Peacocks: Luxury, Beauty and Immortality

National Geographic Peacock Close Up

Is it the Full Moon?  Or my Uranus transit?

I have been googling peacocks as pets. Apparently i could buy a young peacock for just $75 + delivery and some vet costs etc. But their loud mating cry is said to be a deterrent for urban areas. Honestly i doubt that my peacock’s loud mating cry would be as loud as that of the stoned yobs who conduct their mating ritual on the street outside my house.

Peacocks are amazing. It’s crap that their feathers bring bad luck though i would only have a feather in my house if i FOUND it. Of any bird. The peacock is like a Phoenix in its mythology.

Bird of Hera/Juno, the Queen of Heaven and also associated with Isis + the Buddhist star goddess Tara.

“The pride of the peacock is the glory of God,” wrote William Blake.  The peacock used to symbolise luxury, beauty and immortality. It was a puritan idea to twist that into pride & arrogance.

Far from being up itself, the peacock is actually endearingly modest & eccentric. It’s Latin name is “pavo” from the Sanskrit “pavana” which means purity.

Peacocks hate gold – it’s like garlic is to vampires – and they are terribly restless right before it rains.

Probably because of what it would do to those glorious feathers. They have an ability to consume poison and be completely unaffected by it. In fact, they prefer it. Their favourite food – I read – is Himalayan Wolfsbane and they are said to hate their legs as they are not nearly so beautiful as the rest of them. Some peacocks peck at their own legs in disgust.

Poor things!

Indian God Riding Peacock Art

Top Image: Rina Caffarella – National Geographic

Bottom Image: Murugan

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51 thoughts on “Peacocks: Luxury, Beauty and Immortality

  1. Resist with Aqua & go the peacock! Wow, who would have known you can buy a peacock, that’s amazing. My aqua PhD is having a career meltdown at the moment, can’t seem to get anything together in fact been like that most of the year. Seem difficult to focus on anything external, not their usual optimistic outlook.

  2. I love peacocks too (I have one tattooed on my back) but I have lived with them. Beautiful yes. Very. Annoying, even more so. Extremely. Their cries and the clunk as they jump on the roof very early in the morning.

    But who said good sense should ruin a perfectly good fantasy? I am having fantasy wishes that my Stepmother will hand over her awesome cowboy boots as my birthday pressie. Not going to happen but I can dream/scour ebay for my very own pair. But then I might buy the purple jeans and the great top and the sweet dress and cute leopard print ballet slippers as well.

    New age = new wardrobe? Hmmm I am 29. Saturn Return and all that biz.

    Myst my very helpful lady that I go to express my thoughts to on a weekly basis makes me draw people I want to talk to sometimes. Why not draw the Uranian and then you can say whatever you need to him (my lady makes me put the drawing in the chair opposite which is simultaneously creepy and powerful).

    That way you get to say your piece and avoid contacting him too. Might work.

      • Okay, listening to your link, it comes back now. From the distance in my neighborhood it always sounded like “help” or “meow”…

        • haha… that’s what i thought too – sounds like “help”

    • I have a friend named Noel and he says all peacocks are calling him.

      I adore peacocks but they need open spaces and somewhere to fly and roost. They’re not dainty domesticated birds.

    • I am hopelessly late and catching up on this wondrous blog, courtesy of le Merc Retro and having the laptop actually chip. Serves Mac right for using polycarbonate… but was going to say, that sounds like an ex I used to have, i.e. the loudness, the calling in the wee hours..

      SPECIALLY the strutting!

  3. Mystic,

    Right in the middle of urbania are peacocks living behind this olive house.

    This is an historical neighborhood (were I lived was right down the street, 126 yrs. old…)

    But yes, could hear the peacocks every morning!! Interesting sound! Wish they would have included the peacocks on their website…They have huge redwood trees there too.

    • One time my sister drove me around her neighborhood in Rancho Palo Verde, CA, just to see the peacocks that run wild all over the place! Apparently, noone bothers them..

      • IT’S SO TRUE, Sweetpea! They just loiter about decoratively, with the occasional fanning out. You can drive quietly through RPV and they just linger looking at you like, where the hell are YOUR feathers…???

        • Ha,ha (“where are your feathers?”…)

          Just now weeding back through some threads…

          Dang if not a shame we miss later posts…

  4. Don’t contact the aquarian. I just ripped my phonebill up into little pieces because I felt the urge to send the aquarian policeman a nasty, petty, way beneath me text msg. I had deleted his number off my phone but then remembered it’d be on my old phone bills so I tore them up before I could even get a glimpse at the number. Cleaning is a good distraction. A boring one but a good one.

        • Lol, I so wish I had enough spunk to do that. I’m going on Saturday so it should be interesting.

    • Is it me or don’t Aquarian men respond to the most out there punishment via denied seduction? Let me explain. Years ago, my ex the Well Hung Uranian disappeared (of course), was fine with it, not that bothered at all except for it ruining my regularly scheduled sexual feeding time.

      Then of course reappears. Of course. Now we are friends, because lets face it, they seem to love that word WHILE declaring vehemently btw how jealous they are when they saw you at the store swanning off with some other able peniled person. I quote, “I saw him helping you with that basket like he thought you were ailing, elderly or about to crumble, seriously can he be more OTT??”

      So you try to be friendly and discuss something pedestrian, like oh say, movies. We’re talking about the Exorcist when suddenly a deathly quiet, and he confesses how turned on he is at the cross masturbation scene and how THAT suddenly makes him miss me. Sure.

      Ladies, I could not resist. I talked about that scene at length, in hushed tones that murmured of possibilities, throwing the odd reference or two about my staunchly Catholic education, the uniforms, the kneeling, the psycho-sexual Lenten rituals. And oh, I simply MUST remember to clean my full length wall size bedroom mirror. By the time I was done, I reckon he would have jet propelled himself to my place in nanoseconds.

      THEN I said I had to go. And that NO, he could not come over.

      It truly is the little things.

  5. mmmk.
    I have gone a got myself into a bit of a pickle. A month or so ago I was contacted but my first love, a cancerian male, for the first time in ages. He started off as flirty and, he being a married man, I felt he took it too far and I told him so. He apologized,we got back to talking and, although he got flirty again I stomped down on it pretty hard. Two night ago I was chatting with him how a Caps ex was, I felt, shutting me out of his life… ignoring and such (we dated for 2 months and have been friends for almost 3 years now… so more friend than ex, you know?)… the Caps man promised to see me on my birthday and then didn’t, and has not offered an explaination. I had asked fairly gently if there was any reson and was ignored. So… I was having a whinge. Cancerian launched into this ‘I have always felt guilt about not treating you better’ (He cheated, ignored and was a lousy boyfriend. I was young and very far from home). I ask why he brought it up and said it was because ‘he often wondered what would have happened if we had stayed together’. I have no way to express how angry this made me.
    I put on Facebook that I wanted to ask someone what the hell they were playing at and the Caps man has assumed that it is all about him, asking whether I am furious with him, why am I furious with him and would I pleasetell him why am I so angry (this was via email). I wrote out a very careful reply (through some _very_ hefty crying) that I was not furious at him, but I did not like the fact he was being careless with me. I left out all the Cancerian shit cos I didn’t want to confuse the issue… but have not offered any other reason for me being volanic by nature.
    Caps is being a prick, but Cancerian is being a complete arse and I just can’t neogiate all of this:(
    Caps not replied… though can see him online… not talking to me tho… Cancerian has fuckedout he has been all ‘romantic’ and ‘intimate’ and I swear, if he wasn’t over the otherside of the world I would seriously consider kicking him in teeth a few times.
    Feeling terrible strung out.

    • You are in a bit of an olive, er, pickle, eh?

      So I’m not sure what you mean though when you say that you are mad because Cancer (Kataka) said he wondered what it would have been like if you’d stayed together. Is it because he blew it and did not stay with you?
      And now it seems too late, and maybe he’s not happy with his wife and is testing the waters?

      I ask because otherwise he seems like a nice guy unless I missed something else you wrote..

      An ex said that to me one time when he came back after several years “I wondered what it would have been like.” He must still be wondering…he,he

      • Cancer Boy is perfectly happy with the perfect wife. I am cross because he is trying to get me to say ‘no, no… each moment was heaven and I wish with every fibre of my being it could have been prolonged. I cry myself to sleep every night knowing that you are my soul mate and we shall never be together like that again. It is so truly romantic because its so tragic… and by the way I have never had a lover that was as good or as well dowed as you. You ruined me…’
        Or something
        But its not the case. He was a manipluative, cheating, cold fish and I realise more with each relationship how unsatisfying emotionally he was and the ‘in the sack’ stuff suffered for it. The ‘I wonder what it would be like now…’ was him trying to work out a way of getting me to talk dirty with out me turning around and asking whether his wife knows that he is doing this. Seriously. The guy was talking about how photos of me turned him on. Not frickin cool. No Love. No respect. Pissed that he is sullying our friendship by attempting such manipulations.

        • It’s a game go go.

          It’s the ‘have it all game’ played by people who are well ensconced in a relationship but like a little power trippy excitement, and to hell with your feelings. He won’t leave his wife, no matter how much he tortures either you or her.

          He’s not being fair to either of you. Are you that hard up for friends? I can’t think of a single true friend I’d cop that from. Give him the flick.

          The Cap sounds like he suffers from terminal dithering. You can do better.

          • Agreed UV.

            I am not hard up for friends. I have really quite lovely friends. But we went through much during our time together and I just thought better of him until now. I have never given a friend the flick and I have no idea how to go about such things.

            The Cap I have stated clearly and (hopefully) calmly what is making me unhappy. if he is interested in clearing it up, he can. I stand by it. He can come find me if he wants to and I will busy myself with other stuff so I don’t watch the gate.

          • It’s childishness. Neediness that manifests as screwed up behaviour/manipulation.

            Soz, go-go I feel for you. Hope I didn’t come across as too harsh. I’m the tough love kind. You don’t have to give a friend the flick. If I gave anyone the flick it was because I realized they weren’t a friend after all. Come to think of it, one former friend used to flirt outrageously and inappropriately with me in front of his wife. I thought he was joking until I saw how hurt she was. I walked away from the friendship.

        • Wow. Now i understand why you were angry. I was confused at first like Sweetpea.
          I too had an ex come back after 15 years thanks to Facebook. He is now married with 2 progeny. I’m single. He Leo, Me Fish. We ‘caught up’ the night before the bushfires and it was actually really great to see him and hear him speak and know what/who i chose as my first ever boyfriend. But then, like you say Venus-a-go-go, he ‘sullied it’ by trying to do…something else. Just totally did not get that that was not why i was there. Meanwhile wife lay sleeping up the road, kids dreaming. He is just bored and i felt sorry for him, really. It’s a country town and all. He has not been out, nor even as far as Adelaide (he went to Sydney for first time age 38). But still, I felt so disturbed by the physical ‘attack’ out of nowhere, that he took the catching up in a totally wrong way… Am cnsidering taking down Facebook page, but the curiosity always gets the better of me

          • Seriously… where on earth do they think that this sort of behaviour is ok?
            I am confounded.

  6. OMG! i have a bunch of peacock feathers in my cupboard. I have done so many spring cleans but can’t bring myself to throw them away… so beautifuuuuul. Maybe they’re bringing me bad luck? Maybe it’s time to throw them out!!!!?

    • I’ve always ignored that bad luck thing and have peacock feathers in my home. I use them in paintings sometimes so wouldn’t throw them out. Luck come and goes and the feathers don’t seem to alter anything. A Dutch friend wouldn’t have shells in her house because she thought they were bad juju and would freak at mine. I use them for paintings too.

      • I’m the same. I have a bunch of beautiful black ones in a vase in my loungeroom. I originally bought them as a gift for an ex-boyfriend but we broke up before I got to give them to him and I was more than happy to keep them. Because he actually turned out to be quite the arsehole, and we’d split a couple of days after I purchased them, they’ve totally represented good luck to me ever since 😉

  7. that is cool- i got offered a peacock and was gonna take it, until someone said it would scratch my cat’s eyes out.. then I thought hmm.. perhaps not then..

  8. Mystic – how do you know all peacocks hate gold?

    how does someone quantify that???

    i know my cat hates fruit because he makes the “UGH, that’s *disgusting*, you people eat this?” face…

    think that’s the same face a peacock makes when it sees gold? or is it gold, the sustance not gold the colour? like, “UGH, i just walked over a bit of ground that had GOLD in it, just awful”.

    plus what if some peacocks like gold. what if taurian peacocks like gold?

  9. ohhhhh WOW!!!!
    PEACOCKS! :) thats very fitting for you mystic! They were highly respected creatures in history and thus have a linkness to you!
    i left a post for you in the Mugwort thingo 😛
    i like peacocks but i would prefer an white owl or a black cat = which i would name Nox – the Roman god of the Night
    what would you name ur fav animals people???
    Matt x x

  10. Mystic, it brings me great comfort to know you’re battling the urge to communicate. Sharing your sagas is one of the fab things about this website.

  11. Matthew – thnx! Was Nox really the Roman God of the Night? I love that the word Night comes from Nut (Nuit in French) the Egyptian NIght-Goddess.
    Well, my Aqua cat is named Eureka.

    Libran Dreamchild – it is just old folklore that peacocks cannot stand gold. And that they cannot stand their own legs.

    Hazel – am not battling the urge to communicate. I am battling the urge to send a narky shit msg. You c, Aquarians – more than any other man i.m.o. imagine that you are doing the most amazing things when you are ignoring them.

    • And speaking of Aqua cats, we have a brand new kittun in our house as of last Sunday. Another Aquarian puss for us 😀 Her name is Delphi

  12. Hey Mystic!

    Nox, or Night, is one of the oldest of the deities, was held in great esteem among the ancients. She was even believed older than Chaos. Orpheus ascribes to her the generation of gods and men, and says, that all things had their beginning from her. Pausanias has left us a description of a remarkable statue of this goddess. “We see,” says he, “a woman holding in her right hand a white child sleeping, and in her left a black child likewise asleep, with both its legs distorted; the inscription tells us what they are, though we might easily guess without it: the two children are Death and Sleep, and the woman is Night, the nurse of them both.”

    They fancied her to be drawn in a chariot with two horses, before which several stars went as harbingers; that she was crowned with poppies, and her garments were black, with a black veil over her countenance, and that stars followed in the same manner as they preceded her; that upon the departure of the day she arose from the ocean, or rather from Erebus, and encompassed the earth with her sable wings. The sacrifice offered to Night was a roster because of its enmity to darkness, and rejoicing at the light.

    there’s your little history – lol your probably wondering y ur all taking a lesson from a 15yr old in the first place lol

    • Keep it coming young astrologer!

      I knew bugger all about astrology mythology etc until I was 39! Playing catch up now.

      If I had a dog, I’d call it Cerberus.

    • Love it Matthew! Though strangely, I am now intrigued by the god(dess?) of Chaos…any lessons there…I want to know the good stuff…In china chaos and opportunity are apparently the same character…or something

      • Well Fishgirl the Greek/Roman Goddess of chaos, confusion & laughter was Eris or Discordia – who if you guys know your history was said to be the one who started the trojan war, by throwing in a golden apple marked “to the fairest” in which the prince of Troy, Paris, had to play judge to the contestants and pick a winner – Hera/Juno offered him wealth, Athena/Minerva(my fav) offered Success in Battle & Aphrodiety/Venus offered the most beautiful woman in the world. BLAH BLAH BLAH watch the movie for the rest lol.

        Eris or Discordia – was also said to be the original wife of Zeus or Jupiter whichever you prefer

  13. There is a peacock in one of the gardens near my daughter’s school. You should see these gardens, walled-gardens in the middle of this desert city, full of tropical plants with bougainvillea streaming over the walls. I love the sound of this peacock, but I grew up with a pair of peacocks, and so am used to the call, which will start pre-dawn and go on and on and on. Mystic, if you really want a peacock and you have a large garden with some tall trees in it, stuff the neighbours and go for it.

    On the other front, who out there has tried celibacy? I can’t remember a time when there was not some man on hand, but looking back , I can’t see quite why. My head and my heart want some rest and peace and to focus my their energies somewhere else . But how do you take care of the other ( i mean spiritually, not physically! I’m quite down with the physically!)

    • To go celibatge its best to start by balancing all your charkras so they are all the same size , spinning correctly and the right colour. I do this when my man ( or lack of}issues are getting out of control. So far survied the scorp moon with no damage. thanks for the advice on the aqua man.

  14. Incidentally, your own advice Mystic was NOT to buy pets during a mercury retrograde. So….

  15. I had a peacock once, although it wasn’t mine, it wasn’t anybody’s it just hung around the garden and then from time to time would vanish. You could drop a book in the house and it would hear it and ‘go off’, in the orchard. The sound of its yes, very loud squawk made the place feel tropical. It used to corner the cats and fan its tail at them, made a kind of shimmering hissing noise with it. All those ‘eyes’–scared the bejesus out of them. The sort of animal that just appears in your life, like geese.

  16. Thank you UberVirgo & Fishgirl i shall try and keep them coming! :)
    FishGirl you mentioned Chaos.. i’ll see what i can dig up ok??
    this is fun!
    Matt xx

  17. I had no idea that cleaning jags were Scorpionic. I do them obsessively – I can feel another one coming on. Is it about the destroy/rebirth thing?

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