The Sexy, Psychic and Basically Eerie 8th House

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The 8th House is the spookiest sector of your astro-chart. Oh well, that’s arguable. I guess anywhere where Pluto is placed could count as well. The 8th house is akin to Scorpio/Plutonic energy.

It’s traditionally associated with (and this in alphabetical order straight from my Rulership Book)Β  astral experiences, autopsies, collection of debts, executions, genitals, graveyards, heirlooms, hemorrhoids, hidden things, life after death, life force, mysticism, occult matters, passion, rebirth, rectum, reincarnation, sex, the soul, venereal disease & wills.

In ye olden days, people with crowded 8th houses would get a shocking schtick from astrologers way less open-minded & tolerant than we are today.

Strong 8th house types (people with the Sun, Moon or a plethora of planets in the 8th) are super-strong extremophiles. They are often drawn to extreme environments; emergency rooms, brothels, being a depth psychiatrist, whistle-blowers, undercover detectives…They have huge powers of regeneration, secrets and strong e.s.p. re any of the above matters.

Look to your 8th house to see how you are tenacious & psychic, sexy & a survivor. Mars, Pluto, Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn all have affinity with the 8th house.

On the most shallow level, if you – or someone you are interested in – has a loaded 8th house, sex is like a super-important primal drive, all chakras a go-go. Ignore or diminish that & well, this ain’t someone who’ll stick around just for the thrill of bickering in Ikea with you.

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121 thoughts on “The Sexy, Psychic and Basically Eerie 8th House

  1. So my 8th house is ruled by Aquarius ,but I have Neptune (23) and Uranus (28) in Capricorn still in the 8th house so how do I interpret that ?

  2. I have 5 planets in the 8th house including sun, saturn in same degree, and moon and jupiter all are in 8th & Neptune is in 8th as well

  3. Eros in Pisces in the 8th. 0_o Makes a lot of sense — I’ve got a lot of SEX! in my chart (which explains a LOT), and this must be where the more sensual/dirty/deep/mystic side of my sexual nature comes from (the aggro, fun-loving side is prominent in my Mars-Venus conjunct in Aries in the 7th)\

    I’ve also got Pallas in Pisces in my 8th. I’m an astrology newb (but I’m bingeing/absorbing quickly and obsessively — Pluto in Scorp in the 3rd? I get a scent for some new skill/piece of knowledge/info and I am ON the trail until I’ve got it scented out!) Still pretty unclear on how a lot of the asteroids figure in? Would Pallas in 8th be more about seeking out seedier, occultish, under-the-surface wisdom? Learning the Tarot? Morbid fascinations?

  4. Sun (Leo) Moon (Cancer) Mercury (Cancer) ALL in the 8th House, Pluto in Scorpio. Scorpio rules both my 11th and 12 houses. And Mars in Capricorn. Pretty much ruled by my 8th house. I’m an intuitive astrologer who read tarot before I could read the written word.

    I find myself most drawn to Karmic astrology. Origins, particularly one’s soul/Karmic and Ethnic Origins are my thing. I love investigating, researching, discerning, analyzing them, in myself and especially other people (8th House is the house of OTHER PEOPLE’s RESOURCES. And your Karmic inheritance & debt are resources). You’d be surprised how many answers you find when you consider the(your) source (physical and spiritual).
    Sex = Transformation. The more stimulating, the more pleasing, the more POWERFUL the exchange, the more Complete the Physical/Spiritual/Emotional Regeneration/Transformation. OMG I completely agree with the 8th house as “extremophiles.” THIS IS SO ACCURATE. ITS CRAZY. And when you combined Extreme Environment with Extreme Sexual Fireworks you may find yourself in the midst of another 8th House/Scorpio rule phenomenon, OBSESSION.

    8th house people, there is always Beauty (and knowledge) in the Darkness. Don’t be afraid to bring it to Light. In fact its part of your mission to. πŸ˜‰ *Bless*

  5. scorpio in 8th house cusp. steamy approach to sex. sexual obsessions

    intense desire for death or transformation sometimes.

  6. I have Chiron in Taurus in my 8th House. Also Chiron is the singleton in my chart, the handle to my bucket (all other planets/asteroids in house 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, only Chiron on the right hemisphere).

    Chiron is associated with early wounds, and Taurus is an earth sign, associated with the root chakra — so working through basic, safety, infant issues is a big one for me in feeling secure and worthy.

    I have dad issues that effect my sexuality, going right back to my in-utero time and my mom’s emotional state while she was pregnant — generally in that my dad thought women were value-less unless they had something to offer him (the flip side of that being that he only thought people loved him for his money or something else he could give them) so I’ve spent a lot of my life proving my value in non-traditional gender-role kind of ways and do not have an easy time being soft and receptive.

    My partner, has his Sun and Jupiter in his Sag in the 8th house and it’s so true what you say about sex being a non-negotiable.

    This area is definitely our biggest obstacle, but also, I see has the most potential for us to learn from each other and grow. The death of my father, a little more than a year ago, has freed up a lot of energy towards this sort of growth and learning πŸ™‚

  7. Actually a lot of my signs are in their ruling house, Aquarius in 11th house, Sagittarius in 9th, Capricorn in 10th.. etc etc.

  8. I have Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th House? Does this make it stronger as the planets and signs are in their ruling house?
    I have an extremely high sex drive and I am curious about the universe and death etc etc. I adore the occult, I have always been fascinated and with a desire to learn more all the time.

  9. I am a Scorpio in the 8th house my Rising Sign is Pisces and My Moon Sign is Cancer I am triple water sign known as the psychic trinity and with my Scorpio Sun in the 8th house makes me very psychic. My psychic abilities have grown stronger as I get older.

  10. Got Saturn, Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn in the 8th house :). If you really want a trip my sun, mercury and juptier are in taurus in 12th house XD.

  11. My moon is in the 8th house, which is also in the sign of Leo. It squares mercury (10th house under the sign of Libra). It also trines mars (4th house under the sign of Aries). And I don’t if this aspect is as potent as the others, but it sextiles jupiter. Jupiter happens to be in my 6th house under the sign of Gemini, which is also my Asc ruler.

  12. I have pluto in scorpio on the cusp on my eight house(which is in scorpio.) My sun and jupiter trine my pluto, and my neptune is sextile my pluto. I am somewhat new to astrology and don’t know exactly how all of this fits together, but I think this eight house is unbearable sometimes! I always felt very strongly that I came to heal the family “curse”-no joke. Somehow I find myself at the center of HUGE family upheavals and dynamics even though the role I usually play is the innocent bystander ha ha. I always feel like people are staring at me and I intimidate people without meaning to. It is very upsetting sometimes because I don’t know what to do with myself. There is a terrible feeling of not belonging when I I am seeing things differently than others. When I try to deny my feelings, it just leads to self destructive tendencies . Im also an extremist about sex and relationships-for me its all or nothing.

    • Mystic has a thread here somewhere about how if you have planets in the 8th your life is not the norm as far as experiences, etc.

      And yep doll, someone gotta heal the generational karma. Usually a strong soul will come in to do the job that others have not done.

  13. Wow, great to find this page.

    I have a stellium in the 8th in libra, with my moon, mars, pallas, saturn, and pluto (all, except the moon of course, are retrograde) and jupiter in scorpio. My moon and mars are conjunct, as well as mars and saturn and saturn and pluto, and a wide mars pluto conjunction.

    I feel that the 8th house is a very complex and multifaceted house. Apart from a house of (possible) transformation, I also understand it to be a very deeply psychological house (psychic even).

    I am only now (at the age of 30) becoming aware of what these energies have meant in my life, looking back. I’ve always been acutely sensitive to my environment and to other people’s energies, psychologies – sometimes I don’t get a break and it’s like being an antenna that you sometimes desperately wish to switch off. I also have an almost exact trine between pluto and mercury so it makes it all more intense.

    I’d love to know other people’s experiences about this specifically. And how do you learn to settle comfortably into this kind of existence? Always picking things up, absorbing thee energies, even when you get tired of it?

    There must be a gift in their somewhere… I’m still waiting to find it πŸ™‚


  14. Hello!

    I was born with Neptune in Scorpio in my natal 2nd House. It opposes Venus in Taurus in my 8th House.

    I would love to hear your insights on this combination and key notes on how to rectify the financial difficulties I have been experiencing my entire life.

    With immense gratitude,

    • I have the same opposition only on the 5/11 axis.

      If I were you I would get a consultation from Mystic for your concerns. It took me at least a decade to understand my opposition.

  15. Well I have very crowded eighth house, I’ve done much research for many years, at least 5 maybe more.

    I have mars, neptune, venus, uranus, vertex, north node in Capricorn eight house
    saturn, sun, moon, mercury, lilith in aquarius 8th house, with the moon being cusp of 8th/9th house.

    Chiron is in the 2nd house opposing those planets.

    Can anyone give me any insights? My Midheaven is Pisces 9th house

    8th house is definitely a heavy and psychic house.

    very Karmic.

    I have alot of karma with scorpios and taureans.

    <3 love love

  16. I suppose the spooky stacked in my 8th House is very… very real and transformational in my daily consciousness.

    I have come to love the eerie and anything strange or unseen. For many years that was not the case. I was terrified of what I felt inside, lived in subconcious fear of what I could not understand beyond reason or logical thinking. Thinking rationally never did propel me forward. It stagnated me.

    I now understand how beautiful the unknown truly is. It is astonishing to feel psychic energies which now heal me, thanks to my intensity of will to penetrate any fears created and perpetuated from our unconscious egg personality.

  17. I have Venus, Pluto and Uranus in my natal eighth house. Venus conjunct Pluto, and Pluto conjunct Uranus. Your line about bickering in Ikea made me laugh out loud. It couldn’t be more accurate. Thank you.

  18. jupiter in aries in 8th. Pisces is on the cusp. I am so extreme. one way and/or the other. I go big in the 8th house departments.

  19. My 15 y.o son has 8th house activity, too. Less concentrated, tho.

    He and I both have Virgo 8th house and we also have Libran Mercury in the 8th.

    Moon – 26*24′ Virgo – 8th
    Pallas – 29*07′ Virgo – 8th
    Vesta – 1*57′ Libra – 8th
    Chiron – 7*10′ Libra – 8th
    Mercury – 9*47′ Libra – 8th

    Any analysis would be appreciated on his and ours together, for the 8th.

    Thanks so much!!!

  20. OMG I would love an abundance of information regarding the 8th house.

    Pluto – 25*24′ Virgo – 7th & 8th (8th house starts 25*55′)
    Mercury – 4*29′ Libra – 8th
    Uranus – 4*36′ Libra – 8th
    Sun – 7*28′ Libra – 8th
    Fortune – 7*41′ Libra – 8th
    Jupiter – 14*27′ Libra – 8th

    I would appreciate any analysis. I will answer any questions to help draw a clearer pic. I can also send my natal chart.

    Thank you so much for your time!! : )

  21. A sun in the 8th house will always be a mistical sun, thus unevolved and terrian nature can be hited and discredited, life will accomplish their destiny and the metaphisical aproach to life will prone in their lives. They will be actively involved into crisis, their own personal or in the outer world, will gesture resources, heal and regenerate them. The first crisis of a sun in the 8th house begins at the age of 18- 20 and consists in a dramatical aproach to a failure or a death of a parental figure, mostly the father. That crisis brings out the ibur spirit in the native’s life but also the dibuc that will consistantly tear him up in two directions of life. That time brings the period of life in that the sun becomes the developmental guidelight. Heindel’s note with regard to their nature is that many of them never crossed the age of maturity, dieing. The actuall context of death is possible and also a suspicious nature of death can ocure, without phisical explanations. All i can say is that the power of auto-sugestion is verry active in their lives also the auto-control can be taken to extremes.

  22. I forgot to say that also Sun in the 8th house is feeling old, matured from childhood thow there are in the natal chart good aspects that make them ok by progressions and tranzits. Also people might look at these persons like they are verry arogant and distant but they aren’t anything of that nature, they just need time for uncovering theirselves because like scorpio type they see themselves roughly exposed when someone is trying to aproach them, therefore timidity is likely to be their first reaction to the imediate surrounding. The emotional part is verry negative, they have negative emotions and they can be the personalised brought to life of that quote, “If that cant kill me, cant defeat me”. Watch out for the Pluto tranzits in the chart cause these influences can make alot of pain in their lifes. Pluto is rough with Sun in the 8th house and makes him life a life that is a precondition of death, actually their life beeing that prepairance for death that is the actual, ultimate, real and true “life”. A sun in 8th house is a soul that came in this life to finish what he has began in the past life he had. There is a crisis and a spirit that is metaphisically aroused by it, one good and one bad, therefore having the presence of the ebraical therm of ibur and dibuc but that is a part of the evolved life of 8th house that is unlikely to be seen in all case met.

  23. I am a Leo Sun and Capricorn Rising, i have my Sun in the 8th and my Mercury also there in the most perfect conjunction astrology has ever found, the Cazimy… life seems to be so unapropriate to me, everything you folcks consider naturally to be and to react, is unatural for a person with Sun in 8th house, these people talk about themselves rarely unless there is a Mercury there too, that is my case. Also there is a tendency to reject life and this might be a case in that one can get sick, psicho- sick, depressed all the time like there is something that wouldnt want to live anymore in themselves and they cannot stop it thow they want to be active and dependable like everyone else they see. Also there is a tendency to submine the self-esteem, they look themselves as persons with low power or capacity to reach their ultimate goals, to achieve power and fortune or independance by themselves. All you need if you are a sun in the 8th house is just to be more faithfull in your own self, to behold yourself as the person you create to be a succesfull person in your experience with the life you live, and you will be good and happy for the rest of your life.

  24. I find this article and the comments quite interesting to the point that I just had to comment, something I rarely do. I’m Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Mercury, Venus Scorpio, Mars Scorpio, Jupiter Scorpio, Uranus Libra, Neptune Saggittarius, Pluto Virgo, Lilith Virgo, Ascending Node Aquarius, Moon Aquarius. Depending on whose reading me I’m Gemini/Saggittarius Rising, Pisces/Virgo Midheaven.

    I have just Capricorn in 8th House no planets and Taurus in Saturn and Saturn in the 11th House. I enjoy Carlos Castenada books and read just about anything spiritual, unfortunately we do not live in a spiritual society–so sad! I love anything unusual, scary, ghosts, spirits, UFO’s and believe me I have had my share of encounters!!!

    Lastly my sex drive is very very healthy and stamina incredible. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find a gentleman that can keep up. I have a lot of Venus and Pluto all over my chart with a very loaded 6th House–Scorpio, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto. Chiron is very active trining Neptune, but opposing Pluto and Uranus squaring Sun, Moon and Mercury, amongst other things!!

    Can someone tell me what Capricorn in 8th House means? And yes, I do suffer from hemorroids, I’m interested in the occult, I believe in reincarnation and life after death, I could not be a Buddhist if I didn’t. A strong life-force is encouraged in my Buddhist faith, intellect and more intellect, passion and passionate sex is something I crave. I was born and raised in the top execution state in America: Texas. And yes, due to the major world religions–PASSION in humanity has been utterly CRUSHED!!!

    • “Unfortunately I cannot seem to find a gentleman that can keep up.”

      Haha yes empty 8th House in Capricorn too and I have similar ehmm issues. Perhaps it simply translates into being “horny like a goat”? and having a somewhat ruthless streak? πŸ˜‰

      Yep love way out themes especially in movies to do with the occult, sci fi, apocalyptic scenarios and so forth. (but then I do have Uranus and Pluto in the 5th)

    • I also have caprericorn 8th house having moon and venus in it. I felt very difficult . moon is giving PARAVIDYA here. spiritual and healer, a little astrologer also. Check it out =

      Date of birth 19/02/1966, 14:30 noon, saharanpur, india

      Longitude 77 E 37, Latitude 30 N 09

      A found very tough life so far. Can anyone explain why so happened.


  25. Recently started seeing a guy with Mars conjunct Saturn, Moon conjunct Pluto, and Jupiter all in 8 (and the two conjunctions square Venus). So far he strikes me as boyishly charming and adorable but this makes me a little nervous… lol

  26. Saturn is just finishing up his transit through my 8th. He is conjunct my anus…really, I cannot begin to tell you what a pain in the ass this has been.

    The most important thing I have learned is to respect the power contained in the 8th.

    Moon – 1 Libra – 8th
    Uranus – 11 Libra – 8th
    Vertex – 13 Virgo – 8th
    Lilith – 24 Virgo – 8th
    Pluto – 27 Virgo – 8th

  27. I have Neptune Retrograde in the 8th house (In Sagattarius), and the Moon Square Neptune. Not terribly sure what that indicates, I’ve been told it makes me psychic and sensitive. I do have intese and vivid dreams, and am quite psychic about people, also very sensitive to vibes, and don’t like crowded places especially shopping centres because of it.

  28. Hi belika,

    I have sun, venus and pluto in 8th and I also have endometriosis, thought it was quite interesting since it’s a scorpio related health problem.

  29. Oops can anyone tell me if taurus 29 degree at the cusp of 7th and 8th house still considered 8th house?! Sorry wanted to pose it as a question in the last entry.. feedbacks welcome.

  30. I have a sun in 8th /taurus (its wierd – 29 degrees taurus right on the cusp between 7th and 8th) – Dont know if I can tone down my thought process – a tad bit less – Passionate – All over the place – I dont know if I can still take my sun to be on 8th house
    A mars in 8th /Gemini – Well I hate to be disloyal but hate to see women who cannot respect herself too – In this case just scared to get angry – My Scorpio rising is just too verbally sarcastic
    Northnode in 8th/gemini – Pretty much 8th house is stressed a loooot

    Next part – 12th house pluto and saturn conjunct sun – just lifting weights

  31. hi, im a libran with my sun in the eight house i also have mercury in scorpio mars in scorpio and neptune in scorpio in the 8th. . with saturn and mars now conjunct in libra . im feeling the get up and go and the restriction . and i know that saturn can crystalise things as well.

    im tuning in to others more than ever, and it is coming in an ordered fashion. also have 2nd houe cleary with aries on the cusp. i know jupiter and uranus are opposing the mars saturn thing , how can i utalise this extraordinary energy . ?yours in gratitude leonie

  32. Just another 8th house wonder; uranus and pluto in virgo trine moon in cap,12th house, sextile neptune in scorpio 11th house,trine mercury in taurus in the 4th house. Thank goodness it is not badly aspected except opposition to saturn in pisces 2nd/3rd house cusp. Now that I have finished with the boring details of part of my chart, what does this mean so far with these aspects in my chart? Any ideas out there?

  33. Nice article, dear… Do not really know what to say… I have Moon in total conjunction Mars, both in Taurus, both in conjunction with Venus and Lilith, in Gemini, and Jupiter in 8th, cusp in Taur., asc in Scorpio, with Uranus in Scorpio in first conj asc, and Pluto in Libra in 12th… My poor sun is in Cancer in 9th, ruler by Mercury in 10th, cusp in Leo conj Saturn in 10.

    I am almost 33, traveled the world, had conquered 3 different cancers in my not so long life, have impressing for some education in crazy different one from another fields, absolutely crazy career with relevent tops in totally different fields, in 3 different continents, had some short and meaningful, at least to me, love stories, but for most of the time ‘ve been fighting life and world on my own, endometriosis left me only one poor and not so well working ovary… What else… Recently, working as a lawyer, and a nursing for my family – all veryyyy ill, parents, started my small and modest fashion line business and a Phd in astrology…
    Ah, forgot to mention – most of the time – working for public benefit and not for money, and being supported for food and electricity by others, lol…

    Love the 8th house… But sometimes it’s veryyy hard to deal with… Many feel fear even thinking about what I have and am dealing with…

  34. my sun is in the 8th house and yes I do”feel” and have long “felt”other people’s pain. As far as the losing a parent at a young age, does divorce count? My father left my mother when I was 2 years old and I never actually “met” him till I was 15.

  35. I know this is an older thread, but I just recently got into astrology pretty heavily lately. I recently made my birth chart, and I have 4 planets in my 8th house. (I’m an Aquarius fyi) my Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are all three in Aquarius, and my moon which is in Pisces. Just wondering exactly what it’s all about but all four of those are in the 8th house and it seems like this house is talked about a lot.

  36. Mercury, ruler of the chart, and venus conjunct chiron all in aries, eight house. Intense, all or nothing, and passion for the depths, emotional, psichology …ah…and the detective thing? totally spot on!

  37. Hi~ My friend linked me to your article. No really I have no clue; you and her are the same in regards to writing style. XD.

    This is what I have in my 8th: Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn. Sun = Unaspected.

  38. MM you rock.. I really wanted some insight into all my 8th house stuff and you’ve provided! I have the following 5 planets all in Aries in the 8th: Chiron, Venus, Saturn, north node, Mercury and Sun just over the line in the 9th. And indeed a strange & wonderful journey it is..

  39. Can I ask what Pisces in 8th House might mean for me? I’ve a Sun & Mercury in Gemini, most others in Aries & cancer, but throughout my teenhood was convinced I was a Pisces because my aesthetic love for the ethereal, floaty, inexplicable, and of course water. My soul is so happy living in fair Brighton near the sea πŸ™‚ It’s the only place in my chart where Pisces appears, er, except Juno.

    Oh holy shit. I never realised I have Venus in Taurus Opposite Pluto in Scorpio. That’s gotta mean some obsessiveness around love/fated love drama, right? I couldn’t work out why I was so obsessed with a certain someone. I mean besides him perfectly fitting my ideal…

  40. Hot sex, karmic connection for SURE & watch out for the eerie as hell 8th house kick of Sexual/soulful/fateful/in-law-shit-more Sex kinda thing x

  41. Hey in synastry, I have a tight mars and venus conjunction with someone in their 8th house. Natally, my venus is conjunct my pluto , and the mars of that person is just out of orb with the pluto on that natal chart. That’d mean something intense right?

  42. Pluto in 8th house, I think, makes me a person (good or bad) I am today. Cannot stand shallowness in social intercourse. Can be obsessive, deep, and 100% faithful πŸ™‚

  43. Mercury and retro Venus in Aries in the 8th.
    Both squaring Mars and Moon in Cancer.
    Both trining Uranus in Leo.

    And I’ve got to put up with another 3 weeks of this nostalgia, with no energy to do anything at all. Falling asleep suddenly, at any time of day or night. Constant dreaming and fantasising about exes.

    Desperately strong urge to reinvent myself, but absolutely no idea how to. This is the longest I’ve ever been in one place in my whole life. Usually up sticks and move on to new adventures and new career after 3 or 4 years. Feel as if I don’t know myself anymore. Just sort of floaty and voidy.

    Just after Venus gets back on course I have a trip planned and masses to do when I get back – just not sure I have the patience or energy to get there. I know I am strong, and tenacious and a survivor, but this is one of those times when I wish I didn’t have to be.

  44. I believe the teacher is within and I’m unwilling to speculate the reason things are given to other people or judge what they do or say about them once they have been given but if ever there was a place to talk about them it’s here methinks – I’m certain most of the peeps here have had visitors.

    I have come to the conclusion for me if there’s a message to be received it will manifest in the most efficient way it can for it to be heard / seen / felt. Who am I to judge the conduit? I was using Aura Soma at the time of the mad visitors and giving clairvoyant readings for a job. Visions are part and parcel of that vocation obviously and ego has nothing whatsoever to do with it – ego distorts the message, you have to be empty of ego to receive otherwise you are not doing your job properly. Always found it fascinating that a blind woman created the aura soma and it enhanced my “vision”.

    • this is indeed a great place to discuss matters esoteric.

      I haven’t tried Aura Soma. I have trouble choosing – they’re ALL so beautiful!!!

      • they be powerful strong pilgrim – you can have a chiron chart done at the same time and find a remedy to heal the area chiron is working in in your life – sublime and self-indulgent. Everything’s sooo pretty in the room. Well the room I was in anyway. can’t vouch for the other rooms it happens in. Recommend it SR – it’s like bach flowers but for your aura. lovely

    • The teacher is ultimately and essentially within, but a physical teacher sure comes in handy if in uncharted waters and one can use confirmation of certain experiences.

      • nice metaphor – boats are a large part of my inner visual language. inside voice an all that i dream of weaving fishing nets with twine and watching them billow in the breeze as they are hung out to dry.

  45. Moon in 8th and I’ve been celibate for four years. Don’t miss a thing. Most of the stuff I’ve written here on the stream about “hotties” has been in jest…I’ve had enough eigth house stuff to last a lifetime….Intense sexual love affair, OOB’S, ET’s, Ghosts, Angels…Lifs is calm now and I like it that way…

    • Sweetie I’ve had em all too and the thing is – angels – interesting – I had one of them once and the weird thing is I don’t believe in god – you know the big guy, the big hand that reaches in and stirs it all up – but I do believe in the “energy” whatever – then I saw an angel – trumpet, clouds etc and all I could think was “you’re just an icon to help me ground this profound energy manifesting visually before me”

      Ever wonder what it is with the forms the energy takes? Because god (haha) once you’ve talked with the aliens and had sai baba hanging out in your bathroom – not knowing who he is and wondering who IS that guy with the mean ‘fro’? I found I got a bit over it all in terms of the form it took. It seemed like they all wanted a piece of me for a while there. Now it comes more as voices not visually – I guess the “energies” realised I wasn’t groking their forms just their vibes.

      • “Ever wonder what it is with the forms the energy takes?”

        I always thought it rather interesting that things went on but I usually did not see a form unless it was of a lower dimension or, something needed to be given in a visual way for me to assimilate the teaching or “get the messge” rather. A teacher once said that things will be given in a visual way so that person will have something to talk about for the next twenty years. Sorta makes it not so special and he said it as a way for the ego to not get too excited… I feel it’s more than that of course…Things aren’t given just so a person has something “to talk about’, they’re given so they can understand something.

        On any account, one of the posters here mentioned transits to the 8th and during a rather poignant time, Uranus and Neptune were both transiting Moon in 8th. It was as Mystic says “bats”….or bonkers but overall it was more of an emotional healing crisis than anything having to do with the woo-woo…I was just more vulnerable at that time to those energies as that was what I was working through.

        I have Psyche conj. Moon opposite Vesta. Pluto conj. IC, bi-quintile Moon. Scorpio ruling the 6th. So light and dark is something I work with everyday in healing although it’s not on a conscious level particularly, with big dramatic displays of woo-woo…It’s a Chiro office afterall…. πŸ™‚

  46. I have Sun, Venus and Pluto in the 8th and Scorpio on the midheaven…my dream job is to be a secret astro-detective for the M15. Seriously.

    I can spend hours, obsessed, until I find the answer to something….and don’t ever try and keep secrets from me…it just won’t work. I WILL know and I will find out what it is, and the walls of Jericho will come crumbling down.

    I love depth psychology, am fascinated by psychotic and otherworldly people and am trying to learn not to date them, and expect nothing but total loyalty from boyfriends. I am terrified of ghosts and have had two very scary visitation experiences. Maybe they didn’t mean any harm but the reality of the situation was scary.

    Anyway, soon transiting Pluto will start to square all these planets in the 8th, one by one, starting with my sun….yeeeha πŸ™‚

    • Great, I think I love you, or my freakin crazy think process is , feel sorry for me , Pluto 3rd , sun in 8th in Aquarius , oh I am super loyal till it hurts , libra moon really screwing things up, when actually trying to leave..;(than I talk hrs to myself;)… Validating reality πŸ˜‰

    • Are they conjunct robot? My 8th house contains Mars conjunct Jupiter, which may explain the need for a man to have bigger balls, as mine are lusciously-sized. πŸ˜†

      • UPV, my Uranus is conjunct Pluto and mars in Virgo opposite Saturn – constant rage and constant frustration according to one of my astro books. I’m always hearing i have too much Yang energy… yeah yeah… i know.
        Mars in Virgo in 8th – maybe that’s why i find cleaning, cataloguing, tidying so cathartic.

    • hey scorpaliciousrobot

      I have 3 planets in 8th house/virgo.Those are sun moon mercury.

      yah, I am sexy,intuitive,radical,emotional,intense ,some times cant understand myself….

      pls comment


        • hang on – how to check for asteroids? extended chart refs planets….
          BTW love ‘slew’, beautiful word!

          • in have to enter individual asteroid numbers – there’s a link with the list, then add them into the little field toward the bottom there (this is in the ‘extended chart selection’ not the quick chart). hope that makes sense…

          • was sure I just posted reply but my eyes are just about hanging out of my head in tiredness now so p’raps not…

            so what you do is enter the asteroid numbers in individually – there’s a list there (a link with pop up window) and a field to pop the numbers in to.. can’t remember the numbers off hand… but as far as names go some good ones are Eros, Psyche (then read about them on Kim Falconer’s site), Juno, Pallas Athene, Adonis… and check out your name asteroid too πŸ™‚ have fun!

  47. 8th houses aside, is nobody else concerned by the fact that it’s Donald Duck advertising safe sex?!?!?

    And what would he do if he had protection????…because that woman looks pretty fast asleep (or passed out) to me.

    According to one website: “Actually approved and endorsed by Disney, this image was displayed and distributed around Australian Military bases during WWII”

  48. I have capricorn in the 8th house – and i have had a couple of flings – despite many years of loving and otherwise loyal relationship – I never thought to blame the randy goat part of my horoscope…..but there you go just to add to the mix.

    No planets in a house just means that it is not a core focus – not a core thing to work through – but that can all change with a transit (the flings happened around the time my dad died and when pluto entered my 8th house)

    • interesting – every funeral I have been to since reaching the age of consent has involved a bizarre thrown togetheresque synchronicitous one night stand – never with another griever – later that day – without fail, something weird will happen – with someone I’ve known for years or a complete stranger – always mad chemistry, never to be repeated after that day. Never go out of my way to find it, it just happens.

      No-one’s died since I got married maybe that’s the litmus test of it as a trend…

  49. Mars in Aries, Saturn in Taurus in my 8th. I was told by an astrological mentor many years ago to stay out of war zones or I would die. If so I would live till 120!

  50. Sun/Scorp/8th

    I think I need a holiday… or some sex….. jeez, just a snog would do….

    • Try this: Cross your arms so they make an X shape in front of you and then stroke your face – ie left hand would be stroking right side and vice versa. This is weird and it feels like someone else is touching you while at the same time you are touching someone else.

      With all that 8th action I’m guessing you could take this weird manouvre to a whole other level.

    • I hear you postmodscorp.

      Merc/ Libra/ 8th
      Saturn/ Scorp/ 8th

      and wait for it…

      Pluto/ Libra/ 8th

      Just as well we live in more tolerant times I say!

  51. Aww, my poor little 6 month old ginger-haired neice has her Sun, Merc, Venus, Mars and Saturn in her 8th. All Virgo/ Libra.

    Should I warn her parents now??

  52. i have a loaded 8th- Sun, Venus, Neptune conjunction in Saggi, it can make me intense re: finding meaning in things, and maybe a tad extreme in my pursuit of truth and thinking through philosophies of life. i do often feel scorpionic in my relationships….

        • haha…I much rather pretend I know nothing so’s I have to keep practicing …..and practicing …..and practicing

        • I’m with you once again davidl – with Aries Sun, Gemini rising and an empty 8th there is nothing more we need to know about sex, just ask us. However, I’m just a bit worried – does that also make us experts in executions, hemorrhoids, rectum(s), and venereal disease?

            • When you have an empty house, you take the very beginning of that house, look at the sign in which that house begins, then whichever planet rules that sign, is the spokesperson for your empty house.

              My empty 8th house begins in Taurus (Libra rising). So Venus is my 8th house ruler.

              It’s also my 1st house ruler too, interestingly.

              My Venus sign is Aries, in detriment. Inside my 7th house.

  53. I have Moon ruled Mars and Sun ruled Pluto in 8th so very scorpionic 8th but Mars is square Libran Jupiter so that tones things down a tad. Both are trine Sagg Moon in twelfth so I think that beefs up my psychic/spiritual side. I had 9yrs of celebacy when I nursed late husband and didn’t feel the need to bolt with the delivery man but I will admit that I’m a much happier person with regular quality rumpy/pumpy. It’s probably a Cap thing but I’ve never been into a crowded dance card and only feel contentment with an established relationship. Can’t shag just to scratch the itch.

    • Nothing like a good dose of Chesh to start my day with a grin! : > I am tres impressed with your 9 years of celibacy, loyalty and dedication. I think the celibacy and loyalty to your late husband also has overtones of Scorp. All the Scorps I know are very loyal and would not dream of looking elsewhere when their partner is in dire trouble. However, the Cap males I know-particularly those who lived through the 1960’s seem to have no second thoughts to finding someone to meet their needs, if unsatisfied with their home situation. Caps are very, very loyal too but the celibacy aspect- where males are concerned seem to be a big ask.

      Any others who have come across this?

      • I have moon & neptune in scorpio, totally – sometimes stupidly – loyal and 100% happy to celibate it out in wait for the closest to perfect outcome – Lady of Shallot styles or not at all for me – I have after all, got hands of my own to occupy my time with.

        8th House in capricorn – but no planets, how does that work?

      • Sal Sagg, I agree with your opinion of Cap males. First husband was a Cap and I know several others and all would shag the proverbial drover’s dog if the mood was randy.

        and thanks for the compliments, spesh! I have a very happy natal Pluto and it normally works in my favour except for the years in Sagg which were the worst fuqing years I’ve ever lived through.

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