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Cranes Over Moon Japanese Art

I am not majorly into progressions. Some say introvert astrologers prefer and are good at progressions whilst the extroverts get off on transits. I am totally a transit person. But if i am really keen on figuring something out, the progressions can create some brill oh-my-goddings moments.

But I DO love the Progressed Moon.  It is like a sort of temporary or extra Moon that you have for two and a half years. Without bogging you down in astro-theory, you can figure out your progressed moon by going to Astrodienst and then the Extended Chart Options & getting your Progressed Chart from the list. Obviously, if you are an Astro-Fiend, you can do all sorts of fun stuff with that – but for now, just look at the Moon & voila; your temporary Moon.

It’s especially handy if the prog Moon is – for instance – in a sign or an element that could be boofed up a bit in your chart. eg;  you have hardly any Fire but the Moon hangs out in Leo for two and a half years. Or it makes an aspect (a conjunction to your natal Pluto, say) that wakes up hitherto unrealised aspects of your psyche. But i think it’s just fun to be aware of. Mine has been in Taurus for the last little bit and is about to go into Gemini & I am already feeling it; less interest in food, more fidgety & impulsive, amoral…But i loved what the temporary Moon in Taurus did for me. I got into gardening! Self-acceptance! And a really hard-to-define sort of primal sensuality that is how i imagine Taureans feel all the time?

So check out your temporary Moon & have some fun with it. Remember also, that the Moon in your chart needs to be fed-fed-fed. You do what your Moon needs and you will always feel at home in the world. NOT what someone else thinks would be cool for you or some generalised dictate; your Moon. Thus if you look to your progressed Moon as well, even better…Try it and see.

These Moon ideas are off the top of my head and apply to both the Moon you were born with AND your temporary/progressed Moon;

Moon in Aries needs respect & to lead NOW, Moon in Taurus to have their body fed regularly & tended to via bodywork etc ALL the time, Moon in Gemini needs mental stimulus, no dullards & variety within a urbane routine, Moon in Kataka needs to feel home is a haven & peaceful peeps, Moon in Leo likes theatre, laughter, to be officially glam & big haired-fab, Moon in Virgo needs clutter-free, clean-clean-clean & a sense of perfect health, Moon in Libra has to have everything pretty-gorgeous, smelling like heaven, freaks at grot, lack of symmetry, Moon in Scorpio either needs sex ten times a day or to be celibate for the year + kundalini yoga & to relax by reading conspiracy theory, Moon in Sagg; travel, freedom, wandering, at the very least ethnic foods/foreign movies, a lot of wilderness, Moon in Cap; to climb, score success, be able to obsess re financial freedom/security with fab results, apply personal full ON living systems, Moon in Aquarius needs to individuate & do precisely what they want at any given moment no matter what & Moon in Pisces – okay – will prob like a few drinks, lol and/or explore transcendental escape via meditation/art etc. Needs to be mystical & easily freaked by admin…

The Progressed Moon goes for two and a half years so it is good to know it!

Image: Keiichi Nishimura, Cranes Over Moon

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148 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro – Your Temporary Moon

  1. Yes. Yes. I’m a fan of the progressed chart. It esplained a lot. My Sun at 27 or so degrees of Aqua progressed into Pisces pretty promptly in my infancy where it stayed for nigh on thirty years (FFS). My Mars too which sits upon my natal Sun didn’t get out of Pisces until the day of the ‘Boxing Day Tsunami’. A phenomena for which I don’t necessarily feel personally responsible. Currently my progressed Moon is in Scorpio as is my progressed Asc. Astrology just goes on and on and on . . . Astrodienst is a marvel I reckon. What a big server!

    But today moon in Gemini, makes me like to write.

  2. Derrrr, did not know that about moon in Pisces now I make more sense to me. That is so dead on! Now to find out my progressed moon…

  3. My progressed moon is in Aries. It’s all making sense now *blush*. I have been pretty agressive lately in situations that could have used some subtlety. Doesn’t really matter now. I chucked my big tanty last night and it’s all sorted. Go our separate ways and all that. I feel pretty good today, very relieved that it’s all over and nothing was left unsaid on my end.

  4. My progressed moon is in Kataka & being a Gemini by Sun & Moon I didn’t know what was wrong with me lately (since the beginning of the year really). Have been quiet & wanting to stay at home more than usual, even having a break from the rat race. Never been much of a home body I don’t think I am very good at this. So does that mean I’m between a full on mental Gem moon and this quiet leave me alone kataka progressed moon?

  5. Ooh i like this new lesson! Thanks MM! I looked it up on astro under ‘natal and progressed chart’ – was that right?

    And also – how do i know how long those progressions last for? It doesn’t seem to say…

    My progressed moon is in scorpio – does it matter what your progressed sun is in? Or that could be a whole nuther lesson…

  6. Oh my, this interesting. My sooky goo goo mars and moon in cancer are progressed to leo and aries respectively, with AC in libra, where I have absolutely nothing. That would explain why my Bull-shitometer is running in overdrive, and I go from “I love everyone, adore me back” to “WTF” in an instant. More specifically, “will I see the Aquarian before I go off on my travels in 36 hours”, to “you’ve left it too late matey, I’m outta here”.

    Progressed moon wins 😉

    • Good for you Blossom! I’m obviously very supportive of giving aquarians the old ‘you snooze you lose’ heave ho. Lol. Enjoy your travels!

      • Ta Mons, I intend to. He wouldn’t talk, now he can’t. You sound good with your decision. I’ll send you an etherial postcard of supportive vibes. The real ones are so “practical”. Do read Mikey Lutins Toroscope for this week. I think I’m starting to vibe libra – NNB where are you when I need you?

      • Oh the irony. Leaving in 2 hours or so. Worked through the night to get everything done for work. Grabbed a couple of hours sleep. Woken from lovely deep nap by the phone. No message, but the Aquarians’ number. Duh?

    • I dumped someone via text on Friday – odd as have progressed moon in scorp, progressed merc in cancer (trining natal merc in pisces), progressed mars in pisces…All watery, and, you would think, forgiving…BUT it was due to a sudden psychic flash of his being a criminal…am making it a rule to go with feelings before all else these days…

      • Yes always go with your gut. I had a weird gut experience late last year. There was a really strange man hanging around the front porch of the refuge where I work. He wasn’t doing anything really and the kids were all chatting to him but I had a really violent gut reaction about him so I got his name and snuck inside and called the police. The police arrived 30 seconds later and took him away because he was wanted for bashing his elderly parents that evening. It was so weird, the police asked me why I called them and I really had no idea other than I was getting bad vibes.

        • I love the gut. If i sleep with someone and have a violent dream about them (whilst they are in the bed) it’s another sign. I think police understand the gut thing – i called police about 18 months ago because i heard something from my bedroom which went quiet and nobody else had heard it – felt guilty but knew i’d been woken from deep sleep for a reason – turns out a man was bleeding in the dark just metres away on the footpath.
          Also with guy from last week i’d had a hyperventilation attack going to meet him to see a play a few weeks ago and wondered what that meant. But i’m not going to wait for the messages to get louder this time. Life’s too short!

          • Me too. Had a dream while sleeping next to ex-Saggo that he killed me and strung me up like a puppet. I was OUT of there asap. Even if it was just symbolic (which it was) it was an indicator that I was being played with. Interestingly fish gal my prog. moon is in Pisces. Hmm maybe thats why I can’t put the bottle down at the moment 😉

          • gems … I have to say your new dolly look is making me want to put lavender sprigs under my pillow and burn oils and vanillarise my house *sigh* … peaceful and pretty

            Saggo’s do like to play. My psycho Sagoo ex of many moons ago, considered sex to be a sport. He said that, not me. You were right to follow your instinct. Too often we ignore these apt impressions because they aren’t “logical” … and woebetide us.

          • Huh my moon moved into Pisces on Valentines Day. Was mucking around with dates and had a little voice say ‘try the 14th Feb this year’. Not sure why that’s significant but it seems to be somehow. Prowln I know! How pretty is she. I love her.

  7. I have progressed moon in leo
    I have grown my hair long in the last 1 1/2 years
    I think that is how long its been there… is that the little numbers next to the degrees on the chart ? it also has 59 months next to it – yikes

      • ah yes – here – from cafeastrology:

        “The Moon is the fastest moving “planet”, so it follows that the Progressed Moon is the fastest moving progressed planet. Because the Progressed Moon moves at an approximate rate of 12 degrees per year, it passes through a zodiac sign for approximately 2-1/2 years.

        These 2-1/2 year periods show us attitude shifts in our lives. The current sign of the Progressed Moon shows us the energies that we are drawn to at that point in time.”

    • Hi ariesartist-
      I also have a progressed moon in leo.
      Have you noticed any other changes?
      I think mine are either subtle or I am repressing them.

      • funny just read this and wondered if people are more likely to buy a merkin when progressed moon is in Leo – any stats Chesh?

  8. yes, thanks for the astro lesson Mystic… love the progressed moon..have tracked mine back over the past ten years or so and find it SO relevant.

    right now Pr Moon is at 22 Aries – close to being opposite Natal Moon at 24 Lib… not sure of the significance of that – but notice my usual peace loving way is not so peaceful. CUB called me a ‘war monger’ yesterday as I waxed lyrical about how much I value my blissful drama-free life of peace… said I use my words all wrong – he said I have a ‘word army’. I kinda like that. (sometimes arguments with him can be SO productive!).

    today I’m wigging out about the electrics in the house (bloody Uranus transiting my MC – I may have to move house again!) – electrictian showed up and proceeded to tack conduit cables all over the ceiling and walls – my landlords’ quick fix for the lighting problem that needs rewiring. I told him to stop and asked him to leave… rang agent, then residential tenancies, then office of technical-something-or-other-inspectors. They all say same thing, can’t complain on basis of aesthetics. Libra moon is horrified. Aries progressed moon is declaring JIHAD.

    *sigh* am wistful for pisces progressed moon days when all I wanted to do was meditate and learn alchemy.

    • aha! yep my progressed moon in aries as well! ‘needs respect and to lead NOW’- lol. yes. as if i didnt have enough fire going on, it makes ALOT of sense. my aquarius detachment er, not so detached at the moment. and i’ve been really feeling the stirs of needing to be in charge over last while, wanting to lead some wilderness trek or something. loved the sections of Biggest Loser with Emazon the boxing chick (yes, a secret confession there). I already do boxing – took it up around 6 months ago!- and def. been more into getting in touch with my strength and ‘i wont take bullshit’ stance. …

      thanks mystic, fascinating astro lesson!

    • is the conduit dangerous for your kids? can they crack it open and suck on it or anything? There’s more than one way to skin a cat TA.

  9. If you own an ephemeris you can also find your progressed moon by counting from birth moon each day representing a year.

  10. TA me too. My prog moon changed at the same time as pluto went into cap so I’m reborn. I miss the good side of moon in pisces but really over the moon *chuckle* that I’ve found my balls again with moon in aries. I’m like cheap loo paper and won’t take shite from anyone *and seem to have found vulgarity*

    • lol CC – like the vulgar loo-roll analogy, very macho (have a new found respect for machismo and men in general with this pr moon). Alas, I’ll miss my red Ute (which I called the Brute) and the way it made me feel all phallic (*cough) and sexy.

      what house is your progressed moon transiting??

      mine is natal tenth.

      • TA mines in natal fourth. Thankfully I live alone *chuckle* but it appears that might be changing. New taurean (think I’ll call him alpha tauri now as he’s not so new) has fallen over himself with apologies, declarations and wants to ramp up everything. His prog moon’s in cancer and as nurturing seems to be my second name, I should be able to put a smile on his face. He says he loves my firey side.

        • I guess this explains why I had the sudden urge to rip of the green seat covers from the out-door setting and make bright red ones. With all the activity happening in my fourth house Aries they seemed uninspiring. Red looks great!

          • in Alpha Tauri’s case I think it was that he’d found someone *me* to download on and has had to bottle up the crap for far too long but didn’t realise that it was total overload. I’m a sensitive empathic little flower and what hurts my loved ones hurts me, literally. I feel their pain. I felt like I was choking.

        • Hey hilarious Chesh am so thrilled for you re your alpha tauri! : > What a lucky guy to get your attention. Ooh yah red covers and red ute’s, just fab. TA I am so sad that your red ute is no more. Even when I am a wee bit blue I find red always perks me up and I too am very much into the warrior princess feel. Must be a Saggo thing i guess.

          • Thank you Salacious. With my prog moon in aries I’m feeling the fire. My over-influence is Cardinal/Fire/male hence aries so I’m trying to keep a Cap *grins* on it, not very successfully.

  11. oh my,

    my progressed moon is in virgo, the chart note says 14 deg 2 1/2 yr 70/months…

    Mystic, how do we work out how long it’s there for?

    i really felt the last virgo moon – had *flash* intensity RE my teeth and emailed my accountant to confess my *sudden* guilt at not being on top of my taxes…

    • ah yes – here – from cafeastrology:

      “The Moon is the fastest moving “planet”, so it follows that the Progressed Moon is the fastest moving progressed planet. Because the Progressed Moon moves at an approximate rate of 12 degrees per year, it passes through a zodiac sign for approximately 2-1/2 years.

      These 2-1/2 year periods show us attitude shifts in our lives. The current sign of the Progressed Moon shows us the energies that we are drawn to at that point in time.”

  12. so this is astro madness – and does the progressed planet also respond to the transiting planets or are the 2 diff systems not to be used together? A one of the other kind of thing?

    and saturn – what about old saturn aye? there it is in the house and sign it was in when I was born – so same theory? The power of it is intensified? Interesting because recently I have become aware that treatment I have had on my spine has worked and I am suddenly feeling more “in” my physical body than I was – because it isn’t hurting me now – I am more comfortable in my density. Like I have been born into this physical form again but kind of brand new and with revised boundaries. And saturn is also in tenth house and I am in a job I like more than any other before. Wonder if I’m reading it right.

    Thanks Mystic for sharing this with us – I would be happy to pay some extra dollars a month for a “sealed section” on your site with lessons such as this one – or even one off payments for different topics – if you are ever looking for a way to boost your abundance. xxx

    • mystic, i second this- what a great idea nnb- as i love when you post astro lessons, and im always learning more about how all this stuff fits together and works. would Def. pay some extra dollars per month for ongoing section of blog devoted to it.

    • ok was reading it wrong but just found your saturnalia pdf in my downloads and am getting to the bottom of this newfound at oneness with oneself.

  13. hey mons what did the coppers say when u sd that about gut feelings ? that is a wow of a story.

    • Well I won’t lie to you bubble, they looked at me like I was a visitor from another planet. Lol. They did say it was lucky I had a gut reaction and called because he is notorious for flipping out and becoming extremely violent very quickly.

  14. also progressed moon in leo ! this might explain all the hair being blondified. but i still look haggard ????

    • Try layering in some warm blonde tones too. Get thee to the hairdresser post haste.

      Oh and drink lots of water.

      • Just found progressive moon in Gemini…egads. Although aware that 2 and half years is the time the moon will take to progress through this sign…I’m trying to look at my own behaviour to see if I’ve been less tolerant of ‘dullards’ lately. Sheez it’s not like I generally have that much time for them…maybe I’ll just start shouting off with their heads anytime now.

        • LL,

          My P. Sun goes into Gemini soon. God help me with it rising and Mars conj. as it is. Think I’m a bit like TA in so much as could have a “word army” if needed.

  15. CC,

    Just the fact that you had “sudden urge to rip off” the seat covers instead of “take off”, shows that P. Moon has really kicked in :) . Glad you and the others are enjoying your Aries energy.

    I had a red vehicle too TA! It got rear-ended three times! You’d think they would have seen a red car. I’m sorry they found yours!
    Love that name “Brute”….

    A Pisces who had some Aries progressed stuff going on (or similar placement), said, “wow, I can’t imagine feeling like that all the time!”

    Do you think she meant it as a compliment?….ha,ha

    My P. Moon is in Scorpio and it’s smack on natal 6th house cusp conj. Vertex.

    Like Pegasus said on another thread, I’m feeling Pluto’s regeneration vibe (which ties into Scorp Moon and 6th house) and seeking to make health changes. Trans. Pluto is sq. natal Aries Merc and Merc rules my 1st house of the physical. Pluto will eventually also sq. Sun so it’s probably a good idea to buckle down health wise. I’d rather be pro-active than have Pluto give me a nice big juicy wake up call…

    So guess what? Today I stopped in the casino because I had $40 free money that I did not want to lose before the time limit ran out, and had no cigs or wine. Am getting to bed on time CC as am actually a morning person. That day we all were on line on the “grey trakky dakk” stream, I had not gotton home from the casino until 5:00 am.

    That’s gotta be over now.

    God help me…

    Also, Mystic mentioned celibacy or no with the Scorp energy. Mine is the former not the latter although not forced, just realized have not come across anyone “screwable” ..he,he

    Just thought I’d throw that in there in good ‘ol Scorp shock fashion…

    That must be why too, I cuss so much on this blog because in real life as an Aries I don’t really!! But then maybe that’s the natal Cap Moon more so. Perhaps I’m fulfilling a Progressed Scorp fantasy of being anon? (But no, will NOT get that subject started again :0 )

    It’s ten o’clock here and now I have to go to bed!

    Wah! but nite, nite…x

    p.s., blossom, my Progressed rising sign is Leo. Come July, it will be a year since I last cut my hair! Now I know why! And Uranus conj! Strangely, I look pretty normal though…

    Maybe blonde washes you out doll? I could never go blonde, am a brunette and it’s just easier as can slap on a bottle when need to refresh.

    • God, I had no idea that post was so long.

      Maybe it belonged on the Gemini Moon thread as Mystic said that on the 4th and 5th, get all Gem tendencies squared away before Merc goes retro in Taurus!


    • god you’re hilarious – what is “free money” in the current fiscal environment?

  16. dear sweetpea and ll will take advice re hair. going to hairdressers next week so will try for more warmth and fluff ! only sign of bling is new glasses have some sort of bling on side. the guy in shop sd to me we have glasses that can make u look .. smart ..professional … (!) ! u gotta laugh i didnt have a clue which to buy but he ended up giving me some sort of mega discount so there’s some benefit to my bubble like quality. also what is free money ? and to spend before time runs out ? sounds sort of like a apocallyptic utopia ?

  17. Errrrrrrrrmmmmm …. if this is correct it says progressed moon into Cancer. Which is funny since just under 2 1/2 years ago I moved back home to the west coast after living years on the east coast and overseas due to my mother getting ill with Cancer! How’s that for weirdness! But now that she’s in the cliear, I hope it shifts soon as I’m pretty well over it.

    • that doesn’t sound correct prowln. the prog moon shifts signs every 2 1/2 years so methinks it has to change

      • yeah I thought it was odd too chesh but I tried it for every year leading up to 2016 and it was stuck in crab mode until then.

          • no I’m a laissez faire astro fiend … besides I’ve got ad copy to write … be an exhibitionist … strut your stuff … if you got it flaunt it … and that damn Bull’s been in my head with all the pluto palaver 😐

          • Prowln, you can find online ephemeris and if you find the planetry positions for your birth count a year as a day from birth entry till whatever year you want to check (say you were born on the 15th of whatever then the 25 is when you were 9yrs old) for prog moon position. It works out the same as astro.com.

        • prowln are you choosing natal and progressed or natal and progressed new moon? There’s a few and I am guessing (this is def not an educated guess on my part comprenez?…) that the one to choose is the first on the list – the new moon selection puts the moon in an entirely different place…?

          • NNB, i don’t think that works. This progressed moon business is doing my head in!!
            I tried what you suggested but i keep getting Moon in Sag which is my natal moon position. And it’s the same for different years.
            “Progressed Moon” only seems to work. I got P moon in Katata…. hmmm… prolly why i’ve become such a homebody and why the smarmy, social climbing, bloody princess, super competitive, control freak Libran at work is pissing me off so much. I just want to be around nice and peaceful peeps.

            And thanks Prowlncat for the pithy comments on Librans on your other post. I read it and thought – OMG – that’s the lady at work!
            Can you do one for Scorps one day… hehe.

            You’re alright NNB. :) I don’t like to generalise with signs, it does depend on other elements in the chart. This particular Libran has Merc in Virgo in 3rd and on top of everything i’ve already mentioned she’s a nit-picking, grammar nazi. She expects everyone/everything to be perfect – no exceptions! That’s the quality that annoys me the most because i know nobody’s perfect.

          • o I know better than to do one for scorps SR ;o) I grew up in a house full of them remember – but I was playing – I do love it when peeps have a go at librans – we do love to be talked about more than not to be. I just couldn’t be bothered labouring through an explanation, it seemed like a whole lotta hard work.

            re offiice-ous colleague She’ll make a huge mistake in the next few days if she’s on a tangent of fascist grammar obsession – it always happens when you get all wound up about the grammar – you forget the spelling in a headline instead. She’s a ticking time bomb having a libran swing – do you know where HER progressed moon is?

          • oh yeah, i forgot that you grew up surrounded by Scorps. I’m not a typical Scorp anyway, my moon in Sag and venus in Libra lightens me up a little… well sometimes… hehe.

            Not sure where the nit-picking, grammar nazi’s progressed moon is. She’s not on a tangent – she’s like that ALL the time. She’s the devil incarnate. I doubt she’ll make any mistakes (she’s a typo nazi too) and even if she did she’d blame someone else, ’cause she has other peeps checking stuff like that for her.
            She is a ticking time bomb though. Surely all that anal retentiveness is bad for one’s health. I pity her sometimes. She doesn’t have a life outside work and sucks energy from people by picking fights (she’s been through half the office now), gossiping and firing people who dare talk back to her etc. I shall rename her the Libran Leech.

            We worked together for 6 years at my last job and now i’m freelancing for her. It’s only now that i’ve seen her true colours as i’m only a few feet away from her desk.
            Have to keep reminding myself to protect myself with white light from her bad vibes.

          • this is wrong (accompanied by sing song laughter tra la la la la) but can you get her a glass of water with some kind of remedy in it?

          • I suggest Scorpalicious, that your Libran Leech is not a true Libran, or a very bloody unhappy/unbalanced Libran, or something’s really not frying her burger in the personal life – I’m thinking the Devil Wear’s Prada where Meryl was the Devil at work and the Doormat at home. The Virgoan traits would only exacerbate this ….

            Librans are acutely aware of their public/profesh image and when they are hurting/smarting/not dealing well with something on a personal level they go into total spastic overdrive control freak mode in their profesh life – you know like, this fear that their out-of-control-emo personally will somehow leak out professionally?

            They hate that. Even thinking about that makes them break out in a rash/hives/make their hair frizz … unattractive stuff that they hate even more!

            Remember Libra is a cardinal sign, born to lead through balance, fairness and Doing The Right Thing. So when they’re out of balance they go all … strange.

            The best expression of Libra is their AMAZZZZZZZZZZING interpersonal skills, ability to give everyone a bit of what they need at all times, and despite the appearance of brown-nosing, being exceptionally high-minded about what is intrinsically fair and what is not, especially in a group/team scenario.

            And I will never, ever, ever EVER do a spot commentary on Scorpios … unless someone pays me a lot of money to do it anonymously!

          • hmm NNB I’ve been mucking about with this and all the moon stuff says Cancer moon until … well bleedin the aliens arrive!

            However! … basic Natal Chart and Progressions give a different picture. Prog Sun Leo, Moon Taurus.

            I think perhaps it’s because I was born in Greece and now live in Aus? … oh I don’t know, it’s doing my head in

          • I disagree with your libran comments prowln. There’s two sorts of librans. You haven’t met my daughter-in-law. She’s a control freak and has taken a degree in manipulation. She’s completely unbalanced with her eldest bright and beautiful child, treating her constantly as if she is sub-standard, scathing remarks with that syrupy voice eg. Oh, you’re sooo stupid…. but molly-coddles the younger two. All members of my family are concerned but as we’ve never dealt with this sort of behaviour, literally don’t know what to do. No, it’s not a mother-in-law thing. I rarely say anything but I get the feedback from other shocked family members. Alpha tauri, after first contact muttered something like that woman should be sectioned. She’s the blot on our landscape

          • chesh … I did mention the unbalanced sort? Trying to describe the positives of the sign to avoid 200 post rantings.

            Your daughter in law is jealous of the bright and beautiful child, probably because she reminds her of what she dreamt of being and didn’t become. This girl reminds her of HER. She’s equally proud (but doesn’t connect with that or hates to admit it) and resentful. The woman is pissed off about something that she perceives to have been withheld from her.

            That doesn’t excuse the behaviour as she’s now an adult. Protect your grandchild with loving kindness that she’ll remember. Let her know that she’s never, ever alone – there’s more than one person in a family!!

            If you or others in the family can’t connect with her mother perhaps best not to interfere directly? … Usually I would advise something else, but in this case my feeling is … indirect, kindly, watchful action on behalf of the child.

          • we’re all aware of that and it’s gone well beyond anything handled so gently. I could shake my son but he does his best in his own way. If he shows the child too much affection/anything, it exacerbates the situation. Just commenting, not looking for solutions. Remember, I have a psych on the team. :)

          • oh well in that case just do a Sigourney Weaver

            “GET AWAY FROM HER YOU ……….. ”


          • haha… ooh, i could make her a cuppa tea and slip something in. Some arsenic perhaps? tee hee.

            I’m 44, she’s 45… don’t think it’s Saturn return. But there’s a reason why she’s in my life. Have yet to work it out tho. Maybe just to illustrate how far i’ve come/changed?

  18. sorry that shd be apocalyptic utopia ? and grey track suited stream ? fascinatingly elliptic … mystic pls cd u get a spell checker on the site !!! :) thank you for the lesson xxx bubble.

  19. Mystic, please please PLEASE tell me where this picture comes from/who did it. Is it Japanese? It is SO beautiful and I want a copy. Where can I get it from?


        • Not from me! (Unless of course you want to be. That can be arranged)

          Do you reckon I drew my avatar myself?

          No, no, I don’t mind a bit of right clicking, but sometimes you want the full size. I noticed the site above does sell the prints, and they’re not expensive, even for $US.

          • mmmm chuckle chuckle bitch slap or hanky-panky slap. I’ve never done the girl-n-girl thing. Seems to be a bit of a theme today. 😆

          • I chose my avatar because in an odd way it makes me think of “the owl and the pussy cat” My tiger had wings. I couldn’t find an owl I wanted to use

          • Don’t worry Chesh, my spanks are purely platonic. (Okay, my progressed moon is in scorp. The less said the better) I was only offering out of courtesy.

    • Hey Seabird, click the link under the picture. Lovely Mystic usually links to the artist somewhere in the post. In this case you can buy a print of it online.

      It’s nice getting astro tuition with some beautiful art links at the same time, no?

      You’re right, it’s a gorgeous Japanese print. She can pick em.

      • OMG! WTF! Just checked out the nightly scopes and the artwork there bears a close resemblance to an image in one of Mystic’s dreams she reported a while back.

        And the artist’s site is amazing. It even has owls!

        • Über, I love owls! I try not to be obsessive so collect only very special ones.

          • I didn’t know I loved owls until one flew into my house, the bedroom, literally while I was having a major catharsis there. Then I had other ‘visits’. It’s a long story, but they made me love them. And they’re associated with Lilith and Pallas Athena, a pair of chics I can relate to. Can’t go past an owl image now.

          • Tres cool! Hope that alpha tauri knows how to look after a classy chic like you.

          • oh Über, I would love an owl to fly into my house. Such beautiful creatures.

          • I always see owls as an omen. I haven’t seen an owl for some time. This time of year I often hear them in the evening but not this year.

          • Hey robots, it was beautiful, but I had some trouble getting it out again. I missed it when it had gone. Where I live now, I hear owls most nights.

          • aaaw, how beautiful! Imagine going to bed hearing that!! :)
            I spotted one in the eastern suburbs recently. It was a wealthy owl who liked harbour views… hehe. I was quite surprised actually. Didn’t expect to see one in the city! Where do you live?

          • I’ve seen owls in the inner suburbs of Brisbane when I was staying with my daughter.

  20. just checked out a past progressed moon- mine was in Pisces on my wedding day. no wonder it was so beautiful- all poetry, love…and lots of decadence (aka, champagne) at reception! one of the best days of my life- and imbued with my personal piscean glow now i see.

    you’re right mystic, this adds an extra element to looking at particular events/situations. love it.

    • mine was in pisces too – also my MC – yes yes the love vibe – all consuming and ethereal nothing else mattered i was nauseous with glee

      • nauseous with glee- such a good description! you literally could not wipe the smile off my face that day/night. was total ‘sacred bliss’ vibe. ahh, sweet nostalgia…

      • I love that phrase too. And from the way you write about the aqua cap I hope it still has a strong presence.

        • oo ready to hurl constantly haha yes i adore the man – he’s uranian with a lovely earthy cap element thrown in – LOVE the cuspers – best of both worlds – but also accentuates infuriating aspects so don’t be fooled by my gushing lerv – he’s 100% human.

          • and he’s the only one who’s ever embraced my uranus conjunct libra version of humanity – he is at one with the sudden moves and shifting sands – it’s the astro 100% in action.

  21. I checked back some dates. Every one was in aries. I seem to need the push to do things – meet someone, break up, change jobs, move …

    The exception was the day my bro died. Prog moon was in cap. That figures – I became the rock for my parents, keeping everything together whilst thay fell apart. That lasted about 2 years. The we had about 9 months of stability, then my sis died. By then my prog moon was in aqua. That too figures. I was so busy dealing with the crap that was the bro-ex-law, that I did not engage in the emotions of her death. I was strangely detached from it all. It was around the time my prog moon went into pisces that I did start addressing it.

    I know there are a whole load of other factors in play, especially pluto and saturn, but prog moon into aries just about coincides with the feeling that I’m getting past the trauma of my family collapsing around me (long list of other serious health issues), and that I’m not going to drop dead any time now. Fascinating how these dates line up. And rather reassuring that for the next few years my prog moon will be in kinder, more outgoing places, fo me anyway!

    • Blossom, I’ve found that my tragic times are when prog moon squares my natal moon. It was in Virgo on my MC when I lost my sister and my husband’s health deteriorated. My heart goes out to you. Bad times sad times. Prog moon conj natal moon wasn’t a picnic either.

      • Thanks Chesh. Always odd talking about this as I know others have had far worse experiences. Oddly, my prog moon in aries is square my natal moon, and it is that which gives me a shove. But at time of bro’s death it was sitting on my saturn in cap, so I guess that had a lot to do with the long, hard slog of supporting my parents as they sank into a deep depression – I feared my Mum would die of grief at times.

        Still, the future looks much better astrologically. I think I am just about over the survivor’s guilt. That good ol’ toro stubbornness can get me through amazing amounts of crap (possibly self generated by self esteem issues :) ). Just as your life has turned around too! Am I reading too much or is he hinting at marriage/committment?

        • He absolutely is. I never thought I’d go there again but I could actually live with him. He’s el toro comfortable and ssss!!! hot. Well I think he is. Luckily my gal-pals don’t quite agree. They just think he’s mellow.

          • Literally Uber! Inverted triangle shape and regular swimmer …

            Oh, and saturn in cap, sun in toro, virgo ac, pluto in virgo, probably all have something to do with it as well.

  22. my moon is sag coincides exactly with the moment i planned two years worth of intense travelling…and it goes into capricorn the second i have to start my uni slog again!

  23. Gemini with prog moon in kataka 1 1/2 yrs thus far : I went from swimming 6km a week, every week for last 3 years to now not swimming at all in last 15 weeks. It’s been great, enjoying the break & working out around the house oh and eating more comfort food. Hopefully I can get back in the pool soon, crabbies like water don’t they?

    • Natal cancer moon, prog pisces got me back to the same intensity of swimming, and prog aries moon is keeping up the determination. Hope I don’t loose the self control when prog moon gets to taurus in a few months :)

  24. This is amazing! Progressed moon in Capricorn, am wanting to get everything done, sort my future plans, always worrying about money/home & want to look sleek and au naturel (obviously my natal Gem/Aries/Leo ‘Ms Indepent’ vibes are struggling with that, thus producing a mix-up on the hair front – it’s currently short straggly & green but I want it dark & straight!)
    I’ve noticed as well that the Ascendant & Venus changes. My Venus seems to have moved into Gemini, with natal Venus in Taurus, could that be why I have so many clashes with excitement vs. security/ commitment? (I want both… Doesn’t everyone?)
    Ooh and I seem to have had Virgo ascendant for ages. HMM!

    • Virgo and Pisces take up more than their equal share of the zodiac so anything moving through takes longer than through some other signs

  25. How do you find out your progressed moon? Is it whatever your Moon is in when you pull up your progressed chart on Astrodienst? If so, mine is in Capricorn. Seems fitting, as I need to focus on career/money/lifestyle issues right now.

  26. The progressed moon thing never works for me. Mine is in Capricorn and I really don’t feel like doing lots of hard work (I’ve become more and more slacker as it’s gone on), and I can’t figiure out a career change for the life of me.

    • I’m a capricorn and I can’t figure out a career change for the life of me and have never met an ambitious cap in my life. I think astrologers have probs with caps. They can’t figure us either so stick to the saturn attributes. We like quality in all things including our lives but quality doesn’t mean expensive or up the so-called social ladder. We are fastidious but we don’t expect anyone else to be. We become included in social events more by accident than design because organizers know we won’t cause a fuss or embarrass them. Caps like this sort of blog because they can talk about themselves anonymously because they don’t much in the real world. They’d much rather listen politely even if someone’s boring them to snores. Librans often don’t like us because we get asked to the social stuff that they’ve been angling to be asked to and overdid the palava.

  27. Kim falconer has a book Astrology & Aptitude (is it ok to mention Mystic?) which is only $15 or something and is most interesting with regard to what to span your time doing. Her name is clickable up on left of this page under the heading Mystic Loves if you want to check it out.

  28. Blossom & NNB,

    The free casino money was because I’ve played there somewhat regularly and so they sent me a coupon to play “free cash”, $40 bucks.

    Actually I need to see when my P. Moon went into Scorpio and what’s been going on as last year won a large jack pot. I played it off a bit so as to have a tax write off but didn’t realize that my progressed Moon in Scorp in natal 5th is/was a bit dangerous addiction wise.

    Thank you so much Mystic!!…

    For posting this about the P. Moon. Can’t tell you how much better I feel understanding this as have struggled with feeling like a failure as far as self discipline. It’s just been the damn Moon and quite honestly, I’ve done tons of Pluto work with Moon in 8th and Pluto on IC, but I don’t like this Scorp Moon stuff (at least the darker side). I literally sat here and cried one day and prayed because I didn’t know how to get a handle….Some of these feelings have so sucked…Actually googled “self loathing”…

    Feeling on the lighter side as Scorp. P. Moon just now moved into 6th to conjunct (later this coming year) Ceres and Jupiter.

    This lighther feel is because Mystic’s stream caused me to take another look at my Progressed and understand what this has all been about…..Just as P. Scorp Moon moved over into 6th.

    You are such a blessing Mystic.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

    • Blessings to you Sweetpea. The bright side of the Scorpio progressed moon is that Sagg comes next. After 2 1/2 years of angsty, psychological, emotional garbage, breezy Sagg progressed moon can’t come soon enough for me. It will be the best birthday present ever.

      • Thanks Aello,

        I agree about the breeze, as looking ahead noticed that as P. Sun is 0 deg. Gemini, P. Moon will be 0 Sagg!

        Totally different vibe than how my P. Sun in Taurus ends with P. Scorp Moon opposites…

        Knew a guy once with Moon in Scorpio, Leo Sun, Mars in Gemini.

        Often have thought about the phrase “tears of a clown”. That’s how this transit has made me feel…All sunny on the outside but inside dark, dark secrets, issues, etc..

        • ooo the beat does a great version of tears of a clown – it’s upbeat sweetpea bound to be on you tube – have a dance – it’ll get your endorphines or whatever it is moving – not belittling your journey but dancing shakes out so much – you know just a mad one in your house with curtains shut where no-one can see if thats what it takes. Shake it out xxx

          • Thanks NNB. Am planning on getting back to the gym and getting those endorphines going again…Meanwhile, sloooowly turning verticle blinds shut and slipping in ear plugs on ipod…

            Will have to look up newer “Tears of A Clown”…thanks… x

  29. hmm my normal moon is in scorpio (same as my sun sign) & that sounds exactly like me … progressed moon in pisces – doesn’t make much sense to me (although the enjoying a few drinks thing isn’t far off, like most people). progressed sun is in capricorn, other bits are taurus ascendant, mercury and venus both in sagittarius, mars in pisces. Forgive my ignorance peeps but i’m still learning – is mars the one relating to your own career drive, sex drive or the type of man you prefer? i’ve seen different things in different places. or is it all 3?

    • tati,

      I think it covers what you mention and I believe Kim Falconer has said that it’s the way/style you go about getting your needs met.

      • thanks Sweetpea, that’s interesting – actually that would explain why I’m not your total go-getting career-oriented power-grabbing scorpio stereotype … i’m either not very good at getting my needs met, or i’m pretty roundabout in the way that i go about getting them met. or maybe i’m just meeting the wrong needs! lol. e.g. procrastinating & net surfing instead of getting college work done, ebaying instead of paying off my credit card, staying up instead of getting enough sleep. i need more scorpio focus. clearly my chart says: i am doomed.

        • Well,

          I have tons of Mars influence being an Aries but I also procrastinate, surf the web when other things need attending and stay out too late! I just got done sleeping 2-10 pm on a Friday afternoon and then went back to sleep 12 am-6:00 because I stayed out all night a week ago! I’m seriously not doing that any time soon. It’s just too hard on me…

          You are not doomed tati but then again, maybe I am too!!


          • lol i hear you Sweetpea. i do that far too often. the bit about “work hard, play hard” that they left out is “crash hard”.

            hmm maybe the scorpio bit is the expecting a lot of myself (+ others close to me).

          • Probably tat,

            My Progressed Moon being in Scorp, I have been very hard on myself and didn’t see this coming. It does make for “self mastery” but obviously am not there yet….

          • They say you won’t get to heaven with habits…Well, that was the patriarch…

            Hell, I’ll get to heaven come hell or high water. This is the time of the Goddess and she does damn well what she pleases…

            As Elvis says “thank you very much”…

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  37. Progressed moon smack on my MARS IN ARIES/NN RAAAWWrRRRR

    What I am doing isn’t so much quiet, zen phoenixing as kickboxing my demons so this makes sense.