Astro-Beauty: How Goth Would You Go?

Witch Fashion Goth

Were you ever a Goth and/or would you consider adding a Gothic subtone to your look??? I tried to be a Goth (blonde hair dyed jet black, black lace, crinolines etc) and certainly had enough Gothic tastes (gin, Baudelaire, Wuthering Heights, Victoria Holt novels, teen angst, The Cure, intense crushes that nothing could quench except for when they were requited) but looked like a mental patient escapee.

These days, whilst I respect a good Goth look & I live in a Goth infested area, any form of Gothic accessory would clash with my Qi, Feng Shui, Chakra whatevs aesthetic. Plus it’s fussy. And all i really do is trackpants, jeans, sarongs, american apparel shirts etc. My son and his friends are all terrifed of Goth girls as think they dress like “creepy Victorian undeads” but they quite like the sexier end of Goth fashion, that’s more like dominatrix/vampire/leather Kate Beckinsale in whatever that dreadful vampire movie was called.

But it’s back-back-back as I believe Italian Vogue & so would you/could you do it and did you ever?  Astrologically it, of course, just screams Scorp. But I think Cancerians/Katakas would also be SO drawn to it for a chance to ponce about in ye olde clothes styles & cameo brooches etc.

Image:  Craig McDean

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45 thoughts on “Astro-Beauty: How Goth Would You Go?

  1. I am a bit of a goth to tell you the truth – a goth hippy = if that makes any sense (actually it makes none but anyway!) My room is full of mystic, mythological & historic stuff that basically screams GOTH lol –
    but it is just an IMAGE – thing if you ask me, its a way of screaming out our individuality – especially if your a proud scorp as Mystic said
    Matt xx

  2. I used to get labeled as Goth in highschool but I think it was more just your common or garden Winona-in-Heathers wearing of daggy black clothing.

    I do have respect for Goth – but the more romantic Victorian details-orientated stuff. Definitely not into the latex Marilyn Manson stuff which is fine for some but I’d steer away from calling it ‘Goth’. It’s far more derivative of dominatrix aesthetics, and also crosses over with Japanese Anime sensibilities.

    Also: Anyone ever heard of ‘Steam Punk’? My friend made me look it up. She thinks it’s what I do. It’s sort of industrial revolution but with ye olde undertones of wood and nature.

    [Aries, Pisces rising.]

    • I went to a Steam Punk film festival a while ago and most boring collection of cartoons-anime have ever seen in my entire life. The audience were far more interesting and dressed fabulously.
      If i could stay on my macrobiotic diet i would love to do a goth dominatrix look as it would certainly fit my stance following separation, downsizing, having to sit with accountant as ex explains why he put a sodding brothel through the family company account etc.
      i also think the goth look needs to be proper designer concepts as in vogue italia or it looks like u raided the tat rack at vinnies and have terrible hair naturally. and if you want to have sex more than once a decade you actually need a glossier, groomed more “luxe” look.

  3. Hey!
    I am a bit of a Goth – if there is a cross between a goth and a hippy – I’M IT! :p (NOT THAT IT MAKES ANY SENSE BUT ANYWAY!) !@!
    Do you think that -GOTH- is just an image or an outlet into ones individuality? or a influence of divine or heavenly bodies??? eg. scorpio??
    off to study

  4. why did my post come up twice – but its altered hmm??? i didnt do that

  5. don’t mind the look of Goth – there’s quite a contingent here in ‘delaide – and some of them look just gorgeous.

    I could channel my inner Goth for, say, a night of clubbing…or add a Goth themed bit of clothing or two to my day-wardrobe for dramatic effect (a la leo on the third house cusp) but I’m with you on the whole vibe/qi/fengshui thing Mystic.

  6. nup. no. couldnt do it. too maudlin and frayed. i am so so so allergic to it. and i REALLY RECOIL AT STEAMPUNK. it gives me the heebie jeebies. when i look at a goth all i ever think is that they are trying to tell me something or say something to me visually or else completely exclude me momentarily but i dont have a clue what or why. i think i just really cant stand visual tribalism, any kind of faction really. specially them as seem to be exhumed from ye days of olde.

    • It is a bit like ‘look at me I BELONG… to my little group of 12’. A lot of people try so hard to be ‘individual’ while still having all the benefits of being on the team. I only feel that way about groups of goths or emos or blonde bimbos or whatevs though.

      • yay, just did my gravatar and instant success. v pleased with the result, cracks me up every time i look at it.

  7. I used to dress up goth but ONLY to go to goth clubs with my friends who had made the whole lifestyle/aesthetic commitment. I loved the Victorian romanticism of it, the dark beauty and drama of it all….hated the accompanying shut-down, closed-up and downright unfriendly attitude a lot of these people had.

    I have never limited myself to just one style, subculture, or look. I don’t like being stuck to just one thing, i’d rather go through phases: 70s, hippies, goth, swing, 40s…I’ve done ’em all. More fun that way.

  8. After living in big cities and small outdoorsy country/coastal towns, Goth only makes sense in cities. you can’t be pale, tragic and brooding when the weather is 30 degrees C (around 90F), crystal clear skies and/or maxed-out humidity…just doesn’t work. I feel Goth-est when it’s cold and dark and I can roam the streets in big boots and thickest eyeliner listening to my kinda music. Plus I’d look awful with no eyebrows

    BUT the outfits are so theatrical when done properly, i do love that..spikes and all.

    • however i do get that goth is also a state of mind and one can surf/be fit/tanned and still FEEL pale/tragic /brooding, altho it’s more difficult :) all those exercise-induced endorphins y’see :)

  9. Not so much my thing – all the goths I’ve ever met just seem really miserable. And the music – ugh. If I’m feeling angsty, give me a bit of grunge, a notpad to write some bad poetry and a glass of gin and I’ll sort myself out!

  10. I used to be a big goth as a teenager – well as sort of goth/punk/hippy – it just all morphed quite randomly depending on how I felt (which was all over the place) at the time.

    I do love the goth look still and just ADORE corsets and pvc and black leather and chantilly lace spanish harlot busty looks. If that became feasible to wear around the streets I’d so be there ….

    • Oh my goodness. I was just saying I missed you in the uber cow thread and HERE YOU ARE. Yay. I did also point out that getting attached to you was a very Taurean thing to do. I don’t know where you went but I’m glad you’re back.

      • Helllloooo. Yes I decided to spend the Scorping doing a mini cleansing, inner retreat, zen contemplation thingo to y’know … purge the past and do that “ruthless regeneration” thing that Mystic’s been banging on about. Conveniently I also got conjunctivitis around the same time and haven’t been able to see in DAYS!!!

        How was your birthday?? Did you get any action? … haven’t been able to catch up on reading the threads yet as eyes are still a bit bung.

        And yes that’s why I like Taureans! They are loyal and Crabs appreciate this sort of thing. :)

        • Hell yeah!!!! Hot scorp moon action with inappropriately young man. Awesome. Worked it with new fab haircut. And hot scorpy black dress. Loved that moon, my fave for a while. Hope your eyes get better. Glad you back, purging work? Guess the conjunc. physical purging of emotional crapola?

          • Awesome! I don’t know why but around the time I hit 30 (that’s round about where you are yeah? Hope memory serves correctly). Anyway … around that time young men just seemed to fall out of the sky all of a sudden. Prior had always had older lovers. But by golly it worked – 30 year old female hitting her peak with 20 year old randy as a bunny in spring time boys. Glad you had a good time 😉

            But yah …. purging, purging, purging – in a good way. I’m not about to turn bulemic or anything. Loads of yoga and meditation and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the homeopathic remedy Nat Mur if female and struggling with grief and/or anxiety. Particularly if dark haired. It has worked wonders.

  11. It seems that goth has been morphing slightly too – the whole “emo” teen thing seems a derivative. Also, with the increase in teenage vampire coolness, again a development on the goth theme. Love the look when it’s stylish and clean, not so keen on the lesser version which seems sullen, no spark, etc, which as mentioned above reflects the inner attitude too.

    Would I do it? Probably only a themed party – preferably in old mansion with associated brooding, mysterious atmosphere.

  12. hey leo socialite u crack me up ! i am getting a mental picture from that blog thats cool :) also i agree with u re elegance in gothery otherwise u just look waify which only works if u are thin. its hard to do waif obese ?

    • ooh bubble u right, muffin tops are not goth. however, buxom curves yes, if done right. it’s all in the wardrobe………

  13. yeah ! buxom curves yes ! muffin top no ! i think the correct phrase might “her gently swelling breasts” etc lol !!

  14. Funny incident recently. A friend was visiting from the coast so bunch of us went to our local for dinner and drinks. When we walked in the licensee (friend of ours) asked if we’d been to a funeral. We fell about laughing as we’re so used to seeing one another dressed in black that we hadn’t taken any notice. All five of us were all totally dressed in black. Three of the girls are very tall so we must have seemed a bit confronting. Much hilarity from all in bar and we’re now known as the Storm Troopers.

  15. also leo socialite re the macro diet – this may help – find a picture of gwyneth paltrow – or The Gwyneth as my mother insists in calling her – and put it on the fridge. invoke her as the high priestess of macro everytime the candy calls ! good luck !

  16. I am fond of black, and loved gothic fiction in my teens, but prefer my ‘low-key bourgeois-bohemian cougar’ look these days. I think it’s more Haute Taurus, too.

    • I think your ‘low-key bourgeois-bohemian cougar’ fits my fab black wearing be-arches to a T.

      • Yes indeedy. I once was invited to a Writers’ Festival do, & the photographers were *vainly* searching for anyone not in black!

        • Ha. I’ve been that photographer. It’s not an easy way to liven up the social pages.

  17. Oh yessss as a Scorpio I definitely love love love Goth, everything about it–but early stuff only, ie Bauhaus, Siouxsie, Nick Cave, those types. I dressed quite Gothy a few years ago: tight black pants, black witchy ankle boots, black sweaters unravelling, purple hair, eyeliner, ankhs everywhere…But I detest “cyber goth,” or the Hot Topic-ing of it all.

    It is secretly still my favorite subculture.

  18. hey unpredictable pisces if u werent very good at the goth would u be consider crapsular !!!! sorry. just had some sugar !

  19. Even the Double Scorp that I am rejects Gothicality in dress. Too… well, too obivous!

  20. Ah well what can I say? LOL Matt, go the hippyGoth, I must confess I can’t help it myself… it’s such fun to dressup, and I keep trying to not choose black, but…. well, intense and dramatic tribal-goth-hippy-chile does it for ME !

    • This is how I see goth,dressup…. even though I know for some people it is an intense appearing, seemingly emotionless lifestyle choice.

      I don’t commit well to just one clothing style. To suit the mood, or occasionally do way too dramatic an eyemakeup with some strategic back combing…and corset, and lots and lots of buttons…prim/hussy/goth/lite is a goer though.

      There is a hell of a lot of black in my wardrobe though.

  21. LOVE goth fashion in magazines…don’t quite like it in real life, get a bit scared. Of others and myself. Did do a bit of goth in high school with purple hair and very short one side, long the other, but it was the eighties so that wasn’t really ‘goth’, just kinda everyone was doing it.

    In middle of winter, I do like to occasionally do black lace clothes, dark hair, pale foundation and dark lipstick (not black though!) But that’s as far as I go these days.

    Pisces sun, Taurus rising, Mars in Scorpio.

  22. I experimented with “Goth lite” in high school: Black t-shirt & black mini-skirt, black stockings with spiderweb print. Looking back probably not the rebellion I thought it was, but not completley cringe-worthy.

  23. heh scorpio here … and a ‘creative’ and ‘bohemian’ … of course I dress in black. Have done black hair & all. But don’t label me, dude. I do the haute goth look (fortunately uber-fashionable at the moment) or goth luxe – have always been minimalist so I tend toward the cyber/bondage/dom end of the spectrum. Black/grey/leather/latex/chrome. That sort of thing. Very carefully thought out. I’m probably more of a rivethead, truth be told.

    I can’t stand fussy so a lot of the tribal Goth stuff is too much trouble for me. Plus I dislike the “thou shalt” aspect of the subculture – nobody tells me what to do or wear or how to behave, so I do have problems with that – I find it quite a judgmental, picky subculture.

    It’s fantastic to photograph though (esp haute goth), as is steampunk. Love it. Not so sure about wearing it myself.

    I love men in makeup and military coats though – cross between steampunk, goth and industrial.

    The Rick Owens look is great – love his gear on both men and women.

  24. Interesting what you said about Cancerians being drawn to goth “for a chance to ponce about in ye olde clothes styles & cameo brooches etc” – I have cancer sun sign and asc. I went into goth as a teen (goth of the floaty black skirts, more black, vaguely victoriana and black eyeliner variety), and while I’ve ditched a lot of the black, the floaty long skirts have stayed for good, as have clothes (of a wider range of colours these days) that have ancient-y look or feel to them.

    Guilty as charged!

  25. I’ve been hanging out in goth clubs on and off for more than two decades, and a large percentage of my friends would call themselves goth. I own many corsets, wedding dresses, hats with tulle and feathers, fishnet clothing and Victorian stlye replica clothing and jewellery so I may be considered slightly bias towards the subculture. I think I’m more of a hippy but I do own lots of goth paraphenalia (yes, even the cliched coffin) so I guess that makes me a bit of a goth hippy.

  26. I volunteer at a community radio station and I just found an old interview down with Robert Smith and Simon from the Cure and I feel all SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE.
    I like goth. But I like color. And the scene is exclusive, not inclusive. So I am goth on the inside, rocker on the outside.
    Toro sun, Libra moon, scorp rising…

  27. Well….I’m an 8h Cancer Sun with a 12h Scorpio Moon…amongst other 8h and 12h planets. I’ve never been attracted to the goth look/culture because it seems to me to be a poser type of thing. All these emo-types calling attention to themselves for the sake of being different. The look is Scorpio (dark), but the attitude (I’m different! Notice me!) screams Aquarius to me. Cancers like frillier stuff, imo. :-)

  28. Wait a minute…I just had a thought. I AM attracted to the color black (when I’m feeling like being invisible). Any piece of clothing I buy, I must have it in black. If I really like it, I’ll buy it in brighter colors, too, just to keep away from looking too…well, goth. I also like maroon (dark blood) very much. But all that other stuff like painting finger nails black and looking like you stepped out of a rehab clinic is not a good look to me.

  29. scorpio here, who is obsessed with the romantic, victorian era gothic look, as well as the egl subculture of “little girl” gothic clothing. pretty much 90% of the things i buy have been described by my mother as “another black dress!” but that’s always been me. i’m 23 and my fashion sense has gotten better… i no longer wear giant black sweaters or try an androgynous look with my ultra curvy, feminine body type, but i love ruffles, bustles, antique lingere… the key with a goth look is all about shape… when you’re in monochrome, you can really see the shape of every article of clothing you wear, as well as the person beneath it. it’s really important to have a figure of some kind, thin or curved, and to dress in ways that suit it… and to make sure that your items are of good quality fabric, with superior tailoring that fits you well and have no rips or tears in the garment other than what you put there. that and if you’re going to go with ye olde petticoat poofy skirts, you want to wear a fitted garment up top, even if it’s only a tight tshirt… it emphasizes that it’s the garment that’s puffed up and loose fitting, not your skin. otherwise you’ll just look fat. that’s why those old time ladies used to wear corsets.