2012 – The Truth: It Will Be Fantastic

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Mayan Apocalypse pyramid 2012

Is it the Eclipse??? I have an in-box full of fretful queries re the world ending in 2012 a la the Mayan Calendar & maybe the new movie of the same name. I have barely read these e-mails as they fuq with my Qi!

Seriously, it’s awful. What if the Buddhist calendar says we’re going into a Golden Age? Why so much credence given to the Mayans? This sort of gleeful pessimism has been with us for yonks. I remember chatting to a really well known psychic person crapping on about Earth Changes & Leura (high in the Blue Mountains near Sydney) becoming the new waterfront back in 1999.

This was after the August ’99 Grand Cross-Eclipse thing that, disappointingly to some, did not end the world.  This woman said to me earnestly,  “let me put it this way, there won’t be a Sydney Olympics in 2000.”  We were all supposed to be underwater or vapourised.  My uncle’s mistress joined the Jehovah’s witnesses at one point & they also seemed to thrill to the idea of the end of the world. Note that some of the New Agers & Christians share similar beliefs that somehow the believers or those with a high enough vibe – whatever – will be carefully sifted out from the rest.

And looking at the astro for 2012, it’s not so bad. Honestly! Neptune will be in Pisces, the sign it rules. And sextiling Pluto in Capricorn. More visionary recreation of biz-power structures. Yes, Uranus in Aries squares Pluto (as it does from next year, basically) and this has a signature of sudden, forced evolution about it but if it happened in a person’s personal birthscope, no astrologer would sit there & say ‘wow, you’re going to end…’  The prediction would be more like ‘get ready to farewell moribund and non-viable ye olde hat crap structures in your life’.  It will hasten the evolution that has already begun toward a more (ultimately) equitable, happy and prosperous world.

Seriously, please don’t e-mail me saying i am too optimistic re Pluto in Capricorn or whatever. The net is full of more pessimistic soothsayers & some of them even channel ancient barbarians to drive home their point. So go read them. I believe in loads of things – ghosts, u.fo.s, Feng Shui, astrology – obviously – but i don’t believe in New Agie nihilism. And I even believe this Eclipse tonight is so auspicious (a la Jupiter conjoining it all etc) that is ushering in a beautiful new era, the Age Of Aquarius, finally.  Amazing discoveries, innovations and advances in all realms will emancipate us from crappy old style cant and help everyone lead better lives.

i absolutely intend to be writing 2012. And no not from my secret hide-out, just in case. And the new ephemeris i just ordered goes to 2100, so there.

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30 thoughts on “2012 – The Truth: It Will Be Fantastic

  1. Wow Mystic I agree I find doomsayers naturally a downer.

    All the end is nigh banter re:2010 I feel is mostly giving people that like to wallow in a bit of schadenfreude some ammo. Not always logical ammo, but …that doesn’t seem to stop some very angst ridden convos from floating around. One of the death nails to a friendship I had a with an Aquarian hinged around her curiousity and acceptance of 2010 as a possible end date. Well it wasn’t so much her curiousity, more the wanting to analyse, and speculate it all to death. No wonder it messes with your Qi.

    Looking forward too to brighter wackiness. Onwards and upwards.

    • LL, you know how some words just keep popping up with uncanny regularity in all sorts of unrelated places at certain stages of your life? Mine for this week is Shadenfreude! It seems even more relevant as I had High Tea with some girlfriends yesterday and we quite literally indulged in some Shadenfreude Pie :)

      Terribly appropriate for a VERY transitional (yet bittersweet) weekend for me. A long weekend in every sense of the word :\

      Bring on 6.36pm tonight! I am so ready with smudging stick, resolutions ahoy and my brand new life ahead. And perfectly in synch with everything else I start a one year certificate course in metaphysics tomorrow. I am so ready for this next chapter in my life.

      But anyway, my main reason for commenting was to post this link because I found it rather amusing, having been haunted by the word of late:

      Happy New Moon Eclipse rituals everyone xo

        • Oh Miss Havisham you are a treasure. Shadenfreude Pie, how darkly dire. I started inner chuckling at …

          ‘Also — and this is really just a perfect but unintentional extension of the whole schadenfreude metaphor — you really only want a small slice; too much of this pie and it’ll sit in the pit of your stomach like a rock of judgment, pulling you down. Small slice? Excellent. Big slice? You’ll regret it. Just like schadenfreude itself.’

          It’s all about balance isn’t it?

          Perhaps perverse creatures that we are if it was all kittens and sunshine we wouldn’t appreciate it after a while…it would be all hmm kittens, blah give me something new. This is not to be dismissive of whatever has made your own weekend bittersweet, and long. Glad even in admidst it you are looking forward.

          Glad too that you could shared this site and loved the fact he extended this right up to the making of the pie, with accompanying dialogue/pictures.

          How cool is the course timing?

          • Blah ‘could shared’
            …kitten spit.

            I wonder sometimes if typos are the stutters of our finger tips?

  2. hey leo bookgirl ! its me bubble not to be confused with buckle and no thats no relative – as far as i know – ! i logged in pissed off last year with crapola conversations well yesterday sameoldsamo with another pal BUT this time i was mindful and kindly moved this person asap. i think to both our surprise. the thing was this – i saw what you meant by sometimes we dont help by listening and talking and analysing and understanding and being kind and “nice” and also what a fqing waste of time it can be be hey ? so thank you for last year. also the solar eclipse falls in my fourth house ? does that mean i will move this year !!!! thank u again ll. ps i cant imagine a leo working in a library if thats what u do ?? no disrepect there lovie.

    • No disrespect taken Bubble, lol yes I know it seems sort of strange the whole leo library love thing…and I have worked in one, and loved it…I’ve got a Scorp moon though and I often see library described as a good fit for Scorps maybe that adds some extra zing…

      Maybe this bit is a bit leoish though. I found the library incredibly structured, almost feudal. Although I enjoyed the work a lot,(have some inner drive to help people access knowledge and then stand back and let them be) I hated being pushed around by my Gemini supervisor often on her own personal whim ( and no it wasn’t just me she had most of the library assistants in tears at times..really out of balance person).

      So I vowed and declared I would rather work at a higher level, so I was not so mired in other peoples shit.

      So now I’m finishing (almost there) my bach of bus with the view to doing a master information systems library preferably in a uni library possibly associated with business faculty. Although I do sometimes have a fantasy where the house of Chanel is recruiting for a librarian to organise research materials.

      Thanks so much for letting me know whatever I said way back then helped.Also it’s not that I’m not advocating niceness, just not niceness to the point where someone feeds off it in an unhealthy fashion. Ala emotional vampires. Seems like it’s working for you. yay.

      Boundaries…gotta recognise them to love them.

      Um I still have my training wheels on a bit re:astro so I wouldn’t want to steer you wrong.

      Apart from on here where their seems to be (understandably enough) lots of people with some more indepth knowledge I’ve sort of learnt more by looking up my chart on Astro.com…and they have this thing called Astroclick portrait where you might get some more details…even what the heck the 4th house means to you…till someone chimes in and maybe shares.

      • Bubbles forgot the bleeding obvious Mystic has her Astro-services with a range of well services and delivery systems…

  3. Exactly LL – the only way is UP baby – the fear based reality has a grip on the new agers as well as the “fiscally stressed” consumers and citizens of all the nations whose governments have gone to war and whose civil liberties have been eroded to protect them from the spectre of the “new” evil axis which has conveniently replaced the russians and the cold war. We’re all about fear in the free world.

    Read some Karl Marx, some Plato, some Blavatsky, some Deepak Chopra, read about successful revolutions where the people take back the power – you can get those books for idiots if that seems like a stretch – I’m not being bitchy – knowledge is power who cares how you garnish / swallow it. PLEASE just read something instead of sitting round watching the TV, reading tabloid magazines and believing what you’re told. Stop swallowing the bitter pill.

    Lift your heads up and look for the light people – and I’m not talking up the secret or Oprahs Book Club, the second coming (or even the first!) – I’m talking look at the problems and find the opposing positive manifestation and work it. Just do it once and see what a difference it can make. Flip it. Make a difference with the person standing next to you, let it spread like a good virus. Free your minds – the cage is in your head. The fear is how you are controlled – we all have it on a personal level and that’s enough for one lifetime – why let the powers that be – no matter what race colour or creed or how they dish it up have a piece of you as well?

    It’s so self indulgent for those of us who don’t live in war torn areas or similarly disadvantaged places to dwell on this self-destructive crap – that’s what will happen in 2012 you know – you’ll have swallowed so much fear your organs will seize. Death from fear based bile.

    Sorry, is my intolerance for naysayers showing? ;o) Say no to naysayers.

    Strange u should mention it tho. Just last night I was trawling reluctantly through information on a cathedral in France and was struck by how absolutely pagan it all was being that it was built on the site of an old druidic temple and all the sculpture was astrological (yes yes the da vinci code I’m sure it’s all explained there, I’ll get to it one day I’m sure) and wondering why the textbooks I’m reading don’t really investigate that angle that I discovered this – http://www.soulsofdistortion.nl/The%20mystery%20of%20the%20Cathedrals.html – this is interesting and kind of hopeful so if you’re hooked on 2012 and you want another angle check this out.

    Righto now I have to get back to reading about the roman catholics who thought the world was going to end in AD 1000.

      • actually I feel a bit embarrassed – it really pushed all my flip em the bird buttons and it all sort’ve fell out of my fingers. damn things…

  4. I love bringing to the attention of Jehovahs Witnesses, the fact that the christian prophesy of the end of days firstly only saves 144000 witnesses (there are a few million JW’s) and that they must be virgins.
    The ‘virgin’ thing has so far excluded all those that have come to my door. After realising that they will burn eternally in hell with the rest of us, ( oh sorry, not us Hebrews, we dont have hell) there fervor to preach gets a little lost.

    The mayan thing makes sense if you relate it purely to Mayans, I dont think there are any mayans left are there ?

    Myst, after living in Northern NSW for some years during the hey day of ‘end of the world theories’, I started to realise the deep loathing these people have for others. They seem to be actually looking forward to it, so all the bothersome billions can be wiped out while they end up having the world to themselves and waterfront property to boot. These ‘mass murderers of the mental plane’ are the lowest forms on this planet. IMHO

    • hilarious – david I thought IMHo was some kind of wordagram or something related to your faith, thought it was your self-empowering religious sign-off – word to the mother et al. like INRE for the jesus crew – and I just ignored it, in the way you just ignore the person next to you who’s eating something you aren’t, you know wot i mean? Hopefully yes… anyhow down below there’s someone who mentions IMHO is trite and I thought wtf that seems a bit rude disrespecting someone’s religion – so I googled it and now I know it means in my humble opinion!!! hilarious – here’s hoping you won’t have to eat any of humble’s pie if the JW’s are right!

      • o i mean you ignore what they’re eating not them. We can’t all eat the same thing u know – it’s bad for the planet.

  5. My understanding (spiritually speaking), and what I prefer, is that we will continue transitioning. I poo-poo the Mayan calendar end of times thing too and somewhat chuckle at the prospect..

    My daughter’s fianace is considering not having kids because he wants to see what happens in 2012 yet. For starters, he thinks the Lizzies are going to get us and take over the world.

    He’s 30 and perhaps his Saturn return is affecting him?

    What I think happened with a lot of New Agers since back when (the 80’s for example), is that they found out they actually have to do some work and there is no space ship coming to save them, nor the end of a world…


  6. i love all these people who believe these things because belief systems fascinate me. i once worked with a jehovah’s witness who believed that one day the trumpet would blow and the dead would rise – i always used to ask him how could he believe that ? cos i certainly had a lot of trouble with it. then one day i fell in love and i got it ! like love, belief is irrational ! its not that they believe it – its that they dont doubt it which is an entirely different thing. in an odd sort of a way sometimes i think i envy these people their certainty cos i know i havent got it !

    also miss leo if i ever hear of chanel having a vacany i will let u know ! can’t you just email yourself over ?

    apros of nothing, why would a virgo buy a sports car ? what a total waste !

  7. I actually wonder if it is a rather cack-handed attempt to deal with mortality – ie; it’s not just so personal, the whole planet is gonna get it. And i agree with the person above -soz, too flat out to check – who said it was an indulgence of the 1st world or similar…

  8. Firstly, fantastic new website MM! Congrats and well done. I like! And thanks for all your work.

    To the topic at hand: As we are in a Merc Retro, I would say that there is some extended metaphor themes that are being taken as literal.

    Um, why would the Mayans need a calander past 2012? Any soothsayer worth her salt would be working on the here and now – 2012 could wait until one had some time!

    And even the writers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (et al.) know that apocalypse/end of days is just an analogy fo great change.

    Personally, I think it is just easier to panic. Several of the subscribed blogs viewed by my soul sista are readying themselves for disaster – stocking up on bottled water, seed banks yada yada. Yep, it’s a recession. It is almost like endless consumption isn’t sustainable! Gasp!

    It is the living here and now that matters, imho. Trite? Tunnel Visioned? Or Zen/Yogic?

    I read this today in the SMH (copy and paste if you will – tres inspiring/ eye opening)

    Thinking about Invasion day I have been listening to the Kev Carmody Tribute – The Waifs, Claire Bowditch and Bernard Fanning resonate most with me.
    But mostly listening to Roslyn by Dan Sultan (Homemade Biscuits) ’cause that is my favourite. (all bought from itunes au)

    I guess it is called Apocalypse because it is hard.

    I say HAZZAH! to Pluto in Capricorn (although I have no idea what procession of the equinoxes means- I think it probably means astrologers need to work harder and make some new rules).

    Pluto in Cap means some of us may be all Joaquin Phoenix-esq: all randomly bearded and scattered. Transition is hard, especially when it is huge! Perhaps 40 Days of Night is easier… wait 40 days and 40 nights (the former is much much scarier imho).

    Someone telling us what is to come makes things somehow easier.

    Watching for patterns to make the best of what ‘is’ should be “The Rub”.

    So! a toast if you will. To self sufficiency and a greener world.. a greener planet. Our Planet. Owned. Shared.
    Negative doomsdayers and naysayers be overwhelmed by our determination.
    Our planet Earth to prosper.

  9. o yes you’re right – the misery loves company folk – they feel like they’re all in it together. That makes sense.

  10. If you research about the Myan Calendar from a Latin-American viewpoint it’s not pessimistic at all. The world does not END. Time is simply no longer needed after a certain point. What I understand it is the entering of the new world, a time when humankind can finally evolve as a whole, mentally and spiritually. If you read about predicted solar flare activity at the NASA website, or research electromagnetic fields in our solar system, the way these things may affect us could very well coincide with Myan predictions. If anything, just focus on learning as much as possible about yourself, the universe, your loved-ones before the year comes… and you’ve got nothing to lose!

  11. And this post is why I read you… you are sane! I feel yesterdays astro happenings were totally positive and exciting…

    • Hey Mystic :-)
      Thanks for the balance injection!

      I feel both sides are right – things will break; which upsets the ego because ego breaks with those things.

      Free of ego, our true self is revealed, our huge and beautiful soul, and this deep inner magnificence is grinning at the opportunity of freedom at last :-)

  12. I was thoroughly entertained by the post. It brings up very valid concerns that I am sure many people are having on what is going to happen on the day the mayan long count calendar ends. I myself see it as a shift in consciousness. A new way of thought possibly? Anyhow I like this book called “the 100th human” it has a different perspective on what will happen on december 21st 2012. I think I got my copy from http://www.the100thhuman.com but I think you can get it from amazon as well. it was a good read.

  13. MYSTIC! – i was going through some of the old articles and i found this – YOU ARE HILARIOUS I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U THOUGH – i believe in a lot of stuff – aura’s, spirits, a higher form of self – but this “end” stuff is a bit over the top. But you know what they ARE right the world will end for SOMEONE! for alot of people, hundreds if not thousands of people die every day – whose to say in a year that many will die – half the population maybe- but where there is death there is re-birth!
    good job mystic
    Matt xx

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  16. I wore a cardboard plaquard thing-y to a swinging All Hallow’s eve soiree back in college ~ it said REPENT NOW on the front THE END IS NEAR on the back. I did get really drunk and pass out. 8-D Recently, I read on a really good astrologers blog about how ‘they lived through the tulmutuous 60’s’, my first thought was, I been living with those freaky deak aspects my whole life (…sigh) next ! Wheel keeps on turning