The Aquarius French Football Coach Who Loathes Scorpios

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Raymond Domenech

This is Raymond Domenech – the French footie boss who denounces Scorpios & Leos,  saying he would not have a Scorpio near his team and that he knows Leos will always do something stupid just to show off.

He openly admits to believing in reincarnation and using the Tarot – as well as astrology – to figure out the personalities of his players.

Last year he favoured Aquarians – just like himself, lol.

Yes, he’s another Aquarian man.

He’s got Moon, Mercury and Venus in Sagg – outspoken for sure…He’s an ex-international player himself and his MARS IS IN SCORPIO…It may be a fair enough point to say Leos are not really team players but why-why-why the dislike of Scorps?

You’d think he would see in them some sort of ruthless intense determination to score, non? Or is it the very intensity he is scared of in his own Mars???  I do feel soz for some young & gifted player, having done all the training in the world but having to sit in front of Raymond with his Tarot pack out.

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13 thoughts on “The Aquarius French Football Coach Who Loathes Scorpios

  1. Once upon a time, long ago, I used to play on the wing of my local school soccer team. My role involved running like all hell up the sideline, dodging and weaving against all comers and look for the opportunity to pass the ball with my uber strong left foot to the center to score.

    We kicked arse all season long against everyone. It was huge fun. In my experience with other Leo soccer players, as long as we’re winning I think we’re pretty good at consistently being team players. I’d say the danger zone opens up when all seems lost because then the crazy just seems the thing to do.

  2. Mystic, i reckon the dislike of Scorps must be the intensity of his own Mars like you said, considering he’s an Aqua with all those planets in Sagg.

    I once worked at a company where there were two studios. One was run by a Leo woman who only hired Air or Fire signs. She said water signs were too emotional. Pretty judgmental if you ask me.

    • Mystic,

      At first, thought the pix might be your Rugger Stud… :)

      “crazy just seems the thing to do”… giggles…I like that Leonine!

      And Scorpalish…

      The nerve!

      • Lol, how old do you think i am?! Am soooo over Rugger Stud. And the Uranian lurking about still but should NOT visit those pastures again. Also, with the GFC, we all have to be economic rationalists in everything. So one thinks ‘what is the lover i can afford’ and i don’t mean as in gigilos – but time/money/qi drains cannot be tolerated.

        • ha,ha…

          Just razzin’ ya… Gem risings raz ALOT…

          Your fabulosity exceeds…well, the pix…

          Yes, was just talking to my Mom today about how they rationed in the great depression, or at least during WWII. She had all kinds of dresses made from feed sacks…no crap!

          They were patterned in pretty florals, ginghams…

          Ice cream was a luxuray…

          As I agree is our time, money and affections….

          Very valuable commodity these days……

        • Good for you Mystic. We all only need a man who is completely genuine with no emo overdraft.

        • “what is the lover I can afford” – hell yeah!!! Time/money/qi drains cannot definitely not be tolerated in my part of the world.

          A young colleague recently tried to set me up with an unemployed, stoner mate of his – when I told him I wasn’t really interested in pursuing a jay & silent bob fantasy, he said “who?”. Can definitely not afford a young, unemployed, pot-smoking lover – particularly one who isn’t even old enough to know who jay & silent bob are. Sheesh!

          Bring on the real men who actually know what they want and how to get it!

  3. I don’t think he’s a maddie just French. Also a lot of Pro sports people are extremely superstitious, and any success had, for example, wearing your socks inside out or whatever will never be changed for fear of putting the mockers on yourself.

  4. I think, perhaps, it may be explained, (tho purely from personal perspective, esp after recent relationship with a scorp rugby player!!), that scorps – when it comes down to it are maybe not always really team players??..hmm am i going to cause controversy??? My ex def wanted to win and do his best for his team, happy for others to score etc, but seemed a little too ready to mouth off and put down his fellow teammates when i didnt think situation warranted etc…didnt notice so much at first, but became a more marked, and not attractive, trait, the longer i knew him…this could also poss relate to coach’s reluctance to include leos, who might also feel (in slightly diff way tho) that only THEY could perform to optimum standard…

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