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Scorpio Superhero Jacob Fury clenching his fist

This is Marvel comics character Scorpio – aka Jacob Fury.

He sounds utterly, hopelessly Scorp. His background a series of constant deaths & rebirths. Something happens early on in life to Scorpios (or peeps with powerful Pluto placements) that opens another dimension. Plutonians and Scorps are mega-aware of sex, power & metaphysics – hence their renowned intensity.

As Scorpio, he used a pair of wrist sprayers which spray a neuro-toxin to stun opponents as well as conventional weaponry…”

There is also a really fab sounding Zodiac Key & yet I wonder how they would style the superhero known as – say – Leo…?Β  Scorpio is the most obvious archetype to draw on when creating superheroes; dark past that somehow motivates them to devote life to saving humanity or similar grandiose goal & a penchant for mystery, cloaks, veils, body armour and fetish spandex.

Where-ever in your chart you have Scorpio (or Pluto if it is strongly enough placed) is where you will ruthlessly regenerate. There will also often be secrets associated with that sector of your chart as well. Real secrets.

Image: Marvel Comics

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49 thoughts on “Scorpio The Superhero

  1. I’m Aries with Scorpio in my 9th House. I gotta get into this more; I’m a lightweight. \

    Ever since reading your ‘moon in Scorpio’ guide at the beginning of the Astroscape, I just keep thinking of headstones in the mist and Nick Cave pointing at me.

  2. Are you Aries rising? I mean, are you sure you have Scorpio in the 9th? Because you would KNOW if you did. Scorpio in the 9th you would have had some weird secret trip at an early age OR played it out in academia, some weird secret learning jag…thoughts?
    Soz to shorthand Scorp by saying ‘secret, weird’ so much.
    Am doing ten things at once x

  3. I just looked on then for the house thing.
    I’m a Masters student – poetry. Very weird. I’m library chic. Strong coffee. Velvet curtains. Just started liking horses – never liked them as a child but just noticed how big they are, and how they’re kind of like your soul, but transport too. Awesome.
    Not all Fairy Tales tho. I also like martial arts and beer.
    Rising? (Soz for my ignorance, I’ll get better). It says ‘ Aries direct’. I can’t find anything that says rising. (How aggravating this is probably for you!) I have 3 whole planets in Pisces – Venus, Mercury and Mars. Hmm. Fish.

  4. πŸ˜† I have Pluto in my 8th trine 12th house Moon and the 12th has Scorp on the cusp. Fuq, what does that make me? The secret shagger? I’ve only had one complicated love triangle thing and it turned me off those sort of entanglements for life!

    • the secret shagger…. haha. I have THREE planets in my 8th – Mars, Pluto and Uranus! You say i have a few secrets. :)

      • and if Pluto is where we ruthlessly regenerate Scorpy r, do we ruthlessly regenerate our sex lives? or maybe rebirth? I had to relocate about every 6 years with late husband’s transfers and never had any problems, treated each fresh start in a new location as an adventure. That’s a long shot explanation, just a maybe. Sex lives is funnier. I know I don’t carry baggage from one relationship to another, not that I’ve had too many changes. mmmm I suppose I’ve just had one but ex-motm was on the slippery slope for quite a while.

        • hmmm, i’m not sure. Maybe ruthlessly regenerate VIA sex?
          I’ll have to go and read my book of houses. 8th house is also about extreme passions and emotions, the occult etc.
          I’ve never been married so have had an above average amount of partners. I’ve completed the zodiac wheel – every sign. Scorp with moon in sadge = sexual adventures.
          And of course with my mars in Virgo i have a list with names and corresponding signs.

          • πŸ˜† with Mars in Virgo, you’d be pretty fussy about those partners regardless of numbers. Long legged Piscean asked me yesterday how new Taurean stacks up against ex-motm. I’m delighted to say they’re so completely different that comparison doesn’t come into the equation. I have sagg moon too.

  5. Had to have a look again at my chart to see if Scorpio was lurking beyond my moon…in the sixth house both my moon and Neptune in Scorpio…I found something that sort of rang true to me…ala Neptune in Scorpio

    ‘On a personal level, it indicates the dilemma of dealing with establishing one’s value with other people. It is the choice between idealistically expecting the automatic support of other people’s resources and responsibly defining material values with them.’

  6. Had a relook and found that pluto in virgo is generally considerd gen x and quite interesting articles about it…one mentioning that the inauguration of Obama in the pluto in virgo generation was a changing of the guard from Bush’s pluto in leo generation.

          • I’m a champion culler…and not so secretly think the best thing about housework is the new qi

            ..and I must say I do like your pic.

          • hi CC (ps love your pic). D you know if 4th house is only the at-home environemnt – might 4th house pluto (conjunt north? node for me) also mean ‘internal/mental’ regeneration? e.g. always reviewing perspectives, opinions…not realy certan hence asking xo

    • hallelujah to that LL! Obama is amazing, bringing hope to people all over the world. It couldn’t have come at a better time.
      If i didn’t have to work yesterday i would have been at home watching the inauguration coverage. Can’t get enough of it. I get so teary watching how proud Americans are, especially the older African Americans who never thought they’d see the day.

  7. While I was trawling my chart, I also found that if you go to the marvel site link that Mystic provided and enter a star sign name into their search engine, labelled ‘search universe’ you can come up with some interesting imaginings.

    Was amused that in the Marvel universe there was an Aries character created by Scorpio, he’s all sleek and metally, with a bright red um privacy skirt/loin cloth…the ‘real’ Aries however I consider was packing his lycra out very fully. Almost segues into davidl’s size musings

    The Leo characters…big emphasis on…extremely cut muscles, and nasty looking claws and fierce eyes.

    I stopped looking after Aquarius as he not only had a bit of a metal costume thing going but also a combo skull cap, sunglasses flowing hair thing…if I was being unkind there is a subtle mullet thing going on but he also was swinging a dirty big hose.

    • I couldn’t resist…had a look at a couple more before I’m off to bed. So glad I did as I would of missed Virgo looking like something out of Josie and the Pussycats all decked out in pink with the biggest vulva drawn in I imagine in comic world.

  8. thanks re the pic LL. I tried to find a grinning cat but couldn’t so thought the moon was similar and apt and I loved the tiger’s delicate wings. I’m a night creature, try to move silently through my world and fav colour is blue :)

  9. I’m a first house pluto, hence third house cusp scorpio plus aries mercury stationary direct in the eight where obviously there is also aries venus conjunct chiron!
    To enhance the strong plutonic vibe, my lilith is exact conjunct pluto in the first!
    That is really why when it comes to my stormy love life i never know who to blame : so much pluto or…the exact venus opposition uranus, that i also have! LOL
    I just love to hear people talking about their plutonic traits and how strong they relate to uranian vibe!
    My taurean sun and saturn in the 9th add a love for platonic thing wich makes really hard to reasonate with the explosive intensity of pluto, the wildness uranus and strong aries urges…plus i don’t have planets in water signs, “only” a jupiter conjunct neptune in sagge in the third under…yep, a scorpio cusp!
    Oh well, at least i can truly apreciate the amazing insights that i get here!
    Thanks again, Mystic and all.
    P.S.I know Mystic share my Venus opp Uranus thing and also that have aries mercury, i wonder wich houses…

  10. My Pluto is on the IC opp. the Sun Moon midpoint/MC and Jupiter is the focal point of the t-sq. in 6th.

    Scorpio rules my 6th. Moon in 8th bi-quintile Pluto, sextile Jupiter

    Secrets about regeneration, literally…

  11. Hello people,
    You’re all really well informed on things. I’d like to grow my knowledge on charts, as at the moment I’m really lame. I’ve been referring to info on Astrodienst for a quick chart, but where are your favourite places to get the in-depth info?
    Wish I would’ve got a chart done by Mystic way back when… I think she’s frying other fish these days and fair enough.

    • Buckle, trouble with good astro books is they often go out of print. I began way back then with Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs” An Ephemeris means you can instantly check planetry positions. Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology is another I use, also Planets in Aspect by Robert Pelletier and Aspects and Houses in Analysis by Noel Tyl. I have others but these are the ones I refer to most. I also have a wonderful poster sized chart of all astro combos with all finger-tip info for quick checks. For quick reference and maybe a good starting point is Derek and Julia Parker’s The Compleat Astrologer.

      Some suggestions please, you other guys, to help an apprentice. :)

      • I agree with Chesh, most out of print but The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas IS available on It’s a fabulous insight into houses and planetary placement.

        My “Romancing the Stars- The astrology of Love and Relationships” by Penny Thornton is falling to bits. And Jessica Adams “Astrology for Woman” is wonderful!!!

        My astrologer told me anything by Liz Greene is good. I have two of her books. You may also have seen her name on the Astrodienst.

        And of course just buy ALL of Mystic Medusa’s books!

        Astrology is a life long journey Buckle. Enjoy! :)

        PS. You mentioned you couldn’t find your rising sign. It’s also called the ascendant.

  12. I’m reasonably good with other peeps charts but hopeless with mine when I’m making comparisons as I go on a treasure hunt looking for key aspects instead of beginning at the beginning πŸ˜†

  13. My Sun, Saturn and 9th House are in Scorp. Secret trips are infrequent because so rather intense when they occur but also magnificent. I like to think of myself as private rather than secretive.

  14. cheshire cap, i have Cap rising, we share some planets. Yes, extremely fussy regardless of numbers. Your Taurean sounds DIVINE!!

  15. Thank you for that good info! I’m going to go and see if the university library is secretly hiding any of those gems. You never know til ya look.

  16. My ascendant is Pisces!
    I can now chant something astrological:
    “I’m an Aries, with Pisces rising, and Scorpio in the 9th house.”
    This is a big improvement in just 24 hours!

  17. Sorry peeps, I couldn’t find the previous discussion on this. How do you change your icon?

  18. Ms Motown I’m at the Uni library and can’t remember what email addy I used to create my icon so I’ll probably come up as a quilting square, but just imagine a big plush crowned heart…. I think if you go the there are some fairly easy links to give you choices of uploading your own image from your computer (easy edit options) or I think there may also be some other choices they can provide.

    I think Scorp Bot mentioned that it’s important to use the same email for gravatar as you use to log in here, in the Meta section on the left hand side of the page. Which is probably why I’m going to be a quilting square again…anyways hows things?

    Hope that helps oh and Laurel supplied this info probably much more succinctly in the ‘Greetings’ message thread…way back in the older posts.

    • Also apologies for shortening to scorpbot scorpalicious robot, badly in need of coffee and lunch meeting a friend down in the cafe soon…so mind went sort of blank re:spelling et al….foood sustance yay.

      • no worries, i’m not precious about my name. Scorpbot sounds good actually… hehe

  19. What the..!?!!! 5’10”, 185 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, military training skills… hmm.

    Guys, I think I can all tell you where Jacob Fury aka Scorpio has gone to. He’s turned Bigamist and tried to defeat the Forces of Light by the strategic felling of an Angel. I kid you not, the stats are eerily precise.

    Perhaps it would have gone much better if he could indeed regenerate himself or is that replicate?

    Anyway, surprise surprise, Pluto in my First House. Third House Scorpio. Pluto squares my sun… but the last 2 years have literally been about coming from the ashes. In fact, even my skin care is now based on a concept involving ash…

    • The ash of what??

      And ‘military training skills’ – with this sort of thing actually I *hope* he was in the armed forces, because loner survivalists are much scarier. Dig?

    • I have also first house pluto and the last 2 years were terrible! But the month after the square ended…the rebuilding begun!!!
      And the pluto square pluto stuff was at the same time opposing sun/moon mid point and saturn in twelfth…can’t believe it’s over and that i could make it throught!Amen to that!

  20. I’ve been playing with the ephemeris and made an interesting discovery. I’ve had three long term relationships and each one became a sexual relationship when transiting Pluto landed on one of my natal planets. As Pluto’s hit other planets along the way, it’s been a turning point in the existing relationship. Moreso than any other slow moving planet. I’ll just have to wait and see if Pluto’s playing with me again as it’s bang on my Venus.

  21. Unpredictable Pisces, fourth house can mean ending and beginnings too, also parenting and parents as it’s the home of Cancer.

    I’m having a lovely time waste and play as new taurean’s coming to stay for a week and I don’t expect to have much time to chat to all you darlings :( but I’m really looking forward to spending quality time with him.

    • Thanks for detailing that info re:4th house Chesh…hmm ruthlessly regenerate in regards to my children and parents.

      Love them both very much but as I had my girls so young I noticed recently that I’ve only just in the last couple of years truly lived alone…as in previously went from my parents home, to gadding about a bit, then serious relationship with the girls dad for going on 16-17 years, a bit more gadding…and now just enjoying my own space since my youngest moved out.

      Had my Virgo Dad seque into a convo today saying I had no idea what an awful childhood he had, and so he told me a story about these ladies who were involved with something called the bethren, offering him a room rather than the pub he was living (said it was no place for a boy) while working for the railway at 14…they then because of their beliefs would not eat with him, or converse….as he said he was happier at the pub at least he had company…he then went and stayed with some other couple who grew pineapples and said they were wonderful. I can understand being miserable isolated, but then he still ended it on an upbeat so I’m wondering now what stays hidden.

  22. LL this is one of the reasons for pause in my new found romance. I’ve lived on my own now for four years and enjoy it after thirty-one years of marriage and five kids. But, what the hey, life’s short and at this stage I’m loving it a day at a time.

    I’d say now that your dad’s opened up, you’ll hear more of his story. You’re his living diary.

    • I think there are ways to love that don’t necessarily assume joint home ownership…one day at a time is a pretty good default pattern to be in Chesh.

      As for Dad, various things that he has said over the years do suggest that he had his own dickensian childhood…some good mixed in but not the most hard, very hard, and lots of pressure to perform…

      This is not meant to be dismissive in any way but I sometimes think that childhoods are a bit like weight gain…it’s really relative to the individual what the impact is.

      I’ve had friends tell me some truly horrifying situations they’ve grown in, and my own natural sister had minimal childhood maximum hardship, so I think this is one of those times I’m better off just listening, and giving a hug if it looks welcome.

  23. absolutely LL, some develop a sense of humour and belly laugh at the adversity and others wallow with a much milder grievance. By listening we learn.

    Every time I see your gravatar I think of the lion in the Wizard of Oz… it!

    • Thanks for the compliment Chesh…this week with a series of merc retro misadventures I’d be up for only having a brain, because mine is just hanging in there.

  24. Well this 18 month reply void must end, said the intense snarling puppy with Mars in Scorpio and in the 8th.