Sex, Astrology And Are Leos More Likely To Become Porn Stars?

Brothel Sign

This is from a story that ran yonks ago in Salon, about a Taoist who started a brothel purely to study astrology. Or so he says.  Here are a few of the
“astrological erogenous zones.”

“…Leo: the back. “Tell them, ‘You’re the most wonderful person in the world.’ Rub on their back in a forceful, strong way, and they’re yours. They’re the easiest sign to get in bed because they believe any compliment. And once you’re having sex, they like to put on a show.” Both dominatrixes in Hayes’ stable are Leos.

Virgo: the stomach. “They want stability in their relationships — unless they’re going through their ho-ish phase.” Virgo the virgin has a ho-ish phase? “They’re strange, they’ll just sleep with you without emotion. Me, I marry for love. For them, it’s more of a security thing; they’re practical….”

The Taoist pimp says  Cancerians never or very rarely work in or patronise the sex industry. I have actually heard this consistently over the years. I know most Playboy playmates – at one point were Librans. But then again, they’re often so photogenic & tend to be over-repped in the model world as well.

I met a gigolo at a party once who insisted that Leos were statistically more likely to become porn stars. Are there any studies done re this? I began my research just before and my browser nearly crashed with all the filthy pop up windows…

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16 thoughts on “Sex, Astrology And Are Leos More Likely To Become Porn Stars?

  1. “I began my research just before and my browser nearly crashed with all the filthy pop up windows…’

    Ha,ha…hilarious Mystic…

    Will have to read the article (good gawd it’s 12:44 a.m. PST and I have to be at work at 8:00 but it’s so much fun when you’re around…)

    Never the less, I have a tendency to look at my massage patient’s charts to see their birthdates. Was thinking of doing a little research myself but just with what I’ve found so far is alot of Virgos…I like to think it’s my attention to detail with their bods that keeps them coming back…(Pluto in Virgo, 3rd,….Mercury ruling 1st and Draconic Sun and Merc Virgo). Not sure and I don’t focus on that anyway, but I just might start taking notes.

    If so, I’ll let you know!

  2. I am sceptical…. just a little bit. Mainly about the Cancerians… mabye this is female centric?

  3. And yet the heaviest Dominatrix i once knew was a Cancer!.
    Sweetpea, most of my clients are Fire signs & Scorps, not many Earth.
    Yes, velly interesting. What sign likes bodywork most.
    But i don’t do detail, i sweep kinda like Lomi Lomi. Did my hours of deep
    tissue way ago & changed to using Tapioca flour, a secret the Tahitians showed me
    to lighten it up. (the work)

    Being a root vegtable, takes negativity from the body for the earth to absorb.
    Much lighter on ze body for the practitioner. No sweat!
    Sure Taureans love being touched, pampered sensuality…and foot massage.
    That ‘Sextrology’ book is loads of fun.
    Alchemist! You mean he doesn’t know YOU.
    Have hands will touch

    • ha he ha 😆 pegasus yes yes he doesn’t know ME… but I’ve conducted a little survey myself (I think mystic blogged it here some time ago) plus, with an eleventh house Taurus sun I have LOTs of taurean friends, and spent many an hour waxing lyrical about sex related issues…. and you know what, Mystic is right, Taureans are the sex fiends of the zodiac… plus due to Venus never being far from the Sun, she is often found in Aries or Gemini in the chart of a Taurean – both signs that are more than capable of a zipless fuq and other fun fandangles…

      I love the Tapioca flour trick, but what does it smell like?

  4. Thats hiliarious! But am a bit suss about the venereal disease bit…. IMHO it was complete wank tho…… not much *resonated*….. my aqua maddie mother loves smelly stuff…. but her calves? Not in my experience…. and personally, I love my feet being pampered….. And no dominant natal pisces….

    • hmmm, yeah dunno about the bodily fluids either….eeeuwww. Maybe it’s because of my venus in Libra or mars in Virgo. Surely he would have studied the venus/mars as well as the sun sign. Oh well, it’s good for a laugh.

  5. well I’m a gemini, and definitely have a thing about arms – feeling subtle muscle through shirt… nice.
    I like the bit about seducing a gemini around by knowing something they want to know – it may not always result in sex, (but seduction is so much more than that anyway) – but they’ll (i’ll) remember you nonetheless.

  6. Aries….”The women are mannish and can be domineering. All the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) like to dominate.”

    Yikes, not with my Taurus Venus and not with my last Leo Moon-Mars guy. He was the more passionate one in a very forward, driven way..

    Pegasus, thanks for the tips! Am thinking in five or six years will probably leave the Chiro world and ease up on the work a bit…

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  8. The only sex workers I have known were a Virgo, Libra and Aries, but I guess they were career drug addicts mainly…

  9. Oh, my God. For a Pisces, this guy sure has designs on himself. Also the first time I’ve ever heard anyone refer to themselves as “a ho biscuit” Come to think of it, what is a ho biscuit and do they sell them at Woolworths?
    “Excuse me, can you please tell me which aisle you keep your ho biscuits in?”

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