images in my head!

        Exacatamundo. I can conjure enough on my own and don’t need extra input. Its not the horror that gets me, its the suspense, I just can’t watch. So much for my Sagg rising. Interestingly I always know who’s going to die in films and I reckon its because the actor knows and they can’t help but give this information away on some level.

  8. I love twisted, suspense, creepy films as such but hate hate hate with a passion the ones that are all just horror and gore. Like those saw movies.. Why the hell would anyone wanna watch that??

  9. Do do horror movies, they totally creep me out..cap/sagg/sagg with sagg merc…and I think most are ugly. Thankfully alpha tauri doesn’t like them either and is contented watching a chic-flick with me. He loves Lady Hawk.

    Gem daughter and her whole family love them. Cancerean 13 yr old grandson was watching a horror DVD and I asked him if it scared him. He answered,”nope Grams, why should it, it’s fiction and only two dimensional. If it was three dimensional and if we had smellavision, I’d piss my pants” Her other sprogs are aries, scorp and aqua.

    • alpha tauri says he sees enough real life horror to view it as entertainment….

    • I’m having a bad typing day…..that should have started….DON”T do horror movies

  10. Depends on the type of “horror”.

    Horror with a touch of comedy or camp say “Donnie Darko” or “Repo the Genetic Opera” would be like hells yeah.

    Tacky-gore movies like “Saw” or “Hostel”….yuck.

    • hey foxy I too have same sun moon combo as you and love the horror but not the low brow keep it simple for the masses variety. The original ring, the japanese one is one of my all time faves & David Lynch is def master of smart scary.

      • Yeah the original ring was good and I’m a total fan of David Lynch! I also like psychological horror over the kill everyone with a chainsaw thing.

  11. Oh my heavens, no wonder I was traumatized. At five years old my parents took me to see Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte w/Bette Davis, 1964.

    No wonder I remember having my coat over my head the whole time. A head got chopped off in the movie and rolled down the stairs. For an Aries (rules the head) youngster that was terrifying! And then add Medusa to my Sun and well, Pallas Athena is still gallivanting around the country side with her on her shield!

    To this day I ~do not~ care for scary stuff…

    But, did see the Exorcist and interesting thing, at 18 yrs. old, I got a job as a Nanny in Malibu for the three year old son of the guy who played the young priest in the movie (who got possessed at the end and jumped out the window).

    Didn’t meet him but stayed with the ex wife and the child for a very, very short stint. Freakin’ woman seemed totally bats so I got outta there!!

  12. I had to work late last night, when I got home my Saggo Hubby had gone to the video shop and got himself 2 new release horror movies and watched them back to back.

    So, yes, I agree with the Saggo loving horror movies comment.

  13. Aha! Now I know what to tell people about why I don’t really like horror movies: double Aquarius with moon in Pisces.

  14. My Sagg daughter used to at a young age walk past the tv and with a glance say, ‘that’s not suitable for me’ and wander off. I know now she watches some horror. Must find out what the cut off point for her is.

    A film that stands out vividly for me was a black and white from around 1964, called ‘The Collector’ with a very young mega creepy Terence Stamp as the main character. He was the guy who thought if he could only get a girl’s attention long enough she would have to love him…I watched it when I was 13 at one of my parent’s friends places. Scared the crap out of me because it was so very dark.

    • If my parents had only been as wise as your daughter! I mean what were they thinking?

      Looking at the movie now it’s hilarious. Included it just for the cheese factor… :)

      Have not heard of The Collector. Maybe I can youtube it…

    • oh LL, that is one of my fave books!!! The Collector by John Fowles. Great movie too. He wrote French Lieutenant’s Woman? and The Magus – which i LOVED!! A wonderful writer.

      • I’ve never backtracked and considered the source material. Thanks Scorpbot…I’ll be interested to see how I react to the book as an adult.

  15. Oooh Ooooh! I utterly forgot this – I’m actually IN a horror flick!! Sorry for the ego-trip down memory lane but… It was a Dreamworks one they shot out here in 07. “The Ruins” about dodgy vines that consume tourists/ archeologists/ random humans when they travel to some Mayan ruins in Mexico…

    But I’m such a wimp, I haven’t even seen it yet due to my aversion to the genre. I actually have boycotted renting it because I got so sick on the shoot – too much fake Mexican dust put all over me and my prothestic injuries. They said it was non-toxic but it flared my asthma up something horrendous. ‘Twas quite horrific as no one was really taking me seriously (and i really didn’t want to sound like a whiney actor… even though my ability to breathe was somewhat compromised…)

    I’m also not seeing it because I’m petty and still in a sulk that in post-production, they wrote a whole new opening scene that I was supposed to be in – but due to the US writers’ strike and Visa issues at the time, they couldn’t fly me over to the US to shoot it. They ended up hiring another friggin’ actor (in LA) to play the part, figuring I was too gory to be recognisable in the already-shot scenes. WTF?! I’d call that illegal and incredibly unfair but hey, the film flopped at the box office, so in some weird way, I didn’t really miss out 😛 (And I still got a credit which is really what any struggling creative type wants. )

    Anyhoo, just thought it odd that I can’t watch horror and yet had zero probs shooting it, even though I was covered in brilliant, realistic prosthetic injuries of half eaten-away limbs, face, etc. Maybe because I knew it was all fake, it took the gross-out factor away? Still, don’t want to see the finished product… Sulk. Mope. Snarl.

    • Wild Stress P!

      Did a bit of “stand in” for the movies a couple of times too but alot of work of taking several outfits and then waiting to see if they will need you that day. I did it maybe three times? Free food though!

      Would you believe my ex Pisces (while were were split up for three years), said he saw me momentarilly in some movie where I was an O.R. Nurse? Like you, I never saw it! I can’t even recall it’s name!

    • ohh i love that prosthetic gore. in my other life i am a zombie technician…

      • i thought about doing that too as a career but didn’t think there’d be much need for it in Australia hehe

  16. Can’t stand horror flicks. For some reason they make me cry. Twin Peaks terrified me.

    But I absolutely love ghost stories, and have been obsessed with ghosts since I could read. When I was taken to London for the first time age 10 all I wanted to see were all the places where ghosts are supposed to be. Luckily my English step-father, 73 years my senior, adored all of this as much as I did.

    For some strange but not (I don’t think) macarbre reason, I was also very interested in torture. I used to read Amnesty’s torture reports (bear with me!). I think I was horrifed at what real people were capable of doing to each other, far more than the supernatural. In any case, I think reading these contributed greatly to my outlook on the world, and my belief that people are the greatest good and the greatest evil. And I joined Amnesty.

    • your life maybe, Zombie man, not mine…. 😆 ….maybe it’s a city state of mind

      • think about it, zombies need blood and flesh to keep alive, we all kill other living things to provide us with our nourishment and energy, we just have a bit more colour in our cheeks and prefer our meat cooked a little…..

  17. No no no no to horror movies of the schlock and gore type, but can sit through the David Lynch type stuff – I’m right with you there Mystic re Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks – I had toddlers at the time and last-night’s-episode-of-Twin Peaks was the conversation du jour at playgroup back then :)

    My Gemini brother loves all horror but in a highly intellectual faffing on about psychological/sociological meanings and and what the genre says about contemporary attitudes to ‘the other’ and those outside the norm in society kind of way.

    I only want to see Wolfe Creek because I hear that John Jarrat’s performance is exceptional, but I know I’d wet my pants in fright and never venture outside the city ever again. Funnily enough I’m right into ‘Sins of the Brother’ kind of books – the backpacker murders book – and the novel ‘Silence of the Lambs’ terrified me way more than the film.

  18. LOVE horror movies!!! Splatter, slasher, gore and zombie movies crack me up. Hilarious!
    Movies like Wolf Creek not so funny as it’s based on real events. I wouldn’t even classify that as horror anyway but definitely terrifying… sensational acting from John Jarratt.

    Love the Hammer horror stuff from the 1960s and early ’70s and all of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead zombie movies.
    When i was a teenager i imagined it’d be quite fun to be in a gore movie… all covered in fake blood.
    The best horror was from the 70’s and 80’s. I kinda lost interest in the 90’s parodies and remakes of classics but that’s more to do with Hollywood creating formulaic movies than the genre itself. Twin Peaks series is by far the scariest i’ve seen and Lost Highway by David Lynch.

    I like the Saw series as well. If someone says “whatever you do, don’t see that, it’s too scary” it makes me all the more determined to see it. 😆

  19. i Cannot BELIEVE nobody has awarded me kudos for finding horror themed loo paper to illo this post with. OR does everyone else but me know all about it as i don’t have television??? I have only a screen, for dvds.

    • LOL. Okay kudos to you Mystic. I watch heaps of TV but have never seen anything that brilliant on the screen. Plus the loo paper is too beautiful to wipe one’s arse with.

      • Yes, very unique MYstic! I had ~not~ heard of horror loo paper at all!

        But had thought that as I wiped my arse could wipe that blood stained face of hers as well!


  20. Loathe horror (why watch it when you’ve lived it) & wtf its dunny paper!

  21. HATE horror movies. They’re upsetting & manipulative. It’s not actually the fear factor that I hate, it’s the sensation of being reduced to pure body/human/animal meat. Loathe them.

    Gemini sun & Aries moon: however I feel this is where my Moon square Neptune comes in. Love of sad things, hatred of anything superficially gory but emotionally cruel, juvenile or brutal. Is this a particularly Piscean aspect because I’ve always felt like a Pisces?…

  22. Love horror! I still need to read all the answers first. Sorry if repeating any of this.
    Last horror I saw I loved by Sam Rami- Drag Me to Hell! Classic 60’s campy horror. Love horror with dark humor best. David Lynch movies are my my favorite. Especially, Blue Velvet but that falls more in the category of psychological chiller-thriller. Donnie Darko is also another favorite of mine in that same genre of psy-thrller.
    But, I am drawn to watching all horror.
    Sun-Virgo Scorpio Rising. I really don’t have any saggo in my charts that I can remember. I blame all the Scorpio signs I do have though.
    But, of all the horror I lose interest in the slasher films. Good popcorn flick but not to buy and watch over again.

  23. Can’t stand it (horror). Booooring. Seriously. I once lived with a stripper who used to get a batch of horror movies from the video ezy in Fremantle then HAD to leave all thelights on all night (yet door unlocked – odd). She was a Libra.

    But David Lynch? His movies are like opera. I love him. Have his book “catching the big fish”….so great… He is my guru…lose myself in his movies…is he really a multiple conjunct scorpio?

  24. Well thats an easy one to explain Mystic Medusa, the Royal Fixed star – Antares also known as ‘The Heart of Scorpio’ is currently in Saggitarius and has been for the last 648 years, also known as the ‘The Lusty King’ or ‘Lord of Seed’ and associated with Uriel the Archangel of Death.

    is it any wonder saggos are cuckoo for the macrabre and sex?

  25. plus pluto the lord of underworld has been their sign for the last 13 years years…..and obsssesions never end easily :)

  26. I’m a virgo with virgo rising and a libra moon, and I LOVE horror films. I collect them, actually. From Nosferatu to House IV, I can never get enough of them. I am also a big fan of Sci-fi films as well, I think mostly because my mother loved them both so we’d watch them a lot. I prefer ones with man made special effects, as opposed to CGI. You know, fake blood, claymation, puppets or costumes, make up, smoke and mirrors. I love the detail and effort involved in a film like that.

  27. Yup, this Saggo loves Horror & Science Fiction. It’s the special effects plus i have no fear.
    The scarier the better with lots of pyscho twists. Amusing.

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  30. Hi,
    I’m TOTALLY freaked out after I even see a tiny bit of a horror movie (sun leo, moon virgo)
    The thing is: my friend totally loves horror movies! And she’s a sagg! I find this really interesting..

    • Hmmm….as multiple Saggo, I can’t bear horror: why on earth would one watch the more hideous sides of human nature and innocent people being tortured as portrayed in horror films, for ENTERTAINMENT, for god’s sake, when one only has to watch the news to hear about more than enough of it??? For that matter, I couldn’t even watch TV news for goddsake as a kid. I deliberately didn’t watch The Godfather when a tween in the 70s – having heard about the horses head – til a year ago. And as for Wolf Creek, never. And I have a Scorp ascendant!!!! Maybe it comes down to being bullied as a kid – in my case, it started with attempted smothering by sister in cradle.

      Or maybe it just depends on the amount of sensitivity or otherwise indicated in the Saggo’s chart?

      Or maybe it is a function of whether or not one has had a major Pluto transit. Must admit, having survived an attempted mugging/sexual assault several years back, where I was dragged off into a side street, and having found that I was capable of inflicting more damage on perpetrator than I received – and keeping my property and panties in tact – that I have become very blase about violence in films/TV recently. It’s like, bring it on, fuqer: make my day. Would still love to be able to carry some kind of weapon – or at least a stun gun – around on me, legally, though, just in case, since I have discovered through experience that – thank God – the Scorp ascendant in me will NEVER just lay down and fuqing take it without a fight.