Venusian Weirding Infinity

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Venus figure in alien landscapeVenus has been basically gliding back and forth over the same ground since late January & won’t get past the degree of Aries where she went retrograde until May 17, the same day that Saturn goes Direct & right before the Auspicious Aqua-Weirding of late May.

In between now and May 5 the Love Goddess both squares Pluto (cathartic, v.hard to cling onto non-authentic things ‘just because’, passionate) and sextiles the Dragon’s Head. I love calling it that. Nowadays it’s the Moon’s North Node. Anyway, it’s a point of fate. Lots of things that have been trying to happen all year (whether joinings or partings) happen over this time & that’s without even taking into account all the fixed squares from Taurus to Aquarius…also a status-quo buster.

And, lol, there is a Full Moon in Scorpio amidst all this…on May 9 – the 8th if you are in the USA. Sooo profound that i need new synonyms for cathartic.

Image: Devin McGrath

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70 thoughts on “Venusian Weirding Infinity

  1. i’m so excited/nervous about all of this. i could use some cathartic times. but just really does have that sense of the year so far coming to a head. and i love when the nodes come into play- love the fated/destiny vibe. going to be a verrry interesting cuppla weeks….

  2. Have birthday party planned for the 8th. Cathartic and party?! Could get debaucherous. But I kind of like it when that happens…

      • Thanks chesh. I think they will. 29 feels like it is going to be eons better than 28, which was so much better than 27, which kicked 26’s arse! I like getting older. I like myself more, even with the grey hairs and the wrinkles…

        • happy birthday to gem and TA too, lovely taurean ladies. gem, happy 29th (smack back in the saturn return! ) yes, getting older is good- i think the thirties kick the twenties butt, it only gets better, i.m.o.


          • Happy Birthday to Gem and all the other lovely Toros…

            Hope you get the awesome birthdays you deserve:)

    • My God, I never knew toro chics were so wild. They’ve been going off lately, or has the Venusian weirding given them some sort of turbo charge?

      Happy birthday all Taureans, especially the alchemist, who is 40 tomorrow. Let rip Mama!

      • Ha. All within reason Uber! Debauchery in a controlled Taurean context. Maybe…

        • I didn’t cope well with turning 40. Tried to hide, got the grumps and was half an hour late to my BD dinner because I went to the wrong address. My Leo bestie, however, had the biggest evah knees up, and was fine. You’ve got the right idea. The trick is to have a big fat party.

        • Oh I loved 40. I took an Aries friend’s mission statement of ‘ at this age I really can do whatever the fuq I want, when I want and how I want’ to heart. Had a fine time. Wishing you one too TA. I’m sure it will be a hoot.

          Also gem le taureau I think embracing whatever age you are and just revelling in it is the way to go…have a brilliant time.

          • No TA, your secret safe with us.

            Only the CUB WW….(world wide)

            Have a great one hon..AND, wanna hear about the sequined hot pants karaoking, table top twistin’ time…xo

            “Get your bootie on the floor tonight…make my day”….

            (Listening to oldie “Pump up the Jam”…Technotronic…)

  3. Mine is the 17th of May too… and I am going to spend the day in my natal country after 17 years of absence. Should be memorable… I hope Saturn direct outsmarts Mercury retro in Taurus!

  4. I was driving home last night and an ex pulled up beside me at the trffic lights just outside my house. I have no idea what he was doing there. I kinda sat there, frozen.
    Very emo… didn’t sleep. been thinking about him so much recently. We never quite manage to meet.
    Stupid universe.

    • Hey go go, is it possible the universe isn’t so stupid? Maybe you need to contact him, to get closure at the very least. Is he a decent guy?

      • I think he is still lovely. Which is a problem…
        He is decent. Just has a tendency to be messed up and becomes internal when he does…

      • Maybe some negotiating might help. If you tell him what you need from him, very frankly.

        On the other hand, Mystic says the coming Merc retro (or any time) is not a good time to expect someone to change. However, there is no harm in saying what you need, and giving him time to decide whether he can or wants to do it.

        People constantly negotiate better relationships for themselves. Recently it seems Cheshire made some headway with the alpha tauri by speaking her truth.

        Don’t want to pry, but if he’s messed up with drugs, that’s a tough one to crack. If he’s depressed, he may agree to undergo some therapy, which can work wonders.

        • Hey Uber…

          … not a druggie. Just don the garb of confused little boy, hiding behind angry hermit. Therapy is not something I can convince him of… and seeing as most of the issues are when he can’t get out of his internal dialogue, the wrong person to talk to I feel would be less help and more of a hinderance (his sense of self is sometimes not so great).
          I tried to brooch the subject with him, but it all went a bit weird and aint going to try that sort of stuff again until after Mercury sods off and I don’t the most horrific case of the flu…

  5. I’m interested to see how this all plays out too. I had felt that the way that my aquarian policemen and I had met was very fated and I also felt as though a romantic relationship was trying to happen all year. I got fed up and frustrated with him, tried very hard to end it all nicely (didn’t work) and eventually as a last resort deliberately threw a massive emo tantrum which I’m positive (fingers crossed) has scared him away for good. I’m not too keen for any of that to replay or for him to come back in the next few weeks with his usual dozens of explanations. So hopefully this will just be about me reflecting, purging and healing alone.

    • I think an emotional purge or substance purge still has a cleansing/release ability built in whether it is spontaneous, or planned.

      I have planned spontaneous times into holidays though…so…my perspective could be a tad skewed.

      • Could that be your Virgo moon talking LL? Planned spontaneity is very Virgo.

        • Um no my scorp moon is more prone to planning spontaneous sex..

          I do have uranus, venus and pluto in virgo though.

          • Ha! Wish I had Scorp moon.

            Dunno why I thought you had Virgo moon. Must’ve been thinking of Venus. My poor Venus is in Virgo too.

          • I keep hoping that my Scorp moon sort of mutes my venus in virgo…but I think I’m being overly optimistic..and well simplistic too. Rats. You have my empathy.

  6. When I read Mystic’s description above it felt all auspicious to me. I remember around Feb last year the Double Bull and I were still best friends, so no romance because I was too busy fart arsing around with the Virgo with Libra in everything. Anyway one night I was driving home from work and the car blew a flat tire, so the Double Bull came charging over to help me fix it. He arrived just at the time when I was asking the universe “is anyone ever really going to love me????” … and that had happened before. I’d ask or think the question and up would pop the Double Bull either in person or via phone or however …

    So a year and a bit later it all seems to have done a 180. We get together and it’s extremely passionate – but y’know – passion can lead to things getting a bit heavy and obsessive and he gets all jealous about nothing, (but then he has got a rash of pluto transits at the mo) and it freaks me so I go cold and and … anyway we both have Aqua MC so it shall be interesting to see what happens next in the prowln-bridget-jones-cat diary. Probably nothing!

    But the dragon’s head bit of my chart has been activated since 05 and things have been very strangely karmic/bizarre/seemingly fated since then.

    me and my friend sorta like eachother right and like today we had a massive fight like MASSIVE and i really like her and OMG THANKS MYSTIC!

  8. I’ve just realised a weird thing has happened to me. Ever since that whole Davidl debacle I have felt disillusioned and a bit bored by this reality – there was something about it that tainted the whole thing for me – the magic was gone and suddenly the pack of canines thing happened – and it’s not about the peeps who were involved it’s about the fact that it actually occurred at all. someone mentioned in a comment that someone made a lot of comments about nothing – I may be jumping to conclusions but I think it was a veiled reference to me because I counted my comments and I had almost that number and no-one else had that many. It was such an awful thing and it made me feel like a child who was witnessing something so unexpected and out of control that I had to chat inanely – mostly to CC who is luckily always such a soother of my fevered brow – to deal with the anxiety it caused me.

    I’ve felt naughty and provocative ever since – like a child who’s seen something they didn’t really understand and now they’re behaving badly because of it. I’m finding it really hard to have respect for people here – and sometimes people who had nothing to do with it. I just feel all pissed off and angry about it. I’m an idealist and it wasn’t pretty. Obviously I’ve taken it to heart and maybe I’m too sensitive but god I just can’t get rid of this feeling. I always thought this was a place where things would be taken at face value and if misunderstood there would be room for peeps to negotiate so dialogue could continue unhindered. I know I sound like a pussy but I don’t give a shit it’s how I feel.

    It’s like howard moon did a shit on it.

    • Please nnb, don’t fret. I saw that comment about a large number of comments from one person and that’s what prompted me to do the stats. No I didn’t count your comments but did count the for and against. It’s also why I made the comment about someone’s overreaction soiling the whole lovely thread involving a bunch of insomniacs chatting. The overreaction was ugly, not us or this site. Please take a deep breath and blow a very loud and long raspberry at the whole incident. xox

    • and my libra comments are about libran men. I like libran women (‘cept d-in-l) and have libran gal-pals.

    • nnb, I hope your anxiety and fevered brow have abated. Maybe you just need some time out? CC is very wise to separate a particular behaviour from the people and the site. Whatever you do decide for yourself nnb, I wish you all the best.

    • no name brand, I obviously missed all that happened but I make comments about random nothings too. If it makes you feel better I always read your comments and I quite like when conversations between people in go off on in different directions.

      Ah well I feel shite too. I had just had a ‘psychic’ love reading that said that I won’t meet anyone until the year I’m 33. I’m only freaking 28 right now! So I guess I’m ruled out of all this exciting love-weirding that’s about to happen. Bummer. I guess I’ll just kick back and be a loser until I’m 33.

      • O lovely I saw this before signing off have to send you some lovin – you’re so not a loser – this is THE BEST possible time to be single – you have 5 years – it will fly it speeds up exponentially – to finish your saturn returns and get all sussed with yourself and phoenix into the glorious creature your ideal mate will be waiting for when you get there. You’re not a loser you’re just still in the egg incubating and waiting for the flames to warm you and crack your shell open. Believe me the right one is worth waiting for. I’m 100% dead set serious matey.

        Psychic readings are notoriously hard to work out with timing too – I recommend the astro query with wise mystic if you really want an estimated time of arrival and if THE ONE is 5 years away she’ll be able to tell you how to get ready for them – her consults are so much more down to earth in an up beat way than others I’ve had – the astro is so much more about YOU than a psychic reading which is about how well the psychic is reading the symbols and being a clear conduit for your information.


        • NNB, am really saddened at your decision to leave & hope that you do come back. Your post above directly applies to me also & every time I think ‘I’m the single loser that no one wants to be with’, I’ll be slapping myself with the reminder that I’m an egg. An impatient egg.

          Have really enjoyed your comments. Insights. Advice. Especially one’s like the above message.

          Take care xx

    • nnb … awhile back I made some generic statement clarifying my intentions of an earlier statement, which you did seem to take as being aimed at you – but it wasn’t. But I wouldn’t worry about it.

      Like mons, I express stuff on here – inner child/angst/the tosser things I do – as well `cause, well in my actual life I have to come over all confident and together and responsible. I’ve gotta have an outlet somewhere! My inner world is something different and I reckon most peeps “present” outwardly far more sorted and sane than they actually feel inwardly.

      And yeah if it makes you feel any better, the current astro is making loads of people I know skitzy at the mo’. Libran best friend has ants in her pants because she can’t get laid. Aqua friend/client feels like a nutter because she’s terrified of following her passion yet hates her current life setup. The Double Bull feels dead on the inside and doesn’t know if life’s worth it. The Leo hippy massuer doesn’t know if he’s arthur or martha or even which side of the country to live on. The Piscean transgender texts at 2am on a regular basis for weird chats …. get my drift?

      I reckon a lot of people are feeling very, very unsettled at the moment by their life path and the choices they need to make …

      Just keep on being you. :)

    • nnb, as someone from the heart of that tension on the other thread, i can understand that it could have caused disillusionment. it’s hard to see something you held up in such a positive light be revealed as flawed, esp. hard when you expect people to respond in a particular way, given the nature of the blog, and they do not.

      BUT good things can come from disillusionment too. its like a relationship. as idealistic and swept up in the good feelings we can be at first – ‘i,ve finally found someone who understands me!’ etc- eventually something happens to reveal that the person is human, as are we, and no we are not being lifted permanently to some higher plane of gorgeousness and sweetness and light forever more. but what can happen from that is the realness starts. yeah, you may never be the same, but it can keep going.

      it’s the same here on this blog. we’re all just human, and a bit of ugliness came to the surface. you’re a libran, right? the great thing about you guys is your appreciation of beauty. and what happened and the tension etc was not beautiful. but it was real. and i think we live and learn about people and if we learn that not everyone on this blog is on our wavelength or whatever, so be it, there are plenty on here that are, hey?

      i dont believe its ruined, but i can see how it can feel that way. hope you feel better again soon…

      • Im new here but of course interested in the goss! I had a look at that trackies thread and the comments after. Saggigal, in my view you were the really persistent one with criticism of davidl. On the following threads you even seemed quite proud of yourself. I’ve met plenty of Saggs who cause these types of situations, quite unawares, and seem to be able to apologise. Not you, so strong, so clear about your fighting qualities, but ultimately a trouble maker with not much to add ? Funny though , seems like most people here have fallen for it. NNB your feelings have a basis, don’t allow a few other shallow souls to drag you down to their level of understanding and intuition. Im male and after lurking here for a moment its not really the right place for one. bye bye

        • gemster, you have been watching!

          I feel the hurtful bolshie-ness that was in that thread & I regret coming to it too late and not defending davidl’s rights to HIS freedom of speech. He has been a wonderful contributor to this site. I really appreciate his experience & frank view on things. I saw 2 eagles soaring this week and thought of him.

          I have been thinking about the trakky dacks episode to try to find the kernel of the exchange that caused the problem. I think saggigal can, if she wishes, jump in to defend another person’s (anonymous’s in this case) rights, but where her comments took a turn was that she defended their rights by attacking someone else (davidl in this case). Just defending the rights to freedom of speech would have been enough, without adding hurtful/critical comments directed at another commentator. So easy to dissect & see better ways in hindsight.

          Let’s remember it was a Dark Moon – and a pretty torrid one at that.

          gemster, I enjoy male energy here – please consider sharing your gems of wisdom with us again some time… x

          • nat, most of that thread was neither hurtful nor bolshie and I defended EVERYONE’S rights to freedom of speech. The only person with any rights on this site is Mystic.

          • Nat,

            I think you have a crush on Davidl… :) Eagle soaring…dang, I wanna soar…

            Just this week, a patient gushed on about the Dr. I work with. He is ten years younger than me (and her!)

            He’s a Cancer, Aq. Moon, Cancer rising, Gemini Merc.

            Told him the next day that “so and so has a huge, and I mean HUGE crush on you…”

            Told him that I told her, “yeah, he’s cute”…..sorta got a crush myself…just an itty bitty bit…

          • ah, nooooo… sorry to disappoint you Sweetpea, no crushes here.
            Mention of eagles related to a story shared on a post last year about birds. The sweetpea planting season has just finished here in Australia. We await their fabulous blooms in spring.

          • Yes, come on down Prowlin’! The ping pong area is probably out by the pool and scrabble in the poker room :) You would definitely kick my arse in chess though Prowlin’ as never really learned how to play it. Kings and Queens jumpin’ over each other and knockin’ each other sideways. I’m sure there’s a reason….lol…..Now checkers, I can do!

            Maybe we should swing by and pick-up Chesire too! Don’t know what kibbi is but looked it up on google. Some sort of food it looks like. And here I thought you were making your own wine Ches!

            No crush Nat?

            Drat…(I like to rhyme)

            The flowers sound lovely though and maybe I should get a flower avatar like you but in sweetpeas…

        • gemster, are you trying to stir the metaphoric pot? If you’re really new here you wouldn’t understand the history of certain peeps and we’ve all taken a drubbing on occasion. Saggigal’s comment’s are as valid as anyone’s including your’s.

          • “gemster, are you trying to stir the metaphoric pot?

            No but it obviously stirred you up a touch.

            “If you’re really new here”

            You only have to read the comments from the last few days to get a picture. Are you suspicious ?

            “and we’ve all taken a drubbing on occasion”.

            That’s a great excuse, my children use it all the time, she did it to me so I can do it to you.

          • oh boy well it might be time for some yank bashing then Sweetpea! LOL


          • Flippin Freak how so much can be on one thread…

            Venus Infinity Weirding…

            TA’s b-day

            Dark Moon Grey Ass Pants Debacle

            Prowlin’ wantin’ to kick my ass..

            A crush or two….

            Metaphoric pots (with no lids yet I take it or, could be that one is stoned on pot but really not so it’s a metaphor for feelin’ wiggy)

            Libra women/men

            NNB’s good-bye that all are pullin’ is still a hello.

            Only in (primarly) Oz…

            I’m going to the casino… :)

          • I’m coming too …..

            Do they have table tennis, chess or scrabble at the casino??? I’ll kick your ass at those 😉

          • bloody hell, Ive been busy all day and come here to read and enjoy and find this

            “No but it obviously stirred you up a touch.”Nothing’s stirred me, just don’t like pettyness.

            I spent the morning making Kibbi, the afternoon driving two hours and back to take lovely leo friend to a specialist then went to supposed social group that turned into a bunch of tossers pretending to be wine experts. For Bacchus sake, just drink the bloody stuff and enjoy it. They love the Kibbi so I might forgive the pretentiousness.

        • gemster, i so get it. Do you perhaps have s reticent mars?? You could do so much to make everything alright again and maybe you are chosing not to. I may have this all wrong but if not, please you don’t need everyone to approve of you. There are so many who want you back.

  9. So I’m thinking well that was nice while it lasted but now it’s over a la joinings and partings that have been trying to happen all year. I came here initially because I love the musings of mystic and then I realised I had things in common with a few of you and I was studying and on the net a lot I tried to leave before but I missed chats with the Robot and CC and jousting with that enigmatic statue who became a dog, the opinionated mamas and hearing LL speak of plush textiles and green snakes. Now it just doesn’t vibe right for me there was a season of comraderie that has passed. If I hang around I suspect my coyote will act up and at best poke generalising anemones with sticks instead of just ignoring them and at worst become belligerent and that would be wrong so no name folds a la kenny rogers – the dealings done.

    • are you seriously going nnb?…. DON’T GO!!!! :(

      I understand though. For a Libran it’s all about the vibe isn’t it? and the harmony.
      At the same time, isn’t it boring when things are tra-la-la lovely all the time – the unbearable lightness of being? That’s just me though. I love the good and the bad equally and ugliness makes me more appreciative of beauty.

      You feel what you feel and no logic or rationalising will change that.
      Maybe you just need some time out but i do hope your return once more.
      It’s not the same without you. xxx

    • nnb, you can’t leave. I love reading your contributions here. I know how you feel, my feelings towards this site changed after that dark moonie thread. I said negative things about davidl, so feel major guilt – but I apologised and worked out what was going on in my psyche and explained it to davidl. I’m dipping my toes in again and am hoping it will pass. davidl, please come back. Life is dark and light, one without the other is nothingness.

    • A woman has to do what she has to do…love reading your musings, but can understand the moving on vibe…have transitions coming out the wazoo at the moment. Maybe this too shall pass and you’ll pop back up some fashion somewhere down the track. If not, all the best NNB it’s been fun.

  10. aw, sorry to hear that nnb. good luck with all your ventures. will miss your input, but so understand. take care of yourself xx

  11. Hey Mons. There ain’t nothing wrong with being single. Frankly I couldn’t be happier I get all my time (and my bed) to myself at the moment. If the ‘psychic’ love reading is right enjoy the next years to yourself, because once that love hits you could have to share your bed for the next 50 or so! Sheesh!

    NNB. I missed the grey pants thing. Frankly I’m glad. This site has been a bit of a refuge for me over the last little while (like my hot water bottle while I’ve been stuck in bed cramping up over my damn Saturn return). I’m pretty new myself, but you’ve been part of my refuge. If you leave thanks pretty, take care of your sweet self.

    • Thanks nnb and gem le taureau. I know it’s not that bad to be single, it just feels that way right now because I’m being impatient. Hmm, I hadn’t considered the bed sharing problem, I’m still trying to kick my 3 year old out into her own bed and I’m not sure I want someone else bed-hogging in her place in the near future. Lol.

      • I’m clearly a bed hog! Ooh two pillows to myself, sleeping in the middle bliss. Yeeehaa 😉

  12. My birthday is May 22! Intrigued by the Venusian weirding stuff…maybe something will finally come of these crushes on cutie-pie Cancerians (not usually my bag) I’ve been harboring?

  13. Well I totally lurve the blog. Such a lot of witty and wise peeps. I log on several times a day and love to catch up with you all. It always vibes beautifully for me. As for the tracky-daks entry, lets all take a deep breath and smell the roses. Great minds may differ. Vive la difference. What a boring world (or blog) it would be if we all perpetually agreed with each other!

    NNB, I must have missed the entry that you were hurt by. Almost always without exception we are friendly and respectful of each other.

    I feel as if I have joined a “club” of like-minded souls. But, if it doesn’t float your boat anymore, well, them’s the breaks. Maybe don’t log on for a while and come back when there is a new moon. We’ll all welcome you back with open arms.

    And, have peeps noticed that David hasn’t posted since the tracky-daks imbroglio? Come back!! Come back!! I totally loved your wit and your energy.

  14. “sweet peas…We await their fabulous blooms in spring.”


    I’m awaiting my fabulous bloom too. They say Cappies (Moon in my case), are late bloomers…

    I like that one “I Love Lucy” show where she is drinking the vita-veg-a-mite…

    One sauced, she says, “do you pop out at parties?”…

    Awaiting a “fabulous bloom” can be likened to that…