Your Saggo Girlfriend

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Just as the Sagittarius male is always a GUY,  your Saggo girlfriend is always a chick. She is sporty, likes to yell risque stories or gossip at high-decibel and is most easily moved by discussion of politics, particularly the separation of Church & State and/or constitutions, the Magna Carta etc.

She usually has brilliant legs.

tennis player tanned legs

Your Saggo girlfriend is too restless to be still long enough to get facials, mani-pedis etc very often and secretly looks down upon those who do. She will cheerfully trek over the Himalayas or to Machu Picchu yet she finds malls, shopping and housework/chores horribly enervating.

Audrey Hepburn with cat

She doesn’t have much time for complicated relationship crap nor needy and emotional clingy types. She’s streamlined it all into one approach and it works wonders.

Relationship Guide Using Horse Whispering

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25 thoughts on “Your Saggo Girlfriend

  1. I have NO female sagittarian friends, my Gemini rising is driven berserker by them… except, of course, my Sadge 13 year old daughter, who also has Gemini rising… but she has always been exceptionally still and focussed so that at three years old she would sit through four hour architecture lectures (I can’t figure that one out – there seems to be no astro explanation for it). And she has extraordinarily beautiful hands and nails, but that’s gemini rising for you.

    I have to admit she is a very busy girl, and has after-school sports every night of the week (soccer, badminton, aerobics, athletics) except when she’s at ‘homework club’.

    • Because I felt like it – is there a secret set of of rules for the site that I don’t know about? Note: Moon-Mars on my Mercury.

  2. Oh yeah, and I’ve never gotten along with Sag females very well….they’re always annoying competitive with me and I don’t do competitive.

    • ‘our rivals .. ‘ then ‘ .. don’t do competitive’…. ? are you trying to compete w yourself in a struggle to make sense?

  3. I can only think of one female sagg & she was my boss for a while. She was hysterical & off this planet. She once drove a hired manual car for 20 minutes before she realized it was an automatic, amazing! She even performed the event & it was hilarious. Btw she is a very smart woman!

  4. i can not believe this i truely do not know any saggo women besides my great-grandmother who is soooo upfront its not funny (like saying the mother of the bride is fat to her face at the wedding) — i probably do — OMG WAIT I DO SO! SHEIS LIKE 64 BUT MY GOD WAS SHE HILARIOUS! she had a brain annurizm like 5 years ago she was meant to die but she survived – she is sooooo loud UPFRONT HILARIOUS AND SOOO ITALIAN LOVE HER!– AND THE FUNNY THING IS SHE ASKED ME LAST SUMMER – so funny get this “Oh when where you born” M: “oh ahh Dec 4” “OMG UR A SAGITTARIAN TOO?” M:”what yea” ” OHHH YOUR GONNA GROW UP JUST LIKE ME” M: LMAO!

  5. HA! That’s pretty much me, although politics bores me. But gossip at high-decibel… yes, much to others’ horror, and that frequently occurs in the forecourt of my office building! Oops.

    Alas, I also suffer from the dreaded hoof-in-mouth syndrome, lack patience, and am very accident-prone.

    I have a Sag Sun, Moon, and Venus.

    Am I doomed?!

    • your not — ive got sagg in moon, sun and mercury im still ALIVE!
      i think it just means we are purely ourselves – no masks or disguises

      • Definitely no masks or disguises here. Some people loathe that about me, but I’ve learned to value my honesty, even if it often means I lack tact.

        My Mercury is in Scorpio which gives me a sharp tongue, on top of all my supposedly ‘negative’ Sag traits.

        If somebody doesn’t like me i figure it’s their loss because I don’t strive to impress anyone.

  6. Had a great sago GF for 15 years . But falling out with another saggo Gf over 3 years ago meant the 2 of them now hate me. They hate with as much conviction as everything else in there life. No amount of bridge building by me has worked – they keep pulling it down and ignoring my efforts. (As a Leo I hate that). What to do?

  7. I love Saggi girls – my Saggi BF is the most evolved person I know. (sag sun, leo moon, she doesn’t know her birth time!!) I think I read that Saggi’s are the truth seekers and that is her to a T. Her ascendant I’m guessing is gem or fish as she looks amazingly young for her age and is not at all sporty. She is an artist – paints amazing portraits and other real life stuff – like photographs; and she sees the world in colours. I have fish rising and her aversion/intuitiveness to atmospheres makes me think she is fish rising. We are very well attuned.

    • And why do people think Saggi’s are the enemy of Gems?? I know both and they get on well. In fact abovementioned BF is very happliy married to one.

  8. My sister is Sagg. Had amazing ability at a very young age to ‘make the call’ at exactly the wrong time and place with the wrong person. The call was correct mind you, but just no idea of diplomacy. Point is though, I think she made the call because she cared more than others. She’s the one who points and calls out loudly ” that person is drowning” most people just look away. Left home at 18 to travel to the middle east. Ended up living with a naval commander, who with her, would take the summer off work, take a yacht up to Turkey and buy Japanese superbikes that where not available in Israel (cause the arabs asked the Japs not to sell them stuff) and then cruise the mediterranean for a few months. She fell off the back of one of those superbikes and ended up falling into extreme Judaism. She’s now 45 and hasn’t come home yet…except for the occasional visits of her 4 beautiful children we don’t get to see her much.
    She’s extremely intelligent, holds 2 or 3 degrees. An amazing artist, sculptor…….but ultimately really restless and although sure of her ideals is not always sure about herself.

    • My brother has a Sagg Moon. He’s VERY passionate about his beliefs.
      Mother’s Day we all got an earfull as the topic riles him up. After he left my Mom said she was exhausted…lol

  9. My best friend from way back when we balanced each other on the teeter totter in kindergarten is a Sagg. She lives a couple of hours away now and we don’t see each other as much but I get all kinds of crazy/funny emails from her that are going around the web.

    She’s the only one who no matter how seriously I took myself would call my bluff and expose me. She called me “bitch” playfully. Don’t think I would have appreciated that from anyone else.

    On the other hand, I have a younger co worker who is a Sagg, Aries Moon. You’d think I’d adore her but all I can figure from looking at her chart is her Pluto opp. my Sun so something funky there. I feel she’s competitive with me as a few of her patients came to me and never went back to her. It was their choice. Some always went back to her as of course we all have our own energy vibe that just meshes better with others.

    And, the co worker Sagg is a gossip. I just stay away. The one time she gave me a massage she talked all the way through it and I never got a chance to relax. People wonder why I don’t have the girls in the office work on me. Thats why.

  10. thanks mystic – mostly spot on, for me; tho i know many other saggo girls with varying twists n turns. people either love us or hate us (the legs lol tho our long legs are karmically our weak spot health wise, too much giddy up catches up) surprise surpise the gem/sag thing coming up – i have very passionate relationships with all gems, for the better n worse – tho being polar opposites boy do we learn from each other! my daughters a gem and it works absolutely beautifully. Never dull

    i think with the high minded and physical mis/adventures/missions we get ourselves involved in character elements like brazen (childlike) honesty, curiousity, tomboy strength, dark sense of humour and fierce independent streak are necessary for survival. tho some dont know how to take it

    sometimes i feel more beast than human, the constant giddy up, the desire for basics n simplicity over bling and frivolities of man
    i get on with my menagerie (but even they know well when to give me a wide berth lol) and my imagination best, but love people
    i love the last image “horse whispering savvy for people” – saved me from my curious adventurous all trusting impulsive self many times over
    domesticity = physical challenge 😛 and social consciousness n justice an in built drive. yes our stamina n passion can be tiring, its tiring being us sometimes. all saggo girls i know are well educated, talented and disciplined artists and many work as carers and educators and give a lot to their communities. and they do cool stuff like archery for sport and wildlife rescue. life for mes been richer for knowing my sag bfs
    (tho sometimes challenging lol but thats life/humanity)
    just dont try live with us if you’re prone to needing order and sense
    multiple sag fem sharehouse lol memorable

  11. My two bfs are saggos. Neither has long legs, but both can be relied on for honesty and living in the moment. One is an artist, the other an expert manipulator of people – I mean that in the nicest possible sense, she helps people in need – both are very creative. Funnily enough, one is super organised, the other about as disorganised as it is possible to be and still function. The organised one and I decided years ago that we should never share a house due to my clutter. Amused to find her new husband is even worse than me and she takes it all in her stride.

    Just back from a trip to visit the one who emigrated so had a mega dose of saggo friendship. I suggested getting a manicure, and the look of disdain on her face was priceless! Needless to say, we didn’t go. But she did take me on a mega shopping trip and picked out some really good clothes for me. Feel like a new person with my new look.

    I admire them for their sense of freedom and ability to just do things – something I have to work hard to achieve. And they are the two people in the world who really “get” me. That is priceless.

    Adore my saggo dad and seem to have acquired a clutch of other saggos in the last year – almost viral. I can’t think of a single saggo I have disliked. There is something about them that brings out the best in me. Having looked at the saturn thread, and discovering my serious lack of fun and sponeneity there, I reckon the saggos are my medicine to counteract saturn!

  12. Yes, yes, yes! I hardly see my Sagg g-f as she away such a lot. And she seriously mad for yachting. Has amazing legs with apparently no effort and she is nearly 50 and she’s had kids. I fall for every leg fad on the planet (ordered Cellusene the very day i saw a sentence about it) and spend half an hour a day skin brushing and applying french silohutte enhancing shit AND exercising of course but she will always out-leg me.
    She says the most outrageous things and asks very pointed, technically rude questions – like, “so, when are you going to leave your husband because it’s really obvious that this is just like dead energy between you or is it about the house and money?” with a lovely smile. She is not being malicious.
    She is hopeless at housework and so she treats her cleaners like they are st bernard arriving with whiskey and she lost in the snow. I have stopped mentioning anything like “facial” or “feng shui” to her as she just hoots with laughter and says it’s nothing that “a drink” or a “good fuq” wouldn’t cure.

  13. spending time with saggitarians is like getting out of the car/plane from the city after a loong journey, you get out of the car and whoosh, a facefil of clean, fresh air free of the crap you have been inhaling for the last 6 months. Possibilities are always endless with saggies. this is why i like em

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