Mercurial Bats: Pig Fever

Mercury God of Commerce United StatesIt’s kinda interesting that the Swine Fever news breaks just as Mercury is in slo-mo to go Retrograde. It’s not till next week but we are in the zone. Mercury nips into Gemini (sign of his rulership) and then goes retrograde back through Taurus & thus squaring Neptune, Chiron & Jupiter several times in May. The very same signs lining up in an glorious & rare Age-Of-Aquarius style astro-weirding for late May. Mercury  in dodgy aspect to Jupiter means things go O.T.T. real fast.  To Neptune – it reeks of deceit & shadowy motives. Chiron…A lesson? A healing?

My first really cynical thought re this was that there’s a buck to be made here. And if everyone is inside glugging echinachea & spraying lemongrass around, doing “i am in vibrant health” affirmations there’s less likely to be a middle-class riot as the late Scorpionic novelist J.G. Ballard predicted. And then i thought, how weird that there is that old phrase ‘capitalist pig’ – i heard it a bit when dating the Uranian last year – and now there is apparently a potential pandemic of Swine Flu.

Anyway, Mercury goes retro soon & with all the weird squares from Taurus to Aquarius so lots more warps and tangents in this tale yet. Eric Francis on Planet Waves is doing a really detailed analysis of the Pig Fever  if you are interested.

Mercury is a fascinating planet/god. He is a psychopomp – a fantastic word meaning guide of the souls or soul conductor; This character who goes between worlds with ease. He is the messenger of the Gods & in astrology, the planet Mercury signifies how you think/talk etc. But Mercury is also the God of Commerce! And so Mercury going Bats (retro) in mostly the sign of Taurus this time is going to be quite interesting, non? Lots of interesting info coming to light. And maybe some really fresh ideas.

These amazing pics are from old US Stocks & Bonds – they often loved to depict Mercury due to his reign over commerce. There are a whole lot more cool illos on the site itself.

Mercury God Of Commerce United StatesAnd, in the spirit of wonderful Mercury, what are your thoughts on the Piggy Fever? Are you freaking out, really over the news of late or cynically waving it aside as yet another ‘construct’ from the Matrix or something.

This is so NOT, btw, to belittle the vileness and pain of what has actually occurred in Mexico, obviously.

I may be totally wrong on this as the astrology of shit-happening is so not my thing, but i don’t think Pluto in Capricorn has much to do with pandemics…Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces is more like it. So, if that were the key signature, as opposed to a Mercurial Bats square Neptune Wag The Dog scenario, then it’s looking more like a crisis/opportunity to massively reform a whole pile of things from factory farming to the ease with which peeps flit around the globe as disease vectors & this is without even going into eco issues.

UPDATE: Okay, it IS kinda Pluto in Capricorny – big biz cost-cutting & creating hellishly revolting pig abbatoir etc in place where labours costs/laws soooo low & all here.

Images: From US Stocks & Bond certificate of Foote, Cone & Belding 1970

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34 thoughts on “Mercurial Bats: Pig Fever

  1. ironic that the guide of the souls is the messenger figure on an advertising agency (Foote Cone Belding – 1970) bond – incongruous esp as late as the 1970s. Wonder what that’s about – what are bonds?

    There’s the whole mad world of “codex” in relation to the products of the pharmaceutical companies and the “harmonising” of the world so that normal people are not able to go down the road and buy some arnica if they pull a muscle or some echinacea if they have a cold that I think is about to go into overdrive. The pharmac companies have never been able to patent things like garlic because they are plants and they didn’t invent them so their other angle is to get the governments of the world to make it illegal for people to use herbal, natural or “first nation” remedies. New Zealand citizens after years of grass roots level protest and action recently successfully fought off the harmonising that has occurred in Australia already and prevented the Australian governing body from becoming the governing body of NZ as well in relation to natural remedies. The drug companies will use this their advantage it’s what they’re all about. Wouldn’t be surprised if the NZ government doesn’t have a go at harmonising over this. Some kind of convenient knee jerk reaction. Like the Pan debacle.

    USA clones animals – piggies – and the clones are in the food chain – it is the new factory farming. So many reasons to eat organic food if/when you can.

    • o i think that’s some lovely etching / lithography by the way – beautiful images Mystic

  2. tired of hearing about Swine Flu already. It’s not going to be a part of my reality. Peeps at work got their flu shots a few days ago (nothing to do with piggy fever).
    Only myself and another Scorp guy refused. I never get sick is my motto and so far that mantra has worked for me. Occasional colds but never flu. So i’ll take my chances thanks.

    • good on you for giving the vaccines a swerve SR – sickness is such a huge industry – obiviously diseases and suffering are real but a lot of it is smoke and mirrors and fear- based reality sideshows – have done time on pharmac & medical and some of the side effects of the flu vaccine are life threatening long-term incurable illnesses themselves – did anyone at your office ask to see the pamphlet that comes with the vaccine? And the flu vaccine is actually made from pigs so how are they going to get around that I wonder – or will it be like the monkey virus in the polio vaccine in the 50s all over again? You can never trust a drug dealer.

      • That’s interesting SR and NNB as the year after I caught influenza I decided to have a flu shot (04) and felt vaguely “unwell” for many months after shot, so I haven’t had another since. I counting on good diet/hygiene to avoid any flu.

        • i have never had any flu shots but was curious to why the male Scorp at work didn’t want it and he told me he had it last year and it made him ill.
          Interesting indeed.

          OMG NNB!! Lucky i didn’t take it. And NO, peeps weren’t given any info on vaccine. Funny thing was everybody was boasting how brave they were for having the shot and making fun of those who didn’t. I’d like to see who gets the last laugh…

        • mmm i am wondering if this is an opportunity for drug companies to test a new vaccine on a broad cross section of ethnicities and a bit of a scare will make people queue for the privilege. Drug companies use NZ and also i think mexico as a testing ground for drugs – Xenical was tested there on the population even though the FDA believed it caused cancer. If people sign a form saying they agree there is no comeback.

          • oh anon was moi – yeah just on an ethical level – are the jews, moslems and vegetarians ever told what vaccines are made of? Your workmates have had pig dna injected into them. And the chance to possibly experience arthritis and diabetes later in life… ALWAYS ask what the side effects are – they can sometimes be worse than what you’ve already got.

          • hmm, wouldn’t put anything past drug companies – they’re evil.

            Just heard a work colleague saying she wasn’t feeling well and everyone who had the vaccine was feeling the same….
            Phew, sometimes paranoia pays off!

          • am all for a dash of paranoia SR – it’s self-preservation – and a sprinkling of anon xxx

          • Hellelujah just heard on the news India has just patented all their ancient remedies and thousands of years old scripts so the drug companies can’t patent them – what I said about the harmonising and codex that has just happened without anyone in the mainstream public really knowing it in Australia and that NZ public also resisted same as India is the reason they have done this – I love the indians they know how the west works and they’re not willing to take it lying down and now no-one can ever make money off their ancient healing theories and they will remain accessible to the world. Now the drug companies can’t patent turmeric as they were trying to do – India was hardline against GM crops too.

            Anyone noticed the upping in the media of “crimes” to do with people choosing homeopathy and the mother kidnapping her son so he doesn’t have to go through the chemo since swine flu was announced?

            I’m not stating a position either way because other people’s health choices are none of my business – but me being free to choose my own healing modality is.

            The swine flu has undoubtably somewhere in the background prompted this recent raising of the profile of allopathic vs alternative medicine in the media and the stories about the “crazy” people who choose their own path to healing will continue on eroding the public opinion of “alternative” medicine so that people are eventually seen as lunatic fringe not to take drug company medicines – for everything. The drug companies have clout – they play the media and pr like a fiddle.

            Am interested to watch this whole swine flu vaccine thing unfold – will it be forced on people? The fear based reality perpetuated by the media is always so entertaining to watch.

  3. dont know what it is about it, but i just haven’t remotely been interested in the swine flu thing. not as in ‘im blase’ , but as in, it literally hasn’t taken my interest. and im a bit of a news-o-holic, totally immersed. but it just doesnt seem real. i know people have died, and that’s awful, but the entity of ‘Swine Flu’ – as a ‘thing’- seems contrived. and its not based on conspiracy theories or anything else, just doesn’t register. seems fake. so really interesting re: mercury aspects and heading into the neptune etc astro stuff of May.

    • the avian flu was always going to jump the species via a pig – I think this was originally a strain of avian flu that shot the gap into the piggies. It’s fascinating. In so many ways.

  4. if anyone’s freaking out and interested in alternatives google colloidal silver and olive leaf extract.

  5. One of my patients was down in Mexico city chasing a love and she got back last week. I worked on her and did not catch the pig…Apparently it takes two days to incubate and well past that now. I have not have the flu since 14 years old and that was only for one day. I remember being in front of a large picture window with the sun heating my bones. The next day was fine…

    I never get sick. It’s just not a part of my reality thinkin’ zone thing…

    • That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with those who do since there is alot within us genetically that needs to be healed. Was told that since I do not repress emotionally am not as apt to get sick. ..A good cry really does it and over the years have done that alot..Overall though don’t think about it OCD wise like my daughter does…

      • synchroncity-
        Just recently I was told that if you are repressed emotionally you are apt to catch colds, and the flu easier.
        Good to hear you have excellent health and immune system.
        I am working on emoting more and feeling better everyday.
        I tend to be OC about stupid shit.
        thanks for your post

        • Yes, Scorp Tongue,

          All about movement! Emotions are watery…Unstick ourselves…personally and globally…

          All the ills and so called “bad” things going on are just this world needing to heal itself…

          Since Atlantean times I was told, this world has been in therapy…

          Maybe no concrete proof, but my exp. has been that there is some eventual order to the chaos…

  6. Something that exemplifies the dichotomy going on in the world and this blog (as far as the subject matter that often gets spoken about here..meaning relationship stuff and lighter stuff as well) is what I’m listening to by U2…”The End of the World”…..

    “We ate the food, we drank the wine
    Everybody havin’ a good time
    Except you, you were talkin’ about the end of the world

    In the garden I was playing the tart
    I kissed your lips and broke your heart
    But you, you were acting like it was the end of the world….

    Waves of regret, waves of joy
    I reached out for the one I tried to destroy
    But you, you said you’d wait until the end of the world…


  7. Could this be about the bad karma of factory farms? Ground Zero for swine flu is the village of La Gloria in Veracruz, Mexico, where the locals have been protesting pollution from a CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operatiion) which are concentration camps for animals. Stacked in metal cages by their tens of thousands these poor creatures never know pasture or sunshine. They breathe in the sulphorous fumes of the septics which runs under their feet as they stand on slated concrete floors. These are social, sentient beings. Thousands of pig workers are captive of disease outbreaks. Perhaps this pandemic alarm will bring our focus onto food. Please don’t eat factory farmed meat.

    • Poor angels…

      “These are social, sentient beings”

      In Chinese astrology, am a Pig, so his whole thing is about my folk and disconcerting…

      You know?

  8. Hey everyone!
    Mercury’s retro is doing some serious damage to my train of thought – during the last one i forgot eveything for 3 weeks straight! NOT COOL!
    Swine Flu! – OMG every time i walk around school and see someone sick i instantly yell SWINE FLU and run — lol shows how calm i am.
    Mystic when you mentioned Mercury’s retro going into square with Jupiter – can that take a toll on peoples luck?? – i was just wondering as Jupiter heads my sign and is present in both my 1st and 9th house i am very cautious.
    Piaqua i would have to agree with you about the Karma of factory farms, maybe its the heavens punishment to those who have inappropriately treated the creatures the created. i have no idea – im just rambeling on
    Matt x

    • Hello Matthew Minerva. What a ripping name you have.

      I WISH I’d discovered astrology when I was at high school. It would have put me on the fast track to coolness instead of having to take the long way round.

      Anyway, Saggos like you shouldn’t worry about luck. Saggos are luck!

      Luck is a state of mind. This is an interesting book, and is probably at your public library based on research by a psychologist Richard Wiseman, who decided to study the difference between people who consider themselves lucky and those who don’t.

      I’m not an astrologer, but I’ll take a stab and say that Merc retro square Jupiter is not the best time to initiate big plans, and maybe a time where your intentions are more likely to be misinterpreted, so you have to take care to make your communications clear or ride things out until after the retro.

  9. bit of a media beat up i reckon, thousands of peeps die of ‘flu in any ordinary year.

    agree regarding vaccines, a’mess of potage’ IMHO (wot do u reckon chesh??), the only real defence against illness is good health and a concomitant stong immune system.

    mind you, if the world got back to a few simple pre-antibiotic public health measures, we’d all be better off.

    love the lyric SP, U2 has passed me by so far, wrong generation, i guess! nothing better than a great lyric for summing up stuff, i’m loving augie march’s latest at the moment, Watch me Disappear.

    • Had not heard of Augie March before but listened to “One Crowded Hour”…
      Great tune and lyrics Taurean

      • so glad you like them sweetpea, i was listening to one crowded hour as i drove to SA today to see the HMBOTS and go on an epic bike ride and thought the lyric summed up a few things. listen to their latest album if you can! i’d never heard of them until the Leonard Cohen concert is SA, they were opening band!

    • T with the HMBOTS, I haven’t commented on flu shots as my family have severe diagnosed and confirmed serum reaction. I’m a card carrying non-pin cushion. As a result, I’ve read everything I can lay my hands on about all serums. I take garlic and horseradish at the mere mention of flu and up the garlic in all main meals. Keeps vampires at bay too.

  10. Hi Piaqua, Everyone,

    I like the idea of seeing this situation as an opportunity to ‘re-consider’ concepts such as sentience and animal rights. It’s interesting that Mexico is a Capricorn country and Pluto is associated with pandemics–especially those that result from oppression. Pluto seeks to transform and as Mercury slows down and turns retrograde we have the chance to review, the chance to reconsider, aspects of life that are ready to change.

    We can all do this by allowing ourselves to re-think the things in our life associated with the house(s) Mercury is waltzing backward through. To jump-start your ideas, it might go something like this:

    1st house–Reflect on the way you present yourself to the world–is it really ‘you’? What do you want to change so you can be more of who you are?

    2nd house–How do you support yourself? What are your talents and resources?

    3rd house–Are your thoughts making your life a better place to be? Reconsider the ‘self-talk’.

    4th house–Are you happy in your home?

    5th house–What are you creating in your life?

    6th house–Does your body feel appreciated by you?

    7th house–What do you love about your relationships?

    8th house–Reconsider all shared resources.

    9th house–Do you live by your ideals or your culture’s?

    10th house–Is your job/profession the one you’ve always dreamed of?

    11th house–Birds of a feather–are you in the right flock?

    12th house–What are your dreams telling you?

    With this in mind, I’m going to muse on my non attachment to cultural norms and expectations.

    :) Kim

    • Hi Kim!

      Cool to see you here! Thanks for the astro. lesson/info. So your retro Merc. is in natal 9th then?

      Retro Merc is in my 12th and so the dream thing is fitting.

      • My MC is 24 Taurus so it will be going over the top of my chart 3 times (On your mark, get set, go!) Mostly it’ll be in the 9th (hence paradigm reflections–do I sign up for another masters unit this term? etc) though I will reflect on career, mission and profession too–I’m living my dream there! :)

        Do you meditate, Sweetpea? I have a feeling the psychopomp may have some profound insights for you while doing 12th house things–dance, meditation, daydreams, secret things . . . :)

        • Hi kim – have been looking at your aptitude book – very helpful and insightful. I have a Q re this retro merc action – does the fact it’s back and forth across you part of fortune in the 2nd mean your fortunes will be altered in some way? In synastry chart it retros back and forth across mine and aqua caps ascendant. We are feeling like great progress has been made fiscally at present – feeling like our dreams could be within reach and sooner than we thought.

          • o and the part of fortune for the synastry is on ascendant too – I’m thinking more clearly now and the questions is really – would retro merc action effect those “part of….” aspects

          • Hey there Anonymous,

            Glad you’re enjoying Astrology & Aptitude, ta :)

            Any transit to the Arabic Part of Fortune, the most common ‘Arabic Part’ plotted in the chart, is going to activate it, wake it up in some way. The longer the transit, the more the activation, so Mercury crossing over-back-and-over-again will bring the qualities in you represented by the POF to life. It just naturally amps it up. How you respond is always your choice, but the volume switch will be cranked.

            POF in 2nd house in Taurus? Yes? Sure there can be a lucky feeling with financial endeavors. You may find that business goes quite well, and then you re-think the ways and means you are going about the business and perhaps make changes (inspired action) that boost things to even greater heights.

            I associate the POF with a deep sense of joy, and that can stem from anything. You may find yourself in various stages of delight, laughing and doing little spontaneous victory dances. You may also have an event that causes you to question how you are expressing your creativity. Something ‘happens’ and you suddenly feel to develop a new talent or resource. It feels like, on reflection, you aren’t being ALL you can be and you take steps to bring yourself ‘more to life’.

            Realize the transit itself is not altering your fortune, but it is awakening the way you feel about your wealth, talents and resources and in that thinking we may bring about powerful change–or simply have some wonderfully fulfilling times!

            Good question.

            :) Kim

          • OOO delightful answer – thank you – it is exactly how I feel – writhing in delight sometimes at the moment – not interested in time wasting it’s a brisk and fresh positive vibe and feeling replete and as a couple also as said above – just so right about the way we have recently adapted to new fiscal situations – feels like we turned a corner when venus went direct. Hope you have fun with yours – the MC is a bit intense I am discovering.